Weak Coffee

My mom’s coffee…

Another day, another trip to the Crack Whore Barrel. But this time, it was with my folks (does it seem wrong that I keep calling it Crack Whore Barrel when I’m going there with my parents? I can’t decide…)! Mom & Dad came and picked me up at the hotel (no car for Alan this week. Good times…) and we headed out for some breakfast and umbrella shopping (it’s gonna rain today! Gotta be prepared!).

We get to CHB and are seated promptly. Our nice waitress comes up to take our order…and it goes like this…

Mary: “Can I get you folks something to drink?”

Dad: “Yeah…I’ll have a decaf coffee and a large cup of really hot water.”

Mary: “We only have one size cup sir.”

Dad: “That’s fine. How big is it?”

Mary: “About this big.” (imagine using her hands to show how large the cup will be)

Dad: “Well that’s fine then. Can I have 2 cups?”

Mary: “Of coffee? Or hot water?”

Dad: “Of hot water.”

Mom: “I want coffee too! You can bring 2 cups.”

Mary: “2 cups of hot water and a cup of coffee?”

Mom: Yes. No. Yes…bring me a cup for my coffee also.”

Mary: “So you want a cup of coffee then…”

Mom: “No…I’m going to drink some of his.” (pointing at Dad)

At this point, this poor waitress who is trying to figure this all out looks at me confused. I just smile and give her a second then I say…

Me: “They like weak coffee. Very weak. They are going to take the single cup of decaf that you bring, mix it with the hot water and split the single cup. That’s all. So 2 of the largest cups of hot water you got and a single cup of coffee for them.”

Mary: “Oh…I got it.” (very confused look)  And for you sir?”

Me: “A cup of regular coffee and lots of creamers. Thanks!”

The End

The 3 Stooges

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7 Responses to Weak Coffee

  1. ashley says:

    Why bother?

    PS – I see that Crack Whore Barrel is having a blod drive.

  2. RUTH ANN says:

    To Mom & Dad, You guys look great!!!
    oh so do you Alan lol

  3. Mom says:

    You didn’t tell them about dad going to potty, then sitting down with complete strangers!!! That was funny!!! Love….mom Oh, to Ashley: He used to drink just hot water, so I agree: Why bother?

  4. I am very jealous you get to eat at Cracker Barrel. We had them back in VA but I haven’t had it since I moved to San Diego 5 years ago…dumplins…yum.

    I am also jealous you are at the superbowl…if there’s one thing I love almost as much as music, it’s football!

  5. Amber says:

    Mom and Dad do look great.I miss eating lunch with Mom! Miss you, too. We are evidently having Chris’s family over for the Super Bowl. I say evidently because he just told me tonight! Now I have lots of preparing to do because I work until 9:00pm tomorrow!

    They miss you also sis!

  6. So does that mean you Dad sat down and went potty with complete strangers? I’m confused. And what’s the big deal with weak coffee………?? It’s my favorite. I like a little coffee with my creamer. 🙂

    My dad accidently sat down with the wrong couple when he returned from the restroom. Once he discovered what he did, he looked at them and said, “Good morning!”, then got up and walked to our table! And I like my coffee with lots of creamer also…

  7. Kim (aka: Betty) says:

    Hysterical! Your parents are as adorable as ever!!

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