What The Heck…Star Wars Action Figures Packaging???

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You are the only one who can

I don’t know…OR care…who or what packages up all of my son’s Star Wars action figures and playsets (tie fighters, space pods, etc),  but here’s a word to whoever or whatever it is…

I am NOT trying to steal the damn thing! I am simply trying to make my son happy by ALLOWING him to play with it! There is no need to bundle it up in wire and tape and plastic so tight to the point of utter and complete frustration. Seriously…it’s a TOY! Not a gun or a knife or a bomb or any other weapon of mass destruction. It is a TOY! For a 6-year old. To play with. For Christmas. It is NOT, by any means, a product that warrants the kind of clamped down packaging that the maker has decided this line of TOY needs.

If it’s packaged this way for safety, I gotta tell ya…it’s not that big. So safety is NOT a concern. If its packaged this way to deter thieves, I gotta tell ya…they’re gonna steal it with or without the wiring! If it’s to keep the product from breaking in transit to stores, then I gotta tell ya…if your product is THAT flimsy…maybe you should use some of that packaging money to make a better product? What do ya think?

So here’s to you, Mr. Star Wars Toy Packaging Guy. You have successfully driven me crazy with your staples and wires and tape and plastic! So much that I have almost come to the point where I might just wait until my son is more interested in some OTHER toy that was given to him and then sneak this one out to the car and give it to some other unlucky kid who is dreaming of a great gift for Christmas. And yes…I WOULD do something like that because I don’t need this kind of irritation for the holidays. I would much rather give it to someone else’s parent to deal with! Plus, these things are crappy compared to when I was a kid anyways! What kind of junk are they peddling out there anyways?

Ugh…okay…I’m done. Now…where did I put my scissors and plyers?

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3 Responses to What The Heck…Star Wars Action Figures Packaging???

  1. Vol Fan is always the hero of the day when it comes to opening gifts – he always carries a pocketknife!!

  2. phhhst says:

    Ah. I found a plus for having my children turned into teenagers. They fuss with their own packaging.

  3. mandy says:

    Actually I thought the Star Wars stuff was a LOT easier to get out of the package than stuff that I have bought the kids in years gone by, but it was still a bit excessive. My personal theory is that they want you to get impatient and DESTROY the packaging as you are opening it, so that you won’t be able to return the toy once you realize how junky it is. I do understand the need to secure the toys with the clear plastic boxes, since everything has to stay perfectly arranged for display. But WOW, those Barbie dolls had enough rubber bands and wires around them to make you think that all toy makers are into heavy bondage. 😉

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