Popcorn And A Soda Oscar Winners


I could get into how much stronger the show was tonight (except for the Jackman/Beyonce dance & song number. Blech…). Or how much I enjoyed the presenters (Tine Fey & Steve Martin? Excellent combo! Natalie Portman & Ben Stiller? Brilliant!). Or the fashions of the stars (I wear sweatpants every chance I get…so I’m not qualified.). But really what I want to get to is the challenge that my brother issued and how we did mano-a-mano. So let’s see how it all fell into place this year at the 81st Annual Oscar Awards…

In order of presentation…

Neither of us picked Ms. Cruz to win. So this one was a null & void. However the critics all picked Penelope to win…so the critics get one on both of us!
Critics: 1      Alan: 0      Frank: 0

Oooooh…I get one! Yay for me!
Critics: 1      Alan: 1      Frank: 0

ADOPTED SCREENPLAY – “Slumdog Millionaire”
Damn.    Critics: 1      Alan: 1      Frank: 1

I take the lead!
Critics: 1      Alan: 2      Frank: 1

ANIMATED SHORT – “La Maison En Petits Cubes”
No clue.  Critics: 2      Alan: 2      Frank: 1

ART DIRECTION – “Benjamin Buttons”
Nuts. Frank gets this one. I thought I had a shot with “The Dark Knight”
Critics: 2      Alan: 2      Frank: 2

COSTUME DESIGN – “The Duchess”
2 In a row for Frank. But we BOTH agreed this film was gonna win.
Critics: 2      Alan: 2      Frank: 3

MAKEUP – “Benjamin Button”
Well crap. Another one to my brother…
Critics: 2      Alan: 2      Frank: 4

CINEMATOGRAPHY – “Slumdog Millionaire”
This one was a gimme…I win!
Critics: 2      Alan: 3      Frank: 4

Eh. Who cares…
Critics: 3      Alan: 3      Frank: 4

Probably the only true lock of the night. And originally Frank had picked Ledger. But due to wording in his original submission, I stole it from him. But…that’s the way it goes! All tied up! 
Critics: 3      Alan: 4      Frank: 4

Frank wins this one. Which is only fair because he has actually seen it!
Critics: 3      Alan: 4      Frank: 5

Frank rolled the dice and picked this one for me. Thanks Frank!
Critics: 3      Alan: 5      Frank: 5

VISUAL EFFECTS – “Benjamin Buttons”
Wow. I really thought Frank would get this one. But he didn’t…
Critics: 3      Alan: 6      Frank: 5

SOUND EDITING – “The Dark Knight”
Yeah…I called this one. Wasn’t even close.
Critics: 3      Alan: 7      Frank: 5

SOUND MIXING – “Slumdog Millionaire”
This is a surprise! With the other films that are in this category, I wouldn’t have thought this would have won. Oh well…critics take this one.
Critics: 4      Alan: 7      Frank: 5

FILM EDITING – “Slumdog Millionaire”
Frank picked this one and was pretty enthusiastic about it. Nicely done brother. Nicely done.
Critics: 4      Alan: 7      Frank: 6

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – “Slumdog Millionaire”
The soundtrack for this film is great! Lucky I got to pick first…
Critics: 4      Alan: 8      Frank: 6

BEST SONG – “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire
They broke out the major production value for this category! Lots of dancers, John Legend, big bands. And all so Frank could win. That sucks…
Critics: 4      Alan: 8      Frank: 7

BEST FOREIGN FILM – “Departures” from Japan
Ah hell…I dunno…and neither did Frank! Critics win…
Critics: 5      Alan: 8      Frank: 7

Up next…the BIG categories. I have a 1-point lead. Time to suit up and put Frank out of his misery. Let’s get to it!

DIRECTOR – Danny Boyle for “Slumdog”
Oh yeah! It’s mah birthday….
Critics: 5      Alan: 9      Frank: 7

Wow…they break out 5 former winners to talk to each nominee. Shirley McClain talks directly to Anne Hathaway. Anne looks like she might pass out. Ok…Sophia Loren is not looking so good. But she has to be in her 80’s…right? Meryl Streep has been nominated 15 times? Wow. Too bad Kate is taking this one. What’s up with Nicole Kidman’s hair? Maybe she just didn’t care because “Australia” wasn’t nominated? Whatever…Angelina looks hot…as usual.
Yeah. I told ya so. Geezuz, Kate…breathe girl! You should have won this award a long time ago! She’s such a class act. About time Hollywood. About time. Oh…and Frank? Game over! But we continue the onslaught anyway…
Critics: 5      Alan: 10      Frank: 7

This is the toughest of all the categories. Should be interesting because it could go to any of the nominees. I like how they are doing this presentation thing. Very cool. 5 great actors on the stage! Robert DeNiro teasing Sean Penn? Classic (he’s gonna win). But I really like Richard Jenkins also. And then ya got Brad Pitt & Mickey Rourke (who looks very nervous). Good luck dude. Anyway…let’s get to it. Frank picked Frank Langella, I assume because he has the same first name.
Oh Frank. Did you ever doubt it? Be honest now…
Critics: 5      Alan: 11      Frank: 7

It just got so ugly I can barely watch the Best Picture winner. I mean…Frank totally wanted to pick “Slumdog”, but I was the lucky guy who got to make the first choice. Soooo…I’ve decided that I’m gonna give the points to Frank if “Slumdog” wins…just because…well, he’s my brother. And I love him.

Aaaaand…because I already have him beat.

BEST FILM OF 2008…”Slumdog Millionaire”
Way to go Frank! You get the final one!!! Yahooooo! Now…let’s not go bringing up the fact that you originally picked Ledger AND you picked that Pinki movie for me…mmm’kay? ‘Kay.


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7 Responses to Popcorn And A Soda Oscar Winners

  1. Mr. F says:

    Strooong finish. OK, you win this battle…but I think next year might be tougher on you, unless someone else dies post-preduction. Screw Pinki, screw “Once”, screw the Academy…..”Doubt” was left out in the cold and IT was stellar. Oh, well….
    YOU WIN.
    Next year is mine!

  2. Blah la Blah says:

    Nice job on editing the photos, and on your win. So glad Slumdog got lots of awards (including music, because I loved the sound of it all).
    I agree, Oscars well done.

  3. heather says:

    Good job guys!

    I finally watched Benjamin Buttons, and I hated it. I thought it was pure crap. The only redeeming grace is that Brad Pitt is hot later in the movie.

  4. mandy says:

    Benjamin Button depressed the hell out of me because it seemed like it took more special effects to make Brad Pitt look young than it did to make him look old.

    Great job brothers-of-mine. Congrat’s Alan! But I like Frank’s tux better 🙂

  5. Mom says:

    Mandy: Why are you swearing on-line? I’ve never heard you swear in real life!!!! I still use bar-soap, you know! Love………..

  6. Not a bad selection of winners. There have been worse years. My fave for best actor drove it home, so I’m happy in that respect. I still think Angelina Jolie should have won for “Changeling”. But she was still a winner in that stunning black dress with those glamorous emerald earrings. By the way Alan, you look pretty stunning yourself in that tux!

    Hey! Thanks! I do look pretty strapping in Chris Rock’s tux…don’t I?

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