Good Friends, Good Times

Me & Anne now…

and back in the day…

As I travel around, I am lucky that I get to see and hang with good friends from my past, present and future. I get to visit so many different places and cities where, inevitably, there is someone I know living where I am going.

My college friend, Tom, in San Diego (rocking it out in the middle!)

Today I am in Tampa and I had breakfast with a friend that I used to work with. She is 8 months pregnant and we had breakfast at the Crack Whore Barrel this morning. I love being able to see my friends that I wouldn’t normally see if I were to have a desk job somewhere. This works well for me because I work in television, and television people move around a lot. Even if you work at a news station somewhere (which I used to), you keep moving in your early years so that in your later years you can settle someplace where you can pocket some money (good luck in THIS business! But it IS better than radio!), start a family and look ahead to retirement. You wouldn’t  believe how many times I’ve been somewhere, flipped on the evening news and I know the news anchor from someplace else!

Friend & co-worker, Ginger, on in Dallas

In the past 4 months, I’ve seen a college buddy in San Diego, a high school buddy in Chicago and now a former co-worker who was a part of a rowdy band of friends that used to work for a show called “The Daily Buzz”. All of these friends I stay in touch with because of my job. And a lot of them I keep in contact with through Facebook. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had a lot of friends find me and renew our friendship and I just think its great. Seeing as how I am constantly on a computer and how I don’t get to have a normal social life (I work a lot of weekends), this way of  “keeping up” has worked out well for me. Facebooking and then, if I’m in town, a quick visit and then on to the next gig. It’s great!

My friend from high school, ABC

So today I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my friends who I have gotten to see again or who have renewed my friendship via the world wide web. It’s really cool to see so many of my friends doing well for themselves and who have moved on to be so successful or who are striving to do so much with their lives. Seriously…I am a very lucky person to have so many great friends back in my life! And to my newer friends who I have come to know by this blogsite, I appreciate your friendship as well and maybe someday, you and I can meet for some lunch and a drink! And, for the record…I always buy the first round! 🙂

My college friend, Ed, in Seattle 

My best friend, JT, in Memphis

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7 Responses to Good Friends, Good Times

  1. I like JT’s kitchen! 🙂
    Hey, no making fun of me for gluing my shoe onto my foot. If you look thru my comments already this morning (7 am CA!) a TON of people have super glued themselves! Ha!

  2. looks like you have fun! 🙂

  3. I join 24 in loving his kitchen…

    And that one photo couldnt have been too far back in the day—neither of you has aged.

    About 7 years ago actually. And thank you! From both of us!

  4. Mom says:

    Oh, Alan, JT looks great!!! You see him again, give him a hug for me. I mean a REAL hug!! And the girl from Dallas has a GREAT name!! Love….mom

    The only “hug” JT will get from me MIGHT be a high-5 or something. But a REAL hug is definitely out of the question. I like him too, Mom…but not THAT much.

  5. As usual, my favorite self-portraits… Multiple this time. How could a girl ask for more?

    The Crack Whore Barrel? Best name EVER!

  6. Chris says:

    And now you have new friends to have a drink with in Seattle!


  7. mop master says:

    Nice picture of J.T. :-)!! Who know maybe one of these days you’ll make it up to the Detroit area. I would say I would take you out and show you the sights but somehow I don’t think crack whores and gang bangers are your idea of area highlights. If I am wrong however, let me know and I can arrange the whole tour for you. LOL!!

    Ya know…I just don’t like Detroit that much, but I wouldn’t be against a tour next time I’m up there. Maybe you could change my opinion of the place. And the picture of JT was from a couple of years ago. Haven’t been able to get back since…

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