And Finally…It Ends

Continuing my series of blogs that have “…” in them, this should pretty much wrap them up. At least I can’t think of anymore “…” that I want to use…so hopefully this will be all.

Dunno if you guys all know this….but I turned 40 in December. 40. Not 40-ish. Not almost 40. I actually hit the big 4-0 in December. Don’t remember if I mentioned it. Anyway, yesterday I joined my 2 best friends for the final celebration of that landmark birthday for a little frivolous conversation, a good meal and a slice of cheesecake at “Cheesecake Factory”. I don’t know how often YOU eat at CF…but if I ate there more than once a year I would gain 150 pounds! The have a fantastic menu and the amount of food (even in the lunch portions) is pretty large. Throw in the cheesecake and a drink and you have enough calories to fit into your whole week! Did you know, that in one day, a good diet is supposed to be 2,000 calories. That’s it. How do I know this? Because it says so on the back of the Special K cereal box that I am looking at right this second…

Anyway…at CF yesterday I am pretty sure I surpassed that mark in one sitting by 4,389 calories. It wasn’t pretty. They had to roll me to my car…

Every year I do this lunch thing with my 2 friends Newman & Janet. Every year I feel HUGE leaving that restaurant. I have no idea why we keep going back there…but we do. And so ends my birthday.¬†Considering my Mom threw a birthday bash for my Dad, my brother and myself back in June. Then my wife threw me a party in December with all my friends (including Newman & Janet). And my wife and kids got me gifts and a cake. And now this little get-together…it’s now 8 months and I’m over it.

Happy Birthday to me folks! Again. And now…I am moving on with my life! However…I ALWAYS love me some Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake…

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3 Responses to And Finally…It Ends

  1. heather says:

    I’ve always wanted to eat at Cheesecake Factory.

  2. Me, too. Maybe I should do that for my birthday – 42 in April!

  3. ashley says:

    I love the Cheesecake Factory and miss it dearly. Stupid Michigan has no Cheesecaske Factory. Bah.

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