I have no idea who came up with this, but I have to go on record to say it is, EASILY, the worst idea ever…

Trough latrines in men’s rooms.

Seriously…WHO came up with this idea?!?! Because I have to tell you…I HATE it. Look, I realize I have an issue. I can’t pee while standing next to another dude. I don’t know what that is all about. Dunno if I have an issue with another guy sizing me up. Dunno if it’s some nervous disorder. Dunno if I am worried about splashback from someone else. I dunno! All I know is…for me anyways…standing next to another guy while trying to go to the bathroom has always been an issue.

The only time it isn’t is when I am at a concert and have had a few too many beers. But even then…you would NEVER find me standing at a trough. I will wait in the toilet line that is out the door before I EVER stand between 2 other guys and go potty. Now…if it’s the seperate urinals…maybe. But even then I’m not entirely comfortable.

So when I go to an old football or basketball arena and there is a trough in the men’s room…I take note. And go BEFORE anyone else does. And if I gotta go sometime during the event? I go when no one else is gonna go. Say…in the final minute with the score tied at 85.

Does this make ME odd? Or is this something that other men find to be uncomfortable also? That I can’t answer. But until I can come up with a better idea…the men’s room trough latrine is by far the WORST…IDEA…EVER!!!

And that’s all I got…

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12 Responses to Worst…Idea…EVER

  1. Im glad I am not the only one who thinks these things are awful.

    They are just WAY too unprivate. I hate urinals of any kind, but these are the worst.

  2. heather says:

    LOL Well, you know it had to be a guy who came up with that thing. It would be like peeing in a tub. Can you imagine a bunch of guys standing around, peeing together?

  3. 100% agree. They are pointless, smelly and gross! That being said, the last experience I had with one was very nice…

    I was in Chicago, eating at Athena Greek Restaurant and they had a trough… but it was filled with ice and flowing water, not the typical dry “tub” that was flushed once every so often. It really neutralized the smell and the running water, well… helped the flow. The wall in front of it ~ where you should be looking! 😉 ~ was painted with a detailed outdoor scene type of mural. Other than the one pleasant experience, most others have been as you described… an exercise of futility.

  4. If I may, this ain’t nothin’. You guys have it so good with your short lines and no sitting down business.
    You can hate these, but you hardly have to deal with tissue seat covers, which are evil. Just evil.

  5. I bet that would NOT be fun to clean!

  6. Ha ha ha! Alan, splashback??? Ha ha! I’ve never heard that before! But then … why would I??

  7. RUTH ANN says:

    um, well, dont have that problem LOL

  8. fjl21 says:

    I think Tony was drunk and peeing in that restaurants ice machine. That being said, social peeing disorder must run common in our family. I would rather pee in the kiddie urinal thats 2 foot off the ground than pee next to somebody, but, I avoid the toilet pee. Public restroom stall are the breeding grounds for most biohazard weapons -AVOID AT ALL COST!!

  9. No sir, I was not… but that is a very amusing thought!

  10. mandy says:

    Social peeing disorder isn’t just confined to the men in our family either. I can’t even go if I hear someone walking around outside my stall. I will literally seize up midstream if I hear someone come into the restroom after I’ve started to go. I once took almost an hour to do a pre-employment drug test because I knew the lab tech was sitting right on the other side of a little cut-out door in the wall, waiting for me to hand my sample through. I kept asking them “can’t you just draw blood or something???” They were probably surprised as heck when I passed the test 🙂

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