Taylor Swift vs Carrie Underwood

In this corner…the blonde bombshell of the moment…

One is the hot new chanteuse of the country music scene. The other is an American Idol winner whose last album has sold over 2 million copies and had 4 hit singles that went to #1 on the country charts. Which is which?

Well…Swift is swiftly taking over the country scene with her latest single “Love Story”, which has broken big time on country AND pop stations all over the country. While Underwood’s “Carnival Ride” includes the hit “Last Name”, which rocked the charts last summer and is nominated for “Best Country Female Performance” at this years Grammy Awards.

So you pick…which song is the best? Taylor Swift’s ode to romance? Or Underwood’s song of a drunken night gone bad? Both great tunes…but only 1 can be the winner…

vs the blonde bombshell of a moment in the not-so-distant past…

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62 Responses to Taylor Swift vs Carrie Underwood

  1. caeliana says:

    carrie underwood is definitely the better singer by far, she plays guitar and piano, she super beautifull…i say carrie is better all around…sorry taylor but she’s just not that good asa carrie and there shouldnt be a comparison she’s a pretty girl but looks only get you so far.

  2. Shayna says:

    No contest. “Last Name” and Miss Carrie Underwood. 🙂

    • Janet says:

      Taylor is the best. she’s real. Carrie is plastic

      • amazing says:

        ok wat r u on.. carrie underwood is way better taylor swift looks like a barbie and carrie underood looks real not to mension beautiful…. and taylor swift cant even sing have u heard here go on you tube and look up taylor swift singing 15 live….. and she lips sings if you count the teen choice awards

      • Kit says:

        I think you’ve got the names mixed up there…. Carrie is the real deal. Taylor Swift is so fake that I can’t stand listening to her. I am a big fan of country music, and have been for many years. The first time I heard Taylor swift I thought, yeah, she’s not bad, but there’s better. Then about a year later I heard my first Carrie Underwood song, (yes, I heard Taylor Swift’s first, I know Carrie was around before her) and I thought: Wow, she’s awesome. I can listen to her music over and over, but Taylor Swift’s songs, I can’t listen to twice. Carrie is definitely the better of the two.

  3. robin says:

    To compare these two is a mistake. Carrie is the full package and devouted to country. Taylor is a marketing genius heading to a big but short Pop career. Time will tell but I think Carrie will be around in 20 years and Taylor will have to settle for song writing after her marketing efforts die.

  4. Michelle says:

    “The other is an American Idol winner who has sold over 2 million copies and had 4 hit singles that went to #1 on the country charts. Which is which?”

    Umm you don’t know your facts. Carrie’s first album Some Hearts has sold well over 6 million copies and her second album Carnival Ride has sold almost 3 million copies. Plus she has had 8 consecutive number 1 songs on the country charts. Plus this year Carrie was the most heard artist on country radio and most popular artist on http://www.CMT.com. Get your facts straight if you are going to compair Carrie to anyone. She is by far, better then Taylor.

    Taylor is a great song writer, business woman and is pretty from the shoulders up but she can not sing. Her songs on her albums sound OK because they alter them with all the devices they have. Have you ever heard her sing live? Maybe on a an award show or two? She can’t carry a tune compaired to all the other women in country music. I agree that she will have a short career and that Carrie will around for the long haul. I see Carrie as the next Reba.

    Yeah…I admit…I got my facts from Wikipedia. But the fact still remains…most are liking Carrie more. Whatever their stats are, I was just looking to see who people liked more…gold records or not!

  5. Taylor Swift is talented for sure, but her music sounds like the poetry I wrote in middle school (maybe I SHOULD start writing music). Carrie Underwood is truly amazing, and that song is hilarious…along with “Before he Cheats” which is a new women’s anthem for sure.

  6. Kate says:

    Carrie underwood by far. that ends there. taylor is good…but carrie still rules

  7. emily halverson says:

    i think that carrie underwood is awesome, and aimed for older people( peope in thier 20-older) and taylor’s music is aimed for teenagers. seeings how she still very young. 😛

    • Janet says:

      Carrie is not the diva everyone thinks she is. She has let all of this go to her bleached blonde head

    • Naomi says:

      i am 14 and i detest that comment. just because i am a teenager doesnt mean i listen to TS’s BS music. carrie is one of few artists who sing better live than in the recording. she is better all around and just as humble as TS. if you dont beleve me look up her performence of how great thou art. TS will never even be able to compare

  8. Tia says:

    It’s hard to compare these two simply because Taylor has the catchy songs that get stuck in your head and almost seem poppish while Carrie Underwood has an incredibly strong voice and adult sound. I’ll choose ”Love Story” though because it’s simply nice. I hope the people who are saying Taylor won’t be around 10-20 years from now realize thats the exact same thing everyone said about a very poppy Britney Spears who proves 10 years later she still has number 1 singles and albums.

  9. :D says:

    😀 They are both SO talented, and beautiful! 😀

    😀 I wish them the best! 😀

  10. cel says:

    of course Carrie is better! She rocks and I am her HUGE fan! Not all younger girls like Taylor. I’m a teenager and I love Carrie Underwood, her voice is AMAZING!

  11. belgianblues says:

    Taylor Swift all the way!!!

  12. Jan says:

    Carrie Underwood hands down! There’s really no comparison….Carrie outclasses Taylor in every category. Keep in mind, Carrie co-wrote 3 of the songs (including “Last Name,” “So Small,” and “All-American Girl,” that went to #1 on the country charts. “Last Name” won her a Grammy. No contest…..Carrie Underwood all the way.

  13. meghan says:

    Carrie doesnt even write her own songs. Its like she’s forever competing on American Idol, just singing other peoples music and hoping people like it well enough to vote for her. Taylor on the other hand has wrote every song that she has on both of her albums, hands down Taylor is more musically gifted, where as Carrie just sings.

    • carriegirl44 says:

      ok watever! Carrie does write stuff on her albums!

    • Samantha Swift says:

      Carrie Underwood does help write her music. Have you ever read the album booklet that says who wrote the songs. I guess not. Taylor Swift does have people help write her songs. And on American Idol you are suppose to sing a song someone else wrote and sung and then wait to see what America thinks. That’s the point of it. And people did vote for her and apparently a lot of people liked her because she and Kelly Clarkson and her are the only ones who have been a success of American Idol. So Carrie apparently does do more than sing. So if I were you, I would shut up and not go talking about Carrie that way.

    • carries#1 says:

      NOOOO!!!! Carrie Underwood writes her own songs!!!!! Taylor Swift does NOT!!!!! TRUST me, I know pretty much EVERYTHING about carrie underwood, since im her biggest fan (yes, i know that sounds kiddish). I have ALL her CD’s and mostly EVERY one is carrie underwood, my friend has talyor swift and only, something around 2 songs are writen by her!!!

    • lulu says:

      “musically gifted”?! are you kidding me?!! taylor swift can’t even carry a tune! and all the songs she wrote on her albums? they’re crap! my little sister can write better than that and she’s a freshman in high school! almost all her songs on her first album ended with the same, or a similar, line as the first line. how’s that for originality? carrie underwood is amazing and taylor swift shouldn’t even be allowed to be compared to her.

  14. Boo says:

    Carrie Underwood is the most over rated person out there. Yes, She is a good singer but she just got lucky on a talent show.
    Taylor Swift worked her butt of without the help of AI and 10 million cover songs. Taylor plays guitar, writes her own stuff, and is very young. The fact that Carrie gets all these awards is because everyone else in this genre pretty much sucks. Now you have these 2 young talented lovely ladies Julianne Huge and Taylor swift who are going to take over the world. Just watch in a few years most people will be saying Carrie who?? My friend who works in the music industry said that Carrie is actually quite bitchy. So I hope that Taylor kicks her butt. I personally can care less for country music But i Do think that Taylor has the better marketing package and will be here for a long long time. Sorry Carrie fans but the hype finally died! Amen!

    • MGP says:

      Taylor is just another pretty face with a goodish voice. Fact is Carrie released one of the most impressive debut albums ever, and then followed it up with an awesome second album (perhaps one of the most difficult things to do as an artist). You see so much artists releasing a good first album and then disappointing with their 2nd and 3rd albums. Carrie showed her amazing vocal ability on AI, being dubbed by Simon as the best Idol ever as early as the Top 24. You say AI is the easy way out, I beg to differ. You’ve got to win over the judges in the early rounds competing with 100 talented singers. In the group stages you’ve not only got to make sure that your performance’s are better than the others, but your performances has to be memorable as well. In the Top 12 you’ve got to do cover versions of songs that ppl know and love, on top of that you’ve got to do your own version of that song while still doing justice to it, not to mention that you’ve got less than a week to choose a song and work on your rendition of that song. Like most challenges AI only provides you with a platform through hard work and exceptional talent. I dnt think that Taylor would have successfully completed the Idols journey, she would hav probably reached the top 24 and then fade away. It is Carrie’s uniqueness that won her AI and its the same unique talent will have her reigning supreme for many years to come!!!

    • anonymous 11 says:

      Carrie is over-rated??? First of all, you cant get “lucky” on a talent show that is broadcasted nationwide with Simon Cowell as one of the judges. If you don’t know Mr.Cowell you should check out some of his comments then come back and tell me Carrie just got “lucky” and won the show. Not here to say that Cowell is the best judge, but anyone can see that he does not hold back when he sees a bad singer.

      Your friend’s comment on Carrie is very offensive and immature so he/she should keep their mouth shut…. What would you say if i told you that my friend who works in the music industry told me that Taylor Swift is very “bitchy”??

      Do not think that on American Idol everything is free and the contestants dont have to work hard for it. If Taylor Swift auditioned for AI, do you honestly believe she will win the whole competition?? Well guess again…

    • John says:

      Carrie Underwood is not lucky. She is blessed by the God with her beautiful voice and and is not a “country snob” to all you others. She is sweet and kind.

    • Carriemarie_youcompleteme10 says:

      okay first of all, carrie didnt get lucky.
      She had to beat out thousands of people trying out for american idol, and she had to win peoples hearts over. Its not luck if you have the talent.
      And, i do have to say that Taylor swift’s songs are “catchy” and “cute”, but they dont mean anything besides about some stupid guys that she dreamt about having in high school. And, Taylor Swift’s didnt work her butt of to get where she is, her dad is friken rich!!!! He paid for her record deal, an estimated 2 million bucks actually. And, big machines records is kinda new, so the took the money and worked with what they had. Which was a talentless taylor swift, who doesn;t deserve anything that she has gotten. Ever since the first day i heard taylor swift live, i was annoyed. And Carrie, oh i could talk about her all day, about how amazing she is. Anybody could, she isnt lucky, shes a humble country girl from Oklahoma, that deserves EVERYTHING that has come her way. Now, talk about carrie ONE more time. Please, im ready to give you more answers.

    • lulu says:

      wow where do i begin? well lets start with this.
      1. carrie underwood plays the guitar too, sweetie. and the piano. and writes songs too.
      2. and you think carrie didnt work hard? she had to go on american idol! yeah, its not the most pretegious way to get into the industry, and people in the music industry werent going to let her just walk in there, but she proved to everybody that she deserved to be there! and she was the ONLY contestant on ai that simon liked! that really says something.
      3. how does the fact that taylor swift is young make her any better?
      4. oh you “have a friend that works in the music industry who says carrie is bitchy?” wow, now you’re just grasping for straws here, hon.
      5. so you wanna talk about dead hype? if carrie underwood is so unpopular now, why are most of the comments here, and on the rest on the internet mostly positive things about carrie?
      carrie underwood is much better. so stick that in your juice box and SUCK IT!

    • amazing says:

      ur friend is a jerk carrie is so sweet….. she says sweet and nice stuff u can tell she means wat she says because she is not a very good actor if you have seen the tv show she guest starred in.!!!!!

  15. luv says:

    Carrie can outsing Taylor anyday and she’s won twice as many awards!

    Seriously, if Taylor were to go on American Idol she would’ve never made into the top 24! She’s just a teeniebopper!
    Carrie is true talent!

    Taylor may write her own songs, but they are some of the cheesiest songs I’ve ever heard!

  16. bla bla bla says:

    omg ppl! taylor is the bst, carrie is sooooo last year! and taylor’s songs r sooooo much bettr. btw “luv” if taylor went on american idol, she’ll kik evry1’s butt. carrie suks. boo carrie and go taylor!

    • lolli says:

      I know you definitely love taylor as i love CARRIE, and for you to say Taylor will kick every1″s butt at the American Idol just implies how blinded you are and absolutely deaf. You don’t even seem to know how this contestants get picked to the top 24 and let alone win… Ur taylor sucks–she may be good at songwriting but don’t have the voice ( and that’s a fact ). Taylor can never hold a candle to Carrie’s voice, never and ever AMEN………

    • carries#1 says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!! that is SOOOOO last year!!! Carrie has more that 3x as many awards as taylor, 3x as many fans too!!!! Most of her fans are adults though. She is 100X better than taylor!!!!!

  17. MGP says:

    Carrie Underwood wins by a landslide in all departments, however I hate Last Name, so it saddens me to give this one too Taylor. Carrie’s still no. 1 tho!!!

  18. starslover says:

    carrie, how can u compare the two? Just because taylor writes her owns songs and plays that cheezy guitar doesn’t mean shes better. Her songs are sooooo cheezy, she has the worst voice ever, cant dance, shes really ugly, and she tries too hard to be sexy. Now carrie, is beautiful, will be around for decades, is classy, and has an amazing voice. Taylor will be around for like 5 more years, if that. i just wish the country music would just stop her songs, cuz shes pop. and she didnt work her butt off to get here…her dad is rich and knows record labels…go figure. but im in love with carrie underwood… just like i love adam lambert:)
    go carrie! taylor, sorry honey, but y suck lol

  19. ss says:

    carrie cant really write songs and taylor cant really sing

  20. Kylie says:

    Why do people even ask the question “who is better Underwood or Swift”? when it is obivous Carrie is better. Here is some reasons why…

    -Is It just me or is swift getting WAY to predictable? All of her songs sound the same; upbeat, about a guy who she wants, can’t have, or who dumped her (personally I don’t blame all the guys who dumped her she is starting to sound like a stalker!). One word PREDICTABLE!!!!!! While miss Underwood has sang about God, beating up a guys truck (which is way worse then burning a picture), a widow of a man who did in combat, and life itself. Not predictable!!!!!

    -Carrie has Taylor beat in vocal ability as well. Carrie can hit notes Taylor can only dream about hitting and Underwood sounds exactly the (or even better) live than on cd, while Swift sounds like two cats fitting both ways. If you don’t believe that watch carrie sing just a dream on the CMA awards it unbeilvable how great she sounded!

    – carrie looks MUCH better than Taylor just look at her. she’s stunning!

    – Now it’s time for some statistics…
    – Carrie has sold 10+ million albums while Taylor has sold 5 million albums maximum.
    Underwood has head 10 consecutive number ones Swift some where around 6. Underwood has one more awards then Taylor and don’t say carrie has been around longer either because carrie won the horizon award and female vocalist award the first time she was nominated at the CMAs.

    There a lot more things I could menion but I think Ive proven my point already but, there is one more thing I have to say… Carrie Underwood is the 2009 ACM Entertainer of the Year!!!!! Yay!!!!!

  21. JPete says:

    There is absolutely no comparison between these two – one is a beautiful young woman and the other one is a teeny bopper who doesn’t have much of a voice. I have no idea why Taylor Swift is so popular. Apparently the young teens like her, I guess. I think ever since Carrie won American Idol and her first CD catapulted her to (it’s now 7X platinum) stardom, it seems like some of the country western entertainers (like George Strait, Lee Ann Rimes, Kellie (who is absolutely mediocre)Pickler and probably others)are jealous of her and don’t seem to fully accept her. That’s their problem, not hers. She’s worked very hard to be where she is and Simon Cowell is a complete fan of hers. She’s a class act, a fashion Red Carpet icon and will be around for a long time. She’s got a great voice and just seems to get better all the time. Only time will tell. I don’t understand any of the hype connected with TS. She has to do all kinds of stuff onstage to make her performances somewhat exciting, because she has no stage presence and needs all these props. I’m a Carrie fan all the way.

  22. lina says:

    huh! taylor is much much better than carrie!!!

  23. MonaLisa says:

    Actually it was announced that Taylor past the 10 million mark while Carrie is still at 9.7 mill albums. People keep saying that she past the 10 mil mark but she didn’t, get the facts straight. Personally I do not like Carrie. She is very stand offish and many of her fans are Rude, and immature. Taylor does not have the better voice but she is certainly the better person with a more likable approach where as Carrie comes off as a country princess snob. I wish Taylor the best and I hope she proves everyone wrong by winning all CMA awards this year. Carrie needs to be brought back down to earth a little bit. Like someone said in the previous post she is way too overrated. How about Miranda, Martina and Reba?? now these are some really talented country women who deserve the praises that carrie gets. My goodness these young ones today have no clue about real music…sad.

    • Hannah Pressley says:

      Okay, i dont know who you think you are, but carrie underwood is not over rated, and she is way better than martina(which is carrie’s idol) and miranda( who is okay) and REBA!!! I HATE HER VOICE! And taylor swift thinks that she can rock out, and that she can be sexy, well she cant! and she knows it! But carrie is classy and she doesnt try to be slutty, or anything. She is B-E-A- utiful!!!!
      And taylor swift won all of the friken awards she was nominated for. INcluding female vocalists adn entertainer of the year. And i can not believe that sh won all of them. The only reason she won those are because, i admit it she is a good song writer, but the only reason is because she is reall ypopular with young teens these days. Just because she writes about stupid guys who break up with her, and she sings in her song, that you walk through the halls and scared everyone is looking at you and crap. Uhm who would look at her?! She looks liek a friken cat!
      bUT CARRIE IS BEAUTIFUL, and carrie just came out with a cd. Thats why she didnt win anything, because she was quiet for a lil bit. But carrie even admitted it. That she was quite for a while but just to gather some thoughts for songs on teh new album. So, get ready fro carrie to win all of those awards, because carrie is going to kick taylor out of the picture. so, SUCK IT MONALISA!!! you dont know your damn facts!!!!

    • amazing says:

      u are wrong .. carrie underwood has more praise than all of them because she is better than all of them. makes since right. and she is at the 14million point

  24. anna says:

    i love talor she is the best carrie underwood sucks besides she just got lucky 4 her b-day she spent 3 thousand dollors on a 16th birthday party but talor spent 100$ and she only had her best friends and carrie just gave random people in vits i know talor swift is the best singer and she writes her own songs and she trys to be friends with carrie but shee thinks its all about copatishen and talor is a fun person she loves to ride 4weelers and bikews plus she trets her stage members nice but carrie is scared to get dirty and is very mean to the stage members did i mengen milions of people make fun of her i mean just look on youtube.com

    • Carrie says:

      You are Jerk. You just don’t go dissing on someone just because she had a big birthday party. That was her choice. She didn’t get lucky! America voted for her. She won American Idol. America voted. So a lot of Americans LIKE Carrie Underwood. I honestly think people are creepy when fans know personal information like she likes to ride four wheelers. There are always people out there who don’t like famous people. Like you and Carrie Underwood. It’s not very wise of you to make fun of people you don’t even know. It’s not very nice.

    • lulu says:

      hi ever think about spellcheck? or punctuation?

  25. Laura says:

    I like both! Carrie Underwood is a better singer in my opinion, Taylor is so talented at writer songs, and a good singer. They’re both super pretty too!

  26. maria says:


    Taylor is just good but Carrie is AWESOME!

  27. Mike says:

    Well give them both credit, their both some of the prettiest girls in the music industry, and they are both great singers, but im going to have to go with carrie underwood for looks 🙂 and taylor for singing

  28. Nikki Blackwell says:

    Well, I like them both. Carrie’s my favorite though. I love her new album, Play On. Taylor Swift is also really good. Her album Fearless is really good. You Belong With Me is my favorite song. Before He Cheats is also my favorite song. It just depends on what mood I’m in. Usually it’s both of them. I think they are both good and i don’t see why people criticize one or the other. They are both really good. I knew Carrie Underwood would win American Idol when they first showed her and I bought Taylor Swift’s album a week after it was released.

  29. arielle says:

    carrie underwood! ❤

    vote for her on for the AMA 2009!! she needs more votes!

  30. joy says:

    Taylor is indeed talented, but in NO WAY deserves to be winning EVERYTHING! Her voice is actually irritating and I do believe she has reached her apex. But she is QUITE the marketer and pretty darn smart. The teenage girls may not still be buying her stuff several years from now when they grow up!

  31. chimpanzeenator says:

    Carrie Underwood changed the way I ever listened to country music, so good that I put her into my own little guilty-pleasure genre aside from country. Everything by her sounds completely unique and refreshing yet relentlessly addicting to listen to. Her stage performances are spectacular and one can really see the progress she’s made towards becoming a true star over the past 4 years or so.

    Taylor Swift is also unique, but not so much in a good way. She’s had a successful producer for some time so she’s well-established in the industry but… Her vocals have no variety and her songs sound bland and immature. Play any of her songs and I can’t tell you which one it is because they all sound the same.

    To the audience seeking talent and beauty, Carrie wins.

    But to those who think that posting 7th-gradeish song lyrics on their Facebook statuses with little heart symbols makes them feel good, go with Taylor Swift.

  32. SS says:

    Carrie Underwood is as plastic as it gets. She is by far an overrated Barbie doll that won a stupid reality show. The only real talent that idol produced was Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Doughtery (two of which didn’t even win). Carrie has a strong voice I will give her that much but singing is very nasal and she belts out her words like “hey look at me- no just look at me” She can not write her own music and be it not for a group of song writers she would have nothing to sing. She did not rise up the entertainment ladder through hard work like Taylor did but through luck. If you are in awe over her blonde hair and overdone face then you lack the hindsight to see real talent and that is Taylor. I hear Taylor all the time on the radio and THANK GOD I don’t hear Carrie because she beyond annoying. For Carrie its all about her and nothing else. Sorry Carrie fans but you are in love with a musical Barbie.

    • Taylor Swift sucks! says:

      Taylor Swift is the most overrated thing on the planet right know! She sucks at singing and at writing. Her songs are extremely immature and poppish and only little kids like her. She couldn’t sing a real country song if her life depended on it. Taylor is no competition for real talented singers. She couldn’t sing her way out of a paperbag, and her songwriting skills are incredibly childish and she is overrated! Period! I’m not a big fan of Carrie, but at least she can sing a little! Taylor Swift can’t!

  33. Love says:

    As a teenager, my friends and I totally love Taylor Swift’s songs, they’re so catchy! And she’s gorgeous, all the guys adore her -.- But I have to agree that she can’t really sing, people just conveniently overlook that because of her beauty, popularity and songs. I do think she’s good because she’s not just a manufactured pop star-she can actually play the guitar and write music!

    As for Carrie Underwood, she’s pretty and seems wholesome and a nice girl. She has the most awesome voice EVER and actually sounds the same or better live. Her popularity is also very high, except it’s more for the mature audience rather than teenboppers. I think she’s destined for a serious musical career in country music rather than just a short stint.

    Some say Carrie is so last year, but she’s older and getting married, so the fact that she’s still so immensely popular shows that she’s actually respected as an artiste.

  34. lulu says:

    things that irritate me about taylor swift:
    1. there is SO much repition in her songs its not even funny. hey taylor, how bout you NOT make the last line the same as the first?
    2. what’s with her rhinestone guitar? i mean i love sparkles as much as the next girl, but that’s just tacky.
    3. mind straightening your hair every once in a while? or just changing up your hairstyle?
    4. her eyes look like a cat’s eyes. seriously. look at them.
    5. oh my god, i know you broke your heart! how many songs can you write about that?!
    6. what was with that acting stint? are you a singer or an actress?? (by the way, i think you should be neither.)
    7. yes, i feel truly bad about the kanye thing. but all those sympathy votes? seriously? not cool.
    8. why would you even date joe jonas in the first place?! he’s a talentless turd!
    9. she’s really pitchy when she sings live.
    feel free to add on. 🙂

  35. CARRIES#1FAN says:

    i know carrie is better cause im her biggest fan not u CARRIE ROCKS TAYLOR WAS LAST YEAR BUT NOW SHE’S SECOND AND CARRIES FIRST AND I KNOW!!!

  36. CarrieFanKylieChan says:

    Omigosh! Stop comparing them! Carrie is for the win! 🙂

  37. lena says:

    Carrie Underwood totally rock! Taylor is a swiper

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