Rehab vs Sober

Does THIS look like a sober woman to you?

I love me some pop tunage from time to time, and there are 2 songs on the radio recently that caught my sweet tooth. Pop bad girl, Pink, has a new song out called “Sober” that is catchy. While Rihanna has a song called “Rehab” which is pretty damn good in it’s own right. As much as I hate to admit it…I really like the Rihanna song. Not that there is anything wrong with “Sober”. It’s a good pop song! But Rihanna wins this battle by a smidge. Which one do you like better?

Awwwww…ain’t she cute?

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3 Responses to Rehab vs Sober

  1. I agree…Rhianna by a smidge.

    Thanks…but you’re not making up for the Britney song THAT easily! I will make you suffer!

  2. Lori Alcantara says:

    Two totally different emotions. I thnk Pink’s lyrics are brilliant. She writes all her Music. Can’t really say that about Jay-Z’s Rihanna. Rehab was produced by Justin Timberlake. Different.

  3. orgest says:

    pink u are my only love

    I LOVE U ;'(

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