Monopoly Money Ain’t REAL Money

Nothing like a “quick” game of Monopoly For Kids to get them all ready to learn how to spend the cash that mommy & daddy give them. So we settled in for an hour or so (until Ava lost interest. Or was it me? I don’t recall…) and played a little of the classic board (bored?) game…

Ava was dressed for success!

I had a bunch of $1…

Hmmm…is Mommy cheating?

Final tally? Mom lost…’cause she had to go grocery shopping and gave all of her properties to both kids. Daddy had $29, Ava had $32…and Christopher was the big winner at $39!!! Yahoooo!

Uh…now he wants to go buy a new video game. Apparently there is some miscommunication somewhere…

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4 Responses to Monopoly Money Ain’t REAL Money

  1. I absolutely HATE that game! I have never won it in my life. Apparently I’m not a good loser.

    It takes too long to play…even in the KIDDIE version! I don’t like it either…

  2. Chris says:

    So funny! I too lose when I play Monopoly with my kids. Even my 7 year old beats me…. but it’s only because I get bored, right?

    Thanks for the comments on the “take it all off vs natural.”

  3. mandy says:

    That is funny! I used to love Monopoly when I was a kid, but it is WAY too long to play now. We also have two versions of “Risk” that never get touched…who the heck has time for world domination nowadays?

  4. Danielle-Lee says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY no way any monopoly game can be quick. omg. we would just leave the damn game sitting out on the dining room table for days and days.

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