What The Heck…Barack Obama Coins?

Gotta get me a few of these!

Today is THE BIG DAY! Today Barack Obama becomes our President. Our Leader. The GuyWho Will Lead Us Out Of The Economic Depression! And how will he do that, I wonder? Perhaps with a line of his own coins???

That’s right! I’ve been seeing the ads on television! The Barack Obama coin! And for only $19.99. NO! 15.99! NO! $9.99…YOU can have a coin that commemorates this historic event!

So for 10 bucks you get a coin that is worth…uh…nothing? I guess. If it’s “layered” in 24 karat gold, it must be worth something…right? So can I head on down to McDonalds and pick me up a cheeseburger off the dollar menu? Or can I get 2 or 3 burgers? How does THAT work? I mean, these “commemorative coins” must be worth SOMETHING, right? Or else why would they be called “coins”? Why wouldn’t they just be called small silver ovals or something if they were worth nada?

So get on down to your local internet and order ya up some of these bad boys! I mean, for only $10 YOU can have “coins” that are worth squat! They will sit in a dresser drawer for years to come and, at some point, your grandkids will find them and wonder how in the hell Obama got his mug on a half dollar-sized coin? We all know his face is gonna end up on a thousand dollar bill…

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1 Response to What The Heck…Barack Obama Coins?

  1. mop master says:

    I know you already ran out and bought yourself a bunch of these coins. I am amazed at what people will try to sell these days. Almost as bad as the twin towers coins. Talk about exploitation. Sad thing is there will be lots of people who will buy them.

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