Fox News Has Got No Game

Ain’t THIS the truth???

Seriously…anybody watching this crap? Ever since Tuesday, Fox News has been reporting on Barack Obama’s Blackberry and whether or not he took the oath “officially”. Are they serious with this crap? Have they got nothing better to talk about?

They have NOT rambled on for hours about decisions Obama has made already to move our country forward. They have rambled on about security on Obama’s Blackberry. They have rambled on about the oath. They have no substance at all! It’s really sad that for hours on end they can take these topics and go on and on and on and on…only to pause to take a short breath to reload. Is the next 4 years gonna be like this? Will this network continue to do this for his entire tenure? Probably. Its a Republican network. There will be nothing Obama can do to satisfy these vultures.

So…for the record…Fox News sucks. When they have something interesting and substancial (now they are talking about choreography in the White House. What…now they are dancing a hoedown in the Oval Office? Is that what Bush was doing before he left for Texas?)…let me know. Not that I ever really watched their news, but I would love to consider it to be a viable option for news someday. Anyone who includes “NEWS” in their title should be able to present it in a non-partisan way…right? I always thought that was what news was…presenting FACTS, not making up silly stories to talk about for hours on end…

Oh wait! Hillary Clinton is ready to talk…gotta go change the channel and listen. Hopefully she’ll have something substantial to give to FOX NEWS to talk about…otherwise we’ll be listening to more updates on how Hillary’s dress was too ornate for this particular press conference and why it was disrespectful of Canadians…(and I will wait to see what Holly says about that! LOL)


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2 Responses to Fox News Has Got No Game

  1. Amber says:

    John Stewart said it best to Fox News, “If you love an administration, let it go. If it comes back… we’re all moving to Canada.” Ain’t that the truth!

    I saw that! It was HYSTERICAL!!! What great writing…

  2. Morgan Raider says:

    Fox News sucks…compared to what?

    All of it.

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