Dog Talk


Yes…I love my dog, Barkley, like he’s one of my own children. He has become one of our family and is a great housepet (even if he does roll in other animals’ feces and tends to want to pee in our basement. What is UP with that???). And I LOVE it when he sits on the couch and licks himself while I’m watching t.v. That’s the greatest sound ever (yeesh)! But the one thing I refuse to do is TALK to him like he’s a 2-year old. But that is exactly what my wife does every night before we go to bed. It’s her way of getting Barkley to eat his dinner and it’s the most hysterical thing I’ve ever heard!

Imagine…Barkley comes in from his final trip outside for the evening. My wife gets him some dog food in his bowl and then proceeds to say THIS exact same thing in some kind of baby-talk speak EVERY night once he comes back in…

“Look Barkley! Your dinner! It’s delicious! Eat your dinner boy! Tasty, delicious dinner…”

I know, I know…the written word doesn’t really do this whole “conversation” justice. It’s all very silly and Barkley gets all fired up! His tail wags, he starts nashing his teeth. It’s really quite a sight! And it’s ridiculous on all levels…

Trust me, when I feed him, it’s a totally different process altogether. I pour in the food, sit it on the floor and say, “Eat or else, dog.” And then I go sit on the couch, drink my beer and scratch myself. Hey…it’s what we guys do…

(No I don’t. I do the exact same thing my wife does, just not as well. But I would never tell YOU that! Seriously…Barkley’s reaction is the cutest thing ever. I can’t help myself! LOL)

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5 Responses to Dog Talk

  1. Liz C says:

    Yeah, I can see it. I’d talk baby talk to him, too.

  2. I love your Barkley posts. Barkley RULES !

  3. he’s an awful cute pooch.

    My familys dog pees in the basement too…right at the bottom of the steps. I wonder if there is something in a damp basement slab that smells like their business? Or maybe they just know a basement is better than up in the house if they MUST go under the roof?

  4. RUTH ANN says:

    I think that the peeing in the basement started at mom and dads, i wish i would of kept that dog but i see how much joy it brings to you and the kids, ecspecially when he is doing that licking thing on the couch LOL!!!

  5. HA HA That is AWESOME……and adorable! 🙂

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