Florida Fun

Damn it Delta! I love you ’cause you fly me EVERYWHERE and I get all kinds of mileage. But to cancel my 5:45am flight out of Gainesville was just NOT COOL! So…because of the holidays and bowl games and people flooding Florida for the nice, sunny weather, I have no choice but to take a flight out of Jacksonville…at 5:45PM??? Ooookay…so what do I do in Florida for a day? ‘Cause there’s no freakin’ way I’m hanging out in Gainesville with all the bugs for 12 hours…

How about drive my butt off? Hopping in my rental car (thanks CBS!), I’m off to Lakeland to visit my favorite snowbirds…my Mom & Dad! Having never seen their warm-climate homestead, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to waste away my day. And it was great! I got to watch a beautiful sunrise as I was driving south…



I got to hang out with my parents! I got the 3 minute tour of their home, we went and got some breakfast and hit the market to get some veggies.

A Proud Buckeye Fan

Hey look! It’s Roy Orbison at the Market!

“How do you make those beer can windchimes again?”

Of course, the hard part is always leaving, but I had fun and my journey had to continue. Don’t worry Mom…I’ll be back at the end of the month!

Bye Mom & Dad! (The really tiny people in the distance…)

So off I went into the Florida sun, heading east on I-4 to Orlando and then north to Jacksonville on I-95. A good 3 hour drive and along the way, I got to see plenty of sites!



And now…here I sit in the Jacksonville airport. It’s 4:48pm and no gate agent as of yet. And I don’t have a seat assignment. Soooo…I guess it’s all up in the air on what will happen next! C’MON Delta!!! I know they love to fly…and it shows! Now I want them to fly my butt home! I’ll let ya know how it goes later…

My family…minus 5 siblings…

OH LOOK!!! AN AGENT! Gimme a seat…gimme a seat…gimme a seat….


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8 Responses to Florida Fun

  1. Amber says:

    I miss Mom and Dad sooooooo much! Just seeing their picture kills me! They look great, though. I’m glad they are enjoying their retreat. You’re so lucky you got to see them. I’m jealous.

  2. Looks like a great visit!

  3. RUTH ANN says:

    Ditto what Amber said!!!

  4. RUTH ANN says:

    Ditto what Amber said!!!!

  5. mandy says:

    Now I bet mom and dad REALLY love delta, even though they don’t fly! It’s so nice that you got to just drop in & visit them like that (even if it did require a 3 hr drive)!

  6. heather says:

    Oh Oh Oh! My sister lives in Jacksonville!! And we just went to Disney for Thanksgiving. Wow, you’ve finally been somewhere I recognize! =D

    I’ve now been to Jacksonville 4 times in a little under 3 months. I’m over it!

  7. Mom says:

    Do I REALLY look that grumpy? or maybe sun in my eyes? Went swimming today. Gonna teach these old people down here some water aerobics. Keep those joints moving! (like finger, knees, etc. not what you were talking about on your other blog!!)Love……..mom

    Did my Mom just make a doobie joke??? LOL

  8. Danielle-Lee says:

    Great sunset pics! Those are my favorite kinds of pics (besides my kiddo, of course!)
    LOL. Your mom made a doobie joke! Haha

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