A Goodnight Prayer

Doing laps before bedtime. Lots of energy. Dad’s in trouble…

Oh man…the kids were in a giggly mood tonight! With Mom gone to a meeting and Daddy losing interest in their hide & seek game called “Capture The Gag”, the kids resorted to goofiness to round out their evening. As I read them a book, I “embellished” in a few spots, which made them even giddier! So now I had to get them in their jammies, get their teeth brushed, say prayer and get them in bed.

The first 2 went smoothly. Still giggling but cooling off a bit, they trudged upstairs and into Christopher’s room to say prayer. We always say our prayer and then each of us say our “thanks” for the day. Tonight…Ava went first. And it went like this…

“Thank you God for Mommy. And Christopher. And Daddy. And let Daddy get to work tomorrow. And God bless everyone. And Barkley. And Mommy. And Daddy. And thank you for a wonderful day. And for playing with my Mommy and my friends. And God bless everyone. Especially people who don’t have toothbrushes. *giggle* (Christopher snorts)

“Ava! Say ‘Amen'”

“Or toothpaste.” *giggle*

“Ava…say ‘Amen’!” (Christopher laughs)

“Or people who don’t have crackers.” *giggling hysterically*

“Ava! That’s enough! Say (laughing under my breath) goodnight!”

At this point, I have my face hidden in my folded hands, praying that I do not laugh at this…but I fail miserably. Now we are all 3 laughing hysterically and I am crying!!!

“Aaaaaand…God bless Barkley and Grammie and everyone who eats crackers!”

More hysterical laughing ensues.

Oh man…I love these kids…

Goodnight everyone.

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4 Responses to A Goodnight Prayer

  1. gotta love the fam! 🙂

  2. RUTH ANN says:

    and thank God for Christopher & Ava!!!!!!!!

  3. How sweet to remember people without toothbrushes or toothpaste and who eat crackers. I wish we all could be thankful and wishful for the little things.

    I loved this story. 🙂

  4. ya know, I’m thinking the guy upstairs was probably snorting at that one too!

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