Doom & Gloom

C’mon Stan…I hear Wal-Mart is hiring!

I’m tired of hearing it. I’m tired of reading it.

I would say, in the last 10 months, I have not picked up a paper, magazine, or turned on a newscast and NOT heard or seen a headline that had a positive spin. Are we in such dire straights that there is NOTHING to look forward too? I tried “Googling” (is this now a word in the English language? It should be…) “Obama economy” and there were a gazillion stories about how bad the economy is and how much debt we’ve accrued. I am over it.

I know it’s bad out there. But is it as bad as every media outlet is saying? Everytime I go to the mall, there are people shopping. Everytime I go out to eat, I have to wait in line. Everywhere I look I see large vehicles roaring down the road. Gas prices are down. I have been able to put a little money away (to spend on a new axle for my car, I imagine. See the next story for THAT adventure) and my mortgage broker called the other day wanting to lock me in on a lower mortgage rate. So…what’s up? I realize that some big corporations are hurting…but I wonder if that is because of bad business practices to begin with.  So they need to adjust. Nothing wrong with change. But there has to be a silver lining in here somewhere. Right? It can’t be all doom & gloom. SOMEONE has to have a positive story to tell. Is ANYONE doing good out there? Everyone has been hit by the economy, but is anyone SUFFERING, with no heat and no home and no food on their table? We’ve all had to make adjustments, but CMON already!!! Isn’t there ONE good story??? I’m just asking…

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5 Responses to Doom & Gloom

  1. I am in the construction industry but this winter we have 3 jobs. That is huge for us. We usually only have 1 in the winter – just enough to keep things even until the summer rush.

    Honestly the 2 places that I have made adjustments – at the grocery store and trying to conserve electricity!

  2. heather says:


    And yes, we’re fine, knock on wood. No visiting food pantries, no selling my plasma, etc. My parents are doing fine, and so are my 3 siblings. The people I know who have actually been hurt by this, as well as the ones I’ve read about, are the ones who don’t know how to give up cable or their SUV when they can no longer afford it. Yes people are losing their jobs, but I am seeing the same things you are – plenty of people who still have discretionary funds to throw around. Eating out every meal is the American way of life. Reminds me of a Carlos Mencia segment where he was talking about something similar, that people in this country only THINK they are poor.

  3. I think much of the reason it is so bad is because the media keeps telling us it is. I saw a survey over Christmas…I dont recall the exact numbers but in a nutshell the vast majority of folks said they were cutting back, but most of them not because they were bad of but because they were afraid they would be.

  4. Mom says:

    We’ve been retired or “out of business” almost seven years, now. We aren’t rich by any means, but a life-time of remembering the first depression has kept your dad and I frugal. Hopefully, we will never have to depend on you kids. And, if I don’t spend it all, we’ll leave it to you six kids…….. if I don’t spend it all!!! Love………

  5. mop master says:

    Speaking to the business side: Things are bad out there. We have had to lay off a good majority of our people, alsmost 20% and no it was not due to bad business practices but rather to our sales being flat for the past 4 to 6 months. We have people we have sold products to not payingtheir bills and going out of business.

    However having said that it could be a ton worse. We are STILL in business and providing jobs in our community for people. 2009 so far has been flat still but we are seeing little glimmers that it is going to get better.

    On the personal side I have cut back a bit but really didn’t have much to cut back on because I tend to live fairly frugally. But I am doing more shopping with coupons and trying not to go out to eat as much. Trying being the key word there.

    I agree a lot of the reason people are in such a state is due to the media constantly bombarding us with the bad and the gloom and doom. They never report on the good stuff . That’s why I am trying not to watch the news. I still read the paper so I am informed but try to avoid the doom and gloom articles about the economy or in our area hoe bad the car companies are doing.

    WOW this is probably the longest comment you’ve gotten from em. You must have caught me on a good morning. LOL!!

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