Super Bowl XLIII Part II

More pictures PRIOR to a great ending to any Super Bowl ever! These pics are obviously NOT as exciting as the game…so try to contain your enthusiasm…

Riding a SCHOOL BUS (?) to work

And then the mile walk.

The Pirate Ship At Raymond James Stadium

Me & Solly

NFL Network at the NFL Experience

Makeup please

Hard at work

The Pre-Game Flyover

And a Buckeye WINS the game for the Steelers! Talk about karma…

Oh…and the final score? Pittsburgh 27, Cardinals 23
I was off by 2 points…(nuts)

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5 Responses to Super Bowl XLIII Part II

  1. I think Briefcase wants your job!

  2. Pat says:

    OMG! You have such a terrible job. How do you stand it?

  3. Amber says:

    LooKs like you enjoyed it more than usual. Glad you’re finally coming home though. I’m sure Steph and the kids miss you. Let us know you got home safe! Love you!

  4. So….were you riding the “short bus”? LOL I’ll bet you had a blast! I was pulling for the Steelers because of a bloggy buddy. Go Steelers!!! YEA!!

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