What The Heck…Radio Shows On TV?


I realize that we are all out of unique and entertaining forms of television. Not a day goes by where I am flipping through stations (because that’s all I really do when I watch tv…change the channel…CONSTANTLY) and I come across another game show or reality show that’s not really reality or another stupid sitcom that wants to be the new “Friends”. Whatever they are putting in the water in Hollywood ain’t working because, quite frankly, it all sucks. But it is somewhat telling about the state that we are in when I can find radio shows being broadcast on television.

“Bob & Tom”, “Mike & Mike”, “Howard Stern” (used to be…I’m not sure if he still is), and I imagine others that I have not seen have hit the tube and are filling time while doing their radio show. Why? It’s radio for a reason, folks. There are 2 guys (or one guy taking calls from phone in callers?!?)…and they talk about sports, goofy stuff, world headlines…whatever. And they are sitting there talking. Just talking. Into mics. And not moving…at all.

WTF?!?! Who came up with THIS hairbrain idea? Except for maybe Stern (who regularly has strippers and porn stars on his XM Radio show), there ain’t nothing these guys are gonna do that can be considered entertainment. They are TALKERS. They get paid to TALK for a living! They are NOT television people! They sit and talk and do not move for hours at a time! Oh sure…Mike & Mike have a bunch of bobbleheads on their desk. So I took some time and tried to figure out whose bobbles they had up there. But beyond that? I have no idea what they were talking about. Oh I’m sure it was something that I might have been interested in…but who can listen when I am…falling…asleep…because it’s…soooooo…boooooring….

ENOUGH ALREADY! Gimme something to watch or else I’ll keep changing the channels and NO ONE will get my attention. And then the ratings will sag and then pretty soon EVERYONE is OFF THE AIR!

Well…except for sports. Can’t go without that…right people?!?

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3 Responses to What The Heck…Radio Shows On TV?

  1. Really, you should come to PT with me. It’s highly entertaining. By the way, The Torturer sent me text messages from Las Vegas tonight. Wouldn’t you think he’d be out having fun? But no, he was complaining about today’s post. He read it on his iphone in Vegas … he thinks I portrayed him as being unprofessional.
    Sheesh ……..!

    Well…HE is the one messing around with client…

  2. mandy says:

    I used to listen to Bob & Tom sometimes when I lived in Westerville, so after reading this blog I checked out their “TV Show” last night. You are SO right. What was mildly entertaining on my morning commute is positively sleep inducing on television. Oh well, it helped me with my insomnia I guess. Maybe that’s the whole idea?

    Possibly. But I’m thinking they just couldn’t find anything else to air…

  3. Doc says:

    You should’ve filed this under “SPORTS.”


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