The De-Evolution Of Breakdancing

Back in the day (in this case, my day was the 1980’s), breakdancing was THE style as far as pop culture. When Michael Jackson did the moonwalk, it ignited a whole new dance craze. Not that that was the first time anyone had ever done a moonwalk. But Michael was HUGE at the time, and seeing him do it on national television just jump started something that had been on the cusp of breaking out for a long time (since the mid-70’s to be exact). So anyway, being a 13 year old boy in small town America, I was intrigued. So I started listening to dance music, watching movies about breakdancing, even reading books about breakdancing. And, of course, I started TRYING to breakdance.

Now…let’s get one thing straight…I never could do anything like headspins or anything gymnastic-like that some of the great dancers can do. Seriously, to this day I am amazed by the athleticism and the gravity-defying performances of these amazing artists. And to this day, breakdancing as a free-form is one of the most spectacular things that I can watch and say “I wish I could do that!”

But I can’t. And I never could. But I always had fun trying to do it. And I have been ridiculed for my interest in it for some time now. My family loves to rib me about it. My friends who know I used to do it kid me about it. So I still suffer the repurcussions of this fad that I participated in some 20 years ago. Being the “GUY” that I am, at some point in some blog it was mentioned that I used to do some breakdancing. I don’t remember when it was mentioned or if it was even MY blog that started all of this. I’m starting to think maybe one of my sisters mentioned it in my comments section. But whatever, I was dared to show video of me breakin’…and I didn’t. There is truly only one piece of video of me dancing and it was taken with my parents’ old film camera. It’s grainy and old and you can barely tell its me. But I made a promise earlier this week to my friend Nathalie from Dallas that if she blogged again after taking a month long sabbatical, I would post the video. Being a man of my word (even though I truly thought that she was probably in a jungle somewhere snapping pictures of alligators or something), I am now posting this truly awful video because she has finally posted a new blog (even if it is a little…eh…interesting?).

This is, in no way, me being disrespectful of the athleticism or artistic creativity of those who actually can do this amazing form of dance. This is me, in 1983, being a kid who was fascinated by the genre and who honestly enjoyed doing a little poppin’ when the beat was hoppin’. So…for your viewing pleasure I present to Nathalie and anyone who cares to watch…me…circa 1983…breakdancing.


Now…can we PLEASE let it go already?!?!  Thank you…

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12 Responses to The De-Evolution Of Breakdancing

  1. I know this was too good to be true. The video is not working. Something about being private and accepting the friend’s request?

    Stupid youtube. All fixed. Enjoy!

  2. The little guy on the video is amazing!

  3. Hey! You were pretty damn good! I thought it would be ridicule and was really looking forward to making a smart comment, but that was not bad at all.

    That was quite a fashion statement!

    Thanks for sharing. You were quite a little hottie!!! That’s the cougar in me commenting. 🙂

  4. Blah la Blah says:

    Not bad at all. I just wish the video was longer! But I totally did dig the Michael Jackson shirt. So remnant of the 80’s!

  5. mandy says:

    I remember when you and a friend (maybe Marion’s little brother?) were in the breakdancing contest in McConnelsville. You guys were great! Too bad noone recorded that.
    As for the shirt…you could totally play a teen-aged Spock in a Star Trek prequel. Love it.

  6. heather says:

    You should take it up again. Dancing is great exercise. =)

  7. ebunoluwa says:

    There’s nothing wrong with breakdancing! It’s not a fad and is still very much alive 🙂

    I run a blog,, which his dedicated to breaking around the world as it is done today.

    Seriously…coolest stuff ever!

  8. Mom says:

    Is that all of the video? I demand a complete performance. Nathalie with an H did a full blog, we want a full dance. Unless of course that is all I filmed….not. Now I know why your back hurts!!! Love….mom

  9. You know, Alan, your mother has a very good point. I did write a full blog and while the subject matter may have seemed somewhat disturbing, it’s still full-length.
    I demand to see more breakdancing Alan. I can’t get enough of your shirt… 🙂

    I’m telling ya…THATS ALL I GOT! Sorry!

  10. kcalland says:


    Too bad we never got video of the two of us re-enacting the dance to Bobby Brown’s “Every Little Step!”

    Uh…who says I don’t have it?


  11. Mr. F says:

    There is more film of you breaking buddy…..Try your wedding reception…..You busted SEVERAL moves out before doing that pass off thing….you know where you stop and someone else starts.

    Its too dark. Couldn’t see it online. Sorry…

  12. jingtian says:

    Haha! That was you dancing in the video with the red shirt? Whoa! Old school eh? But truthfully it’s not as bad as you make it sound like! ^_^

    I’m also “trying” to breakdance too! As “heather” said, dancing is good exercise! And FUN!

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