Super Bowl XLIII

It’s been a quiet week here in Tampa. We’ve had good weather except for Thursday, when it rained the entire day. But I’ll take the one day of crap weather over the ice/snow shitstorm that hit the northeast over this past week. Here are some pictures of what MY week has been like. Very exciting stuff here. You are gonna be SO jealous!

 super-bowl-2009-007The truck I’ve been sitting in for a week

My corner

Ryan…the guy who tells me what to type

The lunch line

On the phone, talking to my wife & kids

Taking pictures at the stadium

Aaaaand…my hotel room. And that’s pretty much it. Exciting, huh?

 Oh yeah…

But make no mistake…there ARE lovely ladies here…

Me and the graphics crew of the NFL Network

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3 Responses to Super Bowl XLIII

  1. jen l. says:

    Cool pics! i’m jealous of the weather! boo!

  2. Lori Alcantara says:

    I really like the guy in the white shirt! He’s cute!

  3. very cool! Don’t have too much fun!

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