Gunns In The Classroom

Think Albert had issues in elementary school?

Caught this story on Headline News while I was working out and just HAD to comment…

Apparently a former porn star (if you consider a woman who poses nude by herself for adult films and magazines a true “porn” star. I would just consider her to be an exhibitionist.) was under considerable amounts of pressure to resign her position as a teacher’s aide at an elementary school. So she did. And now the question comes up…was she a detriment to the scholastic environment? Or were her…uh…assets…just an uneccessary distraction to the male teachers and so she was forced out?

It brings up a curious discussion. If you think about it, I would imagine most porn stars do what they do for a couple of reasons…for the money (obviously) and for the simple fact that they don’t want a 9 to 5 job desk job. Maybe they enjoy what they are doing, maybe not…but they do what they do and from there are pretty much considered to be pariah for the rest of their lives. So now the question is…after 5 years of not being in the pornography industry and after obvious attempts to make her life righteous and meaningful, is it a schools right to say that she cannot make a decent living by helping children because of her past?

Children don’t know what her past is. They aren’t scanning the internet for pictures of big boobs. Or Googling porn names like “Crystal Gunns” and thinking what an odd coincidence how much Ms. Tuck looks like this Gunns chick. Kids don’t do that sort of thing…adults and parents do. So is she unfit to teach? Is she not allowed to fit into society now that she has done what she has done? Its a fine line we walk with this one.

I look at it this way…all of the pictures I could find of this woman were of her as a porn star. But I have to wonder…what does she look like now? Did she get a breast reduction? I mean, she was rather large in the front, so I can see where that might be a distraction. But if she wasn’t walking around at the office in high heel pumps and thigh-high stockings with no bra…then who cares? She is trying to turn her life around! She is trying to do good! Who are we to judge this woman who made a decision in her past but is now trying to do better? I don’t get it.

So yes…this is another opportunity for me to post a picture of a large breasted woman on my site…but I’m not going to. I really find this story to be somewhat amazing that we, as a people, can’t look past a persons past, no matter how dubious, and see the differences between a woman who made a decision to make money using her body and a woman who has taken her life into her own hands and is trying to make a difference. I, for one, am on her side. Good luck Louisa C. Tuck. I hope you find a place for yourself where you can do whatever it is you want to do! And if teaching children is your calling, I hope you find a good place that will allow you to do that on your own terms.

As for the teachers and board of D’Ippolito Elementary School in New Jersey…well…you should kind of be ashamed of yourself. Don’t know who figured out that this woman was in the porn industry, but obviously SOMEONE figured it out. Wonder who it was…and how they got their information? Now THAT might be an interesting story…

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2 Responses to Gunns In The Classroom

  1. Tammy says:

    I haven’t heard of this – I rarely surf news channels or news sites… the news is depressing or infuriating. Like the Santa murders in California – unthinkable.

    But this just pisses me off -unless the woman was blatantly promiscuous or dressed immodestly what’s the hubub? For some women the porn industry or being a stripper is the only way they can make good money without a degree. My 21 year old son and 30 year old brother make $70k plus in the oilfield – both with only high school diplomas. Tell me an industry where a female with a high school diploma can make that kind of money – short of porn or hollywood celebrity.

    I really like getting my bloggy friends riled up! I thought this story might do the trick…

  2. I always wonder just how people “find out” such secrets on others without having done something incriminating themselves.

    Good post…I agree. The kids have no idea what Ms. Tuck used to do…and while their parents may not have acted in porn, I doubt any of them have a crystal clear past.

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