Family Affair: Vacation Memories

She’s the one on the far right…

A new topic here on my site here is “Family Affair“. I will be reposting stories and emails that my family sends me from time to time (or possibly a phone message left on the voice machine? Be careful Mom…LOL). You never know what they might write! In this case, I have asked them to write a blog for me about our childhood and whatever memories they might have. The oldest daughter, my  sister (I am the oldest of 6) has complied. So here is the first edition of “Family Affair” from my sister, Ruth Ann

I would say that my favorite memories of us growing up would be driving to  Florida in the old brown and white camper. It sure was a little thing for all 8 of us but we sure had alot of fun in it. Mom and dad would always make sure we had fun. I can still remember where we always camped at Outdoor World Resorts, playing on the swings and going to the pool. I loved going down to the lake and looking for alligators. I remember falling in love with some boy there and crying all the way home while playing some sad love song on my tape player (LOL). Disney was the best and Space Mountain was awesome. I still love going there. Well…that is some of my favorite memories, I look forward to reading everyone elses.

Love, Ruth Ann

So far…she’s the only one who has had the time to write in. Goes to show where I fall in the grand scheme of things. There is no love…none…

(just kiddin’)
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3 Responses to Family Affair: Vacation Memories

  1. At least they read your blog!! I don’t think anyone in my family has even glanced at mine!

    Too bad for them! They’re missing out!

  2. What a great idea! A few years before my grandmother passed on, she bought herself a computer and started compiling a “Family History”…and each holiday asked all of us for something related. (One Christmas she just wanted the grandkids memories of visits to their house, etc.)

    She was gone before she finished it, but I always thought it was an awesome idea.

  3. Mom says:

    The Vinyl Villager: I think your grandmother had a great idea!! Get ready, kids, and grandkids, I might ask you some questions on Thanksgiving!!!!……….Mom/grandma

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