Popcorn & A Soda Annual Oscar Showdown I (So It Begins…)


EDITORS NOTE: This is TOTALLY my brother’s idea. But I’m going along with it just to prove, once and for all, how much better I am at picking the winners in most of the meaningless film categories. Without further adeiu…here’s Frank!

So, it’s Oscar time again and that can only mean one thing…..2 more months of flops until blockbuster season begins!! Oh…and the Oscars will air on the 27th…so we gotta make some predictions. Since the Academy has failed to recognize our genius in film knowledge (I blame Alan for giving ‘Cloverfield’ an ‘A’), our opinions will be mere bragging rights among brothers. He who can and he who cannot pick the good ones will be determined. This won’t be a contest but more a fight to the death of bragging rights! And to make this more interesting and minimize the chances for a tie, separate answers must be given in EACH category!!! To decide who gets first prediction we tossed a coin and decided Frank is better looking…so Alan can have the first pick to even things out.

Alan: Sean Penn – “Milk”
Because he IS the best! But I’m kinda rooting for Rourke.

Frank: Frank Langella – “Frost/Nixon”
He was the best this year in his portrayal of the ousted president, Dick Nixon. If Mickey Rourke wins, I will be the first to call bullshit. This awards ceremony is already giving one sentimental award (See Alan’s NEXT pick).

Frank: Phillip Seymour Hoffman – “Doubt”
If you haven’t seen “Doubt” – go see it! Great tale that makes you wonder: Was I ever molested?

Alan: Heath Ledger – “The Dark Knight”.
Sentimental? Maybe…maybe not. But no one else needs to show up.

Alan: Kate Winslet – “The Reader”
Kate wins it because she should have won one already!

Frank: Meryl Streep – “Doubt”
Maybe I am giving this film so much credit because I went to a Catholic school and kind of remember these people (without the molesting thing…I think…)

Frank: Amy Adams – “Doubt”
She was the only supporting actress that really stood out from the rest of her cast in these 5 films. And she makes nuns look hot.

Alan: Marisa Tomei – The Wrestler
‘Cause she’s naked through most of the movie. And she makes strippers look hot.


Alan: “Wall-E”
In a very tough category this year! All 3 were excellent…but Pixar ALWAYS wins!

Frank: “Bolt”
Because John Travolta’s son died, and Travolta is the voice of Bolt in this movie. It’s grim, but very plausible.

Frank: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
Wins hands down, due to the extreme amount of scene changes by location and time. The other films were stationary and/or green screen cheaters.

Alan: “The Dark Knight” 
Because Oscar has this way of making good on stupid decisions. NOT having “The Dark Knight” up for Best Picture means it wins all the OTHER awards….EXCEPT…

Alan: “Slumdog Millionaire”
It’s just THAT good!

Frank: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
…just because.

Frank: “The Duchess”
Wins easily just because every movie that features 18th century gowns always wins outright.

Alan: “Benjamin Button”
…because I agree with Frank and seriously…who cares?


Alan: Danny Boyle – “Slumdog Millionaire”
Finally the man gets his due a few years late! He should have won SOMETHING for “28 Days Later”.

Frank: Gus Van Sant – “Milk”
He thanks everyone…especially Sean Penn…who in return shows some kind of hand gesture that resembles a slight Asian bow of respect. As Sean does this he mouths “Thank you my love”; we all weep.

Frank: ‘Man on Wire’.
Because it’s the only one I have seen. Good background storytelling and a real solid subject…crazy people.

Alan: “Encounters At The End Of The World”
Because I wanted Frank’s selection. Again.

Alan: “Smile Pinki”
Not gonna lie. Frank picked this one for me. I could care less.

Frank: “The Witness- From the Balcony of Room 306”
This is like rolling dice.

Frank: “Slumdog Millionaire” 
Never did the film feel out of sync or rhythm.

Alan: “The Dark Knight”
Because it wasn’t n0minated for “Best Picture”.

Alan: “The Class”
‘Cause it’s the only one I’ve heard of.

Frank: “Revanche” 
Because it has the shortest title.

Frank: “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons”
Mr. Button wins again! Although Mr. Pitt was CG for ½ of the film, the other half wins somebody an Oscar.

Alan: “The Dark Knight”
Because Frank got to pick Buttons first. Dammit! But The Joker IS pretty creepy…


Alan: “Slumdog Millionaire”
And they should ALSO win for Best Dance Sequence At The End Of A Film…barely beating out Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder”…

Frank: “Defiance”
Wins with their lead song, “Jews in the Woods”.

Frank: “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire
Got a 1 in 3 chance here! They normally play the best they got during the end credits and guess which song was playin’ at the end of “Slumdog”?

Alan: “Down To Earth” from Wall-E
Just to be different.

Alan: “Slumdog Millionaire”
Of the 5 films, I’ve only seen 2. But I thought this film was worthy of this award. And since “Buttons” was, to me, very average…I gotta go with what I know.

Frank: “Milk”
FREE POINTS! GET YOUR FREE POINTS HERE!! Of course, ‘Slumdog’ wins best picture. But let’s say 75% of the academy is gay…Then I would have to go with ‘Milk’, because it is the OTHER Best Picture.


Frank: ‘This Way Up’
…to the podium for an Oscar!

Alan: “Presto”
‘Cause it’s by Pixar. Pixar ALWAYS wins…unless it’s up against “The Dark Knight”.

Alan: The Pig”?
(Oh…C’MON Frank! I dunno…)

YOU STOLE MY ANSWER!! ‘The Pig’ may be the best live action short to ever be put on film. I suspect it will be shown to educate the masses for years to come. Well played, dear brother…well played. My second choice (a distant second) would be this story of life and love between two transvestite trapeze repair people. The daring love scene finale was classic! If only they had found a cure they could have secured a happy ending…

Frank: “Iron Man”
Robert Downing Jr. will get “Ledgered” from a Best Supporting Actor award and the payoff will be a non-important Oscar like this for the ‘Iron Man’ team.

Alan: “The Dark Knight”


Alan: “The Dark Knight”
Because it was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

Frank: “Wall-E”
Will win an Oscar because it had a very nice mix of sounds. Some were loud, some were soft. Very nice mix indeed.

Frank: “The Dark Knight”
Gets it done by blowing up a friggin’ hospital. The CCBB gets second for the old Brad Pitt doing a hooker. (Now if Alan picks TCCBB you know he likes old people doing it with hookers!)

Alan: “Benjamin Buttons”
Well crap…there are only 3 nominees and, while “Iron Man” was fun to watch, I have to go with “TCCBB”. Guess I dig old folks hooking up with hookers…

Alan: “Frost/Nixon”
Because it just feels right.

Frank: “Slumdog Millionaire”
Because if it was nominated, it will win.

Frank: “In Bruges”
My opinion and my gut are disputing here…and opinion wins. With the exception of ‘Wall-E’, all of these films deserve an Oscar for writing. ‘In Bruges’ just has that independent feel that keeps you hooked throughout.

Alan: “Milk”
‘Cause it’s time for breakfast.


Alan: “OBVIOUSLY I am the best man because I KNOW a good movie when I see one! ‘Once’ & ‘Cloverfield’ are classics!”

Frank: “Screw ‘Once’. Go see ‘Doubt’ and wonder where that dirty feeling you get comes from.”

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9 Responses to Popcorn & A Soda Annual Oscar Showdown I (So It Begins…)

  1. mandy says:

    Since I haven’t seen most of the nominated movies this year, I’m not going to make any picks. But this was awesome reading guys! And the picture at the top is a definite classic.

  2. Amber says:

    Love the picture, too. Can’t wait to see the outcome. I think we all agree you guys watch too many films, I don’t know half the stuff up there.

  3. Between Milk ans Slumdog Millionaire, my heart vacillates.
    Between Sean Penn and Frank Langella, difficult, difficult…

  4. kcalland says:

    Okay. First of all, the picture is hysterical!! Now a few comments:

    So Alan gets shit for picking Heath as a sentimental pick and yet Frank picks Bolt as best animated film because John Travolta’s son died. WTF?

    I think Alan should have gone with Iron Man for visual effects. The guy flies and shit blows up. Come on man!

    Again, the picks and reasons for Foreign Language Film? Hysterical.

    Sorry Frank, but I don’t think Doubt is gonna sweep like that.

    Good luck and may the best man win. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

    PS — is there anything on the line for this?

    Nothing on the line. Frank & I talk movies CONSTANTLY and we have similiar tastes in action movies…but we are drastically different in the drama department. So we bicker a bit. But its all in good fun and he came up with this idea. I love this blog! It’s possibly the most fun I’ve had blogging in a while! 🙂

  5. heather says:

    I never watch the awards. It’s boring. My brother will tell me who won the next day.
    I think they need to come up with more interesting categories, like which actor looks hottest in his super guy outfit. Or which evil doer would you want to sleep with most. Let’s liven it up a little.
    And other than that, this was hilarious. My vote for funniest post today.

  6. Brilliant ! The picture on top is priceless. I’m pretty much with Alan on this one. However, my personal favorite for
    Best Actress goes to Angelina Jolie (Changeling). Yes,
    “Slumdog” will win best picture. I have no problem with that… But “Milk” really is the better film.

    “The Dark Knight”, “Iron Man” and “Cloverfield” were not given justice at this years awards at all. Clint Eastwood
    was sadly overlooked, and “Horton Hears A Who” should
    be up there with “WALL-E”, “Bolt” and “Panda” !

  7. Mom says:

    I like the picture. You had better have made a print of it so you can mail it to me. Dad wants one, too!!! Love……….

  8. I’ve went from throwing annual Oscar parties with our own homemade ballots to not even seeing barely any of the nominated films. Of course I’m going to watch, because I hope Kate wins tonight … she’s fantastic in all her movies. Nice to meet you Alan!!!

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