A Boy & His Friend & Their Bikes


So I wrote about Christopher’s first attempt at riding his bike without training wheels. It was semi-successful. He was all nervous and really not easy to work with. But yesterday, he went out with his best friend, Anthony, who had learned how to bike a couple of days earlier, and the added competition got him rolling! In a matter of minutes, he was pedaling along on his own…with an audience watching…





And for those who would rather SEE proof… 

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6 Responses to A Boy & His Friend & Their Bikes

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    Good job! Don’t you just love that determination when they get it???

  2. RUTH ANN says:

    WOO HOO Christopher, i remember riding big wheels down the hill on airport road, mom would chase us down the hill like a bat out of hell so we would not go into the road!!!

  3. mandy says:

    Should have known some healthy competition would be what did it for Christopher. That boy plays to win!

  4. MOM says:

    Great video, son. Love……..mom

  5. That’s exactly how my son is…compitition is his motivator.
    I think it’s great you have the video of him riding it for the first time 🙂

  6. Amber says:

    GO Christopher! He is getting sooo big! Miss you guys!

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