What The F#@k…Horny People

Sorry Mr. VW Bug driver. I didn’t realize the light changed 1.1 seconds ago…

First off…this is gonna be a rant, because I am sick of it. So just so you know, it’s nothing personal, but here is what I’m thinking…

I am NOT a bad driver. I drive fast. I am not afraid to pass on the right side. I make rolling stops at stop signs. I multi-task while driving. It’s what I do. So to anyone who honks at me while I am…

  1. Sitting at a stop light that just changed 1 second ago
  2. Dropping my son off in the school line
  3. Merging into traffic when I have my signal on
  4. Not able to see you because there is something (like a big truck or tree) in my way and you are speeding
  5. Any OTHER reason that you can possibly think of that you might want to lay on your horn…

I say to you, in not so many kind words…


How you like THEM apples, jackass?

Ok…I’m better now. On to the rest of today…

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4 Responses to What The F#@k…Horny People

  1. ashley says:

    I’m the same way. It’s called passive agressive and I like it.

  2. Have you ever driven in south Florida? Those people are the absolute honkingest people I have ever had the displeasure to be around!!

    I drove one guy off into the construction barrels. He was one of those a$$holes that think they don’t have to merge in a construction zone until the barrels close down his lane. So he comes zooming up the already empty lane thinking he was just going to push his way in but apparently I was PMSing or something and I wasn’t going to be pushed! He might have been in a Bentley and me in a Honda but, by God, he wasn’t going to push me around! Yep, he ate a couple of barrels. Bet he’ll merge earlier next time.

  3. Mom says:

    Yep! Once again I agree with the Incredible Woody. We can sit there ’til evening, but there are those who zoom up the lane everyone else has cleared and waiting in the through lane, and because there are barrels there, they expect you to let them in. I wish I had the courage to make your dad do what the IW did. I saw some people go up the exit ramp trying to squeeze in when they came to the barrels, and there was a cop car up there making them all exit! Good cop!!!
    But your wasting one of your two-blogs-a-day on horn blowers….your bad. Just blow your horn, wave at him, say “Hi, how ya’ doing”, smile and drive on at your leasure. Love…….mom

  4. I agree with your Mom and I’ve noticed that in Texas they do the zooming up and bully their way in the line they should have merged in way back there, but in Ok it’s a law that you can’t do that so things work much better. Of course there’s always the out of stater who thinks they are above the law and tries it.

    Now about putting it in park and just sitting when they honk……you’d better hope they don’t have a gun. Can you say “road rage”? HBL is kind of an aggressive driver and toots his horn if people sit but hates it when it’s done to him. Of course I have to say…”how did you like that?” when it happens. I love it when people make my point for me. 🙂

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