New Ways To Prove Your Inadequecy

Right off the bat…this is a SEX blog. So anyone offended by such topics should change the channel now…


(shift nervously…twiddle thimbs…)


Okay…that should be enough time…right?

 So a couple of things have come up (not really! HA! Let the fun begin!) that have to do with things of a sexual nature that I thought was interesting/funny/sad (wait for it…I’ll get there) so I thought I would share. The first being THIS product…

Sex Counter Cock Ring (new window)

Its a “sex counter“. Essentially it COUNTS how many thrusts are made in an *ahem* encounter. Please don’t ask me how I found this thing online. It’s been a very long week of scouring the internet and I honestly don’t remember. Anyways…I can’t imagine why anybody would have a need for something like this?! But how devastated would you be if the number only got up to 10? Or 15 even? What would your girl say? Would you feel inadequate? Or how about in the thousands? Would you worry about wearing your woman out? And where do women stand on that topic anyways? How much is too much and how many are too little? Its all very confusing. Aaaaanyways…it’s really just NOT a good product to buy for ANY reason.

And if you DID feel inadequate wearing your new gadget (crap…did I actually just write that?), would you pay over $3 million to have sex with a virgin? Well…that’s what THIS woman is selling…her virginity. 

'Natalie Dylan'

At 22 years old, she claims its empowering. I claim its silly. And I’m not even being critical of HER! Look…I know that there is this stigma with virgins. And I know there are lots of men out there who think this is a good idea. But here’s MY thought…you are about to spend a boatload of money to have sex with a woman who has NO EXPERIENCE having sex! How good do you think its gonna be? For my money (not that I’m spending any…for crying out loud…), an experienced woman would be worth spending some hard earned cash on…not the other way around. Am I wrong about this? I mean…I realize its all going to a good cause and all (she says she needs the money to pay her college tuition), but what kind of transaction do you figure THAT will be? I can’t even imagine that it would be fun for anybody involved. Unless…of course…the guy was wearing the gadget. And then they could keep track of how much each thrust cost him!

But THAT is just ridiculous…right?

And for the record…I am all kinds of blushing right now…but I’m pretty sure I’ll get a gazillion responses! LOL

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9 Responses to New Ways To Prove Your Inadequecy

  1. Uhm…..why am I the only one here?

    Could be because I just posted this 30 seconds ago…

  2. For the…umm…device…maybe its useful for endurance training? But now Im wondering just how many thrusts ARE involved in a usual encounter? I seriously hope this doesn’t enter my mind at an inopportune moment and I found myself counting.

    As for the virgin hooker…I’m with you. I dont see a doctor who will perform his first surgery on me. I dont see a lawyer who has never tried a case. And if I were the type to pay for a woman’s…ummm…service (I should interject that I certainly am NOT) I would damn sure want someone who could teach me a thing or two.

  3. Chris says:

    Oh this is hilarious! A per thrust cost analysis? But I think Vinyl has a point- maybe it’s for endurance training. So funny!

  4. You know … there is a reason why we are cyber-friends. I’m not sure what it is, but I know there is one.

    Per thrust cost analysis? That sounds like something I’d say!

  5. Amber says:

    No comment on the thrust counter. The virgin story I’ve heard of before. I think it is stupid not only for the buyer but the seller as well. I hope noone bids and she has to drop her price. Karma’s a b*&#%!

  6. Mom says:

    Did what you said, and am not going to read any comments either. After all, you—and Steph—are my babies!!! You don’t have sex. Moms and Dads don’t have sex….Thanks for the warning, hope the blog was good for you………….mom

    Now she has gone BEYOND delusional. Steph is my WIFE! Not her baby. See? She’s CRAZY, I tell you people! Just not as crazy as some. And THIS is why I have to censor MY blog…dammit…

  7. ashley says:

    Youe Mom’s comment cracks me up. 🙂 That device is odd. Seriously? Counting?

    As for the girl… Selling sex is still considered prostistution at 3 million dollars. (And gross.)

  8. heather says:

    Sex with anyone? I mean, gross. Not my first time, not for a billion dollars. It’s your first time ever, and you might end up with someone like Larry Flynt instead of Hugh Hefner. Can you put a price on that?

  9. Mr. F says:

    I don’t read this site for a week and I come back to “thrust counting with the virgin whore”….WTF? First, that gadget has got to be for frat betting. And secondly, $3,000,000 would get you, like, 1,000,000 whores here in Zanesville! Do the math it’s funny! Oh, my….where did everybody go?

    Funny…I’ve been wondering the same thing!

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