I’m Old.

Me in a couple of years???

Last night my wife and I put the kids to bed at 7:30, sat on the coach, turned on the end of a basketball game. Then at 8:30, we changed the channel to something on one of the networks and then…and THIS is where it gets really interesting…I fell asleep.

At 8:45.


Is THIS what happens with old age? I mean, it’s only 8:45! Think of all the things I could have been doing! I could have watched Wednesday’s American Idol (still sitting on my DVR unwatched. Thinking I might delete it. Thanks Bonafide for the warning!). I could have written 3 or 4 new blogs (been cutting back. Cold weather has me in a slump). I could have continued filling out my health insurance paperwork (hmmm…no). The wife and I could have gotten cozy and broken out the “Bonk Counter” (HA! Just kidding! I DON’T own one of these things! Seriously 24! Even though I know you don’t believe me…). I could have played with my dog, who is getting fatter as the winter months roll on.

Either way, I’m home, sitting on my couch, relaxing and SNORING before 9PM???

Wow…I am old.

Oddly enough…my wife didn’t seem to mind…LOL

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7 Responses to I’m Old.

  1. Mom says:

    Middle-age slump. We still get up at 6:30 and don’t retire until all the activities are over–usually around 10pm. You’re just resting up for old-age, son. You’re not there yet!!!Love……mom

  2. whoa…you ARE old! 🙂

    Gee…thanks for the support! LOL

  3. Yep you’re old …. in your forties and life is over. Wait till you start snoring at 7 p.m. That will probably start happening sometime next year! 🙂

  4. David says:

    Should we have all the events you are doing move their start times up to coincide with your new sleep schedule?

  5. Liz C says:

    Hi Alan, new reader here from 24.

    Hell, I’m older’n you. These days I’m in my jammies in bed at 8:30. I get my 9 year old tucked in and usually head straight for my room.

    But it is February, my darkest month. Sometimes in the summer I can stay up until 10!

  6. What is a bonk counter? I googled it but ended up with “bank counter”… which would make no sense. Damn English-speaking people! Always speaking in tongues!

    I watched American Idol for the first time on Wednesday night and there were a few kids who could really blow a tune. This season should be interesting! Watch out for the guy with make-up – in a masculine way. PeteWentz-like. And the guy with the glasses too. with no make-up.

    I empathize with your sleeping situation ordeal. Can we get a picture of that so that we can advise you better? 🙂

  7. Kim (aka Betty) says:

    Hysterical. Here is one better: over this past weekend at some point we were all in our basement watching stuff on the DVR. Dave was kind of nodding off during the show and I kept waking him up so he wouldn’t miss stuff and then ask me about it later.

    Then, at one point, he lifted the remote to fast forward through some commercials, and promptly fell asleep. Yes, in the amount of time it takes to fast forward through commercials he fell asleep.

    Needless to say he lost control of the remote for the rest of the night.


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