3-Way Or The Highway!

THIS is the good stuff!

So I wrote a blog mentioning a Cincinnati delicacy yesterday and thoroughly confused one of my readers. And I can understand why. It sounds somewhat perverted if you have no idea what I’m talking about. So I figured I would fill you in!

If you’ve never been to Cincinnati or Ohio, then you probably have never tried Skyline chili. And here is where it gets difficult to explain because, truthfully, Skyline chili isn’t really “chili” by most definitions. Skyline chili is actually more like spaghetti with coney sauce on it…but they also put it on coney dogs. So it’s more of a coney sauce…but they also use it on pasta. Get it?

No? Okay then. Aaaaanyway…so at Skyline, you can order your pasta with this sauce (which has cinnamon in it. Don’t ask. You have to taste it for yourself!) and with one or more toppings. You can get a 3-way, which is pasta with sauce & cheese (so…3 things. Pasta, sauce & cheese). A 4-way with pasta, sauce, cheese & onions. Or a 5-way with pasta, sacuce, cheese, onions & beans! So many choices, so little time! And it is tasty! But it doesn’t look tasty. Actually, it kinda looks nasty. Which is why the cover the stuff in this one giant heap of glorious cheese! And it’s soooo good for you! And messy. So messy that normally they offer you a plastic bib to keep it off your shirt!

So anyway, THAT is what I meant by a 3-way, Twenty Four At Heart (even though I know what YOU were thinking!). But if you are watching your calories, don’t go near Skyline! Skip straight to Graeter’s ice cream, the OTHER Cincinnati delicacy. Just ask Oprah! We are all about the health foods here in the tri-state area! LOL

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7 Responses to 3-Way Or The Highway!

  1. Amber says:

    Thanks for showing your pregnant sister a picture of an ice cream cone! Like I wasn’t hungry enough.

  2. Hey … did I make any snarky, naughty, comments about your 3 way? No, I did not, I just asked what it is. I worked for P&G for years and spent a lot of time in CN. I remember chili that isn’t chili and that it’s served on spaghetti. Which, by the way, is all just WEIRD. But … I don’t remember the term 3 way. In regards to fake chili that is.

    PS I don’t remember graeters, but it’s been several years now. I DO remember these huge crunchy bugs that come out every 17 years or something like that. OMG – they FREAKED ME OUT!!

  3. RUTH ANN says:

    I worked at that place so so many years ago!!

  4. kcalland says:

    MMMMM! Two of my most favorite foods!

    In fact, Dave just got home from 9 days in Sweden yesterday and his most missed food and choice for dinner was Skyline.

    We also have a handful of friends from down south and whenever they come up they ask to go to Skyline to eat!

    And one of the very best things about where I live is that we can walk to Graeters!

  5. heather says:

    Yuck. Baby ca-ca.

    Like I said…you either love it or you hate it. Very few are in between! LOL

  6. mandy says:

    Put my chalk mark in the “hate it” column! When I worked at Cardinal, the cafeteria in the lobby always served Skyline on Fridays. The guys in my office would start salivating at 10:30 in the morning as the smell of pumpkin pie (from the coney sauce) slowly filled the building. Gave me the heebie-jeebies. Hot dogs should not smell like pie.

    I’ll take the Graeters though! Awesome ice cream is one of the things I miss most about living in Westerville. Up their we had a Graeters AND a Marble Slab Creamery. Man, I miss the Slab!

  7. Magda says:

    Actually, a four way can either be with onions OR beans.

    Man I miss my Skyline since moving from Cincy to Ontario!!! Drats!! Thank god for internet and shipping!

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