My Best Friend

It’s true…I have a new best friend. I don’t want my wife to get jealous or anything, but this person has my heart by a string and she tugs at it constantly. With her playful nature and her singing and her conversation, she is the apple of my eye! I am, of course, talking about my daughter.

Gift-wrapped in 2002

Since Christopher is in school from 8am to 3pm, when I am at home, I get a lot of quality time with Ava. And she has quickly chosen me to be her best friend. We play all the time! Sometimes we play “House” (her personal favorite). Sometimes we play “Salon” and she paints my toenails (usually a wide variety of colors!). Sometimes we play “Restaurant” and she serves me cups of tea, cake and hamburger (don’t ask me why). Whatever she comes up with, I have only one responsibility. And that is to listen. Seriously…the girl has the gift of gab. And all I need to do is come up with an occasional response to whatever she happens to be saying and she is all giddy! I sit and pretend that she is the best mother/salonist/waitress/whatever and she just goes about her fun, talking and bouncing from place to place. She has endless energy and it is amazing to watch.

2 and lovin’ Disney!

Ava also loves to learn, and lately she has been getting so much better at pretty much everything. She has learned her alphabet at an amazing speed. She is reading words and has finished her first book, called “Mac & Tab”. She has gotten glowing reviews from her teachers and is always coloring, drawing or playing at home. She has become quite the little dancer as well; constantly skipping and dancing around the house. I love to watch her hair swish behind her as she skips from one end of our house to the other. And her laughter is infectious! I would say that except for her unending fascination with television, which we let her watch about an hour or two a day, she has been the perfect 4-year old.

Let me out!

I can’t say enough about my daughter right now. It’s why you’ve seen me writing about her so much. She is a neverending fountain of material, with her run-on conversations that bounce from one topic to the next and her playful attitude with just about everything. If there really is such a thing as the “Terrible 2’s”, then there has to be an equivalent for this age. Maybe the “Fantastic 4’s”?

3-years old and dancing!

So Ava has become my new best friend. She is such an amazing little girl. I know all father’s have the same feelings, so I don’t consider myself any different. But I do consider myself to be incredibly lucky. Every night, before we say goodnight, Ava gives me a kiss and a hug. Not the world’s BIGGEST hug…that honor is reserved for her friend, Katey, who hugs Ava so hard that she picks her up off the ground. So Ava doesn’t give the world’s BIGGEST hugs. But what she DOES give are the world’s BEST hugs…and those are good enough for me!

The perfect ending to this story…

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3 Responses to My Best Friend

  1. She’s adorable! I love four. It’s an adorable age. She’s lucky to have such loving parents, and you’re lucky to have such a sweetie for a daughter!

  2. kat says:

    I missed this post, so sorry I am late to comment, but I just had to. LOVE this post. You are such a cute and doting daddy, and your daughter is a true treasure!

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