Upside Down


A conversation with my daughter yesterday…

“Daddy, I can spell words now!”

“You can? You are getting to be a big girl, honey! What can you spell?”

“I can spell ‘cat’! C-A-T!”

“Nice! Very good honey…”

“And ‘mom’…M-O-M!”

“Excellent Ava! When did you learn how to be such a good speller?”

“And ‘dog’…G-O-D!”

“Uh…well…actually…you have the right LETTERS, but that’s not how you spell dog, sweetie.”

“Oh…(mumbling and thinking)…that’s right…dog is God spelled upside down. D-O-G!”

“Yep…that’s how you spell it! Upside down…”

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4 Responses to Upside Down

  1. kcalland says:

    Absolutely priceless and adorable.

  2. I like this girl!

    How did you end up with more than 142,000 hits? That’s like sorcery!

    She’s my baby! And I had to pay a lot of people to visit every 10 minutes. Is that wrong?

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