An Accident Just Waiting To Happen

MY kids are in good hands…I think?

As a parent, I have several responsibilities. I have to make money to provide for my family. I have to feed my family. I have to protect my family. And it is my responsibility, as the neurotic one in my family, to protect my children from any possible harm that they might do to themselves either because of lack of knowledge or because they just aren’t looking.

For example…my daughter. I love her so much and she is at this stage where she just LOVES to skip and dance and twirl around. And I love it! However…the girl is  a complete clutz! She can barely walk a straight line without falling over! Seriously, if she were pulled over by the cops and asked to walk a straight line, she would find herself in cuffs and heading to jail. The girl can’t walk straight, let alone dance and twirl and skip without an incident. So I find myself cringing everytime I hear the dreaded, “Watch me skip Daddy!” because I know, at any given time, she could easily wipe out into a table or a door or a door frame (which she has done) or trip on a toy or a dog or a cat or ANYTHING.

My son likes playing with his lightsabers. Which is fine, but for Christmas he got a lightsaber that, when triggered, shoots up and makes this really cool noise and lights up. Of course this is AWESOME if you are 6! But me? It makes me sick just thinking whose eye he’s gonna poke out with this thing. I started a savings account 2 days before Christmas because I know that at some point I am gonna owe a parent some eye doctor cash when my son has accidently popped his friend in the eye and now they have to go have it put back in.

I remember when we first had kids and we “child-proofed” the house. We put plastic thingies in electric sockets and bought kiddie gates and had all of this stuff that we put up so that Christopher wouldn’t hurt himself. We’ve since gotten rid of most of it…but now I find myself wondering…do they make “child-proof” stuff for older kids? Because at the rate I’m going, I don’t know if my heart can take the anxiety of trying to stop every incident that might take place! Or do I just let them wipe out or poke out an eye and just deal with it as it happens?

Or am I just wound too tight?

Be gentle…I’m fragile right now…

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6 Responses to An Accident Just Waiting To Happen

  1. Tammy says:

    My ex-husband was a ball of anxiety and worried about anything and everything that COULD happen. He ended up spending six weeks in a psyche ward and eats Xanax like they’re candy. My advice? Chill. If something happens, you’ll deal with it. Until then, enjoy the light sabre duels and the klutzy skipping and dancing. Kids are pretty darn tough. 🙂

  2. Blah la Blah says:

    I hate to admit I am the same way. Every table corner I see, the stairs, their all threats! With three boys they are always wrestling despite me asking them to stop. And they don’t stop until someone gets hurt. My 6 year old is clumsy, he bounces, flops, skips, jumps, shakes, just moves a lot. He is also the one who ran smack into another kids forehead and pushed 3 teeth straight back. My 3 year old always runs to the edge of the steps and then bounces down them fast without holding onto the rail, then my 8 year likes to go down them backwards. Oh it is gonna happen…so, me you and a little Xanax??? I already have a bite guard for night time. Maybe Xanax would help too!

  3. Amber says:

    Well, I’m not a parent yet, so I am sure my opinion will change in a few months, but I say chill. Mom went nuts over you, and by the time she had me she left you guys in charge. I turned out o.k., right? I mean, no severe injuries, just a couple of scars or twenty.

  4. Your daughter is just like me. I have never walked a straight line without tripping in my life!! You should be glad to know that I have never broken a bone. Gotten a lot of stitches though!!

  5. RUTH ANN says:

    Poor lil Ava, I am not gracefull at all either, I have fallen down our steps 4 times in the last year, twice sober LOL, ripped the whole banister out of the wall. She will be ok I am sure, maybe some ballet classes will help her learn some balance, the wii fittness has many balance games, and it is alot of fun to play.

  6. Mom says:

    To RuthAnn: What’s this about being “sober”? I’m talking to Mike, kiddo. What the heck is in your water anyway?

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