I Hate Repeating Myself. I SAID…I HATE Repeating Myself!

Is it just me…or have my kids gone deaf? Because it seems to me, that no matter what I say (unless it involves ice cream, going to a friend’s house or anything about toenail polish), my kids can’t hear me. I’ve tried everything to make my voice resonate a little louder. I went to college to work in the telecommunication field, for crying out loud! You would think that COMMUNICATING would be something I’m good at! But apparently not…because I inevitably have to say the same thing OVER & OVER & OVER again until I’m so tired of saying it that I just give up. My kids are still young and so I have to wonder…if they are THIS deaf now…how deaf are they gonna be when they turn into teenagers?!?! This could be MADDENING!!!

They say the show ain’t over until the fat lady sings. Well apparently I should have taken some opera singing classes in college. Maybe that would have helped me communicate? Break out some Pavarotti on their little butts and see if they can hear me then?!  Oh…I know they can hear me. They just choose NOT too! Let’s see what they say if I start screaming every sentence! Maybe then they’ll pay attention? Huh? At the mall, haul off and do a few verses of “Don’t Touch Another Damn Thing Or I’m Gonna Go Off On Your Butt”. Or at Le Target do a few verses of “If You Can’t Stay Next To The Cart I’m Gonna Have To Hide The Wii”?

Think THAT will work? What do ya think? Huh? Hello?





And apparently the fat lady has finally sung…

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4 Responses to I Hate Repeating Myself. I SAID…I HATE Repeating Myself!

  1. I have the same problem with my husband. He never hears a thing I say. EVER. It’s maddening. And I can tell you right now – it’s MUCH WORSE once your kids are teenagers.

    Aren’t I full of optimism tonight? 🙂

    I’ll give you ONE night to get all your pessimism out…but then I want my regular 24 back!

  2. Blah la Blah says:

    Selective listening. And to top it off, when you repeat the same thing multiple times PER CHILD!!! That is maddening. I realized that one day, no wonder I get pushed to the point of screaming sometimes. I said go brush your teeth, hey, go brush your teeth. Did you brush your teeth? And did you #2 brush your teeth? #3, did you brush your teeth? Hey#2, brush your teeth. etc, etc. It honestly goes like that until I explode. No matter how patient I begin.
    I did notice at school, the 2nd grade teacher whispered what she wanted them to do. That way they stopped and listened. At home, I think that would give them more reason to keep walking. SING AWAY FAT LADY!!!

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