Spinning My Wheels: Stop YELLING At Me!

First off, I am making “Spinning My Wheels” a new category because, quite frankly, I come up wth a lot of blog ideas when I spin…so it’s only fair that I give my exercise routine (if that’s what you want to call it) an even break. I’m not always gonna blog about how well I do (875 calories burned today? I think my heart-rate thingie has got to be broken…) or what kind of shape I’m in (not good. Gained 5 pounds this winter so far. GAH!). But I will blog about things that happen during my spin and my instructors and the music they play and HOW LOUD THEY ARE!

Oh…I know…it’s all about GETTING ME GEARED UP FOR THE RIDE! You know…DON’T WANT ANYBODY SLACKING OFF! So today is NOT MY…oops…sorry…

So today is not my normal spin day. Usually I go on Tuesday & Thursday. But yesterday Steph had a meeting and I kinda forgot about it…so I decided I would go today. No big deal…right? So my instructor today is a yeller. I’ve been in her class before…but it’s been a while. So imagine my surprise when she STARTS YELLING AT EVERYONE IN THE ROOM! C’MON!!! PUSH YOURSELF!!! YOU GUYS SUCK!!! YOU ARE WEAK, LITTLE PEOPLE WITH NO BACKBONE!!! PUT YOUR GLUTS INTO IT!!! RIDE, RIDE, RIDE!!! DAMN YOU SONS A BITCHES!!! GET OFF YOUR FUC%$#ING ASSES AND POUND THAT PAVEMENT!!!!

Ok…maybe it wasn’t THAT obnoxious. But it was starting to get on my nerves already! And then she has Elvis and 2 George Thorogood songs in her mix? Now, don’t get me wrong…I like Elvis & George. Nothing wrong with either of them. But not for spinning. That being said, I also don’t like hearing Britney or Lynyrd Skynyrd when I spin either! Gimme something a little less obnoxious (Britney) and something a little newer (Skynyrd) and I’ll bust my ass for ya. But, just so ya know, ANYTHING from the 60’s is out for me. On Tuesday the instructor played “Leader Of The Pack”. Really? Because there are 4 decades of music out there that I could have played that would have motivated me better than THAT crappy song.

Oh well.

So she’s barking and yelling and I think I might have peed myself one time when she was walking around the room and she snuck up behind me a decided to yell right as she walked past me. It’s all very disconcerting and somewhat scary. I’m not used to having someone yelling at me! Well…unless it’s over headsets and we’re 3 seconds from going on air and I can’t get the lineups to work. Yeah…that always sucks…

So…as of right now, I am WIDE awake and ready to start my day! I burned off 2 meals already and I’m all set to tackle a room full of 6-year olds hyped up on Valentine’s Day candy & treats!

Hmmmm…maybe my instructor didn’t do such a bad job after all. I’m thinking Friday’s might just have to be added to my spinning routine…

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1 Response to Spinning My Wheels: Stop YELLING At Me!

  1. I’m sure it’s good for you to be yelled at. I’d probably yell at you too if I saw you in real life.

    Truly, I’m just bitter and jealous about the 149,501 hits you have.

    Well…maybe if you blogged more than once every other month…

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