Rock Collecting Dance Instructor

My instructor…with a box of rocks.

The imagination of a 4-year old has no boundaries. And to watch a child play with such abandon is such a joy to watch. Today, my daughter went outside to collect rocks. And, of course, once I went out to check on her, I HAD to play also. And what are we playing today? Dance instructor…who collects rocks. Of course! So…Ava proceeded to goad me into being a dance student in our driveway. If I performed the dances EXACTLY the way she instructed me too, I could put a rock in the box! And that was my reward…I guess.

So here is how this all went down…

“Hi. My name is Lisa. I am your teacher today.”

“Hi Lisa. How are you?”

“Fine. Today you are learning how to dance like this.”



“Okay. That doesn’t look so difficult.” (I proceed to do it)

“Okay…now do this!”


“Is this right?” (I stand on one leg)


“Why? What am I doing wrong?”

“Your leg isn’t high enough in the back.”

“Well…that’s as high as my leg will go!”

“Then you won’t get to put a rock in the basket…”

“Guess not.”

“Are you sure you can’t get your leg higher? Like this…” 

“Nope. Can’t do it, Teacher Lisa. Sorry.”

“That’s ok. You can still put a rock in my basket. Did you know 5 + 5 equals 10?”

“Uh…yep. That I did know.”

“Okay. Now let’s learn skipping!”

So we skipped. 



It was a beautiful morning made even better by the smile on my daughter’s face. I love days like these…


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2 Responses to Rock Collecting Dance Instructor

  1. Amber says:

    It sounds like a beautiful morning! Can’t wait to see you guys again, I miss you so much. Love to the fam! 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    You are such a good dad! You deserve an extra rock for that.

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