Attack Of The Killer Bug


Gainesville, FL. Home of the hated Florida Gators (right Buckeye fans?). Hot & humid 95% of the year. And apparently home to some really BIG bugs! Now…I am not a buggy hater. My feeling on bugs is this…they must be here for some reason. I know earthworms serve a purpose. And ants probably serve some purpose. And cockroaches…well…they are just nasty. But what the hell does THIS thing do?


I caught him walking around my room while I was watching the Utah/Arkansas game Friday night. He snuck around the corner of the bed and made a run for the kitchen area. I dashed in front of him and herded him into a closet and then, after a hard fought battle involving swords and lazer guns, I crushed him with my shoe! Don’t screw with me BIG bug! You WILL be destroyed!

Aaaaand then I proceeded to put my shoes back on and haven’t taken them off since except to get a shower (and then they went back on as soon as I got out). I said I’m not a buggy hater…doesn’t mean I have to pal around with ’em…


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7 Responses to Attack Of The Killer Bug

  1. I’d have to say that I’m fine with bugs. Just as long as they are nowhere near me!

  2. As promised, that is ALL KINDS of wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.


  3. Creepy. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never been to FL. Well, other than a FL airport on my way elsewhere. There is something very WRONG about crunchy bugs.

  4. oh god…

    I sooo wish I hadnt clicked over now. Im not a squeamish person but just the site of a roach makes my skin crawl.

    Yeah…me too!

  5. Tessa says:

    Is that a locust, as in “plagues of?” Either that or crawfish are evolving and moving onto land … look at the legs on that thing!
    You’re so-o-o brave to tackle it and then to continue staying in that hotel afterwards. Shoes would not be enough for me … I’d move into my car for the duration.


  6. He looks familiar. I think he lives in my neighborhood and is of the cricket family. Annoyingly loud and obnoxious and always throwing loud parties with all his buddies. Very cunning and great at disappearing and throwing his voice, too. While I’m looking in the pantry, he’s chirping in the back bedroom and laughing his ass off. He does this on purpose just to drive me nuts.

  7. Amber says:

    The bugs aren’t that bad Alan. I lived there for two years. Then again, I don’t kill bugs, maybe it was my experience there that did that to me. Live in harmony you know.

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