Konversations With Kids: Playing Doctor

The doctor is IN!

So every day Ava asks me to play “House” or “Friends” or “Doctor” with her. I think it’s totally great that my 4-year old has an active imagination, however I have to add that I am not the most enthusiastic playmate. I essentially let her talk and I just sit there and respond. Usually I end up “going to bed” and then I “go to school” and then “time for lunch”. And then I suddenly get ill and have to go to the doctor.

At the doctor, Ava knows the procedures. She types on her laptop, asking me questions like, “Where does it hurt?” and “Do you think you will throw up”? And from there it goes like this…

Ava: “So what do you think? Does your throat hurt? Do you have a cold? Or is it your arm?”

Me: “Well…my arm AND my throat hurt. Can I just get a shot for both?”

Ava: “Sure. But first I have to check your heart and your tongue.”

So she pulls out her stethoscope and sticks both ends in her ears and listens to my heartbeat for 2 seconds. Then she takes her pencil that she was using to type with and uses it as my “throat-checker” thingee. Through the months, a majority of the doctor toys that she has gotten from Santa or as gifts have dwindled. So now all she has is the stethascope and a doctor case where all of the stuff SHOULD be. So satisfied that I definitely need shots, Ava leaves the room to get her syringe in which to poke me with to make me all better. When she leaves, I lay back on the bed and close my eyes for a few second nap while I hear her rummaging.

And then she returns…with a light saber?!?

I might not be making it to work tonight…

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7 Responses to Konversations With Kids: Playing Doctor

  1. Didn’t you know….it is probably better that she kills you now, so you don’t suffer with your symptoms! 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    That is so cute!!! Great pic, too.

  3. You always have to get a shot. No matter what is wrong with you, you need an injection.
    When I was 5, my cousin Valerie and I were forbidden from playing doctor anymore – that had to do with her favorite injection site (but I’ll spare you those details.) So our next great game became playing Marie Stuart and the Queen of England decapitating her.
    Isn’t it interesting how kid’s games are about pain and drama?

    I’m starting to wonder about you a little bit H…

  4. mandy says:

    I think we have pieces from at least 2 doctor sets floating around in our basement. I remember the stethoscope always being the first piece to disappear though. That and the thermometer with the “happy/sad” face to tell you whether you were sick or not .

  5. Hey! I was the victim, not the perpetrator! I was always the patient then always Marie Stuart.

    This was the cousin who collected Barbie heads, torsos, legs, and arms, in little suitcases under her bed. Amazingly so, she turned out all right!

  6. Alex says:

    How cute! You just have to appreciate imagination 😀

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