The Great Snow/Ice Storm Of 2009

I know, it’s still only February, but the warmer climate is making think that maybe the worst is over and we are moving into some warmer temps here in the Ohio Valley? Maybe? Either way, while I was sunning it up down in Tampa a couple of weeks ago, my lovely wife was snapping pictures of our kids living it up in the snow & ice. Here are some of her very well-framed photos for you to gawk at…

Nice composition.

Obviously posed. But still…not bad.

Very nice. Taken at just the right moment. Sometimes ya get lucky.

A little dark. And Barkley is obviously posing for the shot…

Can’t go wrong with close-ups!

Hmmmm…can’t really tell that that is a big chunk of ice in his hand…

The tree in our backyard bent in half??? Nice lighting here…

Ooooh…slightly out of focus on Christopher’s face. Nice try honey.
Maybe next time…

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2 Responses to The Great Snow/Ice Storm Of 2009

  1. Kim (aka Betty) says:

    Dude. When did you become a photography critic? You sound like my husband. Geesh.

    Hey Steph: Awesome pics of the kids! 🙂


    Oh…I was just giving her crap. She took awesome pictures that day! I wish I could have been there…even if it was freezing!

  2. You have the cutest kids!

    Im jealous of the snow…

    I went to chicago last weekend and it was 60.

    Ive got a trip planned this weekend to another usually-snowy-in-Feb location and its supposed to be warm there too. I guess I wont experience winter at all this year.

    Dude…you’re not missing much…

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