Family Affair: My Mom Remembers When…

She’s 2nd from the left…and laughing…as usual…

This is my Mom’s edition to this little idea of mine. As I type this she is STILL sending me emails. 3 is enough Mom! Make it stop! So far this hasn’t quite gone as planned…but we’ll see if any of my other family members send me stories and what not. So here ya go…3 emails about my past…

EMAIL #1: My Paper Assignment

When you were about 10 years old, you had to write a summary of what had been invented since your parents were young. You came to me and I said, “PacMan”. You said “yeah!”  I told you about the microwave that your dad helped build at North American Aviation, and you thought that was cool. And I said that your dad also help to improve the radar in jet fighters. You thought that was pretty great also.

And then I said “indoor plumbing” and you wanted to know what that was. I said indoor sinks, bathtubs and toilets. You said (very red-faced) that you weren’t going to write about that stuff!!! I guess dad was a pretty great guy as long as he was inventing things, but when it came to OUR childhood, and how WE lived when we were young, that was just too much for you!!!

Uh…what 10-year old boy wants to talk about indoor plumbing & toilets??? Pacman and microwaves and radars are COOL! Places you poo…are NOT.

EMAIL #2: Just Out Catching Balls

Thinking about when you were young: You were so determined to impress your dad on your sports skills. One day, dad was out hitting golf balls toward the mountain and you ran out and caught the golf ball bare-handed!!! It hurt like heck, but you showed off your bruise to your friends  and the two of them thought you were the greatest!! I thought you were stupid. Love….mom

Nice. I was sooooo cool! And I find it hard to believe that I actually had 2 friends…

EMAIL #3: A Gift To Walk On

One Mother’s Day Sunday, dad and I came home from the restaurant to find that you had cleaned all the carpets in the house for my Mother’s Day gift. That was probably the best gift I had ever received because I realized then that my baby boy was growing up. You knew that a little help around the house was appreciated waaaay more than a card or flowers or whatever. I love you much for that son………..Mom

Yeah. Of course I kicked all the kids out of the house for 5 hours and didn’t feed them lunch. But I got all those carpets swept! I was such a great kid…

Thanks for participating Mom! These stories really bring back great memories (kinda…but not really…)!  🙂

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1 Response to Family Affair: My Mom Remembers When…

  1. Amber says:

    You may have kicked us out, but you aways let me in to go to the bathroom (and secretly stuff oranges and twinkies down my pants for the others!).

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