The Greatest Site Ever That Includes Cuddly Animals & Lots Of Cusswords

Oh…you WILL have your tail between your legs, cute kitten…once you’ve seen FU Penguin!

If you are feeling up to it, a friend recommended the GREATEST site EVER. If you love animals (or if you don’t…it doesn’t matter), THIS site is the funniest I have ever seen. Whoever is in charge knows exactly what makes me laugh and I visit every chance I get. Just plain stupid and awesome! Go check it out! But be aware…there is some strong language (which is what makes it so damn funny), so if you aren’t into that kind of thing…well…your loss! LOL

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7 Responses to The Greatest Site Ever That Includes Cuddly Animals & Lots Of Cusswords

  1. CP says:

    Ah yes, good work to spread the word about this hilarious site.


  2. Amber says:

    That is the cutest kitten I have ever seen.

  3. Xixi743 says:

    This is the CUTEST THING EVER

  4. suz says:

    … if by chance you love sarcasm, but just can’t get past the swearing [not a problem for me], another awesome site along these lines that’s been up for awhile is

    Love it. Actually learn a bit in the process, but mostly it makes me pee [I’m a fan of the snail review].

  5. Mikayla says:

    That kitten is so cute!Can I have it?…IT…SOOOOO…CUTE!!!!!You must be the most popular.YOU ARE!

  6. Ali says:

    Yeah, this site is definitely the perfect blend of cuteness, hilarity, and swearing to distract an entire college campus…I love it!!!

  7. jazlyn says:

    the kitten is so darn cute i just want it so bad. i just want to hug and cuddle with it and all of that.

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