Bowl Games? Flush ‘Em!

My kind of bowl…

34 bowl games this year. So many exciting teams that will make an extra buck by playing in a stadium with a sponsor for a name. Teams such as Fresno State, South Florida, BYU and Florida Atlantic tee it off in exotic locations like Shreveport, Boise and Fort Worth! Yahoo!

And you have to ask…why? At least, I do. Mostly, I guess, people are saying “Why not?” because EVERY team in America seemingly has been invited to go bowling. And here’s why…sponsors. I look at it this way…why NOT throw a big party and invite a bunch of people you don’t know? Because that is essentially what the bowls are now. There’s nothing special about them anymore. Now they are all about who has their name plastered all over the outside of the stadium.

Who cares if 6-6 Notre Dame beats Hawaii IN Hawaii in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl? Well…unless you actually went to either of these schools…NOBODY! But its a fun vacation trip for an average team that gets all kinds of perks simply because of its name. Or how about the Independence Bowl where Northern Illinois faces off against Louisiana Tech! YES! THAT should be a great way to waste 3 hours of my day. I can guarantee that there will be empty seats for that one…and MY wife graduated from Northern! Nobody cares!

And if you are gonna argue, then tell me this…who won the New Mexico Bowl this past Saturday? I got a few minutes…waiting for the Motor City Bowl to kickoff in a couple of days up in Detroit. Florida Atlantic vs Central Michigan in a monsterous battle in the giant box known as Ford Field. Should be an instant classic.

Needless to say…I can’t get into the bowls. After a few more eggnogs and some gingerbread I will be making a visit to a different bowl though…and doing what the NCAA should be doing…flushing it all down! But as long as people are buying what they are selling, there will always be room for another MAC vs MACC showdown in Iowa! Yahooo! Oh…and BTW…Colorado St defeated Fresno State 40-35 in the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque. Should be on ESPNU replay any day now…


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