The Boy Woke Up Stupid


Just so you know right out of the gate, I love my son. He is an incredibly bright young man who has excelled in so many ways. He is tops in his class in reading and math. He is polite to others and has an amazing personality. He loves sports and Pokemon and farts and butts (like every other boy his age). He is a pretty great kid by all standards! But I have one problem with Christopher that I am getting the feeling that any parent with a 6-year old boy at home can attest too…

At least twice a week he wakes up stupid.

Now, I’m not gonna pretend that I understand it. I am male, and I know that all of us in the gender have our moments. I cannot defend my species because it is a known fact that if we can do nothing and get away with it, we will. And the best way to get out of “doing” is by playing dumb. But this kid reaches a level of dumbness that I could never dream of until I was able to spend every morning with him before school.

I realize it’s not gonna get any better. As a matter of fact, I have had it confirmed by friends that it will only get much worse as time goes on. So I have THAT to look forward to. But I have got to wonder…why? Why is it that his head just doesn’t seem to be firing on all cylinders when he is up in the morning? Grogginess and sleepy, I get. But plain old dumb I don’t.

For example, this morning. Today was his school day to wear pajama bottoms and a t-shirt that the school had issued to his class for their great reading studies. I think Christopher was excited about it, but whatever it was in his head that causes “dumbness” was cranked to “HIGH” this morning because he whined about his new pajamas that his mother had bought him (he will not wear long pajamas to bed, so Steph had to buy new ones with long pajama bottoms to wear to school!). He whined about having to take a pillow (which is what the note said to do!). He couldn’t decide which book he wanted to take to class with him to read. He couldn’t decide which stuffed animal he wanted to take. And then when we went to leave, he almost forgot his backpack (which he does EVERY morning…so this was no different).

It  was like he was out to sabotage the whole deal! I couldn’t care less what the kid wears to school as long as he gets his homework done and does well. So for all of this to go down at 7:30am was a true test of my patience. Needless to say, when he got home this afternoon, it hadn’t gotten any better. He was STILL crabby and whiney. I couldn’t take it any more! It wasn’t until after dinner that he started becoming normal again! And then it was off to bed. Tomorrow is a whole new day. I hope he wakes up smart…otherwise his mother might confine him to his room for the day! And I am pretty sure if that happens, the world will end and his life will cease to have meaning.

Gotta love the 6-year old drama…

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6 Responses to The Boy Woke Up Stupid

  1. Makes you wonder what 16yo drama will be like!!

    I can hardly wait…

  2. Amber says:

    Yeah, I’d be more worried about Ava at 16. Sorry, Alan, but four sisters, you should know better.

  3. I’d be cranky too if I had to wear stupid pajamas to school!

  4. heather says:

    I never understood this trend in encouraging kids to wear pajamas to school. I think it’s the reason we now see people actually wearing pajamas and even house slippers out in public. When I get up in the morning, even if I know I won’t be leaving the house the entire day, I put on real clothes. We never got to bring our woobies and teddy bears to school when I was a kid.

  5. Sounds fun ! My favorite pajamas are my “Creature
    From the Black Lagoon” pajamas ! They are COOL !

  6. RUTH ANN says:

    LOL, still funny!! Mike and I are talking about adopting a son, we would like him between 6-10 yrs old, I like reading your blogs so I will know what to expect, the shitty part is one of the qualifications is you have to be married for 3 years, so I guess we will just have to waite!

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