Huh? Uh-uh! Can I…?


6 years and this is where we are. 3 years of pre-school and 1/3 of the way through a 1st grade year and now we are that point where, after all the letters learned and the numbers counted and the writing of the letters & numbers counted, things have taken a turn for the worse and now my son has reverted to his neanderthal instincts and now responds in only one of three ways…

  1. “Huh?” – It’s the most common response to just about anything I say to him. It means he probably knows exactly what I said, however his brain cannot process a response quickly enough to his mouth so that he may make a correct grammatical statement…so he has a trigger in his frontal lobe that is programmed to respond this way at the sound of my voice.
  2. “Uh-uh!” – Usually defined in the dictionary as “no”, however as my son has gotten older, he has found that I do not respond well to the word “no”. So he has come up with a different way in which to respond negatively anytime I say anything that he feels I do not know the answer for. This is pretty much anything I say to him. His brain processes TOO quickly and then the “Huh” trigger is disengaged and he immediately formulates THIS response in order to surprise me. This allows him approximately 15 seconds while I am distracted, trying to understand whether he is serious or if he just didn’t hear me correctly. I have been alive 34 years longer than this little boy. Surely I can’t be wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME I say something to him…right? Sure…he knows it’s gonna piss me off. However, he now has that 15 second window in which to calculate his next words…which is usually “Huh”?
  3. “Can I play the Wii?” – I have created a monster. When I was 7 my family owned Pong. When I was 12 a friend of mine had an Atari. It’s been downhill ever since. I am not a videogame junkie…but I’ve owned several platforms of videogames (Atari, Playstation, Sega) and when the Wii came out, I had to have one! Now, after receiving a “Super Smash Brothers” game for Christmas (damn you Santa Claus!!!), I swear the only cohesive sentence the boy can put together is this request. I am assuming, after a couple of months, that eventually this game obsession will wear itself out. But you know about assuming…

Eventually I’m sure all of these responses will change. However I am pretty sure the basic texture of each of them will remain the same. As he grows up, he will learn that “Huh?” can easily be changed to “Whadjewjustsay?” and “Uh-uh” can be replaced with “That’s bullshit!” And as for the “Can I play the Wii?” question? That will be replaced with “Can I have the car keys?”

I am not looking forward to those days. So I guess I will take “Huh?” “Uh-uh!” and “Can I play the Wii” right now. They definitely sound better to me than the other options. And the growing up part? I don’t like that part either.

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2 Responses to Huh? Uh-uh! Can I…?

  1. Can I have some money? will be a popular one too!!

    I’m sure it will be! Right now, he wants to use Monopoly money! Good blog for tomorrow! (I hate this 2 blog resolution…)

  2. Be glad that’s what he’s got for you now. I have THREE teenagers. It’s a whole different world ………

    The other day RC (18) mentioned stopping by his girlfriend’s house and as he walked out the door TR yelled to him, “Use protection!”

    Are you ready for THAT?!


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