The Ballerina

My daughter has been taking ballet classes and LOVING it! She dances around the house, twirling and skipping and ramming her toes into the table in our living room…

Wait…that’s not right…

Anyway, she has thoroughly enjoyed her ballet. For Valentine’s Day, I took her to the Cincinnati Ballet to see “Peter Pan” at the Aronoff. And last week I took her to a local pottery store to create her own item. She saw a ballerina and immediately knew what she wanted to paint! So I got it down from the shelf and she did what Ava does best…she painted! She was very meticulous, painting the tutu blue, and the skin tan and the hair blonde. It took maybe 45 minutes and we were done. We had to leave it there to be baked and today we went to get the final product! Ava was very pleased!




And it goes GREAT with all of her other girlie stuff!

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4 Responses to The Ballerina

  1. Adorable! I minored in ballet. I miss it now!

  2. kcalland says:

    How totally precious!

  3. kcalland says:

    Too precious!!!

    My girl was not the ballerina type and not much of a girly girl either. Come to think of it, neither was I.

  4. Mom says:

    Great paint job, Ava!!!! Love……..Grandma Ginger

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