All About Ava

This is the earth…

This is Ava.
Which one revolves around which?

Can I tell you…I can see that life is gonna be very difficult for the next 20 years or so because I have 2 women in my home that LOVE to talk. They love to talk SO much, that they talk right over each other. Of course, one is significantly older than the other, so the oldest wins out (plus she gave birth to her…so that also plays into it). But between the two of them, there is not a second to get a word in.

Now I love my daughter right now. She is the apple of my eye. The cream in my coffee. The sugar on my cereal. The…well…you get the idea. But DAMN can that girl talk!!! And everything that anyone else is talking about that she might not be privy too? Well…apparently that conversation is all about her also!

I can’t tell you how many times Steph & I will be talking in the car and as we get midway into the conversation and we hear “Are you guys talking about me?” from the back. Today…we were talking about something totally unrelated to kids, but as soon as we got to the part where our conversation was just about to end, Ava shouts “I didn’t say that!”  from the back of the bus.

Oh…how I love my daughter…but it IS all about her, right now. And I am sure that that will NEVER change. Now…if I could just get my wife to understand that also. Oh wait…I can’t. Because, obviously…it’s all about HER!   LOL

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4 Responses to All About Ava

  1. ha ha this is so funny!

  2. kat says:

    Boy do I know what you mean, I mean between dia and myself it is hard to get a word in and I’m sure that bill isn’t even listening and if dia keeps getting better at talking it is going to get pretty confusing around here and all I am saying is that when I am trying to make a point it would be nice to know that what I am saying is being heard. sigh…

  3. kat says:

    and I didn’t even think about kaia and she is already starting to say small one syllable words so I’m sure any day now she’ll start contributing to the onslaught of chatter that is ever-going in the bailey household….

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