It’s All The Rage!

So many things that a 6-year old boy finds important. There’s his basketball and football. There’s his Nintendo DS and the Wii. He likes Pokeman and riding his scooter. He likes hangin’ with his friends and (secretly) kinda likes girls. But not really. But he kinda does.

Anyway, at this age, there is something that is ALL the rage right now…and Christopher is a ringleader in his class. It doesn’t involve expensive clothes or a new toy that everyone MUST have! It’s nothing that he has seen on television. And it doesn’t really cost me anything. So…as far as this being a “fad”, I’m all hip to it!

So what is this amazing new thing? Well…it’s teeth! And it’s a race to see who loses how many and which ones first! Seems like lately Christopher has been losing his teeth like they are going out of style. He’s lost 5 teeth so far, and 2 in the last 3 days! Including that front one which makes him look like a hillbilly! I tried to explain to him that people pay good money during Halloween to get that look. He looked at me like I was crazy…

Aaaanyway…every day, the conversation in the car after school has been starting with, “Guess who lost a tooth today?” and ya know what? I kinda like to listen to him tell me. Especially when he can’t pronounce certain letters and whistles through that breach in his front 2 teeth! 🙂

The Toothless Wonder!

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4 Responses to It’s All The Rage!

  1. The Tooth Fairy is gonna have to file bankruptcy!

  2. HA HA HA…ya know, I vaguely remember the losing of teeth was a big deal when we were kids too.

    My godson has, fairly quickly, lost three teeth. I asked him how generous the Tooth Fairy was, and he informed me that he is saving ALL of his teeth and will give them to the Fairy once he has lost them all. I asked how much he thought ALL of his teeth would be worth at once.

    “I think probably 20,000 dollars.”

  3. kat says:

    Awwwwhhh… classic pic:)

    P.S. Love the Vinyl Villagers comment!

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