Spinning My Wheels: 1.5 Months, 5 Pounds & 1 Gadget

Yep…that’s pretty much what I ate!

The holidays are always difficult when trying to lose weight. With Thinksgiving and Christmas and my birthday and my wife’s birthday…there was ample opportunities for me to eat. So I did. And it showed! I gained 5 pounds back from the 10 or so that I originally lost. So its back to eating salads and spinning for me. And that’s a good thing. And for Christmas Santa brought me a heart rate monitor to wear while spinning…which is great! So today I went to the gym, hopped on my bike and managed to get my heart rate up to 98% and lost  657 calories.

Of course…it wasn’t until AFTER the fact that my instructor informs me that I shouldn’t have let my heart rate get over 92%. Whatever THAT means. I thought I was supposed to go as hard as I can for 40 minutes? Who is making up the “spinning rules”? And why didn’t I get a copy of the handbook?

I have 4 months before swim season and have to lose some poundage…don’t give me this “only go to 92%” baloney! But I have missed my twice weekly regimen of spinning and look forward to getting back to it as soon as I get past this month. So for now, it’s whenever I can get there and use the hotel gyms. Oh…and drink lots of water and walk as much as possible. Any other words of encouragement would be great! Thanks!


Not me but it feels like it…

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2 Responses to Spinning My Wheels: 1.5 Months, 5 Pounds & 1 Gadget

  1. Amber says:

    Yeah, well, that’s about what I look like! Not really, but it’s getting close;)

  2. I’m thinking that burning 657 calories in 40 minutes is freakin’ awesome!!

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