What The Heck…Lady GaGa???


I like me some decent pop music. I don’t mind when a pop star breaks through and makes a single that hits it on the chart and gets played a gazillion times and sells a bunch and kids like it and what not. But this month in Blender magazine, they interviewed pop artist Lady GaGa and can I tell you…this chick is as pretentious as they come!

Let’s set the record straight here…if you are Bob Dylan, you can talk about the importance of your music. If you are Bruce Springsteen, you can discuss the political ramifications of your lyrics. If you are Bono, you can talk about the effects that your music has on the world. Hell…if you are Madonna you can talk about how your music has influenced female roles in music today.

But if you are Lady GaGa…you cannot talk about…well…mostly about how great your music is. YOU are a pop star who has had a couple of singles on the pop charts. YOU have sold maybe a bunch of ITunes downloads, but your album is filled with pop/electronic music that people will forget when the next “you” comes around the corner. You cannot say things like this…(quotes from Blender)

“This evening I’ll probably stay in and listen to this new song I recorded today. I like to roll around in bed with my songs and figure out what feels good.”

“I was very excited because my room is this gorgeous penthouse with a white baby-grand piano in the living room. When I saw it, I started to cry. I played for a couple of hours, then gave my assistant a heart attack because I wouldn’t take a shower. I was like, ‘I’m not showering. I’m being brilliant and writing.”

“When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

First off…what the hell is she talking about? Secondly…your music is NOT mind-blowing OR anything like having sex. It’s POP MUSIC with no significance other than to fill time between commercials on the radio. Is it catchy? Maybe. But like I said…you are one of many who can do what you do. Let’s not let it go to our head….mmmmkay?

ADDITIONAL NOTE: September 19th
So, for whatever reason (most likely a Google search) you are reading this blog. It was written in March. Since then, Lady GaGa has now up to 3 popular songs that have charted on the Billboard 100. Quite a few people have an opinion on this artist and I think that is great. However, I stand by my comments. I say, if she can make it 5 years, I will totally retract what I said about her longevity. However I will not correct what I have said about the particular statements that she made about herself and her music in this Blender interview. It’s pop music. Doesn’t matter HOW theatrical or how talented she is. It is still only pop music. Enjoy it for what it is! And she should learn to “Just Dance”…not talk.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: November 19th
I’m STILL getting a lot of folks Googling this artist and finding this picture high in the search. So they come here and post stupid comments like this one…

“i stopped reading this nonsense about half way down the line of comments. the dude who wrote this claims that he doesn’t have time for Lady GaGa anymore and he has a busy life, but yet he still takes it upon himself to respond to the mostly meaningless comments attached to this article. Since this guys post, Lady GaGa has soared to superstardom, and his little pointless article (that only says how much of a life he has outside of his opinion of Lady GaGa) means nothing to anyone. This guy just needs a life. I also saw where he mentioned Dave Matthews and Kings of Leon?!? they suck, majorly! sorry, but no one with a brain likes them. And Lady GaGa’s music is out there, but that’s what’s awesome about it, because no one in the pop genre has ever done what she’s doing! She is changing the face of pop music to a beautiful new thing. She also writes her own music, 99% of all of it. Name me five pop artists, who were actually good, who did that? You can’t. Celine Dion is amazing, but she barely wrote any of her music. It’d be nice if this moron just picked up his shit and left, cause bro, you suck mega ballz! big time! go rape an orangutan!!”

So these are the kinds of fans that this artist has…people who think she is amazing because she writes her own lyrics? I got news for you…I CAN name more than 5 artists who do write their own music. And it’s not hard to figure out. Look…I don’t care how much you think I suck and that you think I’m an idiot. I could care less. Seriously…I DO have a life and I enjoy the witty back & forth I have had with a few, well-informed commenters. But do you honestly believe that Lady Gaga is the next great thing because she has the ability to write crap like this…?

Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
Ro mah ro-mah-mah
Gaga Oo-la-la!
Want your bad romance

I want your ugly
I want your disease
I want your everything
As long as it’s free
I want your love
I want your love
You know that I want you
And you know that I need you
I want it bad
B-B-Bad and bad

I want your drama
With the touch of your hand
I want you leathe-studded kiss in the sand
And I want your love
I want your love
I want your love

The lyrics from her latest “hit” are not what I would call all that difficult to come up with. And the music? Well…for all the arguing about her talent on a piano, this song (from what I hear) doesn’t have any piano in it. It’s a generic electronica beat with a lot of bleeps and noise. It’s terrible. You might not like any of the artists that I have decided to pit against Lady Gaga (Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon, DMB), however I think maybe you should check your taste in music if you honestly believe this artist is anything special. She’s not. She’s a pop artist and not a very good one at that. You can enjoy whatever kind of music you want. It’s America. It’s a free country (for now), however you come on my site and make slanderous comments you’re gonna get both barrels. From now on, anyone who wants to present their opinion may do so, but I’ve just about had it with idiots who come on here and decide to write that I suck balls and I should go rape a harmless monkey. So here’s to all of  the Lady Gaga fans out there who feel this incessant need to defend her….You don’t NEED to. She is gonna keep on doing what she is doing and it doesn’t matter what I think. My opinion is MY opinion. Your opinion is YOUR opinion. I’m cool with it. You can go download all of her music 8 times over for all I care. But you fucking come on here and write this crap and it’s just gonna get deleted. So…from here on out, I’m censoring all the BS. Gimme an argument and I’ll be more than happy to discuss. But the other stuff? It’s over.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: November 23rd
Oh look…Lady GagGag DIDN’T win “Artist of the Year” on the AMA’s last night? What happened??? I thought for SURE she would win the way most of the fans talk about her. Oh wait…you mean she got beat by an artist who has CLASS and actually WRITES and SINGS her OWN music??? Wow…who woulda thunk it. Oh…and what do I think of that artist who apparently snuck up and STOLE Lady GagGag’s thunder? Well go read about here and weep, fans of the Lady GagGag. And Taylor Swift IS better and always will be…

Because I can…

I’m so evil…LOL

Maybe writing lyrics ain’t so hard? Here is a rendition of “Paparazzi” by my good friend Bad Ass Geek.  If he can do it…then ANYONE can! LOL

ADDITIONAL NOTE: February 8th, 2010

Seriously? Why? What is this all about? She looks like an idiot.
By the way…the planet Krypton called. They want their outfit back.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: March 1, 2010

I don’t believe that I even have to say anything. This pretty much speaks for itself.
(For the record, I was TRYING to come up with something to say…but C’MON! It’s a f%$king LOBSTER for crying out loud…)

Please let this all end soon…

ADDITIONAL NOTE: March 25, 2010

A random commentor decided to try her hand at lyric writing. I certainly can appreciate the effort and I have to admit…it’s ALMOST as good as the Lady Gagag. But not quite. But ALMOST. Check it out…and hum along if you so desire…

I wanna be the next Lady Gaga! I’m untalented enough and I have watched enough mtv to be the next Lady Gaga! Call me Lady Caca! Here is what will be my 1st single, I created this masterpiece orgasmically while rolling in my big brass bed and typing on my computer, so here it goes:

Ca ca cacacaH
Ca ca cacacaH
I put the CAH
In AmeriCAH
Ah ahahahah!
Cuz I’m Lady Cacacacaca
I put the Ah
in Count DraculAH
Ahah ahahah
cuz Im Lady Cacacah

as the frech say
oh la la la la Lah

i put the L in lol
i put the A in A-ok
i put the D in Dell
i put the Y in Yay

as the french say
oh la la lala Lah


(end of song)

I think it has #1 HIT written ALL over it! Nicely done, Lady Caca

ADDITIONAL NOTE: April 6, 2010

Too bad she didn’t wear THIS last night on Idol. That would have been AWESOME! (or not)

So last night Lady Gagag appeared on the FOX karaoke show, American Idol. She was casually dressed in some kind of fishnet stocking with her underwear all out there to be seen. Surrounding her were scantily dressed men who pranced and preened around with each other. She sang her latest “hit” called “Alejandro” which, if I’m not mistaken, has Duran Duran’s “The Chauffer” sampled quietly in the background in there somewhere. Anyway…she looked ridiculous, her composition of the song was bad and her performance was laughable. I don’t care how talented everyone thinks she is…she’s a hack. And for her to have to go on American Idol to show her “artistry” goes to show you how desperate she is for publicity and fame. She ain’t in it for the music folks…she just wants your votes. I’m thinking Simon would have ripped her a new one for being unoriginal and over-the-top vaudevillian. Just sayin’…

In response to a comment posted on this date by “Frost”…

It is pointless. You argue with someone who only set this article up to argue. Not everyone can like every artist, which is why there are so many different genres of music and singers. But there are probably thousands of other artist that don’t deserve any kind of support or acknowledgement of there existence. What i can’t seem to fathom is that you said several times how you don’t care for lady gaga and you don’t have time for her, but you had the time to put an entire article up JUST to say how much you hate her. Everybody hates many artist, but you know what normal, sane people do? We definatly don’t spend our time complaining like a 3 year old who wants its candy. You also stated at an earlier point “Doesn’t matter HOW theatrical or how talented she is. It is still only pop music.” Only pop music that has reached top hits in many countries. And this “Only Pop Music” was written by someone who had spent many years in colleges (New York University).
And one more thing before i wast anymore time trying to convince an arrogant human being that this article is way out of line, you say that “But do you honestly believe that Lady Gaga is the next great thing because she has the ability to write crap like this…? :Bad Romance lyrics” By the time lady Gaga was 20, she was already writing songs for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears. If you liked any of the songs from these artist you probably liked Lady GaGa’s work. Now, before you spend the next hour researching and coming up with insults and counter arguments, maybe you shouldn’t take Lady GaGa so seriously? You know you did exactly what Lady GaGa wanted by posting this article? She wears those outrageous outfits and says the craziest thing to manipulate the media and people. You realize that what she has done is made herself famous from controversial actions. Not saying she is the first to ever do this, but she is the first to be this popular from it. Either you like Lady GaGa or you don’t, no need to do what you did.

Frost…so you know…I am taking your comments to heart. The thing no one here seems to understand is that I DO know Gaga’s history, I DO understand the significance of her work in today’s music industry and I am NOT the hater that everyone seems to think I am. What has happened is that the picture I posted on the initial blog (which I have left up because I think it’s interesting to see so many points of view on this artist) is high in the Google search engine. So you (and hundreds of others) have come here blind with anger in your mind and hatred in your hearts. I don’t know Stefani Germanotta at all. I only know what I have read of her in magazines and I know the songs that I have heard by her on the radio. I completely stand by my initial post because AT THE TIME, I thought her comments were utterly ridiculous and I still do. As for doing what I did, this particular blog series (“What The Heck…”) is a series of things that I think are completely outrageous and stupid. So I wrote about Gaga’s comments. If you think this makes me a bad person, because I write about something that you don’t particularly agree with, then so be it. Fact of the matter is…I know who I am and I know what my life is like. So everyone who comes on here to criticize me or rake me over the coals because I don’t like Gaga’s music is more than welcome to do so. At this point, I am pretty much done with this silliness. As it has been stated a million times over in the comments, apparently you and everyone else thinks I have spent too much time defending my statements in regards to this artist and at this point, I agree. I am over it. Not that I’m not standing by my statements…I truly believe Gaga is a hack. She’s a one trick pony and her talents that she worked so hard to sharpen are wasted in electronic beats and whistles and I am assuming she will eventually drift away like so many hundreds of other transparent artists who have walked in the footsteps of Madonna or Freddie Mercury or Elton John. Time will tell and we shall see and then you are more than welcome, in the year 2014, to come back here and tell me you all were right and she IS the best thing since Michael Jackson. And then that will be that. You will have proven your point. And then maybe we can all just go about liking who we like, enjoying the music we enjoy and not worrying so much about who is the better music lover…me or you. Quite honestly, it’s not worth this much effort.

So to all who have been following this post and all the craziness that is involved with it, thanks for your input, good OR bad, but I got better things to do with my time…like spend it with my 2 lovely children and my beautiful wife or playing with my dog or a million other things. At this point, I think it’s all been said before. So I appreciate your participation and I have enjoyed some of the intelligent feedback that I have gotten and if I have insulted you at any point, odds are you deserved it. However enough is enough and I got a life to live. Peace to all…and here’s looking ahead to 2014 when you can ALL come back here and tell me I told ya so…

Editor’s Been Known To Change His Mind…So Here’s An Additional Link:
June 24, 2010




Soooooo stupid…

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594 Responses to What The Heck…Lady GaGa???

  1. mom says:

    Are you sure it is music she is rolling around in bed with? Just wondering….the picture and all……….Mom

    • Matt says:

      Dumb article …

      It’s pop music so it’s meaningless ? uhm … Madonna’s a pop artist… so was M J… I would not be so arrogant as to call what they did meaningless and imagine they didn’t have an impact on this world.

      Oh, Celine Dion does pop too … Mariah Carey, Barbara Streisend etc… guess they were insignificant cause it’s only pop right ?

      Fact is, she’s the first artist ever to have 4 songs reach #1 on charts on her FIRST cd … You can like her, you can hate her, but to call her a bad artist, or insignificant is both arrogant and retarded…

      Wow. I was actually gonna agree with you and, honestly, I’ve been waiting for someone to call me out on that point (pop is NOT meaningless). But since you feel so inclined to call me ‘arrogant & retarded’, you can go fuck yourself ass munch.

      • CarnalVisors says:

        The man has a point. You are been very arrogant in this article. Retarded? No. But arrogant, yes.

        I’d respect your opinion more if it wasn’t so riddled with illogical remarks. You may have taken offense to Matt’s response, thus you do not respect his opinion, but yours is just as bad of a reaction to something that didn’t agree with you.

        And you probably won’t like this opinion either.

        I don’t feel I’m being arrogant. But you’re allowed your opinion. Much like I’m allowed mine.

      • catiac says:

        uh… I’m pretty sure that was not a serious interview and everything I’ve ever seen or heard her do is pretty tongue in cheek or poking fun at something/someone.

      • Luna says:

        Lady gaga music is ok, but the lyrics suck. We need artists that can write songs with a meaning no some weird stuff. Some people like Lady gaga and some people dont, so I dont see the need to insult each other over her.

      • wanker says:

        sure her music is farely regular pop music but shes got a unique look that know one has shown in a long time she has telant in the weay she dresses sure many people will say other pop stars have style in the way they dress but looking like a slut isnt style thats easy gaga knows what shes doing and “actualy” makes her music were as like no other pop star does at all name one. not mj

      • Wes says:

        Gotta agree, lady gagagagagagaga is nothing special, but MJ the child abuser and Madonna the porn star, that’s who we call Pop stars? Wow, I didn’t think so before, but now I do think POP sucks!!!

      • Graham says:

        so yeah, the previous comment is right about pop music being very effectual to society. But you aren’t retarded, because there are still a lot of people who think that pop music is based upon the tastes of the masses. This is, however, not the case. In fact, since the advent of music television (not the network, but the industry as a whole) and media convergence, success in the international music industry has been controlled by international music companys (universal, sony, etc.) This happened between 1985-2000, until the internet began to take serious revenue from said industries.

        so pop music has little relevance, because it is merely what the populous selects as ‘best’ out of what the record companies give us to select from, and what rating trackers can track, which, anymore is roughly 5-9% of what you have consistent access to.

      • Lesli says:

        haha matt just got owned :P…

      • smileden says:

        On this whole matter, I can see the point of views and how they are clashing. BUT, I will say this Lady GaGa is NOT the same artist she once was. The fame has pretty much consumed her mind and her musical abilitys rotting them straight to the core, of her once decent music. The lime light has gone straight to her head. Although I do respect and give her kudos for being brave enough to wear a lobster on her head and bandaids over her nips. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything like that at all,ever. Here for example, great lyrics, and the song its self is amazing you can tell she means it just by how she sings it.

        This is called Red&blue,

      • lilbitoclarity says:

        I was trying to read as many comments as I could, but I ran into one that sent me over the edge. A music student calling Lady Gaga a genius (Or insightful or something along those lines. I just don’t want to be discredited for misquoting).

        Let’s start by saying I am in fact, a Gaga fan. I have both her albums, but not because she is a poetic or musical genius. Her music is catchy and it is not as hard to write a catchy song as some may think. Good dance beat plus sing along vocals equals hit. See the formula?

        The thing a lot of people who have responded to this blog need to learn is the difference between good music and catchy music. DMB is a good band, but I don’t like them. I can say this sincerely, because I know that the music they are creating is not easy to play or write. And you do not learn to do what they do overnight. I, personally, just can’t stand Dave’s singing voice.

        This is why it is important to listen to and learn about all forms of music. I listen to classical, jazz, metal, pop, rock; you name it, I’ve given its genre and artists their proper chance. Metal is very underrated right now and it makes me mad because some of the bands are releasing musically compelling and obviously poetic music- like Mastodon. Excellent, intelligent vocals mixed with amazing instrumentals. Just because it is legitimately good, doesn’t mean you have to like it. Just give it it’s respect. Anyone listen to jazz? Heard of Louis Armstrong, Buddy Rich, or Bill Evans? Hell, Ella Fitzgerald sang painfully simple songs, but she did it with heart, emotion and a distinct, raspy voice.

        Educate yourself! If not, then don’t go on tirades defending mediocre artists. High spots on the charts and even Grammys don’t mean much now-a-days. A monkey can write better MUSIC that Green Day (On a side note- I am pretty sure a monkey did write a song called “Hollaback Girl” for Gwen Stefani a few years ago.). But there we go again. They write catchy music (not to Gaga’s exact formula of course).

        Gaga’s music is neither musically compelling or obviously poetic. The only reason some of these fans know what her songs are about is because they read or watched her interviews. Who listens to “Poker Face” and knows it’s about her thinking of girls while she’s in bed with her boyfriend. Anyone? Didn’t think so. This doesn’t mean that the beat doesn’t pump you up and her lyrics are not irresistibly singable. they get me every time.

        And if you know about some of those interviews, she does have moments where she takes herself a little too seriously. Pretentious, no. Unnecessarily heavy? Yes. (Author: take your moment of sweet vindication.)

        As for her being innovative and changing the face of pop, half right. She incorporated avant-guard with classic pop (Elton John- a good artist- brought costume). Her dancing, lyrics, and music are not innovative, but that is not to say they are not good. Her environments are creative, but have elements that have been done before across various forms of art. (And you will get bored at her concerts. I have talked to people who have been and she does so many costumes and set changes that you sit and wait as much as you are entertained. Please educate me on your experiences.)

        As for that abomination known as “Telephone”, where do I start? Gaga said that videos and performances were a way to endlessly interpret what her songs are about. This video has nothing to do with the song! If it was a continuation of a different video, then wait and use a song that makes sense. On top of that, it is long and boring. Considering I hate everything Beyonce does artistically, it was the most painful 10 minutes of my life. Big bummer after how much I liked Gaga’s past videos.

        And finally I leave a comment for the author. First I apologize because at this point I should have started my own blog:) Secondly, you were intelligent and articulate in your argument. You deserve respect, but unfortunately there are a lot of people in this world that resort to bullying as a defense mechanism. The people who compare your success to hers, don’t know how to make a compelling argument. How does her talent compare to yours? You could be the next freaking Bill Gates for all these people know or just be choosing not to be. And who is to judge any person’s contributions to society? It’s not like yo kill babies for a living.

        I agree with you choosing the artists your did in your original piece, but tell me know the limitations of their “talent”. Does U2 really write good music, or just compelling lyrics? I choose the latter, although I do occasionally listen to their music (That’s right, I like it! But I recognize it for what it is kids.).

        Interesting what compels people to write, isn’t it?

        Yes…it really is.

      • 3nigma says:

        Pop isn’t entirely meaningless, there are those who actually make a difference and those who THINK they make a difference, Lady GaGa is about the most oddball person/popstar I’ve seen and heard, making her origonal BUT NOT GREAT. With that said music is music, you like or you don’t there’s no point in arguing and name calling because everyone has there own opinion on music.

        Note: Lady Gaga is nothing more than an overexagerated idol for young horny boys and young wanna-be girls.
        AGAIN as stated before all of this is just mere opinions…..

      • Trish says:

        It is interesting that you can dis everyone and anyone but if someone calls you out on something and describes you as being arrogant you get beyond defensive. Why does it matter if you do not like an artist or their music? Apparently enough people like her music to make her songs go on the charts. And honestly if you do not like her songs then you can always change the radio station it is not that hard to do 🙂

        Who has called me out on something? Why am I arrogant? I’m not defensive! And trust me…I DO change the station.

      • TheHerbivore says:

        Absolutely MJ, Mariah, Streisand, et al’s music is/was meaningless. It’s pointless pop music. Those PEOPLE may have a place in culture and society, and what they represented (mainly for their corporate sponsors’ sakes), but their music? Please. Popularity notwithstanding, all their songs are about love… Umm… Pretty sure the subject’s been covered.

      • Carolyn says:

        Okay, Lady Gaga is a strange artist with some weird outfits, but she’s taking pop music over. You may not like her lyrics, but there original. Can you name a single person who made it in the pop world with that kind of personality? When she fell down in that video she kept singing. She may not be the best artist but I think she’s at least worth another look at.

      • Frost says:

        It is pointless. You argue with someone who only set this article up to argue. Not everyone can like every artist, which is why there are so many different genres of music and singers. But there are probably thousands of other artist that don’t deserve any kind of support or acknowledgement of there existence. What i can’t seem to fathom is that you said several times how you don’t care for lady gaga and you don’t have time for her, but you had the time to put an entire article up JUST to say how much you hate her. Everybody hates many artist, but you know what normal, sane people do? We definatly don’t spend our time complaining like a 3 year old who wants its candy. You also stated at an earlier point “Doesn’t matter HOW theatrical or how talented she is. It is still only pop music.” Only pop music that has reached top hits in many countries. And this “Only Pop Music” was written by someone who had spent many years in colleges (New York University).
        And one more thing before i wast anymore time trying to convince an arrogant human being that this article is way out of line, you say that “But do you honestly believe that Lady Gaga is the next great thing because she has the ability to write crap like this…? :Bad Romance lyrics” By the time lady Gaga was 20, she was already writing songs for artists such as the Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears. If you liked any of the songs from these artist you probably liked Lady GaGa’s work. Now, before you spend the next hour researching and coming up with insults and counter arguments, maybe you shouldn’t take Lady GaGa so seriously? You know you did exactly what Lady GaGa wanted by posting this article? She wears those outrageous outfits and says the craziest thing to manipulate the media and people. You realize that what she has done is made herself famous from controversial actions. Not saying she is the first to ever do this, but she is the first to be this popular from it. Either you like Lady GaGa or you don’t, no need to do what you did.

        Frost…so you know…I am taking your comments to heart. The thing no one here seems to understand is that I DO know Gaga’s history, I DO understand the significance of her work in today’s music industry and I am NOT the hater that everyone seems to think I am. What has happened is that the picture I posted on the initial blog (which I have left up because I think it’s interesting to see so many points of view on this artist) is high in the Google search engine. So you (and hundreds of others) have come here blind with anger in your mind and hatred in your hearts. I don’t know Stefani Germanotta at all. I only know what I have read of her in magazines and I know the songs that I have heard by her on the radio. I completely stand by my initial post because AT THE TIME, I thought her comments were utterly ridiculous and I still do. As for doing what I did, this particular blog series (“What The Heck…”) is a series of things that I think are completely outrageous and stupid. So I wrote about Gaga’s comments. If you think this makes me a bad person, because I write about something that you don’t particularly agree with, then so be it. Fact of the matter is…I know who I am and I know what my life is like. So everyone who comes on here to criticize me or rake me over the coals because I don’t like Gaga’s music is more than welcome to do so. At this point, I am pretty much done with this silliness. As it has been stated a million times over in the comments, apparently you and everyone else thinks I have spent too much time defending my statements in regards to this artist and at this point, I agree. I am over it. Not that I’m not standing by my statements…I truly believe Gaga is a hack. She’s a one trick pony and her talents that she worked so hard to sharpen are wasted in electronic beats and whistles and I am assuming she will eventually drift away like so many hundreds of other transparent artists who have walked in the footsteps of Madonna or Freddie Mercury or Elton John. Time will tell and we shall see and then you are more than welcome, in the year 2014, to come back here and tell me you all were right and she IS the best thing since Michael Jackson. And then that will be that. You will have proven your point. And then maybe we can all just go about liking who we like, enjoying the music we enjoy and not worrying so much about who is the better music lover…me or you. Quite honestly, it’s not worth this much effort.

        So to all who have been following this post and all the craziness that is involved with it, thanks for your input, good OR bad, but I got better things to do with my time…like spend it with my 2 lovely children and my beautiful wife or playing with my dog or a million other things. At this point, I think it’s all been said before. So I appreciate your participation and I have enjoyed some of the intelligent feedback that I have gotten and if I have insulted you at any point, odds are you deserved it. However enough is enough and I got a life to live. Peace to all…and here’s looking ahead to 2014 when you can ALL come back here and tell me I told ya so…

    • 17h27 says:

      Cette nana, je la connais seulement de visu, car son look excentrique fait beaucoup parler ici, en France. Mais je n’ai encore rien entendu de son “art”.
      Maintenant, je me sens obligée d’y remédier.

      Maybe I’ll come back to give you my opinion.

      Hasta la vista

      Uh…I don’t speak French…but I’ll be looking forward to your opinion…I think…

    • hell yes says:

      I think this is a great blog. You are simply giving you thoughts on lady Gaga, not in an asshole way either. You are even telling people that its fine if they like them. So if you are respecting there thoughts, why the hell can’t let respect yours. I mean, I totally admit that if poker face comes on while I am in the car, I will turn it up. Its got a fun beat and well lets face it very easy to sing along to. But I wouldn’t go as far to say she is amazing. I would say Bob Dylan, or Jimi are amazing. And guess what they wrote there own lyrics too. But if someone out there does, well thats great for you. There are many different types of music out there for a reason. Some people are more interested in some than others. These are just thoughts here people, you need not live by them.

      I have donwloaded several Lady Gaga songs. I find that her music IS good pop music and I don’t “hate her”, as some have insinuated. I just thought the quotes from the magazine were annoying considering she was a new artist on the scene and no one had ever heard of her. I still think they are annoying but it seems that is her schtick and it’s now amusing to me how many people are sticking up for her talents when it’s obvious to me that she is, by most definitions, a regular pop singer in the same vein as Britney or Pink or Christina or any other Top 40 artist. There’s nothing special about her OR her music. FUn to listen to? Yes. The greatest thing since the Beatles? No.

      • K-Mac says:

        I will say that Lady Gaga sounds like a regular pop singer. Does she have the voice of the ages? No. But I think that what is genius about Gaga is the intent behind her music. So many artists just say “I want my music to make people feel good.” or “We needed a good dance track.” But Lady Gaga actually cares about image and making people think. She cares about opening a line of conversation and stimulating diversity. IF one only hears her music, they might not get it, she is interested in creating the whole package. Plus, she does have some talent, she uses it differently. Her piano skills are stellar, she actually knows about music, and when she chooses to she has some decent pipes. I think that the impact she has made is such a short time will prove to have longevity, so long as she continues to be interesting.
        I agree that she came off arrogant in the article, but disagree that she takes herself to seriously. When asked about alegations that she is a cross-dresser or hermaphodite she said “oh, yes, I have a huge donkey dick.” Best possible answer, ever.

        GREAT RESPONSE! I think you have got a good grasp on the artist that is Lady Gaga. Although I put up a front with some of the idiots who respond here, I don’t HATE this artist as much as it might seem. I honestly think she is a decent pop star and she has definitely made a mark as far as appealing to a certain audience. And that’s great! What originally started as an opinion on an article in a now-defunct magazine has gotten waaaay too many people thinking I have some sort of hangup on this artist. Seriously…I don’t. If anything, I think in the bland world that is pop music right now (and it IS bland), Gaga is the only one who is putting together a good package to sell for her recording company. So in that regard, she is marketing herself and her product very well. As far as her skills in writing, I understand she has written pop hits for several other artists. I know she has skill…I just would be more impressed if she were able to let her SKILLS do the talking for her instead of making comments like she does. But I’m coming to the conclusion that it is this character that she puts out there that everyone loves so much. What I perceive as someone in dire need of attention, others see as being unique and forward-thinking. Hey…to each his or her own. But there is no way you will ever convince me that someone who wears her lingerie or an outfit of Kermit The Frog out in public is comfortable in her own skin. Just sayin…

      • Yo mamma says:

        Entirely AGREE gosh dang. finally someone who has brains! (well not that others are stupid) but it’s nice to have someone feel the same way as you 🙂

      • Ivy says:

        It seems some people are missing what she’s actually doing. Yes, she’s exploiting pop culture for all it’s worth, but she’s parodying it at the same time. It’s so totally in-your-face and over-the-top that the satire is almost lost. And the brilliance of what she’s doing is evident in the fact that she projects this unique public persona so convincingly. I think that everything she says and does is orchestrated to perpetuate this satire. Her statements in this article are no exception. She’s literally making fun of herself and everything she represents.

    • Steve says:

      I think your being a bit over the top with your criticism, but I get where your coming from. She comes across as a bit of a freak, a bit of a weirdo….maybe she is, maybe its a publicity act to get folk to buy her stuff or take an interest. If its the 2nd one its working – thats good business!

      On the other hand……I hated poker face as it was on every fucking 5 minutes…..now I think its ok, and her new one is growing on me. Yes, these artists with their catch boppy tunes that go straight to the top anoy me also, and shes NO WAY in the same light as any of the artitsts you mentioned. BUT, from what I’ve seen at least she puts on a good show and doesn’t just stand and mime into the camera and then fuck off as soon as her piece is done, she seems a good entertianer and people like to be entertained.

      5 years is a bit high – I would say give it 2, if shes still on the go i will also give her the benefit of the doubt; only exceptional artists like Oasis, the Beatles, U2 etc sustain their success that long and you know that doesn’t come along very often.

      Heck I watched a bit of Take That live at some concert in England on TV tonight…I’m a guy, I hate boy bands and I think Take that are shite! But in their day woman went bonkers for them and they were probably the biggest band (at least in the UK, can’t comment internationally). They are al older now and not cute hot guys anymore….but i was impressed by the show they put on, and I have to admit they can sing!

      I suppose its just about opinions really, everyone has one 🙂

      • Steve says:

        Should also add again, I’m not a Britney fan – but she is also an exceptional artist…she obviously had a huge crash melt down and is now coming back from it – good for her. I’m pretty sure despite having millions in the bank being a world famous celeb can still be pretty tiring and stressfull! I love a lot of Pinks new stuff also, been meaning to buy some of her albums.

      • Allan says:

        Okay i’m sorry but if your comparing U2 too the likes of oasis and the beatles, then I can’t take your opinion seriously.. Bono is an arse, their music is mundane, and why in gods name were the allowed to release a rebel related song such as sunday bloody sunday ?

        Let me get this straight…U2 sucks but Oasis, the most volatile rock band EVER, is great? I’m thinking I’ll take the band that gets along over the 2 Gallagher brothers any day. At least U2 will show up for their set!

    • ChancesAre says:

      Music is music. We all have different opinions. Whether we choose a deconstructive or constructive opinion makes the difference. Also what makes the difference is in how we use our opinion in situations such as these. I believe that Lady Ga Ga’s music is exactly how it should be, and I urge you remind yourself that she probably has no care in the world about what someone who does not like her music due to a repeated listening and positively reinforced “other” genre is compelled to say. Still, it is all relative and within the perception of the individual which makes no one right or wrong.

    • Erin says:

      I just got done reading this entire article. I was definitely with you. I don’t like Lady Gaga and have been having a really hard time finding her appeal. I was in support of this article (All except for the bit about pop music being meaningless. ) until a very intelligent and well thought out POV against this artist turned extremely personal. I am not saying I think it is ok for people to come onto your little space on the internet and call you names, but dignifying their immaturity with your own immaturity isn’t exactly scoring major points.

      I appreciate your opinion on the Lady Gaga matter. I think you would have more of an impact, however, if you just ignored or deleted the negative stuff rather than respond in kind. You have a good point. Don’t let your perspective get clouded over or made to be less valuable just because some distasteful people were rude.

  2. Amber says:

    WOOHOOO!!! Thank you for that! I don’t even listen to pop., can’t tell you who this lady is, I can tell you she needs a lesson in humility.

  3. The question is: why did the assistant have a heart attack when she refused to shower? That’s caring way too much about your job!

  4. I have to say it. I really dig Lady GaGa. I had heard of her,
    but really didn’t hear anything from her until the (very good) “Confessions of a Shopaholic” soundtrack came out.
    “Fashion” is one heck of a catchy tune ! I don’t know Alan, there is just something about her… She just might surprise everyone. Yes, the fickle audiences of today do tend to forget people when the next big thing comes along, regardless of the talent displayed in the new artist or the established one.

    I don’t know her personally. But I just thought that article made her sound ridiculous. And I kinda like one of her songs also…

  5. OK. So I’m gaga over GaGa. I’m also cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs !

  6. bookworm says:

    Further solidifying her imminent disappearance was last night’s horrendous performance of AI. Stick to the radio, sweetie. It’s your best medium. Hopefully soon she’ll be lady bye-bye.

  7. gabby says:

    oh come on dont be a hater
    at least she writes her own songs =)
    in my opinion, she’s great.

  8. GL says:

    I wonder why David Bowie hasn’t sued her yet for using his Aladdin Sane face paint? 😉

  9. Garrett says:

    Lady Gaga is one of the few female artists to have opened with 2 number one songs on the top 100… Some of the other 2 are Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey, don’t be Hating because no one is writing an article about you.

    For the record, both Christina AND Mariah have proven their staying power. Let’s see if Lady GaGa manages to be around in 5 years, shall we. And then you can come back to my site and tell me you told me so. Until then…she’s pretentious.

    • Blake says:

      didnt mariah carrie have we belong together and dont forget about us and then…nothing? Exactly, try to cite your facts next time.

      Sure. And next time maybe YOU should try looking up the correct spelling of the artist you’re trying to defend…

      • Kim says:

        Just on point of technicality, Blake wasn’t defending Carey. He was attempting to make an obtuse point by implying she’s become obsolete. Which is pretty much untrue.

        As for Gaga, yes, she’s a bit arrogant, but again, for technicality’s sake, she’s already proven her staying power in terms of “underground” pop, so in a way, she’s earned some of that arrogance. It’s only a question of time in terms of whether she holds her place in the mass pop world, or not.

        The problem I often have with pop artists, particularly recently, is the lack of work they’ve put in to “climb the charts,” as it were. This tends to lead to an incredibly short career, with one or two top songs, and then… they’re gone. I love that Gaga got where she has thus far the hard way. She’s paid her dues, and earned her spot in the light.

        While her lyrics aren’t particularly “advanced” or deep, what pop song is? It’s a rare occasion when you see a pop singer writing a song that actual has real-world value. Even the vast majority of Beetles songs are love songs, so criticizing the quality of the lyrics for any pop singer is sort of akin to stating they shouldn’t be singing pop.

        I think Gaga will be around for quite a long time, provided she doesn’t get “fat” (aka, gain 5 pounds), since according to the tabloids, that’s the most heinous thing a pop star can do. And of course, as long as she keeps it interesting for her fans. Love her or hate her, you’ve got to respect the love she has for her fans.

        Sorry, didn’t mean to write so much, just wanted to add my two cents. 🙂

      • GrayMercury says:

        Blake…..Mariah Carey has been around since the 80s. She had a quite a few AMAZING hits, then she fell off the face of the earth…..some years later, she came out with those songs you mentioned. My opinion of those two BTW, they’re terrible….but meh. Gaga isn’t great….yet, but i will admit she makes me want to move. Plus she has brought me around again to American music, considering I stopped listening to it years ago.
        She thrills me because I’ve seen her kind of thing in other country’s pop music and i’m excited that it’s finally making it’s way here. Is GAGA a genius…no…..but i think that i’d still like her anyway.

      • Gustavo says:

        mariah CAREY was out for about 10 years by the time she brought out those songs. lol she stayed out there for a LONG time. don’t insult her okay buddy? and by the way after those songs she came out with obsessed. i’m sure you have to remember that one. everybody does.

    • Doc says:

      She’s pretentious DELIBERATELY. I’d bet she’s been planning all this — the costumes, the attitude, the songs — for years. It’s her statement……..How showbiz is an empty vessel, how anyone can become famous if they play the game right, etc.

      One thing she’s done that’s brilliant: She can go out in public without being bothered. All she has to do is dress like a normal schlub!

      You are dead on there Doc. She DOES do it deliberately. And she’s made millions with this schtick! She IS a marketing genius!But I still think her music sucks.

    • Doc says:

      Mariah Carey has staying power?

      AFAIK, she’s a used-up has-been who embarrasses herself through her choice of clothing every time she walks the red carpet. “LOOK at THESE!!” She’s made herself ridiculous.

      Hmmmm…more ridiculous than Lady Gaga wearing the outfits she wears? I don’t think so. But I won’t begin to defend Mariah…she’s had her own issues.

  10. excuse me, but does your life stinks so much, really? you completely took out of context what she said and gave it whatever meaning you felt like giving which is actually very far away from what in reality she was trying to say and all you people went along with it, how surprising.. And I’m gonna assume you did it purposely because I can’t honestly believe that there are people so stupid to actually not get it.. but just in case:

    “This evening I’ll probably stay in and listen to this new song I recorded today. I like to roll around in bed with my songs and figure out what feels good.”

    actually for an artist in general, this is a really good method for creating and tuning/perfecting your work, every artist should be obsessed with their art, that’s the whole point..

    “I was very excited because my room is this gorgeous penthouse with a white baby-grand piano in the living room. When I saw it, I started to cry. I played for a couple of hours, then gave my assistant a heart attack because I wouldn’t take a shower. I was like, ‘I’m not showering. I’m being brilliant and writing.”

    “When I saw it, I started to cry” that’s kind of sounded humble to me.. why would she give her assistant a heart attack? maybe she had to get ready for a show/interview maybe catch a plane?, ” I was like, ‘I’m not showering. I’m being brilliant and writing.”” c’mon am I really the only one who saw this as a joke? I have a bunch of friends who say stuff like this all the time.

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    here she is not saying that her ideas or songs or whatever are mind blowing, the only thing she is saying is that you have to really commit and work really hard into developing ideas, she’s comparing how hard you must commit to careless sex which is actually a figure of speech, you bunch of ignorants..

    *Symbolist poetry was a movement in poetry that emphasized disconnected descriptions of thoughts and feelings.

    Wow! Now there is a comment to live by. So sorry…I didn’t realize what a creative and misunderstood Lady GaGa is! Wow! You have totally changed my opinion of her! I now think not only is SHE pretentious, but so is her fan base. And as far as your symbolist poetry is concerned…if YOU are studying the disconnected descriptions and thoughts & feelings in the lyrics of this Lady GaGa, you must be a very bored individual. Can’t you find some poet you should be studying? Maybe Baudelaire or T.S. Eliot? But not Lady GaGa. I’m telling you…she won’t be around in 3 years…

    • Krisa says:

      As far as art goes… you can still appreciate Baudelaire and Eliot and still look at GaGa’s lyrics and find, not maybe deep symbolic answers to the world’s problems (I’m glad that they’re not), but something fun and catchy. Her creativity doesn’t lie in brilliant thought, but creative brain candy. There’s nothing wrong with it. Personally I find that she has a unique sound.

      As herself being ‘pretentious’…. have you ever seen a *humble* artist? Any artist that has made it (writer, painter, musician whichever) has to have confidence in what they do. You need that pretentious attitude to get yourself into the spotlight. If you’re fiddling around with your art, but are never confident enough to push your career then you’ll never make it.

      Is she pretentious? Sure. Whatever. She’s just like every other artist out there. Get over it.

      I agree with ‘protectbody’s’ deciphering of the comments. Lady GaGa is rather odd, so she’s probably also sarcastic and overexagerates. Reading these in a magazine you can’t hear her tone of voice, so thinking before you assume what she means might be a good idea before you go and blog about it ~_~

      And honestly you can’t blame the fact that her fans are getting offended by what you wrote (you’re probably extremely pleased and finding it rather humorous that they are and that they’re all taking it to heart) Honestly you’d most likely get highly offended if someone talked poorly about an artist that you liked. her fans are hardly pretentious as much as they are supportive and defensive.

      *You* must be a bored individual to write something about her, then comment back to those who bite back at you. I know I’m bored (why else am I writing this? >_>)

      But as far as singers go… you never know do you? She has a unique style and an interesting background. She might create something incredible. Not ground breaking, earthshaking, and world inspiring, but you never know.

      Yeah…I pretty much lost interest with this artist about 5 months ago. But I keep this particular blog up beause it seems to get so much attention. Personally, I could care less if her career spans 2 days or 3 decades. It doesn’t really matter to me. In the context of what she said in the interview that I read, she sounds pretentious. I honestly haven’t heard her speak, I haven’t read any other interviews and I seriously don’t care about her in any way, shape or form. Actually, my life is quite busy and now I no longer have time for this crap. Thanks for stopping by!

      • nic says:

        you are completely ignorant. everything Krisa said above makes complete sense and it is true, you twisted what Gaga said to make her sound more arrogant. so what if she is very proud of her music and flaunts it? she is clearly someone different and out of the ordinary compared to the other girls that are coming out with those catchy songs on the radio. she has dropped 3 singles so far and each one of them have been a roaring success. Lady Gaga has made it past the one-hit-wonder and she will remain an icon to pop music. i’m not really into pop music, but she definitely takes the cake in my mind for being the most original and talented pop musician out there.

        i respect your opinions if you dislike Lady Gaga, heck, who knows if I’d even like her if i met her in person. However i do think that you made her sound more stupid and arrogant than those quotes prove her to be.

        So let me get this straight…I am ignorant because I have seemingly misquoted her? Look…go pick up the magazine yourself and read it. If I were to ask you about your job and you told me that you consider yourself to be so good at what you do that it is like having sex, I would consider you to be pretentious also. That’s all I’m saying. As it stands, I only find you to be marginally ignorant. So I guess that makes us friends…

      • Allan says:

        In relation too a non-pretentious artist, Alex turner Poet and genius Look him up he’s british might just change your mind on Pop 🙂 I suggest dance little liar as the song you check out, or look into The Last shadow puppets side project he done.

    • Ivy says:

      The whole tone of this person’s comment was not pretentious. This person pointed out some of your possible misinterpretations and was just offering a good argument from another viewpoint. I think some of Gaga’s statements sounded a bit ridiculous, but they shouldn’t be taken so literal- and if you’re assuming they were meant to be literal and that she doesn’t deserve the attention… then don’t pay attention!

      Pop is short for popular, and just because something is popular does not imply anything inherently negative. In this case, it just means that the lyrics are unsophisticated and the tunes are repetitive- which is what sometimes goes into a brilliantly catchy song.

      Whether you like it or not, it’s art. And art subjective, so it should be discussed as opposed to argued about. I enjoy hearing different opinions and viewpoints, but it’s much more enjoyable when your opinions are shared rather than the whole thing being an angry argument. Although I suppose your ‘frankness’ certainly got your blog a lot of interest!

      Apparently it did! Thanks for reading!

      • Jr says:

        Ahahahaha Ivy presented you with a well constructed arguement and all you do is just throw a one liner, guess you can’t properly defend yourself from twisting Lady Gaga’s quotes eh?

        Well….there are a LOT of well constructed arguments here and I can’t & won’t touch on all of them. Ivy thought I misconstrued Lady Gaga’s comments. I disagree. On paper, she sounds like an idiot. And apparently she’ll do whatever she can to get attention. She has certainly gotten her share of MY attention. And I don’t even care that much for her music. So I guess, in that regard, she has gotten what she wanted. And now you have MY thoughts on Ivy’s comment. Happy now? Junior?

  11. Natoosha says:

    And you thought Christina Aguilera was going to be around when her hit single was ” I’m a genie in a bottle”? Britney Spears started off with “Oops I did it again”, she’s still around. We can’t compare Beyonce to this category because she started with Destiny’s child where she was able to learn and get a feel before she moved on to her solo career.Give this rising star a chance … besides her abilities to to create catchy tunes (that are great to listen to when working out might I add), she has some great vocals ( try listening to the parts where she actually sings .. not where she just makes it poppy). Her style is provoking the fashion industry, and it’s nice to hear some one not keeping her lyrics to the status quo. I like her music.

  12. haaaaaaaaaaa says:

    she is so ugly and proboly she dosent have eny self respect………shes just lame

  13. Ruby Wilson says:

    if you actually listen or look up her lyrics you’ll find they’re not all about the party scene ,and darling ;she can sing ,write her own songs and isn’t conventional,
    there are hardly lots of her around the corner.
    Stop hating and read her lyrics yeah.


    I won’t tell you that I love you
    Kiss or hug you
    Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin
    I’m not lying I’m just stunnin’ with my love-glue-gunning
    Just like a chick in the casino
    Take your bank before I pay you out
    I promise this, promise this
    Check this hand cause I’m marvelous

    Can’t read my,
    Can’t read my
    No he can’t read my poker face
    (She’s got to love nobody)
    Can’t read my
    Can’t read my
    No he can’t read my poker face
    (She’s got to love nobody)

    Stupid AND pretentious…nuff said.

    • bishmunkit says:

      Hey, this one must not be able to read. What the F*** is she talking about here ? are you some kind of Nobel Peace Prize winning thinker that you actually get something “intelligent” out of that? Take it for what it is, POP music.

      Please… bluffin with my muffin? I’ll bluff your muffin.

      • Pinks says:

        LOL “bluffin with my muffin” as she said on Jonathan Ross was about how she was “poker facing” with her sexuality. She used to think about ladies when she was f***ing her man. In her latest video you can see shes into women.

      • its_buffy_bitch says:

        Okay, you don’t have to like lady gaga, but if anyone cannot figure out what she is talking about in the lyrics above, you need to take a poetry class or something because it’s pretty obvious (i’m not calling the lyrics poetry, but the lyrics are ambiguous like a lot of poetry is). I mean really, people.

    • Kaylin says:

      You do realize that it’s metaphoric, right? She’s talking about how she’s a good bluff. She’s bisexual and didn’t want her boyfriend knowing. Hence, her “poker face.”

      I get it. Aaaaand I still don’t care.

  14. veeeron says:

    soooo…if you think lady gaga is so pretentious, why do you waste your time writing about her? Just let her fans enjoy her music. She’s hot, your jealous. If she is just around for 2009, so what? Better for you i guess? if not? oh well 🙂

    So I am thinking about your comment and I have a few responses: I write about it because that’s what I do. I write. If I didn’t write, you couldn’t read. And then where would you be? Secondly, I’m not stopping you from enjoying her music! Go right ahead! I actually like “Poker Face”…but she till comes across as annoying in that interview. And why would I be jealous of HER. I’m a GUY. Now I might be jealous of…say…Brad Pitt, because he’s hanging with Angelina Jolie and she’s just hot. But some chick named GaGa? I’m definitely NOT jealous. And as for the last part of what you wrote…I have no idea what you are talking about. And this is why I haven’t been responding to comments lately…

  15. Philip says:

    She’s worthless all others out there saying “Dont hate because noone writes anything about you” thats not even the deal here.
    If her music carried a message or had some sort of meaning or if it where a own style then maybe she could talk about it like she does, but she’s nothing more then a mainstream radio-freak which lives out of making songs that, as said, fills out the space between commercials.

    Her music aint good, her person aint good and she doesnt deserve the attention she gets.

  16. thethingswethink7 says:

    I love your post and I totally agree. I did the same thing, I ridiculed Lady Gaga in a post, and I too have her pretentious fan base at my door with knives and pitchforks. People tend to take things too personally. Lady Gaga is a pop icon, although she has thing ‘incredible’ background that has contributed to her current form of music, it is not greatly artistic. It is most likely complied by some big music execs anyways. But you’re right, her tunes are catchy, but she’s no Madonna, Mariah, Celine, or Christina.

  17. HunterHorror says:

    Honestly, I just think everyone is taking this way too seriously, I mean really now, she’s just a singer. My god people bitch about EVERYTHING. Take Dragonball for example, everyone was begging for a Live Action movie, bitching and whining, and then it comes out, they bitch and whine about it.
    You people need to just take your medicine, and calm down.

    • annamolly says:

      you all just want drama.
      is it really that big of a deal?
      really now, she’s just a singer.
      i like her, in all honesty.
      overrated, maybe.
      but catchy? yes.
      just chill the hell out, people.

  18. retr0babs says:

    I can’t deny it…I find her a great deal more intriguing than most artists on the pop scene at present or indeed for the last 3 years or so.
    And yes, while it does seem that she tries a little bit too hard to be different (I saw an interview with her on Jonathan Ross where she comes across as a complete nut job!), she’s definitely got a decent bit of talent.
    Found out from Wikipedia she earned a place at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, beating 300-350 applicants for one of the 28 places on their Recorded Music degree programme, and she’s written songs for Britney, Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Akon and others in her late teens/early 20s which is pretty impressive.

    I have to admit I’m not blown away by her oratory or little-no charisma in interviews and frankly, the random screaming during live performances scares me, but I give her credit where credit’s due.
    She definitely has an edge.

    Excellent response! Thank you so much for stopping by (although I’d be surprised if I ever see this commenter again)…

  19. C says:

    She’s very talented singer, which puts her light years ahead of other pop stars such as Britney, or jessica simpson. The first time i heard that Just Dance song, I thought it was Christina Aguilara. She turns me on everytime I hear her songs.

  20. Robert says:

    Oh come on, this happens every time someone new is discovered.
    Everyone thinks it’s going to be a one-hit wonder before actually listening to the rest of the album (not to much the 15 or so unreleased songs), and then realize they made a huge mistake.
    Lady GaGa is different, and that’s gotten her a lot of grief, but she’s original, unique, and wonderful. She writes her own songs, melodies and lyrics, plays the piano and synth in them, creates her own stage fashions and choreo, and pays out of pocket to make her performance as good as it can be. She cares about what she does, and that’s something that’s been lacking in the music industry lately.
    She’s got great vocal talent, and if you took five minutes to read up on her, you’d realize she’s been working at this for years, and not just some AutoTune-d mess that was put together in an hour.

    So next time you want to bash someone with actual talent, think before you blog.

    Go listen to your generic Kelly Clarkson, and leave real talent alone.

    • Killer says:

      Leave Britney ALONE!

      • Mitchell G Culver says:

        Wow. Real talent. Have we been so bombarded with synthesized voices that we can no longer distinguish the digital ripples in all this new pop music? Lady Gaga is the shining example. Great vocal talent is not singing into protools while some studio lackey turns on the filter and gives you, PRESTO! a voice like whomever you want to sound like today. Listen closely, you can still hear where it sounds like Neo’s getting sucked down into the Matrix for the first time – digital as the Hamster Dance.

        Now, as for people like you, who defend these “Poor Pitiful Popstars,” you aren’t helping the problem. It’s no-talent hacks like Lady Dodo that give the real talent all a bad name. She is nothing original, my friend. Her songs are cheap imitations of past ballads and even of more recent pop phenomena, and being someone who generally eschews pop music altogether I can’t believe someone who seems to appreciate it, like yourself, can honestly call someone like Lady Dodo an original artist.

        Christ, I’m sick of these fools.

        I’m sorry…but I don’t think you’re reading this post correctly. I’m arguing AGAINST her. And if there are other artists that you think I should listen too…please feel free to leave their names so I can check them out. But don’t come on here, make a good case for your thoughts and then leave without at least giving me some idea of who you are defending because then you leave me no recourse. There ARE popstars out there who have amazing voices (Aguilera, Beyonce, Pink, etc) who do not need technology to enhance their abilities. And I also think that Lady Gaga (aka Stefanie Germanotta) has talent, but for whatever reason (probably to sell records), she has decided to forgo her ability to give us the pop drivel that you hear ad nauseum on Top 40 radio. To slam the entire genre as not having ANY skill is not true.

  21. Sarah Smith says:

    Well, perhaps if she were “Lord GaGa” you would have little trouble with her, seeing you as seem to only respect men. You graciously let Madonna sneak in … reluctantly. Perhaps being an international superstar does qualify a woman for a bit of recognition, if only reticently given. Too bad that each time you negatively blog about such a woman, someone else buys her album, concert ticket or merchandise. Controversy sells, my friend!

    • MandiPanda says:

      Wow. It is so sad that you think this guy is being cheauvanistic! I’m sure you would have said that, however I’m NOT sure you can spell the word. :/ Yes, controversy sells. Sex sells. What a sad little world we live in. But a GUY writes a blog about Lady GaGa being pretentious and suddenly he’s a sexist pig? WTF. Come on. Get off your feministic soap-box. An opinion is one thing. This is not an opinion. It is just idiotic drivel from someone who obviously spends every waking moment hating men and taking everything they say out of context and in a “cheauvanistic” manner. My goodness. Not every man hates women!

      • Solaire says:

        I have to say, Mandi, you made me laugh. Yes, maybe Sarah Smith can’t spell “chauvinistic” but, then again, NEITHER CAN YOU.

        I don’t think Al is being sexist at all, it’s just his opinion of a particular artist who happens to be female. Not everyone is going to like a certain person or artist. I, for one, really enjoy Lady Gaga and everything that comes along with her, but I don’t really care for Kings of Leon. I love System of a Down, Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, Foreigner, Journey, The Beatles, and Broadway music. I have a feeling that Al wouldn’t agree with my taste, and that’s okay with me. As I’ve said, I don’t like the same things he does.

        Welcome to humanity; everybody’s different.

        Solaire…you couldn’t be more wrong. I DO agree with your taste. Not everyone is a KOL fan! But Journey is one of my favorite all-time bands, Foreigner just released an awesome album, the Beatles EVERYONE loves and “Wicked” is an awesome show!

  22. Akira says:

    Well, hey…

    Avril Lavigne used to be pretty damned popular, and she’s completely died out for now.

    Lady Gaga will probably be the next to do so.

    I like the trance version of “Poker Face”, but the real music is absolutely bland. I do understand that everyone has a different taste in music, however, so those who describe her music as “absolute heaven” might really feel that way.

    She’s gorgeous, but I don’t like her. Point blank.

  23. Juliette says:

    I LOVE HER! I dont care what all you say about her. Bashing on her like that. Honesty I love how she expresses herself, shes very wordy and descriptive. So what if she seems like she needs to get her ass kicked. So what if she hasnt had as much experience as all these other great artists. Most of them at one point had people like you bashing on them as well. I say that she will stay around for quite a while. I really hope she does. Oh and the reason Avril died off was because she got married!!!! Im sure she would still be very popular otherwise….

  24. Coops8490 says:

    You write a decent song in todays diminishing music business then you can comment.

    I don’t have to. There are many incredible artists out there who are doing it, but apprently you have never heard of Frightened Rabbit, Dave Matthews, Eels, Kings Of Leon, etc. Maybe YOU need to look around at different music and broaden your mind and ears…

    • Mrs. Anebeli D. Soy says:

      Hahahahahah Dave Matthews, yup. Now THAT’S talent. Thanks for that, guy. Now I know better than to care about what you might have to say. No wonder you don’t like her! You like shitty music.

      • anon. says:

        more like, wtf kings of leon. what crap. :S

        Your opinion. Mine is that Gaga is crap. Its an opinion eggnog. Live with it.

    • Lucifer13 says:

      OMfuknG? OK OK i totally agree with u, lady gaga has bugger all talent, looks like a dog and does nothin positiv for the music industry except make the rest look good.

      BUT YOU CANT BE SERIOUS when u say that u think Kings of Leon are decent??? Id ratha hav a nagging mother in law from hell than listen to that shit im sorry.

      U cant dis 1 useles party and praise another. it dosnt work that way

      P.S. To date, the only respected Pop artist shod now and forever be Micheal Jackson

  25. Matt says:

    Not sure, but I feel like you seriously misinterpreted her responses. If anything, they seem a little odd, but not conceited in the least bit.

  26. Babeee says:

    I luv Lady Gaga….i mean hello…she’s the Sh*t!!

  27. GDR says:

    “Cause I’m bluffin’ with my muffin
    I’m not lying I’m just stunnin’ with my love-glue-gunning”

    Wow… Dylan and Bono better watch out…this girl is deep…
    (rolling eyes)

    Thank you! That’s what I’M sayin’!!!

  28. Lindsay says:

    The reason I think Lady GaGa has become so popular is because she embodies this shift toward dance tracks in popular music. There are dance remixes of everything these days — including “Time After Time”. Give me a break.

    So people can bump and grind to her music and there is an audience for that, but it certainly represents the mindlessness of so much pop music.

    Also, the fact that she calls herself and artist is at once hilarious and insulting to actual artists. In the interview, it seemed like she made all those edgy sexual references just to get media attention.

    Bottom line: Her daddy doesn’t love her enough.

  29. gingin says:

    I’ll grant that she seems perhaps a little starstruck with herself, but I can’t imagine experiencing such things at her age, anyway. From the wikipedia article, her beginnings remind me a bit of Madonna’s young years (Club scene, creating her own style, wild times, etc. )… wow, I might be showing my age. ANYWAY, I think the girl (who really does appear to have a name; Stefani) has got a lot of talent and creativity, and hopefully will NOT just be a flash in the pan. She’s manufactured, but not by the music business, by her own creativity.

    (P.S. If i were starting a music career, i don’t think i’d use my own name if it were Stefani, either)

    • AbyLouise says:

      I completely agree, i believe she’ll be around for a while, especially with her beginings been so similar to Madonna’s, she’ll disapear for a while, then be back bigger and better than she was before. I also agree with you saying she is very talented, i saw her in concert recently and not only was her vocal performance amazing, she put on a even more amazing show, she’s born to be a performer. =) x

  30. lili says:

    gaga in the house give me a cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry cherry BOOM BOOM.(song starstrucj) in love wit dat song 😀 lol

  31. Dakkie Riel says:

    Well.. actually didn’t she write a bunch of songs for big named artists now?

    From what I know she did that at age 17.. don’t quote me on that.

    I actually find it pretty impressive that she can write her own music and sing it quite well.

    It’s all catchy and fun. If she wants to be happy with her work just let her. It’s not common that you get to be in the spotlight. 🙂

    I do however find her clothes absolutely ridiculous.

    • Mrs. Anebeli D. Soy says:

      Why yes, yes she did. Including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, New Kids on the Block and Britney Spears. But these assholes wouldn’t care about that. I think they only wanna hate because she’s weird. Just go on and say it, everyone should look, think, act and dress the same. It’s ok, we know you feel that way.

      • Mac says:

        What I don’t understand is you. Your first comment already had me thinking you’re ignorant beyond belief. Now I just think you’re ignorant and a close minded b**ch.

        Funny…what I don’t understand is you also. Your response has me thinking that you’re an asshole and you can go f**k yourself.

  32. luis carlos says:

    i love you

  33. andyyy says:

    There’s sum BEEF up in here tonight. I’m a bit unsure about Lady Gaga. I mean her music I absolutely love, Just Dance, I think is a bloody great tune, I believe she has a pretty strong voice aswell.
    I think her music is quite diverse, her album has 80s pop, electro pop, , i am not sure exactly what you would call the songs Dirty, Rich, Beautiful and The Fame, they are quite rocky I suppose.
    I admire her honesty, shown in the lyrics. Though I saw her on Paul O Grady and she said she does not care about money! Some of her songs have a really strong emphasis on the importance of dinero and material wealth. On that interview she was also kind of sickly sweet, like almost fake. I have seen her in other interviews and she was nothing like she was in the Paul O Grady show. I have also noticed her say about being inspired by Britney Spears and Grace Jones, then on Jonothan Ross she says no one inspires her. Everyone is inspired by somoene else, or more likely many other people. I love her style and I think most of her outfits and her look in general is absolutely fantastic.
    She does come across as pretentious and concieted, but I do believe she can back it up. She does not just sing, she writes music she is creative director of her videos, she works with stylists putting looks together and making many of her outfits. And as for the mind blowing sex quote, I reckon she’s trying to say she just goes all out no holds barred, just completely goers with what she is feeling and frankly fair play to her.
    There are loads of things about Lady Gaga I love, some things about her that have made me unsure about whether I like her as a person, but saying that I don’t really know her, i have never met her or anything so I can’t really make a well informed judgement.

  34. bo says:

    I think she’s here to stay. And she’s for real. What I mean is, even though she’s young and just broke onto the scene, she already has a body of work writing songs for Fergie, Britney Spears and such, she’s played the NYC club scene for a few years with different types of endeavors that touch on glam rock, musical theatre and pop. And what she says in interviews… Come on people, once you’re famous you can say just about anything you want. Some of it will be honest, some made up to go along with her persona and some will change depending on what kinda day she’s having or whatever. Like I’m gonna build my world view on what entertainers say in interviews, please! Hey you don’t like her, don’t listen to her. I guess sooner or later we’ll all get sick of p,p,p,p,poker face on the radio every 12 minutes, but that’s just the times we live in. Remember when Boulevard of Broken Dreams was on every station all the time? Now you’ll hear it like once a year maybe. Personally, I’m jealous these people didn’t give up on their dreams and made it. Ok, you’re right everybody who’s successful is a piece of trash. Thanks. Peace be with you

  35. sarah says:

    Jealous much? Lady Gaga’s songs are all amazingly catchy and different, and shes actually a fantastic singer if you really listen. Her vocal range throughout Love Game is great, and please how can you not be a little fascinated, she has one hot song after another and is the latest style icon.

  36. E.T. says:

    I’m not a fan of pop music and I hate her music, specially that poker face song, it got stuck in my head when a coworker had a radio station on that played that darn song about 10 time during the day, now I hate it.
    Just by chance, I saw her video were she is wearing a bathing suit, I don’t know the name of it, but she looked weird, there’s something about her face that bothers me and the weird looking hair/wig. I’m no expert, but it looks like she belongs behind the scenes and she is trying to be Madonna and Brittany Spears. Her song writing is crap, maybe teens like that sort of stuff, pa, pa, pa, pa, po, po, pucker face?

  37. Stephanie says:

    I have a younger sister and Lady Gaga seems to pop up at the dinner table quite often.
    “Ooooh, she’s low on her morals!”

    My sister is ten years old.

    What I’m trying to get at without doing a two page rant(’cause who really wants to read that?) is that Lady Gaga is influencing younger generations to do nasty things. Tweens are being pushed out into this generation with the o.k. to listen to this…..crap.

    “Shake your kitty (meow)
    Put your arms around me, babe
    I’m giving you permission to feel me.”

    Really, now? Do twelve/thirteen year olds understand what this means? Perhaps, the times are changing. Should they be in a song? Not at all. These girls are trying to find themselves and with all the confusion are being swept by this garbage.

    Lady Gaga, go “shake your kitty” away. Far, far away.

  38. bored with research says:

    wow i like how instead of trying to change others for the better and encourage others we rather tear down people. I understand that you like to write and it may be your job but try encouraging someone the next time you write. I like how we can all share opinions, but what is said about lady gaga wont even bother her.she probably wont ever read this.We as humans wonder why there is no peace and i feel that it is because we rather fight over childish things like whether or not we like certain artists. While her lyrics dont stimulate your mind or heart to want to find a way to fight poverty or things of the such we should remember that this is her job. like you she has something she enjoys and she wants others to have an enjoyable time listening to her music. You may not like her genre of music, but maybe try to follow your own advice and try to broaden your mind and ears and find a music genre that is different. and before you come attacking me about petty things that wont bother me in the least i stumbled upon this site and hope you and you site well..i must say, however, frightened rabbit is a wonderful band… i feel better is one of my most favorite songs.

    I hope she doesn’t have time to read this. If she does, she has some serious issues…

  39. bishmunkit says:

    woooooooooooooow. Really, I’ll admit I own her cd, BUT only because it pisses my boyfriend off. The beats are catchy but the lyrics are just insanely stupid. Anybody wanna take a ride on a disco stick?

  40. bishmunkit says:

    Oh yeah, left something out. The blogger above me, the 10 year old sister could write better lyrics than gaga. The boys boys boys song is really catchy…. sounds like a 15 year old wrote it.

  41. KrimSon972 says:

    Although I find her lyrics dodgy, she can actually sing and play quite well, so I find her talented in that respect:

    What I have seen of her seems to be a bit on the arrogant/pretentious side, which could just be masking insecurity, or perhaps she is just proud of her hard work, finally paying off.

  42. Ylenia says:

    lalal lady gaga


    100% fan

    xxx Biggest fan

  43. Chiparoo says:

    I’m goo goo for Gaga. Gaga’s got talent. She’s been into music all her life. She was a song writer for the likes of Akon, Pussycat Dolls, Fergie and Britney Spears. She went to school for music and takes her music and performances seriously. I think she’ll be around for a while. Don’t be a Hater.

  44. sarah says:

    OK lady gaga is absouloutly warped.
    the song love game is discusting… and just wait till u see the video u might as well made the video a porno secondly,
    In the song paperazzi she pretends to fall off a roof and be crippeled there is somthing wrong with her,
    why should children be exsposed to that.

    • Krisa says:

      Most modern music vids are highly pornographic. Children shouldn’t be exposed. So go and fight against the media. We’ll all be waiting when you get back. ~_~

      Seriously? She’s weird but she’s not any more off than any other modern artist…. You should all stop being so offended every time ‘sex’ is mentioned in a song >__>

  45. AL says:

    Lady Gaga was a child prodigy. She taught herself to play the piano when she 4 years old and has been writing music her entire life. I don’t see anything wrong with her being passionate about what she loves even if it is eccentric.

  46. veronica says:

    oh man… thank you for this. i was wondering who the hell this chic is and why the hell my friends on facebook keep becoming her fans. she’s shite! i looked up her music… catchy yes, but no substance. hell, even madonna’s catchy songs have some sort of meaning behind them.

    i googled her and clicked on the images. your blog popped up.

    thanks for writing this. great entry!


  47. Gemma says:

    I have to say, I love Lady GaGa she is new, original, and her voice is recognizable on the radio rather than all these girl soloists who you can’t tell apart. If you watch some of her interviews you’d knwo she has been working hard to get hersef where she is today, she has been playing the piano since she was 4 years old and playing at gigs since she was 14, so you know she’s done the work… And you obviously haven’t seen her acoustic pokerface coz it is amazing she has a unique strong voice and is fantastic.. so do the research before you bag people.
    Lady GaGa is a legend, and her music will be remembered for giving us something different to listen to rather than the rubbish by people like alexandra burke, leona lewis, jordin sparks, etc etc, who all sound the same!!

  48. Graham says:

    lady gaga’s been producing and writing music and lyrics for many pop sensations for years now. She’s a huge force in female pop culture nowadays and is considered to be a credible reference in university music programs….

    if you’re going to berate somebody make sure you actually know something about them…

    I know her music sucks. And that’s all I need to know…

  49. vim says:

    she has a good voice but her lyrics are stupid.
    i always said that now she is the singer of the month, but in 3 years will she do new good songs.
    if she does, then i’ll say “well, its not my kind of music but she got talent” i doubt it will happen …

  50. Ray says:

    What a whore. Another legal prostitute for the music industry.

    Have a nice day y’a

  51. Jennifer says:

    I think she’s okay. I mean not as much as the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. And she’s got a REALLY good voice, as it is displayed in her acoustic version of Poker Face. Another plus is that she writes her own songs. So I don’t really hate her.

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  53. what says:

    there are some angry people up in this bitch

  54. Lizzy says:

    Alan, you really need a life. If you dont like Lady Gaga, then shut the hell up about it, you’re entitled to your opinion, so we’re entitled to ours.
    Sure shes vain and pretentious, and the videos aren’t always suitable, it’s her choice, and if people like her, that’s their’s.
    Dont bother coming up with a reply, but if you do, that just proves to me and everyone else that you are stubborn and wont let anyone have an opinion different to yours.

    Personally, i absolutely love her music, paparazzi being my favourite one, but, because I dont know her in person, and neither do you, we cant tell what her true personality is.

    I didn’t say you couldn’t have your opinion. I just disagree with you. And I DO have a life….so YOU shut the hell up about it. Jackass.

  55. brittany says:

    I personly think Lady Gaga is very talented and sexy!!
    But thats my i think i will keep that to my self but you, dick head
    you no better talk shit about Lady gaga like you no better!!
    keep up your fanctic work lady gaga, you rock!!
    xxoxxxluv ya

    *sigh* (head in hands)

    • GDR says:

      (sitting, mouth agap)

      My dear, very feared, and now (very) appreciated high school English teacher (and ex-nun), is probably spinning in her grave right now at brittany’s (failed) attempt at a coherent comment. I’m having a flashback to listening to JarJar Binks; and it’s not fun.

      No wonder the alcoholism rate for teachers and writers is higher than most of the population.

  56. Adam says:

    If you actually listen to her acoustic versions of Pokerface (I suggest her AOL live session version via youtube) and Paparazzi and her acoustic cover version of Viva La Vida, you can really tell she digs deep both vocally and emotionally and if you really listen to her piano playing and singing you can sorta see the gentler/meek side of her that actually comes out to be quite humble…pop is pop, its studio altered, we all bitch about it but it sounds great and one thing not enough ppl give her credit for is she sings all her Pop songs LIVE (with recorded backups and harmonies) but I don’t have to look at her lips to see if she is on time with an entirely recorded versions because it is her singing and once you throw dancing in with that, only a person with skill and pull that off. She is also a new artist, give her some time to grow and if she keeps combinding her acoustic piano influence with her pop influence I think we are in store from some great music!

  57. Chris Kittinger says:

    Hey old man, you leave them kids alone!

  58. Lydia Omen says:

    I’d like to chime in with you’re an untalented, boring individual who wishes they could be as successful as Gaga. She deserves it more than certain bullshit pop stars like Miley Cyrus. Possibly this has been mentioned, but she is far more talented and unique a performer than other pop acts that have lasted for a lot longer (Aguilera, Spears, etc). Perhaps, maybe, that’s because she writes her own songs, as well as the songs of others (like Britney Spears for one) and actually can dress herself, as well as play an instrument, which is almost unheard of in the pop sphere.

    Maybe the reason so many fans are getting upset about your poorly written little temper tantrum is that she IS more than just another forgettable pop artist. She’s not pretentious, she’s just being herself. You can hate her for that, but don’t say she’s just some hack who won’t be around in a few years, I think time will prove that to be false. I probably shouldn’t attack you personally, but you say you have a life, and yet you seem to devote a rather large portion of it defending your asinine views on a very talented and delightful person.

    I don’t hate this artist at all. But I just don’t feel that she is anything special. On the other hand, I do hate you. Please go away and feel free to never return. Thanks!

  59. alicia says:

    ok, i, PERSONALLY think that lady gaga is great, i think she is a crazy person who likes to shock people by saying things like in that interview,
    i mean she is probably loving the fact that people are writing crap like this because she gets attention, ok so she is an attention seeking pretentious popstar who doesn’t wear pants, but that’s just her. it is her statement on the world and let her say it 🙂
    (btw i agree that poker face is about her sexuality, which is quite a big issue really especially with the church and stuff so… thats meaningful… even if the song is weird :))

  60. alicia says:

    and i am not taking sides against the lady gaga fans or the writer of this blog i am just throwing my cheery opinion out there cos im bored 🙂

  61. alicia says:

    annd mister author man, i feel sorry for you because all the idiot fans who take what you say personally are being mean to you! keep up the good blog work 🙂 (last comment, promise)

  62. Yana says:

    I like bob dylan, and bono, but lady gaga is totaly diffrent and you can’t compare her to them
    just let the girl be, let her have her 15 minutes of fame, it wont hurt anyone
    yea she’s not great but i doubt modesty got many pop stars anywhere.

  63. fatemeh says:

    She is the unfortunate sign of our times. We don’t really have artist of Bruce or Bob’s format anymore (or very few of them) and stars like Bono or Madonna, although they meant (artistically) a lot few years ago, do not produce music of the same level as when I was younger.
    I wonder sometimes whether Lady G. is thick or whether she’s cleaver because she’s perfectly aware her fame will last as long as she is present in the media…
    Anyway, your summary of the interview was great, really enjoyed reading it 😛

    Thank you! You seem to be in the minority…

  64. leyna says:

    i think ur full of crap. so what if lady gaga like to listen to her own music. or think she’s great. its like u being proud of ur painting that ur mother hates! and?

  65. sos says:

    i just love lady gaga :X all of her songs are awasome :X

  66. Katie says:

    Do some research. An artist is an artist whether you respect their work or not.

    “Gaga is the girl who at age 4 learned piano by ear. By age 13, she had written her first piano ballad. At 14, she played open mike nights at clubs such as New York’s the Bitter End by night and was teased for her quirky, eccentric style by her Convent of the Sacred Heart School (the Manhattan private school Nicky and Paris Hilton attended) classmates by day. At age 17, she became was one of 20 kids in the world to get early admission to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Signed by her 20th birthday and writing songs for other artists (such as the Pussycat Dolls, and has been asked to write for a series of Interscope artists) before her debut album was even released, Lady Gaga has earned the right to reach for the sky.”

    Where’d you copy & paste THIS from? Her website?

    • Bob says:

      Wikipedia. The ULTIMATE source for reliable information.

      • Cassie says:

        “An artist is an artist whether you respect their work or not”. Seriously?? Maybe, if you don’t have any standards. Just because someone dresses insanely and creates E- rate lyrics/”music”, does not, by ANY means, make them an artist. (Only giving her a notch about F for the fact she can carry a tune – although not that hard in mono-tone) She’s an insult to people who actually have talent and have worked to better their voice and quality of music. Anyone can come up with a beat and make up simplistic lyrics that repeat over and over again.

  67. illectroScience says:

    I think for someone to post this kind of rant and not even be a producer, singer, or artist of any kind grants immidiate lack of meritt. Lady Gaga’s music IS IMPORTANT to the underground electronic music world. Hell i dont even know any of her songs besides poker face and as a electronic music producer i find her music important only because it allows some exposure of electronic music(bubble gum as it may be) to the main stream pop culture that most of us actually hate. Hell chances are the next artist along will out shine her but that does not change the fact that she had alot of success with tracks of electronic nature and probably will continue to. So i dont care what she says about her own music or what others think. I know this takes me one step closer to being able to produce electro tracks for main stream artists. Hell Flo Rider is already using electro beats, and breaks in his music so WINNER!

  68. Casey says:

    Lady Gaga is about 2 years worth of barf. This over-produced non-talent will be over shortly. On the music awards she said ‘Thsi is my first MoonMan award”. What she left out is “and my last”. Millie Vanilli was better at lyp-syncing than her and they sucked. I think her “hanging” at the end of the VMA’s was forshadowing her furture. Hey GAGAGAGAGA…. find a new career. This one will be short lived.

  69. Zi Felix says:

    Enjoyed the article sir(if anything I felt it could’ve been more scathing against this vapid, overly-pretentious waste of air-space *with a horrible fashion sense I might add*).

  70. Meg says:

    considering that this artical was posted in march and now it is september, and her album now has multiple hits, i think its safe to say that you are wrong. But you’re right, her music doesn’t hit any hard core issues about politics of feminisim but who gives a shit?
    her music is good, and the lyrics are fun. she isn’t trying to save the world with her music. get over it and enjoy the music …or not, your choice 🙂

    Fair enough. But consider this…the Kings Of Leon 2nd single, “Use Somebody”, just hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Adult Top 40 tracks after the album was released Sept 19th, 2008. So it generally takes an artist a while to slowly disappear, especially if the album is as popular as this one seems to be. I didn’t say she would be gone tomorrow. I said, over time, she wouldn’t have the ability to last like a Madonna. It’s very difficult to stay relevant in Pop music these days. Kids grow up, musical tastes change and schticks like GaGa’s get old. She is very theatrical, I’ll give her that. And without the theatrics you have very generic pop music. I have nothing against that. However, I stand by my assessment: she won’t be around in 5 years.

  71. Az says:

    I find it highly amusing that you ignore the well-thought out comments refuting your argument, yet you continue to respond to the easily-countered, badly-argued comments that support Lady GaGa.

    I wonder why that is?

    Because I don’t think people are getting what I am saying. Here’s the jest of it: Lady GaGa is a popular artist right now. Her comments were, in my opinion for a new artist, pretentious. I do not believe she will be around in another 5 years. For those who disagree, that is fine. I am NOT a Lady GaGa hater. As a matter of fact, I only know her 2 popular songs. However for her to comment the way she did was obnoxious. And THAT is why that is.

  72. Adam says:


  73. Jamie says:

    I’m not gonna bother to read the comments ’cause there’s 80+ of them, though I did read the whole post and was… a little taken aback at your interpretation of her comments. Mostly because I can’t help but notice that your argument makes very little sense given the actual comments you quoted.

    The “I’m being brilliant and writing” comment… I don’t know too much about GaGa’s personality other than she seemingly has a penchant for living her entire public life as some sort of freakish performance art, but that? That read as a joke to me. So… you read as being unable to comprehend sarcasm when you complain that this is somehow evidence that she is “pretentious”. (And if that’s not part of your “omg she’s pretentious!” argument, then there would be no reason to quote it, so I’m forced to assume it was indeed part of your argument)

    And regarding this, most especially:

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    Your bizarre reading of this comment was, and I quote:

    “First off…what the hell is she talking about? Secondly…your music is NOT mind-blowing OR anything like having sex. It’s POP MUSIC with no significance other than to fill time between commercials on the radio.”

    Put simply… I have to ask if you’re someone who needs to go back to grammar school and learn, well, grammar. One thing I CAN tell is that either you are really bad at interpreting weird metaphors, or you have never had one of those rare-but-wonderful creative surges that she’s quite obviously referring to.

    She did NOT say “it’s your job to MAKE mind-blowing… sex… AS A SONG”. Which is how you apparently read it. What she actually said, as you yourself quote and therefore have no excuse not to realize, “it’s your job to HAVE mind-blowing, irresponsible… sex with YOUR IDEA”.

    Given this, I have to wonder if you’ve ever HAD a spurt of creative energy before. It’s rare to have the kind of feeling she talks about, but yes, it does happen… though her analogy is, er, “quirky”, I get exactly what she’s saying here, and it does refer to the creative PROCESS – not the creative PRODUCT, trust me (meaning your assertion that she is referring to the product, i.e. her electropop music, kind of silly).

    I have had those kinds of spurts. Those rare moments where it just “flows” and you’re totally, 100% into it to the point where you lose track of time or really, anything but what you’re working on… and at the end you’ve got a bit of a rush and are in a pleasant sort of state that, now that I actually think of it, really does feel every bit as endorphin-riddled as the post-sexytime state does like 20 minutes later.

    I’ve had a handful of those experiences, and come out of them absolutely loving the piece of writing I’ve come up with… and then gone back two weeks later and had to edit the shit out of it.

    Again: it’s not the product she’s talking about. It’s the process. And she is correct in what it feels like when you’ve got a really good creative surge going, regardless of what the product actually comes out as (’cause trust me, 99% of the time, what comes out of those blissful sessions is not half as amazing as one thinks while one is having that session. Which is fine, because that’s what editing is for… and I see nothing in your quote of her statements that says she DOESN’T say it’s worth editing those products, either).

    So… needless to say, while I think she’s a tad on the (batshit?) crazy side, I really can’t agree with your assessment of the actual comments you quote, simply because I think what we have here is a failure of reading comprehension on your part.

    (PS: you’re probably right that it’s the Google search that’s bringing a lot of people here. I was looking for some background info on her ’cause a friend was curious and it came up as a Google Image thing up top… I was surprised at the fact that she was brunette in the picture since she’s blonde everywhere else I’ve seen her, thus the clicking)

    (PPS: The overuse of ellipses is a little annoying in this post. Has anyone ever pointed that out to you before, the fact that you overuse them a little? It gets kinda distracting after a point)

    Actually…THIS is one of my favorite responses to this annoying post so far. Well thought out and obviously this person has strong convictions as far as creativity is concerned. And even if she doesn’t agree with me, I still think she is on to something. Thank you for responding! Oh…and for the record…I like using ellipses. If ya don’t like it, too bad.

  74. lady stickman says:

    omqqqeee.. !! so i freakInnn loveee lady gaga she hella on like she ma b****h doh ….iono kno bruh i heard sum shit bout her doh buh hey she still my shit doh my favorite sonq is loveqameeee hell yeahhhh…!!


    • Andi says:

      lol, don’t you just love the new generation of morons that think it is cool to blatently misspell every word that comes out of their tiny little minds?? I worry for our futures, seriously. 🙂

  75. dev says:

    I think it’s interesting how you discredit pop music so easily. Sure, there are tons of pop artists who have unsuccessful or brainless music, but you can find this in any genre. To say that pop music is completely vapid is, to me, ignorant.

    Lady Gaga puts more effort into being a true artist than any other current pop icon I’m aware of. Her performances and appearance are testament to this—although you might not understand or like her show, at least you know she cares about and works on it. I think its important to realize when people are creating real art, even if they don’t necessarily like it.

    In terms of content, yes she sings a lot about sex, but why is that such a bad thing? Sex is something that everyone has an opinion about, and to be honest, most people don’t like to confront it. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with highlighting this area of our culture, and Lady Gaga simply chose to use pop music as her kindling.

    Gaga confronts sex and relationships from a completely free, non-moral, and humanistic standpoint, which is something that I think society needs. Sex is something everybody wants, whether you are man, woman, straight, gay, or somewhere in between. I think Gaga is blurring the lines between these distinctions, and in turn reducing people’s stereotypes and phobias in terms of sexuality and homosexuality.

    This argument isn’t going to go anywhere, mainly because you just don’t like Lady Gaga. Still, I think its important to give credit where credit is due, and Gaga puts a lot of money and effort into what she is. And she also has a convictions, albeit because of their sexual nature, its hard for people to take them seriously.

    Anyways, I think my main point is just because you may not like or understand her show, you can at least appreciate her for her work ethic and for having an artistic viewpoint.

  76. lexiebear says:

    that is a sexy alfit you go girl

    lol smiley face

  77. Jackie Lane says:

    Michael Jackson was “just a pop star” at one time.

    Very true. Everyone needs to start somewhere…

  78. porfidious says:

    What did Saul Bellow say:

    “show me the Tolstoy of Zulus”

    So I say, show me the succession of hits by the critic, or even the 5-minutes of fame beyond the sad solipsism of blogs

    And what did John McClain say:

    “Yippee Ki Yay Motherfucker.”

    She has 2 singles. Thats it. And I wouldn’t say my blog has had its 5 minutes of fame just yet…LOL

  79. lia says:

    she is cooooooooooool! & awsome i love her she is raw

  80. ugsome says:

    Displays of ego are nothing new; the pop business requires boundless self-confidence. No one’s making you read interviews with pop stars. Why not pick up a classic Russian novel instead?

    I think she’s got the potential to be around and bigger than ever in five years. Time will show if she pulls it off.

  81. anonymous says:

    i just think her clothes are REALLY skimpy.

  82. Me says:

    If you put your opinions out there like this then you have to expect people to disagree with you.
    Lady Gaga may not be the next Madonna, but she is big now and you can’t expect everyone to dislike her just because YOU say she is, “Stupid and pretentious.”
    She CAN sing. She can write chart-topping songs, whether they be Motzart or not. And she is popular. I’m sorry. But it’s true.
    Its called an opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own…even you Alan.

    Seriously…I can’t even argue against this comment. I HAVE been allowing people to disagree with me (read previous comments). And, as I said, I don’t really mind her music (I’ve even downloaded her latest because it IS a really good pop song!). I wasn’t making an argument AGAINST her music in any way. It was her comments that I found annoying. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks she’s weird. But in the history of music, there have been plenty of musicians that have used unusual showmanship in order to make themselves appear to be more than the norm. I’m just wondering if GaGa’s stunts will give her longevity. Maybe, maybe not. Only time will tell…

  83. Alan says:

    Okay, I just want to say something about pop music. I don’t really care for probably 90% of it. I do listen to a wide variety of music though (mostly to Rock, R&B and reggae). With that said you have to give pop music credit. Have we forgotton about MICHAEL JACKSON! He sings POP! He also has the most highest selling record of all time and arguably the most popular man in music history. All from singing pop. Whatever people say there are still huge Michael fans 50 decades later.

    As for Lady gaga. You can’t deny her talent. She can sing, dance and play her own original written music. You can say you don’t like it or that she’s mediocre in any of the talents that she posesses but the fact remains that she is on top right now. The longevity question is hard to answer as she has just begun. Who cares what she has to say. This is what makes people want to hear her more, obviously. If you can’t think of yourself as the best, then how are you going to portray that and make people believe that you are.

    I’m sorry to say, but I think Lady Gaga is great and she is talented in many ways, including sucking in the media. This is why she will be here for a long time. I’ll eat my words if she isn’t but I don’t think so. She’s unlike anyone else.

  84. Samantha says:


    1. who are you to say that her pop music isn’t just as influential and artistic as Bob Dylan’s and Bono’s?

    2. that girl freaking FOUGHT her way to the top–she didn’t get famous because she had connections–and honestly that’s pretty much impossible to do without being a little cocky.

    3. it’s HER way of being an artist. And she’s talented. So let her be already. You don’t have to like it.

    Aaaaand YOU don’t have to read my blog OR agree with it. Fair enough?

  85. Courtney says:

    Please don’t mention Bono when you refer to music that “changes the world”. He is one pretentious prick whom I cannot stand and his music is horrid.

    Anyways, Lady Gaga’s music admittedly isn’t a complete revolutionary movement, but she has got talent and she’s not your typical “Britney Spears” who is completely corporate and made-up. Gaga is a brilliant composer, and artist who knows what music is about and worked her ass off to get to where she is today. Now, I’m not saying she has changed music forever as we know it, and that everyone should go gaga for Gaga, but she is something special and although some may not prefer her musical style due to a more tight-knit taste, she definitely deserves recognition and credit, a lot more anyway, than this article is willing to submit to her. I personally believe Lady Gaga is a fascinating individual who works outside the realm of pop, and even music in general, expectations today.

    • Cy says:

      THANK YOU for calling out that Bono is full of *@#$.

      I know he’s done all kinds of things for which he is world-renowned, but he gets off on the fame more than Stefani. I agree with someone above that she is more or less toying with the media and riding the wave as hard as she can, but I don’t think she’s really that self-involved. If she were, she wouldn’t have the energy or drive to do, say, and wear things that have the potential to lose a lot of fans if she didn’t have self-confidence.

      I don’t think she’ll have the same influence as Alanis, madonna, or others, but she may well last 10 years, (think britney), even if its just because she’s that ‘memorable’. (Although I doubt Gaga will give us the ‘raw’ drama and controversy as britney did)

      Consider this: Even if just 1% of her current fans stay fans for 10 years, she’d still have enough fans to be very successful. [Author: agree/disagree]

      I had to go back and re-read what Courtney said and I can’t say that I disagree with her. I believe that Lady Gaga (or Stefani) is MUCH more talented than Britney Spears. Things being as they are, I understand why she’s so popular and I can’t begrudge the fact that she came along at the perfect time. Pop music isn’t at it’s highest peak right now. Pop stars these days are so disposable and there are so many who come and go. Will Gaga be one of those stars that shines brightly for a bit and then doesn’t produce after this? Who knows? But it is MY personal opinion that her schtick (if she chooses to remain as odd as she seems to be) will eventually get old. This generation will grow up and see what a fake she is and move on. Is her music catchy? Sure. Is it memorable? Um…not really. It’s not redefining anything. It’s pop electronica and it’s being done ad nauseam right now. But she WILL have more staying power than most of today’s rap stars and most of the overproduced kiddie artists out there right now. As for the Bono slam? Well…I’m a huge fan so I won’t comment. U2 ain’t for everyone. However…if you want to look at it in THAT manner…if Gaga has HALF of the career that U2 has enjoyed since the early 80’s I will be amazed. And yes…I guess 1% of her fan base right now is comparable to what Madonna seems to have going right now so I guess that would be considered successful.

  86. hello28 says:

    lol i love it how the people on this page actually take the time and write frikkin essay’s on how mean Alan is and that he’s a “hater” ect. where right from the start on his original post he clearly stated his thoughts and never said anything mean or hurtful about lady gaga he just didn’t like her interview response, plain and simple. He never said he hated pop music he actually admits a couple of times that he’s downloaded some of lady gaga’s songs.
    In my point of view i actually like lady gaga’s songs and it will be interesting to see weather or not she makes it for another 3-10 years wear she can join the ranks of pop singers before her (Britney spears , Mariah Carey ect)

    p.s sorry for the miss spelt words and incorrect grammar lol im just a bit tired its 2 in the morning and i have school tomorrow lol

    THANK YOU! I thought I made my intentions clear, but no one has ever really looked at what I wrote. I appreciate you defending me! 🙂

  87. Wheema says:

    Personally, I think some of Gaga’s music is… shall we say… interesting. I think she’s got a very unique voice and think she can play a mean piano BUT I have some serious issues with how she portrays herself (as a role-model) to the young girls and to children in general. She may not have asked to become a role-model, she may not want to be a role-model but whether she likes it or not, when you’re in the public eye and especially when you’re a pop-star you ARE a role-model. Just about anytime you see her or anytime she speaks it’s like watching/listening to soft-core porn. Even her comments that we’re speaking of in this blog are somewhat pornographic and certainly not something I want my children to read. She has to compare her burst of creativity to an orgasm. Come on if she really feels that way, she should keep it to herself and her close nit circle of friends. Putting it out there in a magazine that anybody and everybody can pick up and read, children included, is unnecessary. She doesn’t wear pants, only scanties (I think I did see one pic of her in a skirt and bra tough) wears nothing but skimpy, skanky tops and is decked to the nines with fake everything facially. Everyone’s talking about how she’s “so real” and how she’s “not fake” like Brittney Spears and others in this genre of music. WAKE UP people! Since when is someone who has to paint on a face, wear wigs and get plastic surgery “real” Uggggg, what is this world coming to when this is considered perfectly acceptable and even the norm? Thank God I don’t have daughters! I see these little girls dressing in washcloth size skirts and insanely revealing shirts, not to mention faces full of make-up and just feel so bad for them! Because of what they’ve been taught through the media, what they see on T.V. and hear on the radio they actually, sincerely believe that they have to be like that in order to be pretty, sexy (I HATE that little 8-9yr old girls think they have to be sexy!) and popular. Our culture is raising a bunch of kids that have no self esteem or self worth and that are more interested in how they are perceived by their peers then their future. Yes, I realize some of those traits have been the norm for generations but, this generation is far worse. I see so many kids and have young teen-age/pre-teen nieces that are horribly depressed because they aren’t pretty enough or sexy enough, how sad:( I have decided to home-school my two boys because I want to be able to have SOME control over what type of people they’re influenced by and what they’re influenced by in general. I see my nieces and nephews who all attend public school dancing around, grabbing their crotch and caressing their breasts singing DISCUSTING, sexually explicit lyrics, like those of Lady Gaga. I feel like puking! I’m in total shock, and my sister allows this behavior because she wants them to “fit in and not feel awkward because they’re different from all the other kids”. Sickening, just sickening! So, lets’ all put our hands together and give a big round of applause to Lady Gaga and those like her for making this generation and our world a better place… NOT!

  88. Nina says:

    Hey prick, at least understand her metaphors before you hate on her.

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    This is Lady Gaga’s quote, and, contrary to your analysis, she is talking about the creative PROCESS, not the music she has created. She thinks you should give your all to whatever it is you are doing, which is a beautiful idea.

    Maybe you should take a cue from her. If you put your all into this article, or even took the time to actually read her quote instead of being judgemental, maybe you could have learned something new.

    Lady Gaga is an inspiration because she does not care. Plain and simple, she doesn’t let people like you bring her down. She can do whatever she wants and will continue to do so. Props to a strong woman.

    You are right…she doesn’t let people like me get her down. If she did, she wouldn’t be doing what she’s doing. It takes balls to get out on the stage and perform every night. I am not critical of that aspect. Her comments are ridiculous and, contrary to YOUR analysis, I KNOW what she’s talking about. It is MY opinion that until she has a decent body of work, she should continue to work hard and gain a fan base. THEN she can talk like an idiot and blather on about whatever she wants to and no one, like myself, can say a damn thing because she earned it. Right now, in my opinion, she’s a one-hit wonder. And hopefully, so are you…bitch.

  89. sincereoptimist says:

    You don’t sound like an optimist at heart…let me put it this way:

    All music– even pop music– is ART, and it has a place in this world, and it has value and beauty to it. If she wants to talk about the fact that she’s genuinely in love with her own music (rather than being chained to what a record label wants her to write/sing, like some of the greats have been in the past), we should be happy for her. All performers should love what they do.

    If you can’t be happy for her, then why read and blog about the interview? Why not find something that makes YOU happy and get on with your day!? It’s so sad that you put so much negativity into planning out a long blog about what someone else shouldn’t be doing. Couldn’t you have been out doing something relaxing/fun/rewarding instead?

    Speaking of moving on, I’m going to do just that…I just couldn’t pass by this tragic waste of energy without pointing out the irony that the woman about which you wrote this is doing what she loves and instead of pursuing what you love, you’re writing about hating the fact that she does what she loves.

    Leave Gaga alone; if you don’t get her, she doesn’t mind…so go out and find your own happiness, silly! 😉

    Funny how many people have found my site through a picture search and made comments about this blog. If you actually read my blog you would realize that this particular blog is a series of posts that I do when I find something that I feel is ridiculous or outrageous. Needless to say, sincereoptimist, I agree. There IS room in our world for pop music. I love pop music. And rock. And alternative. And country. And thrash. And electronica. I do not have a preference for any and I have always felt there is a genre of music for my every particular mood. I’m sorry you feel that my blog is a tragic waste of energy when I actually spend a great amount of time writing about the things in my life that are NOT ridiculous…like my family or movies or music. But you have chosen to spend YOUR time reading what I have written and the commenting, which says to me that you really like Lady Gaga and her antics. So…go enjoy and be on your way. I’m sure I’ll never see or hear from you again. But it was nice of you to take a few seconds of your precious time on my “waste of space”.

  90. I cant be arsed tog o through all the commments that you lot have been typing and it dont know what you are talking about but all i know is that lady gaga iss……

    A MAN!!

    whether you lot like it or not she is a man 🙂

  91. Are you fucking high??? I am a music major- Lady Gaga has far more talent than Madonna or Bob Faggot Dylan, Bruce Springsteen or Bono… She shouldn’t even be shamed in being compared to them.

    Lady Gaga is going to change music and history. I swear my life on it.

    Lady Gaga is not a man either. You don’t need a dick to be successful, talented, genious, historical, and important.

    Wow. And which online college are you enrolled in?

    • nikki says:

      It’s artists like Madonna who inspire artists like Lady Gaga. She even ripped her stage name off a Radiohead song. She is shamed by being defended by morons like you. After reading all the comments on this blog it’s obvious the majority of her fan base are either illiterate or 10 years old.

  92. Estelle says:

    Pop music! you have strange ideas about “popular music” Madonna makes pop music, ABBA, Michael Jackson, Bjork!!!

    Even if I am not a fan of lady Gaga, all your examples: Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Bono (sic) are male examples, and it is not realy representative of what pop music can be 🙂

    Aaaand I was so disapointed too when the only female example you gave was Madonna “you can talk about how your music has influenced female roles in music today.”

    Oh my god, thank you, a woman that can influence woman…great job…

    I mean, a woman that makes MUSIC, can be an artist first and not only a woman-artist pleaaaaase!!!!

    Ya know…you are right to give me a little shit about that. Obviously Madonna is NOT the only strong female in music today. I guess my feelings about Lady Gaga (and a whole slew of other sexually charged female singers today) is that they are trying to emulate Madonna. But certainly she is NOT the only representation of her gender. There are too many great female singers to even list however you could start with Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon, Bette Midler, Lita Ford, Bjork, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, etc. There are WAY too many to list. But I can see where my comments might have come across as sexist…even though I really don’t feel that way at all. Women are an integral part of pop music. And that’s how I feel about it. Will Lady Gaga be one of those women in 5 years? THAT is the true question behind my post…

  93. Estelle says:

    I understand and agree with a lot of your ideas in your post about lady gaga, (and your sens of humour too).

    Of cours women in music are hardly listable, but look closely: You wrote :”…is not the only representation of her GENDER” […] “There are too many great FEMALE singers” what makes me react is the fact that you first gave almost only men as examples, and when you list a female (even is she is an important one) , it’s only to talk about her “womanhood” . Why does an artist (wich is a girl) should create (like any man) and then be seen (in your blog for example) like a representant of her gender? Have you realised that you can’t say “Michael Jackson is a good representant of her gender in pop music”? He represents pop music and that’s all. He is not defined as a male-artist.

    A good term you posted as reply was: sexually charged. Women are not singers they are too often: Sexually-charged-female-artist. See: the word artist is the last one.
    My little note was only to show the passive sexists we can be sometimes.

    A mistake Lady Gaga made, was to copy Bowies androgyn style. His visual message was to go over genders. Her visual message is “look, I am a female-femally-femallised artist. lol I am sorry for my poor english I’m not a native speaker…hope you understood my note, and secretly hope that you will post something on this subject someday 😀


    I kind of see your point. You are right when you say that I don’t mention the fact that Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, etc are men. However I also don’t feel that they, as musical artists, are trying to exploit their sexuality to sell their product either. Unlike Lady GaGa, who is obviously using sex to sell her music (and much like Madonna or Britney Spears), those musicians let the product stand alone and don’t need “gimmicks”. As far as being a passive sexist, I don’t even know how to respond to that. Is she not a female? Is she not a woman who sings? How else can she be defined? I guess I should just call her an artist but I have to be honest…I don’t know if I consider her to be that. She sings pop songs that are produced in a studio. There are MILLIONS of people who can do that. And there are hundreds of examples of “artists” who are called musicians but aren’t (Britney, Milli Vanilli, etc). Lady GaGa, I assume, is female and so I call her that. I have 4 sisters, a mother, a wife & a daughter in my life. They are female. Don’t care how you look at it, if I call them girls or women or female, it’s what they are. And until they grow a penis, I consider them to be of the female gender. If that makes me a bad person, then I guess I am. But I don’t think because I call a woman a female artist that that makes me a racist.

  94. Elaine says:

    Lord…..stop please! Lady GaGA is amazing. Is in’t just the new pop star for the year. She sings, writes music and plays the piano. have you done that? When was the last time you wrote a song and the music for it and sold a million records….uuuuuuuhhhhh never? She is no Britany Spears. She actually has musical abilities. She is awesome. She isn’t scared to try something new. I think she is going to go far. Good for her!

    We’ll see…I’m not denying it’s possible.

  95. gay=.= says:

    OMFG u guys are so stupid, why dont you just see how good lady gaga is? she rules!

  96. Estelle says:

    “And until they grow a penis, I consider them to be of the female gender. If that makes me a bad person, then I guess I am.”
    I didn’t want to be rude to you, sorry if it was the case! lol of course a man is a man and a woman is a woman!

    “”As far as being a passive sexist, I don’t even know how to respond to that. Is she not a female? Is she not a woman who sings? How else can she be defined?””

    Maybe you should have quote more inportant singers which are female? or if you gave madonna as the only example, maybe say something more than “madonna is a woman-artist that influence women”. Even if it is true! (write about multi-style, multi-role? religious artist??)

    Exploiting our sexuality as a gimmick in art is something, being defined as a representative of our gender is something else. I am a visual artist and even in paris some old critics still write “a woman-artist” even if I don’t work on my sexual identity! They never say a “man-artist” about my friends job…

    best regards

    I didn’t think you were being rude at all! I guess I just don’t understand sexism the way some do. I do agree though that you will hear “female artist” a LOT more than someone saying a “male artist”. I’m not really sure why that is. I imagine that it has to do with my upbringing more than anything. I realize that there are ALWAYS going to be sexual overtones in music (it’s what music is based upon), however some use it as a selling point and I am not the biggest fan of that. Much like Alice Cooper using snakes and blood or Marilyn Manson being…well…Marilyn Mason (LOL), some artists HIDE behind their act because, quite frankly, they are more into the theatrics than they are the music. Not that theatrics aren’t an important part of a live show, but it can’t be the whole package. That being said, I actually think Lady GaGa IS a decent musician and I know now that she has struggled to make her way to the top. Now I am just wondering if she will make the next step up the ladder. If someone were to look at her music right now, actually READ her lyrics, they go like this…

    I’ll be your girl, backstage at your show,
    Velvet ropes and guitars, yeah ’cause you’re my rockstar,
    In between the sets, eyeliner and cigarettes,

    Shadow is burnt, yellow dance and we turn,
    My lashes are dry, purple teardrops I cry,
    It don’t have a price, loving you is cherry pie
    ‘Cause you know that baby I

    I’m your biggest fan I’ll follow you until you love me,
    Baby there’s no other superstar you know that i’ll be your
    Promise i’ll be kind, but i won’t stop until that boy is mine,
    Baby you’ll be famous chase you down until you love me,

    Now I wouldn’t call these lyrics anything all that spectacular. I’m not saying they are bad or that the music is like listening to a cat howling because it’s not. All I am trying to say is that for her to be a relatively new artist, someone that no one has really heard of at the time, her comments were somewhat ludicrous. It’s not that she can’t hold a note, it’s because they ARE odd and somewhat presumptuous of her. I’m thinking she should let her performances speak for themselves. I realize though that she is kind of an odd bird, and sometimes that is what it takes to be successful these days, to stand out from the pack. So be it. Far be it for me to argue with an artist who has a few Top 20 hits. But I’ll be more impressed when her 4th album comes out and she has 3 or 4 hit singles off of it. THEN I will eat my words and everyone can say they told me so.

    Thanks for being so open-minded and conversational about this topic. I’ve been called so many things by so many fans of Lady GaGa and usually they come from people who think I’m just slamming on her as an artist. Personally, I don’t care one way or another about her as a performer. She is a pop star, I get it. But I wasn’t impressed with her silly comments when I wrote my post and I’m still not impressed with them now. She’s strange and that will get her a following. But as you noted…so was David Bowie and Bjork and a whole slew of interesting artists before her. Let’s see where HER career goes from here… 🙂


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  98. Christina says:

    Maybe she said all that because she knew it would annoy people who took it seriously.

    It’s possible…

  99. rameyuk says:

    Is is just me, or is there a slight bulge in her crotch ??

  100. Elise says:

    Hilarious, thank you.

    I have learned a bit from reading this, that she actually does have talent. However, I don’t think I can change my opinion of her since I saw the Jonathan Ross show. What was it she did, gogo dance in an indian head dress, while lighting hair spray on fire?

    I also somehow saw her in a Japanese interview, where she was wearing gothic-lolita style clothes from 10 years ago, and I felt so embarrassed watching it.

    I didn’t like poker face, I did like paparazzi. I do think she is 10 shades of crazy though.

    Another thing I find amusing, is how people can call people such horrible names in the comments, because not everyone agrees “she rules”. As far as I’m concerned, celebrities exist to be seen, and for people to have opinions about.

  101. allie says:

    what the heck is she thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. rihanna beyonce rule! says:

    lady gagas awesome! i luv her songs bt her clothes , ridiculous! lol

  103. rihanna and beyonce rule! says:

    ahahah! luv lady gaga songs

  104. Nelly says:

    i freakin love lady gaga! and i dont care what she looks like, she is awesome!

  105. Lauren says:

    What are you talking about? Lady Gaga is amazing! And you’re putting her down because of what she says in her interviews? Get a grip. All her songs have been in the charts and they are still there now. She’s unique in her dress sense, interviews and lyrics. Now wise up and stop criticizing things that are way out of context.

  106. shadi says:

    oh oh monkey wowwwwww

  107. anonymous says:

    “First off…what the hell is she talking about? Secondly…your music is NOT mind-blowing OR anything like having sex. It’s POP MUSIC with no significance other than to fill time between commercials on the radio. Is it catchy? Maybe.”

    if you had actually read the quote carefully enough, oyu would have seen that she never calls her music mindblowing or like having sex. she says once you get an idea, you should have mindblowing, condomless sex with it, meaning you should go crazy with it. and thats why in the quote she said she didnt wanna shower yet cuz she was going crazy with an idea.

    also not all pop music is meaningless. its pretty stupid to generalize actually.

  108. Midas says:

    Lady Gaga is just enjoying the opportunity to say outrageous things while in the spotlight. She is having fun putting on a show for all the world to see. What we see is a character she has created for us. It’s a fictional pop star/ mega glam type of deal. It’s all inside jokes, sarcasm, and irony. It should be appreciated for what it is. It’s like when the Beatles were given interview time, and they just talked a bunch of nonsense.
    i love her sense of parody. It’s all in the name of entertainment

  109. Vanessa says:

    I’m upset that you feel this way about Lady Gaga… I think it’s important for people to be sure of themselves in such a hectic business and for her to be openly set on what she’s doing is just great. I realize that she’s not playing a double neck guitar or writing about how her heart is full of anguish or something, but the girl can write her own music, sing it, and be proud of what she does in interviews such as the one you mentioned. She might not be the most modest woman in the world, but I definitely don’t think she’s bragging or being over the top about her fame or talent… If you would really listen to the lyrics of some of her songs you would know how she feels about these things. I don’t necessarily think she needs to have 4 top selling albums to make an impact on the music world… I mean you say you like Kings of Leon and they’ve had more albums but people have generally only heard of a few of their songs. Lady Gaga has talent, and how could you expect her to have more top selling albums if she doesn’t believe in herself from the start?

  110. anie says:

    Ok to be ohnest lady gaga is very weard but has good songs and somtimes shes a little….. Whooooooo.

  111. rick says:


  112. denis bider says:

    The reason I found this blog post is because it features a picture that ranks highly in Google image search for Lady GaGa. (For whatever reason….)

    This blog post just seems to be full of unwarranted cynicism. It attempts to belittle the success, impressiveness and creativity of an otherwise objectively successful, creative and impressive person just because she apparently realizes that she is impressive, creative, and successful.

    That’s just… sad. It seems to me that the only reason you (Alan) want her to learn “humility” is because you envy her success. Come on, really. Suppose she meets your criteria and proves her “staying power” – which is a silly criterion to begin with, since she’s already succeeded more than most of us ever will. But if that does that happen, are you going to begrudge her success any less?

    Nope. I wish her all the best. But I’ve heard her music and I gotta tell you…I’m not impressed. But you are correct in that she is very successful. I have admittedly never written a song, never sung a song, never produced a song, and never gone on record as saying anything I have ever done is like having sex because it’s just that good. But if I did, I bet you would be the first to roll your eyes and tell me I’m an idiot for saying it. So that’s what I did. Am I being cynical? Yep. But I thought that was what having a blog was all about…being able to write whatever I feel like writing. But apparently I’m wrong about that.

  113. Mike says:

    For the sake of a sensible argument, those of you who are against the author’s point please evaluate the significance and musical quality of Lady Gaga’s songs (and pop music in general) in light of the works of Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. Pop pales in comparison.

    What? You don’t find Lady Gaga’s music to be a social commentary?

    • Mike says:

      I refuse to listen to social commentary from a woman who thinks it’s cool and unique to show up on a nationally televised show (Saturday Night Live) wearing plastic water bubbles. The last thing society needs is that kind of deviance and music that promotes it.
      Furthermore, today’s music is the product of lazy artists who can’t be bothered to master their instruments and impress their audience. So of course they pass off their crappy work as individualistic or expressionistic or whatever. It’s all about a ‘beat’ or something catchy that distracts listener’s from the hollowness of the song. When was the last time you heard a guitar solo that had more than 10 notes in it? pfft..false creativity is what it is.

  114. Realist says:

    You are so pathetic, but you don’t need me to tell you that, do you?

    Who are you talking too? Me? Or someone who is responding to this blog? I don’t understand…

  115. Andi says:

    Hi Alan,

    First of all, let me say that I liked your blog. I think you stated your opinions quite clearly and I understood what you were saying with no thoughts that you were being mean or hateful. 🙂

    As to my opinion, and not neccesarily on Lady GaGa, I don’t think music is a great world influence at all. Yes, it influences our emotions when we listen to it, and sure some songs have been used in some pretty epic situations, but I can definately say that music has never changed the course of history, influenced the outcome of an important event or decision, nor has it ever had much of an impact on anything of infinte importance. Music will not stop global warming, child abuse, rape or murder. Music will not change politics or stop wars either.

    I love music, don’t get me wrong, and I think it is an integral part of our society, but I just do not see how anyones music has any sort of important ramifications on anything that is going to matter a hundred years from now. Not Madonna, not MJ, not even good old Bob Dylan. Will they be remembered as music icons? Sure they will, but it’s not their music that has an effect on the course of things, it is their actions with charities and things such as that that may impact our future world. To everyone who will read this, this is just my OPINION. If you don’t agree, that’s your right. Please feel free to state yours as well without any childish namecalling and a defensive attitude. 🙂

    Thank you for leaving such a well thought out response and I tend to agree with you. Most music really has no influence on anything. It’s just music. You either appreciate it for what it is or you don’t. I don’t hate Lady Gaga. On the contrary, she is a good representation of where music is these days. My biggest problem with her was the quotes from the magazine. I thought they were silly and jumped on the opportunity to write about her. Since then, she has established the fact that she is exactly the kind of artist that uses theatrics and crazy antics to promote her music. So she has stuck to her guns…and I’ll stick by mine. And I wouldn’t result to namecalling if people weren’t so rude…but sometimes I admit to caving to the irritation of having people I don’t know calling me a prick. If you know me, call me whatever you want. If you don’t know me, kiss my butt. That’s just MY opinion…

    • hell yes says:

      I would like to say thank you as well for writing out your opinion, and not being childish. Now I agree with most everything you are saying. However I am not sure I agree with it all. I think perhaps The Beatles actually did have an impact on history, not only in music, but in history as a whole. Now I am not a crazy Beatle loving weirdo(not that there anything wrong with it if you are). But sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t for the time that Beatles came out, would they really be as big as they are? I mean yes they are great and I love them. But right after J.F.K dying is when they showed up. And so many young people looked up to J.F.K with his death alot of young people needed someone to look up. I mean that is a huge thing. Another thing have you heard of Woodstock? I mean thats not only one band but many that go down in history, I mean if you look in text books in high school both the Beatles and Woodstock are in there. Now this is just my OPINION as well, so please dont call me a jerk or something. I respect yours and would actually like to know your thoughts on this.

      I agree that the Beatles and a few other musicians have definitely made an impact on our cultures. The 60’s were a time of change and the Beatles came along at just the right time and made a huge impact. Some would also argue that Madonna was also as influencial as any artist of the 80’s for the taboos that she broke. There are probably several more but for the most part…pop music is pop music. It isn’t hurting anyone and it doesn’t generate change. It’s there to listen to and enjoy.

  116. DANY says:


  117. anonymous says:

    Lady gag-gag.

  118. worldthreat says:

    for the sake of the whole planet, i hope you never eat your words…

  119. JP says:

    I find GaGa very interesting. Her whole shebang is truly original, but it totally goes against the grain of morals. That’s what I don’t like about her. In short, Lady GaGa needs to put a pair of pants on.

  120. Joe says:

    Just because she has 4 #1 hit songs on her album and popular music videos DOES not mean she is a good artist. It just means she is popular. As far as I am concerned these days, popularity and talent don’t really relate. Yes, her songs are catchy but they don’t have much substance to them. I don’t like her because she is fake in my eyes. She isn’t being herself 100%. I don’t think she will last long, I mean what happens when she gets old? What happens in a year or two from now? I mean, we have seen a lot from her. She has gone beyond our imaginations and she is such a new artist. Won’t there be a time where it just gets old?

    I feel like there are so many artists who are making REAL, MEANINGFUL music out there that are being pushed aside because of artists like GaGa, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros, etc. all these hyped ppl who are do not represent what true music is. I mean anyone can look good and seem really cool with all the smoke and mirrors that Gaga has

  121. ctm says:

    First of all creating anything is art pop music or not and if it makes you feel something that it is mind blowing!! And not anyone can do what she does because everyone is different and she is different I have never seen or heard anything like her she creates visual and audible art the title “pop music” doesn’t make a difference!!!!!!!


  122. Devin says:

    ohhhh goodness,
    people get offended so easily.

    who cares what she said,, what he said,, what anyone said.

    shes famous NOW may have a few more hit records and then some kind of drug/alcohol scandal go MIA for a few years, come back and attempt fame again and here “true” fans will stand behind her but everyone else will just be annoyed and say “i miss lady gaga how she used to be back in the day”

    it has happened with everyone.
    get over it.
    its not like any of you know her personally and if she wasnt famous wouldnt give a shit at all. quit revolving your life around celebrities its just sad.

    I agree. I really SHOULD move on with my life and stop worrying so much about Lady Gaga…but I just can’t help myself!!! I think I might be addicted!!! Maybe Devin can show me the light. Oh thank you so much Devin for showing me the light…!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


  123. kossigan says:

    I personally think you are obsessed with Lady Gaga. You shouldn’t reply to what her fans say either because you are dealing with nutjobs who bought 4 million copies of her album. So she gives a sh*t if we all argue and insult each other over her rather weird responses to an interview. Don’t let them get to you!

    Obsessed? Who’s obsessed? I mean, yes…I do have 20 copies of her album scattered all over my house (not), a couple of posters that my wife has allowed me to hang in our living and dining room (not) AND a life-sized cutout of her wearing an alien spacesuit (REALLY not)! That’s not obsessed…right?

  124. Bibi-Latin says:

    Ohh my God PEOPLE!! first of all: respect his opinion!! Everyone has the right to say anything they like!! I like Gaga but I’m not going sooo crazy about it like all of you!
    He’s just saying what’s he thinks, and that’s deserves a respect!! Like all of you (including me). Soooo live your lifes and let people be!! God bless everyone! Merry Christmas!!
    oh before I forget..I love Bono and U2!!!!! I saw his 360 tour and is AWESOME!!!

  125. Neener says:

    i really don’t get all the hype….but judging by some of the comments here, she’s very polarizing. 🙂

  126. ohmyladygaga says:

    i stopped reading this nonsense about half way down the line of comments. the dude who wrote this claims that he doesn’t have time for Lady GaGa anymore and he has a busy life, but yet he still takes it upon himself to respond to the mostly meaningless comments attached to this article. Since this guys post, Lady GaGa has soared to superstardom, and his little pointless article (that only says how much of a life he has outside of his opinion of Lady GaGa) means nothing to anyone. This guy just needs a life. I also saw where he mentioned Dave Matthews and Kings of Leon?!? they suck, majorly! sorry, but no one with a brain likes them. And Lady GaGa’s music is out there, but that’s what’s awesome about it, because no one in the pop genre has ever done what she’s doing! She is changing the face of pop music to a beautiful new thing. She also writes her own music, 99% of all of it. Name me five pop artists, who were actually good, who did that? You can’t. Celine Dion is amazing, but she barely wrote any of her music. It’d be nice if this moron just picked up his shit and left, cause bro, you suck mega ballz! big time! go rape an orangutan!!
    Thank you. Thank you.

    And you, my friend, are an idiot. Good luck with that.

  127. philip donofrio says:

    honestly I felt the exact same way about this (edit) the first time i saw her open her big fat mouth in an interview and all this crap about art, fashion and how much of an icon she is while all in the third person came spewing out lol. She is just about as outer spacey one woman can get without or maybe with taking drugs. If you can stomach her kanye esque bullcrap long enough to see thru the ego and stupid masks she insists on wearing despite having no eye holes in them then just maybe you to will see what I see.

    I see a girl who is doing whatever ,however, and whenever she can do to stand out and b different in order to separate herself from other acts and creating as much of a buzz as she can while doing it. I mean look at her old hair and stage name, would you b more likely to stop and read an article or listen to a track by a Stefani Germanotta whose a brunette like every other girl next door with a big nose or… would some crazy (edit) who wears little to no clothing, has short blonde hair and looks like a las vegas show girl on acid but just a tad more interesting given the millisecond attention span of todays avid pop listener? Shes doing exactly what Madonna did but in 2009 and its just gonna take some time until shes more widely accepted as an icon. And when she is renowned it will be for more than just her music. just like Madonna she’s going to appeal and sell millions cuz of the sex appeal they create.

    I admittedly edited this comment. Although some of the language was unacceptable, I still thought he had some valid points so…hope ya don’t mind philip…

  128. Mike says:

    Well, Alan I must say I am very impressed at how much hype this blog has gotten. As far as Lady GaGa goes I like listening to her songs because I find it fun to dance to them but that’s just me. Anyways moving on to her, I don’t know her personally (I don’t think anyone on this blog really does…) but from articles in magazine’s and interviews she does seem a little overly confident in her music, but hey who’s to blame I believe that if I had 4 hit songs in my first album I would think I was the best too, oh and I do agree with you and Andi about how musicians effect the world through their action’s rather then through their music. Their success puts the spotlight on them and then what they do in front of everyone is what can eventually change history. But like I said that’s just in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t be impressed. Surprised, maybe. But impressive? No. I can’t believe how many people have responded to this blog. And I can’t believe how many times I’ve had to defend myself. But…still I don’t take it down. It’s a good reminder to me how diverse we all really are. And that includes Lady Gaga (who has quickly become this running joke among my family & friends…).

  129. Jill says:

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    First off…what the hell is she talking about? Secondly…your music is NOT mind-blowing OR anything like having sex.

    You seem to have misunderstood what she was saying.

    She is NOT trying to say her music IS mind-blowing OR anything like having sex. She’s clearly saying as an artist its her job to HAVE mind-blowing sex with the subjects she writes about.
    Thats all I have to say.

  130. dan says:

    OK, but do you understand that POP music gets its name from the word “popular”?

    So, while she/he may be a total wastoid, the music, by definition is popular – for a reason.

    Of course, the whole paradigm of popular music has shifted with the sheer numbers of consumers and availability / exposure of the various artists. While she/he may get a broader exposure, the percentage of those who listen is probably not what Dylan got at the top of his curve.

    And then they turn to gimmicks, such as the latest claim that she has a thang in her pants.

    In today’s alternate media world, even garbage has an audience.

  131. Frank says:

    I googled “tone deaf crazy fans of talentless fakes” and I ended up here…. how are you crazies?

    This is hilarious! I gaurantee half of the people responding to this are 17 year old boys with questionable sexualities wearing Moms eye shadow while angrily weeping over their key boards fighting for the right words but somehow just end up typing “rape an orangutan”. No wonder they relate to GaGa, read their comments, read her lyrics – BOTH crazy as batshit!

    I gonna go now, gonna see if google sends me back here with a search of “it was like she vomitted in my ear”.

  132. Scott says:

    Ok, Here is my problem with all of this….We give these people the spotlight and it goes to their head!!! They take the attention to mean they are inportant, and start to believe they are some way better and superior to the rest of us mortals, but look – who gave these people that impression in the first place? Thats right – us. She is in great company with all sorts of famous people – from sports figures – to politicans – to anyone else who gets their fifteen minutes of fame.

    Here is one common truth in all of this- none of us know her – and what we know of her is filtered through layers of press, internet, and P.R. people. So lets give her the fifteen minutes due to her, and lets see how far she can ride the wave.

    As for the people defending her I say great, have a good time. Enjoy it while you can. Who knows if the next album will be any good.

  133. Rei says:

    Leave Lady Gaga alone!!!!!! Leave her alone!!! I googled my way here and I must say, you are pathetic. I bet you live a sad and lonely life have sex with books. You have no idea what music is. Music is about having fun with your friends and dancing and feeling free! Oh wait, no…that’s what a good night out is. Music is about sound with form suspended in space. Oh wait, no…that’s what farts are. Music is about untethered expression. Wait…that’s what doodling is.

    Un-sarcastically now, this dude is right in saying that TIME WILL TELL. Beethoven was the biggest pop-sensation of his time. History has treated him kindly. Dead music historians are probably spinning in their graves ’cause pop artists like Louis Armstrong have went down in history. Stravinsky’s premier started a literal riot in Paris. What we view as art now is a snapshot of our society. All I have to say is…”Dear people: Have as much fun as you want going gaga but please do not make Lady Gaga into a Picasso, or a Hemingway, or even a freakin’ Beatle because I believe we’re better then that.”

  134. liz says:

    lol…i got a kick outta this blog and the responses!
    it was like listening to a lady gaga song and trying to decipher her lyrics…mind boggling…yet strangely entertaining!

  135. FoxX says:

    This reads like the shallow, empty ramblings of an indignant, self-righteous, petulant child. You don’t like pop music, but all this attention is just too much fun to pass up.

    Uh…I DO like pop music. Just not pop music that sucks.

  136. Carla says:

    No matter what ANYONE says, I believe that Lady GaGa is a genius. She writes her own lyrics, doesn’t give a damn what stupid mainstream idiots say, & her fashion sense is the most artistic & outgoing thing I have seen in forever.

    Just because she uses her sexuality as an instrument in an art doesn’t make her a whore or promiscuous. Other than her fashion & music, she is NEVER mentioned on the news for outrageous behavior. So just keep being jealous, idiots.

    The GaGa is here to stay.<3

    Fashion sense? She was dressed up in balloons for crying out loud…THAT is fashion sense? Ptttthhhhh…

  137. J.D. Stone says:

    I can’t believe so much time has been wasted on this gaga crap, time that could be used spending the ten minutes it would take to get tired of her songs. Some people get lucky and have one cd wonders instead of one hit wonders. I have many cd’s that I can’t live without but others from the same artist/band that collect dust on my shelf. She can play piano very well and has a ok voice but i see her as more of a entertainer than a musician. Without the weird costumes and provocative talk she most likely wouldn’t have gotten this far in the music world. I would let her spend the night but he’s only hot in a unique way. She does have catchy songs. I’ll give her that much but this new cd, i’m not gonna say “wow, she dresses weird”, or “Man i wonder how she’d be in bed”. I have already thought those things over and all that will be left now is her music. Watered down versions of her old hits, repackaged to resell and try to keep in in the limelight. Then Playboy, Rehab, or whatever C-lister she get with to stay afloat.

  138. Jason says:

    I agree with the original blog still. Don’t care how many she sells or how famous she is.. people that are full of themselves are sickening in any capacity.

  139. Collin says:

    I downloaded The Fame yesterday. I had heard about Lady GaGa but didn’t connect the music with the image. Now I have. And…now I’ve seen the videos. I’m not sure about whether what she does is an “art” or other, but it is appealing. It makes me want to shake my ass. That’s the point, right? She’s got a slick image and seems a prodigy at manipulating the media (or her publicists and managers are the prodigies).

    I do have to give a pop star more credit for writing her own lyrics (not sure if she writes any of her music). You look at most lyrics to songs, and there isn’t much to them, but when you match the lyrics with the music and the effect the artist/performer gets, that’s how you can tell whether the lyrics did their job. It’s funny how simple chosen words and sounds can define a song’s mood, or how the music can define the lyric’s mood.

    I understand that there are artists and performers who define our time, and she may not be one of them. What artist/musician defines your time? What musician provides the ‘soundtrack’ to your life or moods?

    Not that anyone gives a hoot about what musicians provide the soundtrack to my life, but I tend to enjoy 80’s pop & rock, alternative bands of today and some classic 70’s rock. If I had to pick one artist/band that has been someone I have listened to my entire life and never gotten tired of I would say U2. But my moods change and so do my tastes depending on the weather, my cycle, which side of the bed I wake up on, etc…

  140. DeShuan Jackson says:

    Not really fair to clump her with the other bubblegum voice synthesized pop crap that is so prevalent in mainstream music today.

    Nothing wrong with having a healthy passion for the art of music. She probably wouldn’t be the artist she is today without that confidence and drive.

    You sir are what we call a “Hater”. Lonely 30 year old who lives in his mother’s basement and when not masturbating feels the need to criticize individuals with talent and success.

    I DO clump her in with other bubblegum voice synthesized crap ’cause that’s what it is.

    I agree. She should have a healthy passion for her art, however being humble, especially so early in her career, would probably do her some good.

    And I’m not a “Hater”, I honestly like some pop music. And I WISH I were a 30 year old living in my mother’s basement. All the other stuff is really none of your business…(P.S. I’m 40, married, 2 kids, and you can suck it.)

  141. Jeannie says:

    You’re 100% right, U know it and know U will be vindicated. History always repeats. U just didn’t pick the exact date when her bull market tanking to a bear, no analyst can do that on the mark. U get FANS, what did U think they would say 2 any1 trying 2 blow the fog away from their ephemeral dreams? U KNEW U would get slammed. U WON’T hear frm non fans, of couse (1 exception anyway). I only found U because I wanted to know what was all the BIG FUSS over this “music” “artust” @ FL’s nitelife. Still don’t get it biu have 2 get 2 hear it endlessly all nite. NEVER hear classics, Stones, Beatles, Dylan, Cream or even a Sinatra to dance to – NOT ONCE. American “brains” have turned 2 mush. Thanks for the fresh air – Jeannie

  142. Jochan says:

    You think too much. Just enjoy music. Simple.

    I don’t think too much and I DO enjoy music. And I don’t HATE Gaga’s music. But everyone here assumes I do. But whatever…it’s all in good fun…

  143. C says:

    Yup, you ARE 100% right, and so is Jeannie about the general populus’ brains turning to mush. For some reason, a lot of Lady Gaga’s fans truly think she’s some sort of musical genius who’s doing something really special. Like we haven’t seen/heard it all before?! LOL. Maybe it’s a sort of brainwashing, because she seems to believe this shit about herself? I don’t know.

    She isn’t doing anything new/special besides making tranny-style hot and embracing her inner slut–but, wait, didn’t Christina Aguilera do that a few years ago too? And Britney Spears? And didn’t they do that because Madonna did it in like the 80s? Dang, so FRESH! You’d think people would be tired of being shocked/awed by pop sluts with mediocre singing skills, but I guess not.

  144. Jess says:

    You must rue the day your ever wrote this blog…*laugh* I read the whole thing and agreed with you every step of the way. But…my favorite part is always the hate mail. Brilliant. I especially love the girl who thinks Lady Gaga is a genius because she writes her own lyrics. Lyrics….where?

    (Oh, and in case you’re wondering why your blog comes up at the top of the google search, it’s because of that tasty pic you included.)

    Yeah…I figured that out a while ago. When I started getting over 2,000 hits a day. Now I’m just a “hit whore” waiting for the Gaga fascination to die down before I write up something on Britney to REALLY piss off all the little 15 year olds…

  145. Jamie says:

    Stop being jealous. Every single this girl has put out this year has become a hit. She’s also kind of sarcastic. If you put in this much time to bash this girl you need to get a life. I love her music, and her music will never be forgotten. She has some awesome songs that aren’t like everyone elses. Don’t you have something else to talk about other than girls you’re jealous of? I couldn’t even read your whole thing it was sooo boring and bitchy. Get a life, Lady Gaga is going to be around for a LONG time bitch.

    I give her 2 more albums…tops. And that doesn’t count the one she RE-RELEASED today because no one bought it the first time…

  146. Me says:

    I love love love Lady Gaga’s music. Oh and by the way, the amount of money lady Gaga makes in ONE day is more than you will make in your whole life. Stop being a jealous asshole and enjoy her music.

    Me? Jealous? Nah. But an asshole? Maybe. Just curious how much money YOU make in a year listening to Gaga’s music. I’m sure you’re making the big bucks…right?

  147. Man GooGoo says:

    Alan, Lady GaGa is pop culture drivel. Her music is crap. But you need to smoke a joint, man. Stop letting the idiot masses get your panties ruffled so…

    But isn’t that the fun of it? I’m just sitting back here reading what the people are sayin’. Personally, I could give a crap less about Lady Gaga or any other pop artist for that matter. It’s just fun to have so many people actually responding to something I’ve written! Trust me when I say that nothing else I’ve written has gotten this much attention…and deservedly so. LOL

  148. Spaghettus says:

    I wish ages were listed with all posts. For all those under 30, GaGa’s using the same basic melody patterns that have been used in pop music since the 60’s and 70’s, and that owes much to big band and other older music. An artist isn’t ground-breaking just because she writes her own music; the music created must be new and unique in some way.

    Pop music has it’s place, and I love some of it. Stevie Wonder is to me, a prime example of a great pop artist. The numbers say MJ is the king, but listen to Superstition, or Sir Duke. Stevie knows how to put together a song that will make you move, and he uses distinctive instrumentation, melodies, and vocals that raise his work above the crowd.

    Interesting that someone attacked you for critisizing GaGa, then bashed DMB. Rhapsody lists 21 major albulms for DMB, going back to ’93. With latin rythms and world fusion influences, they aren’t doing run-of-the-mill rock, either. Staying power: check Uniqueness factor: check
    GG still hasn’t shown either. Game over, DMB wins. Maybe that guy just doesn’t know anyone with a brain?

    It’s strangely fun to read the comments, as some have observed. Another glimpse into the odd mix of minds in the old USA.

    And THIS comment is given 2 thumbs up! Thanks for stopping by!

  149. Hahaha says:

    This is really funny to read, whoever wrote the original blog or whatever is really pussed! I did t even read what pussed him off so much. I love gaga her music is great but he’s probly right, I’ll most likely love somebody else in like two months lol that’s what pop music is all about, shit that’s what music is all about in general! Listen to it find a time and place to love it but WTF it’s music not some life altering experiance from the likes of Witch we will all change the world. I’m sure I’ll never end up at this pave to see what people wrote or deny write in follow up to my amazingly long comment so I’ll end with, gaga is the shit! And the original poster needs a Xanax.

    Absolutely I do! You got some?

  150. Arena says:

    Well lookie here…she used to be normal! Then she went all gaga on us and became this loony looking media whore…

    Very nice. And, as I have said MANY times…I KNOW she has talent. It’s too bad she chose to hide it behind electronic beats & odd costumes…

  151. Beth says:

    I found your article hilarious, completely dead-on and oh so insightful. (I don’t listen to her music and I DID find this through a google search!)

    I think this chick suffers from delusions of grandeur. In my opinion people who enjoy this type of music are less intelligent than the average bear. However, it does have simplistic lyrics and a repetitiveness that children love. (Intelligent adults however, not so much.) I bet she could really make it big if she directed her energy towards a kids show like “The Wiggles”!

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the article. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks! I think…

  152. Sarisse says:

    I can not believe how hard I laughed when reading this. This really made my day. (:

    I mean I, of course, love Lady Gaga and her weirdness and all that jazz. And I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but some people are just taking this entire thing to new lengths! I personally do not care if she is still really famous in 5 years or many years to come.

    I wish everyone would just shut up! If you love Lady Gaga, good for you. If you hate Lady Gaga, GOOD FOR YOU! No one should really be fighting about this. If eveyone could just mature a little bit, respect people’s opinions, the world would be a much better place.

    The most I can say is your post was well written and some people have tendencies to freak out over the slightest things. People will get over it eventually.

    Last word of advice; Everybody just grow up! Thanks. (:


  153. MizMouse says:

    You know, for an opinion piece, this article wasn’t badly written, really. You’re not toting your beliefs as the “one and only truth”, you make fair arguements, you even respond with only mild disdain for the people commenting…

    Then you throw up that nonsense about Taylor Swift. That’s where you lost me. Didn’t Kanye say the same thing about Beyonce? Hm.

    Next time, let people comment and let it roll off, you’re arguement was better off without the temper tantrum.

    Temper tantrum? I don’t know what you’re talking about. My point was that an artist such as Taylor Swift, who is unassuming and humble, gets more accolades than the one who goes above and beyond ridiculousness in order to pimp her product. That’s all I’m sayin’. No tantrum being thrown here…and thanks for stopping by!

  154. Mat Smith says:


    So I was interested in finding out some fact about Lady Gaga, Googled, and this came up very high on the search results.

    I don’t know why one small person in the ether can raise the hackles of seemingly hundreds of protectionist pop lovers, but I am quite amazed!

    I find your comments perfectly acceptable. I mean – they are opinions – but your readers take them pretty seriously don’t they? I personally agree, but if I happened to like Lady Gaga, I don’t think I’d go all loopy like “who are you to judge her, what have you ever done” etc. Greatly amusing.

    Anyway, thought I’d drop a line to say “hello”. I am different to you, in that I think *all* pop music is rather vapid and pathetic, bar perhaps Beatles and suchlike. I similarly find those who stand up for pop music as if it’s some kind of culturally significant thing, silly.

    Gah, the Heat-reading generation…

    Glad you enjoyed the post and it IS somewhat surprising the nuber of comments I’ve gotten over this. But I look at it as everyone has an opinion and I’m gonna stick by mine!

  155. BeeGirl says:

    I find it hilarious that you would cite Dylan or Kings of Leons when talking about Lady Gaga. It’s a totally different arena; and extremely unparallel. You’re coming off condescending to her fans or ppl who like her music in general, when the fact is YOU’RE the one who is really showing how one dimensional you are. There are ppl who can enjoy music like Gaga’s and Dylan..ever thought of that? These artists are not even in the same genre, so I don’t get how you have to undermine one to show how great the other is.

    I have supported Lady Gaga’s music several times in several comments areas. I agree…she is a totally different genre than Dylan or KOL. I think if you were to read all of the comments, you would find that I AM someone who enjoys pop music and I DO understand the various genres of music and have an appreciation for all of them. For the record…KOL have had SEVERAL Top 40 songs and so has Dylan through the years…

  156. gracie says:

    Chea, i think thats a load of crap. She has awesome fashion sence and she got a great voice. !

  157. Kat says:

    I’d have to agree with Alan on this one…after I read the lyrics posted under the blog I almost peed in my pants.

    Oooh maybe she’ll write about incontinence next!!!




  158. blackjancsi says:

    Uhm, I agree that like the 76% of Americans that I outscored in my SATs at the time -as a non-nativespeaker-, you have trouble with understanding what certain sentences mean (typical case is your misinterpretation of the “mind-blowing, reckless sex”). I am an all-eater myself (played classical guitar for 10 years, to name an example), and I think that she is really funny, and she has a strong musical background, one that shows. For the moment, she chooses to write this wishy-washy crap, for fun. But for all this style is worth, she rides the wave pretty well…
    I kind of have a weak spot for her humour. My favourite part so far was when they were in some record shop with Paris Hilton. Miss One-Night-on-Sex-Tape did her usual thing, then Gaga complimented her on her album (now, if you find Gaga’s stuff is trash, what about that? :-))) ), then Hilton suggested they did a song together later on. And that’s where the real fun was at. For a fleeting second, Gaga’s pose of pretending to be the brainless blond media babe broke and you could see something of a mix of disapproval and a “yeah, right”, before she snapped back and agreed “whole-heartedly”. And yes, she should consider herself the superior of Hilton – after all, she has a great voice and CAN really play the piano and write songs.
    But then again, I agree with you – she does not seem like the type who would take your comments to heart – after all, who cares about anything? :-)) Thanks for letting me speak out, peace!

  159. Charlie says:

    I do HAVE to respect your opinion. because its just one persons opinion. and a few others jusdging by the comments. But come on, you know that people are going to came along and say things like YOU SUCK BALLS or go rape a harmless monkey.

    Personally, i like the artist (or whatever you want to call her, to me she is an artist) her music is something i can shake my ass to. and i like that. I like music that i can move to (Example: Rihanna- disturbia. Kesha- Tik Tok. shit like that. i love that kind of music. but thats just me.)
    This post didnt make me mad at all. I was entertained, reading someone elses opinion. I do think that you missunderstood what she said about the unprotected sex.

    But there is one thing i have to get a littel frustrated over, Kings of Leon is NOT a good music group (band, whatever i think they suck) if you have taste like that its no wonder you dont like GaGa. And Thats okay. Completely fine, because its what you like, its not like you are tryin to force us who do like her to start listening to Kings Of Leon (eww). so by all means. state your opinion. oh and one last thing, What the FUCK does pretentious mean.

  160. Joe B says:

    There’s something about her voice that captivates me. The first time I saw here on American Idol, I told my wife “who’s that freak” and now I am listening to her songs. Not sure why, but I still love the Poker Face song and haven’t been bored with it yet which is more than I can say with other artists.


  161. Ruben says:

    Hilarious, fashion sense and Gaga in one sentence.
    The little skank hardly wears anything on her gigs…

    So this blog has even reached the outer limits of civilisation (that is: Belgium). I’d have to agree with the host, Gaga is the musical equivalent of a “round the corner hotdog”. Everyone likes one (especially after some brews), but when you’re in for some real food, you go to a decent restaurant.

    Some people don’t seem to realise that even a quote as “I write my own music” is probably written by someone else.
    Don’t get me wrong, I tap along to her tunes as well, but to call her musical genius would be 5 bridges too far.

    Yes she’s an icon, a representation of the rat racing, fastfood loving, shopaholic, soulless, hollow generation of the 21st century. God bless her, she’ll need it when the lights have gone down:)

  162. renae says:

    haha, you’re dumb. not to mention you’re stretching the quotes you selected and fashioning them for your devices however you see fit. also, lady gaga writes her own music, taylor swift is the epitome of what it is you’re ranting about, she didn’t MAKE IT in the music biz on her own, she went on shameful gross american idol. learn how to dance and maybe you’ll understand the importance of good dance music. idiot.

    Uh…no. I DIDN’T stretch the quotes and Taylor Swift was never on American Idol. You are an idiot and you probably can’t hold a beat with a metronome…jackass.

  163. sirg says:

    wow is any of u more retarded
    the Bad Romance has gon on for like 2 weeks and she already got almost 2 million views (youtube)
    == thats nobody??? even lil waynes “no cealing” mix like swag surfing and w.e is only half her size and hes been doing it since 13
    —- and yo the genious here who like to differentiate himself by any means, except actually doing it and creating something of his own damn self: ur helping bro.. so u pissed and her in a smile is all that is left in the end, cause like wayne they use u haters lol
    its all u good for, takin the hate outta dem and into pathetics lik u, wise assholes
    as u like to see urself (if im wrong, look up and c for urself> its media, no matter wat u try, ur helping it idiot

    THERE IS NO NEW TUNES THAT HAS REACHED TIS SORT OF RATING SO QUICK so if she a nobody, thats cause she aint lik the rest of the crowd of “somebodys”

    try going to a club and enjoy things without thinkin cause these artist dont have to do it for you.. what you think her market is? sophiticated, boring, staying at home ppl? LMAO
    [just like some tv show is not meant for everyone; comparing like friends with fraiser… u can say which is better (no shit) but both worked to make that artists (writer) a big fat smile on his face

    plus with music going on as long as it has, wtf new are u expectin to pop up??
    w.e she is doing to get those kinds of rating, i dont think there is any better way to get it cause no1 can lol
    that miley girl is like crack to the youngins but she has it easy cause children are the easiest to market, so ill just give her credit for being 1st in line, at the right spot with the right attitude; but thats luck- gaga needs to think up new shit, A for attitude ON TOP OF FLOW,RHYTHEM and LYRICS
    so excuse her if she pre-occupied on everything and cant specialize wat she sayin, like any1 cared wat the oldies have said wen its fri and sat night LMAO
    u just help me realize wat a loser u are in the end, not some pop singing girl; im sorry to b tha truth and direct but thats all u managed to accomplish with this lil blog

    your just amazed at the results and your thought about her does not seem to clarify your understanding of the whole situation, and ill tell you why
    u got no swag and you just dont kno how to flaunt it
    “cause ur too good for everyone” -> that attitude is only worth shit in the end, after the hustle of being someone
    and thats all in attitude, not brains
    like comparing what you know about lady gaga or some new hater bullshit concept
    make something of yourself, and ill listen; otherwise there is nothing to learn from u cause u “think”
    gee genious, thats amazing, u aint even worth my attention with wat ive held my life, or being direct with wat i want lik a point of a knife

    its hard to realize but no1 gives a shit wat u like or think ought to be the way
    that kills that whole freedome in music to be wat you are no matter wat (which basically is the whole fun in it)

    im kinda thankful for lady gaga cause im like wtf, ive never seen tis shit before and its bout time
    shes kinda cute with that insane attitude like that girl with big eyes, tapping her fingers crazy or yo look at
    1:15, she has unique expressions (i think with those big eyes she trying to symbol a doll, but imma guy so iunno shit girls ever think, let alone the gaga livin a world of her own, which is another hard thing to accept but u have no place or worth a face to be in

    and and FLOWW she got great floww, which is kinda more important then lyrics; cause u gotta enjoy actually listenin to the thing not think bout it (clubbin and jammin)
    ITS MUSIC. GO TO A BOOK AND GET ALL COMPLICATED AND SHIT by yourself. her market is for clubbers cause its possible she aint singing for everyones taste; good for that too
    (my flag is all about NO HATEIN), something always has something to be taken into consideration, even if its only one thing… thats all u need (look at that miley girl rippin off hilary- not bad ill say for a 13yr girl who murks my entire life of husstlin
    in the end ill know the answers whats more real, but that just dont cut the deal
    these times anymore
    = plz dont reply some nerd shit that makes no sense like i got my opinon u got urs (no shit), just stfu and stop trying to stir something “new”, when u aint in the first place
    and tis message is not to make u look more important or think cause u get ppl reactin; u all amazing and shit (wat u think u are…anotha lady gaga lol …idiot contradictin himself)
    but to all HATERS

    i cant ignore her cause… who will? lol

    is it possible that any of us havnt though of the max of all possibilites… ill go listen to gaga then another boring “im right” hater

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Mostly because I have no idea what this commenter is talking about. But here’s what I THINK I get out of it…he/she agrees with me 100% and intends to write his/her Congressman and tell them that I should be declared a genius.

    • Niki says:

      Whoa hun. You sure spent a lot of time on that. Is that considered ‘husstlin?’ Also, who is ‘lil wayne,’ and why is he being compared to Lady Gaga? Please excuse my ignorance.

  164. Kat says:

    I didn’t think that those comments were annoying or pretentious… it sounded more like she was being sarcastic or deliberately over the top.

    I think Kanye West (BAWW I didn’t get artist of the year! BAWW Beyonce is the best) is pretentious and a jerk. That not so much.

    And she IS really talented in her live covers, look up Paparazzi (one of the electro-beat songs from her CD) on piano on youtube. She has one for Pokerface too. Her voice is stunning, I think it’s silly she has it so electronic-ized on CD. But its what makes money :/

  165. songwriter says:

    Believe it or not, she has acoustic versions of all her songs on the piano. Look it up. And have you ever written a song? I can tell you right now, as I fellow song writer, when you get into a song you know is going to be great, you can’t sleep. I’ve personally been up two days in a row working on a piece of music without even realizing it.

    And on a final note, she’s not someone whose overly focused on her lyrics, like a lot of people. That can be a bad thing, yes, but sometimes, people just want to play music and listen to it. How often do you hear a great tune that has some of the worst lyrics you’ve ever heard? Majority of the songs out there don’t have a lot of metaphorical substance. That’s because the emotion that’s being played doesn’t come from the lyrics, it comes from the music within.

  166. Lisa Marie says:

    Now do Adam Lambert!

    Oh…I TOTALLY want to! But honestly…he’s doing exactly what I thought he would do. I wasn’t really all that surprised by the AMA performance and what I have heard of his album, he’s released a perfectly good pop album. Soooo…I got nothing unless he suddenly starts parading around in a thong and calling Madonna “momma”. Or maybe if he releases a song with Justin Timberlake. THAT might be kinda odd…

  167. Bob Dobolina says:

    Years ago, I saw a New Jersey band called “The Triplets”. Three cute little Italian girls (triplets) who could sing OK and who had a rich uncle in the Mafia or something. As far as I can tell, they went nowhere. In order to get a hit in America these days, you’ve got to distribute some serious swag to the people who control the airwaves. A friend of mine who’s a plugger said it can cost millions to break in a major market like Cleveland or LA.

    Lady Gaga sort of reminds me of The Triplets a little bit. Except there’s only one of her, and her uncle obviously has a hell of a lot more money.

  168. Sod White says:

    Yes. Pop music is, indeed, meaningless, and in all likelihood, dead. Yes, I said it. Pop is dead. Lady Gaga and the countless other pretentious princesses that came before her raped it in a dark alley with a handful of bamboo skewers then murdered it.

    You can dream whatever little pipe dreams you want about Michael being the King of Pop or whatever, I seriously think we owe it all to Mr. Bowie.

  169. Chuck says:

    I actually entirely agree with everything you said about Lady GaGa, and I think it was well-put. I do, however, have one issue, and that’s with the way you characterized pop music.

    I think to suggest that an entire genre–in this case, pop–is entirely insignificant and unimportant is discriminatory and unfair. Entertainment and fun are important components of pretty much everyone’s life, in one form or another; why shouldn’t music contribute to that? Must every song be a political anthem or sociological study in order to be important? Quite the contrary, I think some of the most important bands and artists of our time have performed/written many songs whose main redeeming value were slick guitars, catchy choruses, and the ability to rouse crowds into singing along.

    Lest we forget, for the first three years of their career, The Beatles were almost exclusively a pop band, writing songs centering entirely around boy-girl relationships and teen dating.

    So, in summation, I definitely agree with you on GaGa. But I think to suggest that “pop” music is unimportant or has no redeeming value is perhaps a bit mistaken.

    Thanks Chuck and I will defend myself and say that I don’t think I called pop music “insignificant”, but if I did I apologize. I agree that pop music DOES have a purpose. I just don’t think it has ever changed our way of life in any significant way. With few exceptions, pop music is, for the most part, fun to listen too and non-threatening. Occasionally that rare artist or band appears and makes a ripple that influences either a group of people or a culture, but it’s rare and unusual. But I suppose it’s not unheard of. Lady Gaga has struck a nerve with a certain group of people, but I doubt she will be changing the landscape of pop music or changing our culture in any way.

  170. wusup! says:

    hey wusup people…the only thing i want to say(actually more than one) is… theres some people out there saying”if you hate her so much why are you writing about her?” the answer is in Article 19 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights and Article 9 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, also known as freedom of speech, this guy is just posting he’s opinion and he’s NOT asking you to read it, the real question here is:if you love her so much why are you reading this blog?, another thing I agree with this guy is: her music is NOT bad at all, but it’s just nothing special, She’s not gonna last that much in all those lists, last thing she IS really hot xD

  171. Marie says:

    She’s big enough to catch your attention.

    I guess. I’m kinda over it already.

    • Alison says:

      No you’re not. You’re still replying to posters.

      Honestly, and I don’t mean this how it’s going to sound, but it sounds like you’re the pretentious one–you have continually dismissed legitimate arguments about what she said or didn’t say or whatever, instead insisting that you KNOW what she meant and you can’t possibly be wrong.

      I’m a Lady Gaga fan, and you might dismiss me for that, but I’m gonna give this a shot anyway. I’m honestly more of a classic rock person, but I was drawn to Lady Gaga when she released the song ‘Bad Romance.’ I didn’t really “get” her before that. I didn’t get the hype, was tired of hearing about her puh-puh-puh-pokerface, and honestly didn’t want to hear Love Game ever again.

      But Bad Romance (and its video, to be honest) changed her for me. She’s a marketing -genius.- She has an incredible voice, and she’s comfortable with her body. She doesn’t have a giant boob job, and her nose is kinda big, and she never hides the fact that she wears wigs. That was a big deal for me in a world where girls are so pressured to look like skinny little supermodels (and don’t tell me that’s changing, because it’s not).

      Bad Romance told an incredible story–it spoke to me in ways her other stuff didn’t. She claimed (somewhere) that it was a story of loving someone no matter what baggage they carried, but that it was up for interpretation. The first time I heard it, it translated into falling in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with, an unhealthy relationship–which I’d been in.

      From there, I started giving some of her other stuff a chance, and found that now that I “got” her, her music was a lot more enjoyable to me. She’s always come off as humble and gentle in her interviews, speaking for love and gentle conflict resolution rather than trying to turn her fans on people. When her fans turn on someone, it’s just because that particular person is immature. It’s not fair to judge an entire group of people based on one or two nuts.

      But I’m just a crazy Lady Gaga fan. What do I know?

      I’m not judging ALL of her fans. Just the ones who come on here and make long, rambling statements about how insightful & original she is. She IS a marketing genius and she has made quite a name for herself. Hell…I just heard “Alejandro” on the radio on the way home tonight. So…I am in the minority. So be it. I’m only a little over a year in my statement. I got 4 to go. Will she make it? Let’s wait and see!

  172. cheriaxe says:

    Lady Gaga isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I think she’s just trying to find a way to stand out in the overcrowded group of female pop ‘divas’.

    Personally, I think her music is fun to listen to. I don’t worry about her longevity though, because nowadays most singers crash and burn after a couple of albums.

    I have to disagree with your comment about Taylor Swift though. I think she’s about to hit her peak, and then she better quickly crossover to pop-only music or she’ll be banished to the country music bin. Then she can join these women in that bin who enjoyed extreme crossover success and then were forgotten when the next ‘It’ girl came along: Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Gretchen Wilson, etc.

    I truly do NOT mind Lady Gaga’s music. It’s fine and very much the definition of today’s pop music. I’m cool with that! As for Taylor Swift’s rise to success, I have no idea why she is so popular. I don’t listen to her music. But you might be correct. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.

  173. Rachel says:

    I agree that you are entitled to your opinion but the way that you convey it comes across as a way of you trying to tell everyone what to think of Lady GaGa. Feel free to state your opinion but you do not need to make it so vicious. If its the music your interested in and claim to be “crap” then only discuss her music you do not need to sit and quote what you didn’t like her saying in her interviews. Also if she’s that bad why waste your time watching/listening to her interview?

    Lady GaGa does write most of her lyrics, unlike most artists in today’s charts. And fair enough you may not like her lyrics but many people do, there catchy and they have a good beat unlike a lot of music today. She is taking pop music in a new direction and its a good and interesting one which many other artists are trying to imitate.

    Sorry Rachel, but I disagree with you. Her music is NOT revolutionizing the music industry. It is only a copy of everything that has already been done before. it’s just this generation hasn’t seen it so they “think” it’s fresh. But that’s okay. I don’t harbor any ill will to whoever finds Lady Gaga to be a fresh new pop artist. If you have never heard or seen it before, then of course she’s gonna be hot to you. But it HAS been done before.

  174. Kyle says:

    Dude, this is all damn true. Good to see this world’s not so blind at all. Yeah GaGa is damn famous today, just like as older forgotten stuff from yesterday. Let’s get some examples to base this shit up.

    Did guys hear about Colbie Caillat today? Maybe yesterday? Last week?…Month??

    Yeah yeah, but GaGa’s better then Colbie. Poor Colbie.

    Let’s go further

    Do you guys hear about Kelly Clarkson or Avril Lavigne these days? Yeah, I guessed not. Maybe the fans who look after them, but these names just don’t pop out on the news anymore. Well, that might come off as a shocker to most people who read this but, GAGA (at least at this present day) IS HUNDREDS MILES FAR from these singers. They were pretty famous at their time, but the concurrency unfortately blew then off through the passing years. But they were famous. Damn famous. But that makes quite a while.

    I’m not defending Avril or Kelly. I’m not fond of both, but u guys got the point.

    I just typed this stuff above to say one single thing. These responses and discussions are TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. Seriously, F’ing grow up. It’s not because u worship somebody that it gets instantly perfect. Maybe in your world, but thats YOUR problem. Your opinion about GaGa responds only to you, but remember that OPINIONS ARE NOT FACTS. This dude Alan said the pure truth, if cant handle it, well, then go (edit) yourselves or whatever, just don’t bother other people with your issues.

    Again, I say: I don’t hate GaGa, I don’t love Avril or wtvr, but is simple as shit. Gaga can’t be so pretentious (being confident and humble is damn possible, please, PLEASE don’t be stupid) or, as other might put it, stuck up because of her fresh succes. NOBODY EVER CAN, nothing justifies it. She’s wrong and period.

    I really hope I made the world better wasting my time posting this.

    (Comment edited for content. Sorry dude…it’s a little harsh) You didn’t. But I appreciate the support (I think…)

  175. Heuston says:

    So I listen to alot of music. I like Kings of Leon as well as Lady Gaga. I also like Silverstein, Metallica, AC/DC .. etc.
    Lady Gaga’s music is pop but it’s great!. Just because music is pop music, doesnt mean its not as good as let’s say rock or another genre. The lyrics are great and shes so out there and different. Its her way of expressing herself. She pretty much started the whole futuristic theme that Beyonce is doing in her videos as well as other artists. Therefore she has already influenced artists. Im sure she has influenced or inspired many girls already as well.
    I agree that you do have your opinion, but why did you feel the need to share your opinion with the world over something so stupid.

    And why do you feel the need to respond to my opinion with the world over something so stupid?

  176. Heuston says:

    and if you dont care so much why do you keep writing back on people comments

    Because I apparently have no life. But you commented first!

  177. Sexical says:

    Regardless, I still wish I was her music so she would roll around in bed and have condomless sex with me.

  178. dwoz says:

    It is easy to see how you could have this opinion. The pop/dance/electronica genres that Lady Gaga circulates in are marked by some very significant constraints, that help define the genres.

    These constraints are like a limited palette…every genre has it. Country is probably the most constrained, in terms of what kinds of musical excursions are “valid” in the genre.

    These constraints could be considered limitations, or they could be considered guides.

    Lyrics: in a world where one of the seminal examples of the art have the words “da do ron ron”…I call bulls**t on your comment about her lyrics. I’m not going to declare that they’re genius, far from it, but the most GENIUS lyrics we have, are odes to simplicity, conciseness, and brevity in service to deep meanings.

    Lyric writing is a multidisciplinary art, that goes far beyond the simple language meaning of the words. The untrained eye (such as yours) can certainly be forgiven for not recognizing competence and facility in the example.

    Not saying it’s everyone’s cup ‘o tea, but just because you don’t recognize the craft displayed, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

    Agreed (especially the ‘untrained eye’ part. Especially when it comes to an aural medium). And very well stated. And lots of big words! Wow…I need to get my dictionary…

  179. Ian says:

    I am a 29 year old college graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in psychology. I am also a recovering Heroin addict with just over one year clean following more than a decade of I.V. Heroin use, among many other substances.
    Like some of the other people who have posted on here i have of course “Heard of” Lady GaGa yet have never seen her picture. Curiosity got the better of me and i decided i was bored enough to do a google image search of her and came across this article.

    I couldnt agree with you more my friend. you made some interesting points which were based in fact AND you cited your reference for those comments. To this very day i STILL become amazed with how badly people can overreact and how pissed off they can get from one person out of several BILLION posting his or her own opinion about a POP “artist” he/she may not like. God forbid anyone has a different opinion or taste in music than another person. people can REALLY GET unglued if someone else doesnt agree with their beliefs, opinions, religion, music, or underwear size.
    you made me laugh today, for that i will say thank you. there are some really sad people out there. i spent the past 10 years of my life shooting heroin into any vein i could find. i thought i dealt with some unsavory whack jobs then, but i have come to find out that they come out of the woodwork if people say bad shit about lady gaga on the internet. Keep up the good work.
    p.s. i love me some Pearl Jam, if you talk shit about them i hope you burn in hell and get raped by that innocent monkey that person accused you of raping. DO NOT verbalize any opinion you may have about them if its negative, i get scared and lonely when someone doesnt like what i like.

    Dude…sounds like you’ve had more important things to deal with than MY opinion on anything. However, so ya know, the latest Pearl Jam album WILL be in my Top 10 favorite albums of 2009. Lady Gaga’s…will not. 🙂

  180. Ian says:

    i also wanted to add something about this whole “she writes her own lyrics, therefore she’s God” theme i’m noticing…….
    preschoolers and kindergartners make their very own finger paintings, malformed ashtrays, and various other non artistic examples of feces that only the parents or close relatives can look at with a straight face and not ask “what the hell is that?”. does the fact that these kids crafted the objects with their own tiny fingers make the crappy paint soaked paper sell for big money at exhibits?………NOPE……it’s STILL just worthless crap…yes they made it themselves, but it’s still crap.

    (side note to website admin: isnt that new P.J. album F*ing good? i bet they even wrote a few of the lyrics all by themselves too)

  181. Steph says:

    Okay so i personally like Lady GaGa a lot. I am a very artistic person myself. I prefer alternative and punk most of the time but i truly appreciate her wierdness. The fact of the matter is that she came from New York, has always had money and fortune surrounding her, and therefore it makes sence that she is snotty. Though, i don’t think that these quotes were that bad. i’ve heard her say worse.
    basically i agree with you that she’s egotistical but her entire album is about being “rich” and “famous” so it’s her thing. Though, i do think that she will stick around. I don’t think it will be in pop music, i think she’s slowley creating her own weird genre of theatrical music.

    And i think you have a pretty good taste in music EXCEPT Kings of Leon.
    The lead singer mumbles horribly and the lyrics are just as simple and stupid as lady GaGa’s

    “you know that I could use somebody
    you know that i could use somebody
    someone like you”

    and the constant “whoaaawhoaaawhoaa” UGH that is just very very irritating.

    Oh and one more thing. Your a guy so…why would you like Lady Gaga’s music unless you were gay?

    for the record i am not calling you gay
    but her music is much more girl friendly then guy friendly

    Thanks 🙂

    Yeah…I realize that everyone has an opinion on music and I can appreciate that. I also enjoy pop music quite a bit actually and I don’t think any less of Lady Gaga’s music than I do, say, an Adam Lambert or a Rihanna. Fact of the matter is, in the past week alone, I have downloaded music from both of those artists as well as Blackroc, Danzig, David Bowie, Patti Smith, Muse, Jenny Lewis, Spoon and the new Bravery cd. I enjoy all KINDS of music and I don’t really cater to either one. My posting wasn’t about Gaga’s music. I understand what it is. It was a reader who brought up her lyrics, so that is why I got into THAT conversation. Of course pop music isn’t always life-changing. The lyrics are supposed to be fun (although I would argue they were much MORE fun in the 80’s…but that’s for a different posting) and Gaga’s lyrics, although nothing to get all gaga about, aren’t anything different from anything else out there…doesn’t matter whether she wrote it or not. As for the gay community and women “getting” her music more than men, I disagree. Men can enjoy good pop tuneage as well while having our sexuality intact. But if you fire up Gaga on the jukebox at the local pub, I imagine you’re gonna have to answer to someone! LOL

  182. Steph says:

    Ehum…. read better…
    She said:
    “I like to roll around in bed with my songs and figure out WHAT feels good.”
    She didn’t say “THAT”… She means she listen to the ongs to hear if there’s something special to keep or not…

    She also just said “it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about”. She means she feels like “having sex with her music…” But of course like every artist she gets misunderstood and has other people reading through the lines…

    A lot of people think that just cause a song SOUNDS and LOOK simple… it is. The most difficult thing is to write singles that will enter the charts!!!!!!!

  183. Niki says:

    I admit I haven’t read through all of the comments on this page. Forgive me if I am repetitive.

    I want to like Lady Gaga. I really do. I wish I could see what others see that contributes to how well she’s done this last year. I just can’t do it. Every time I watch a music video of hers on YouTube I am baffled by what people will think in 10 years. I question if the next generation will wonder what the hell was wrong with us obsessing over this futuristic techno/electronica that was only popular with a select few (1) artists. That is if the next generation even cares she existed. I guess I shouldn’t expect much else from any woman that Perez Hilton calls his ‘wifey’ and dresses up as for Halloween.

    Also, I’m not sure if I can post links on your blog so wish me luck. http://www.fabulousmag.co.uk/celebs/celeb_lady_gaga_058.php
    If you get this, be sure to read this article/interview with Gaga. It might actually make you want to pick up your shit and leave.

  184. Ali says:

    Honestly, I listen to a wide range of music, and I enjoy Lady Gaga for the superficial reasons that so many others do. And I am okay with that, just as I am okay with people thinking her music is mindless drivel. The fact of the matter is that music is a form of expression, and I love that people are passionate about this topic and wish to defend what they find to be ascetically pleasing, but just as it may not express for others what it expresses for you. Take what you want from your music, take it at a superficial level, discuss the sexual, political, religious, or social underpinnings, let it move you (whether that be good or bad), but let others take from their music what they will as well. Pop doesn’t have to be a meaningless genre, but if you are going to ramble and attack people for justly finding pop superficial you really aren’t helping are you?? And I’m sure Lady Gaga doesn’t mind blogs that challenge her status as a “pop superstar”: any publicity is good publicity (unless you are Kanye). Finally, I enjoyed this blog, but I have to ask: what exactly does someone who seems to know quite a bit about music like about Taylor Swift? I’m honestly asking because I feel I know a bit about music too and I have always found her voice dreadful and her lyrics lackluster and as a teenager myself cutesy and unable to relate to. Keep fighting for opinion, its good to see people challenging what the sheeple of America embrace without thought or consideration!

    Thanks for the comment and I think I have mentioned in here several times (not that you could read ALL of these comments but I know it’s stated in here somewhere) that I’m not really a Taylor Swift fan. I just appreciate how she does her business. I have never heard her say anything that is as ridiculous as the things I’ve heard Gaga say and she has gone on to win several awards and has gotten accolades not only from the music industry but also from her fans who are, in my opinion, much classier than SOME fans out there. My post was about exactly what you have stated…Lady Gaga’s music is superficial pop music. There’s nothing wrong with it. But when she starts making statements like she does, she comes across like an asshole. I’m sorry…but it’s true. Swift is classy, whether you like her music or not. I got respect for that.

    • Ali says:

      Sorry, I just got through all the posts, which all I can say is…wow, I’m so sorry for some of the shit you had to put up with over this blog that respectably shows not so much the dreadful state of pop music, but the arrogance and idiocy of pop musicians today, especially if they think they have some claim to longevity just because they hit the top of the charts a few times. Unfortunately, it seems that the same arrogance is manifested by many fans too, and looking back on it…Swift and her fans do seem to have class. Where Gaga uses absurdity and sexuality to appease the media, Swift has used eloquence to get her a long way in the music business and in the minds of fans. It feels really good to look at it from both points of view 🙂 thanks!

  185. Jackie says:

    she wasn’t eligible to win artist of the year because one of her videos had already been nominated the year before…do your research 🙂

    Are you talking about the AMA’s? She WAS nominated for best artist. I watched it. She lost. Deal with it.

  186. schwetang says:

    alan yr being a hippie.. lol..

  187. Peter says:

    In my native dialect, the name “Lady Gaga” literally translates to “A Stupid Woman”.

    I am aware that the preceding statement that I just made was out of context as in regards to your editorial, but I simply had to share! =)

    Please allow me to express my gratitude for your exerted efforts and for the very existence of this particular blog of yours. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who felt the same way you did… so thank you.

    I am otherwise indifferent when it comes to this woman, but if only to placate these benighted individuals, observe how the ones who denigrate you and/or your article, are also the ones who fail to possess the ability to grasp the relevance of disparity between a malign statement and an honest scrutiny, – formed exclusively – centered on what we are being presented with.


    Thanks Pete. Not sure what you’re talking about but it sounds positive…

    • Peter says:

      ummm…. I just meant that you’re doing a fantastic job, so keep it up… and fuck the haters! =)

      Oh. Okay then! Thanks dude! LOL

  188. Dave says:

    Stop apologizing for your post, it’s needy

    I thought being needy was a part of being a blogger? Well crap…I’ve had this all wrong for this long?

  189. Tiffany says:

    Few people would argue that Lady Gaga’s lyrics are what you would call “poetry.” Sure, you could even call them “crap.” That’s uncontroversial. However, there is a certain skill in being able to turn “crap” into millions of dollars, countless airtime and international popularity. You might not like it, you might not agree with it, but you have to respect it.

    This blog is billed as “Pessimistic Views From An Optimistic Person,” however this article and the author’s responses therein possess an overwhelmingly insulting tone. Does the author have the right to say whatever he wants? Of course. Do his readers possess this same right? Of course.

    It’s disheartening that the author has interpreted this as free license to insult and degrade the very people who have given him his popularity. For example, in one comment he told someone to “Go fuck yourself ass munch.” Really? How are we supposed to respect the author or his blog when he refuses to respect his own readers or the subjects of his articles?

    Are some of the commenters hostile? Yes. However, this article is among the most hostile I’ve read in response to a singer/songwriter. Of course the author is going to receive hostile reactions. That does not make it okay to turn the comment section into the author’s own personal game of “whom shall I insult today.”

    I’m not even a Lady Gaga fan. I just find it sad and disheartening that such bullying blogging techniques continue to exist today. It’s obviously worked for the author, so kudos to him and kudos to Lady Gaga.

    And of course the readers can go write their own material and leave me alone. That is their right and they can say whatever they want. As for Lady Gaga, I DON’T have to respect anything about her. Just like you don’t have to respect me. We’re all on even ground here on this earth. I imagine some day Lady Gaga will die. So will I. So will you. And then no one will care one way or another what I think, or what you say, or what kind of crap Lady Gaga pumps out at us. As for the “people who have given me my popularity”, they don’t exist. This particular blog has more attention than anything else I have written simply because people have “Googled” Gaga’s picture. It’s how you got here, and just about everyone else. No one has even looked at anything else I have written or returned to leave comments on any other postings. So when I get some dick coming to MY personal blog and starts calling me names without even bothering to read what the article is even about, then YEAH…they ARE an asshole and I really don’t think care what YOU think about it. I truthfully don’t think I was particularly harsh on the artist because, quite frankly, if I had said those things in ANY context, I’m sure people would have been rolling their eyes and calling me an idiot. But someone who is an “artist” does it, she’s brilliant. Well…I think she’s crap. But that doesn’t mean I’m right. It just means I have an opinion. Much like yourself. So thanks for “Googling” by. Glad to know ya and I assume I’ll never hear from you ever again.

    • Tiffany says:

      Alan, I did actually take the time to peruse through your other blog entries before commenting and the reason I was so shocked about this article in particular was because your other articles are not nearly as judgmental as this one. People may arrive here through Google, but you are wrong to assume that they do not read any of your other entries just as you were wrong to assume that I wouldn’t come back.

      You toss around the word “respect” like it’s something that should only be afforded to the elite. However, what about respect for someone as a human being? I respect you as a human being and as someone with a family who struggles with very real issues like back pain and sciatica. You have very strong opinions, especially regarding music and music celebrities. But ultimately, I don’t know you no matter how much I read about you, just as you don’t know Lady Gaga no matter how many articles you read about her or how many songs you hear from her.

      That said, you’re welcome to express the opinion that she is crap. However, when you insult individual people who read your blog (whom you know even less about), you’re not only expressing your opinion. You are proving that you are no better than the people you are trying to insult.

      My dear Tiffany…I appreciate what you are trying to say here, and seriously…I appreciate that you took the time to read more of my postings. As you can see. I am really not the vicious animal that everyone seems to think I am. Moreso, you may have proven me wrong in your case, however, of all the people who have responded to this post, you are the only one who has stopped to ready anything else I’ve written (and I know because on WordPress I can see what articles have been read). Not that I am fishing for readers, because I’m not, but the people who I find myself defending myself against are people who have found this post by Googling her image. And that’s fine. But if someone were to come up to me in my home and call me an ass for disliking lima beans (which I hate but other people like) and do it in a way that some of these other commenters had, I wouldn’t just sit there and take it. I’d tell them to bite me. Much like I’m not gonna sit here and take it because someone happens to think Lady Gaga is the greatest artist ever. Originally this post started out as a snide thought in my head. A recording artist that had 1 Top 10 single on her resume made what I thought were some pretty ridiculous comments in a magazine that I used to read (Blender is now defunct). SInce then, obviously, she has gotten much bigger and more popular. And I could have taken this post down months ago. However, I have to admit, I have enjoyed some of the comments that I have gotten and learned quite a few things about myself along the way. Have I been abrasive at times? Sure. But I also think that I have been fair when someone makes a good point or, even in some cases, when they point out one of my many flaws that I can see in myself. So if my comments seem harsh to you, I apologize. However as I have gone back through some of them, I don’t see anything in here that I need to defend myself about. Much like I don’t expect anyone who made snide comments about me to apologize either. I am the administrator of this site. It’s not a Christian help group. I’m not here to make friends. I come here to write MY thoughts and if I offend someone, so be it. But maybe someone actually finds my posts amusing and wishes to return, I think it’s great. But all of this kind of back in forth is just mind fodder for me. It’s something to occupy my time when I’m not working or playing with my kids or doing something around my house. It’s a creative outlet and I’m a sarcastic guy. If this offends you, then you can go elsewhere. I won’t mind. But if you like what I write, please feel free to stay and comment all you want! It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on things! 🙂

  190. James says:

    I guess a little fame can be a dangerous thing.

  191. DannyDash says:

    I like Lady GaGa’s music. And I like it as well as a whole lot of other things from classic to pop, trance to hardstyle or hardcore. But I can’t relate to her as my idol (I never have to anybody), I won’t be protecting her from negative comments. The reason I like her music is because of it’s simplicity and catchy tunes, there’s no rocket science behind her lyrics either, I could probably write the same thing in a few minutes if the right muse kissed me (although I’d probably be turning english grammar upside down). Guys, the opinions that she will be on stage in the next 10 years are as sci-fi as the costumes she wears. Sure she will be here, but only as long as another comes by.

    I agree with author’s article.

    I’d like to add something like what I do think about nowadays pop music but everything has been written so I’d rather get a life before another fan of GaGa starts insulting me 😉

    I’ll sum it up – I like few (4) GaGa songs but she’s nothing special, no inventions, nothing we haven’t seen before.


  192. dani says:

    I just have to get in on this…

    I like Lady GaGa. But you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed this article, and all the “updates” following it. Even the video. (I laughed. Hard.) I’m not offended. I didn’t think you were hating on her and her fans or attacking anyone… It is pop music. It comes and goes like the boy bands who made 2 MAYBE 3 CDs. (Which each got far worse than the previous.) And I (confession!) enjoyed those, too. But hey. I was young and naive, and now I just like a song with a beat. I also think it’s funny how stupid people are. This is hardly something to get so upset about – when there are so many other things in this world that could use such passionate people.

    Well, thanks for the controversial post! Hope you don’t have to deal with any more assholes…

    Eh…it’s the assholes who kinda make it more fun, doncha think?

  193. Amber C. says:

    Everyone is fighting a losing battle. Like said before- this is someone’s opinion and comments on here are someone else’s opinion and there will never be harmony between the two because one is not going to change the opinion of the other.

    So, in my opinion, I’m not 100% impressed with Lady Gaga. I respect glam, shock and awe, disposition. I also like, that unlike most other women in pop, she is showing herself as being in charge of her sexuality. When you look back on Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilerra (forgive me if I spelled it wrong…) there sexuality almost seemed submissive and not inspired by how they felt about themselves. Lady Gaga shows that she is in charge of herself in her actions. For that I can respect.

    I can’t respect children being exposed to these videos and images, but that is a parent’s responsibility, not the artist.

  194. Stefania :) says:

    Okay, I read your whole blog. And you know what? Your a complete asshole. How do you think that you are at a position to criticize her? She is one of the greatest artists this world has seen. Just because you probably are tone deaf and can’t pull of a descent song, you feel the need to criticize her? If you don’t like her so much, then why the hell waste all your time writing this piece of nothing-less crap that isn’t even right? And about her lyrics, yeah they may be simple and maybe easy to come up with but THEY’RE CATCHY AND SHORT SO PEOPLE REMEMBER THEM and so that they get stuck in people’s heads. That’s the whole point you idiot. She’s a true artist who had to climb her way up into the industry and just because you don’t respect how much hard work she does, doesn’t mean you have to trash talk about her.

    Oh mom…you’re so silly!

  195. Chris says:

    Your ramblings of your hatred for Lady Gaga are making you sound a little pathetic. I’m not a huge fan of her either but good god, I don’t whine about her the way you do. You seem as obsessed with her as her crazy fans.

    No…you’re just obsessed with a cartoon fish-man and making snide comments on everyone elses blog. Good call by you.

  196. The Haters Hater says:

    ok a couple of things .. one i like the way u handle hate mail witty yet very funny and insulting. two i will willingly admit i hate lady gaga not as a person but for the various forms of lyrical herpes that she puts out as music

    to call her music as somthing ground breaking or inventive is quite possibly the stupidest thing i have ever heard

    i could name thousands of bands and singers that write there own music and make it meaningfull as opposed to the shit that i hear on hits1 when im driving to work.. thumbs up on the dylan shout out by the way AND anyone that quotes wiki as a source of knowledge of an artist that they claim to be a HUGE FAN of is a loser

    nuff said
    The Haters Hater

    Everyone has their opinion. I have mine. You have yours. And the next commenter has some interesting points. Read on!

  197. TOny says:

    Hi Alan,

    Cool blog. You sound like an old High School friend of mine.

    …I’m 21…

    Anyway, I’m a die-hard GaGa fan. I agree with you on some points…but disagree with you on others.

    I’ve watched almost ALL her YouTube interviews. So, here’s a lil something for you, the fans and the haters.

    1. GaGa KNOWS that her craft is unoriginal. Everything has been done before, à la Roland Barthes:
    GaGa even acknowledges this @ 1:55 – 2:15 –>
    STILL, compared to the pop artists of 2009, she’s killin’ it in terms of non-musical creativity.

    2. GaGa IS pretentious. She knows it. Her fans love her for it. Her haters hate her for it. By ‘pretentious,’ I mean…she unashamedly/ostentatiously believes herself to be of higher worth than most would believe. But this high self-esteem is exactly what she explores in her album, ‘The Fame.’

    Her philosophy is that anyone in the world, no matter their socio-economic status, can “proclaim their own fame” simply by oozing confidence and expressing themselves in an uninhibited yet charismatic way. You don’t need the paparazzi to be famous. You just need yourself, your guts and your ideas to FEEL famous. This is debatable but hell, I feel famous just listening to her talk.

    So, when she says outrageous things like, “I’m being brilliant…condomless sex…” we ask ourselves, ‘Who the eff is this chick to say that sort of ish?’ But she’s just practising what she preaches. She’s exercising that “inner fame.” It’s freakin’ inspiring.
    [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wk8GMcDPtus] (@1:37 – 2:01)

    In other words, she has a dirty “playboy mouth” that she can’t shut.

    3. GaGa’s music does lack ‘oomph’ at times but there’s no denying that she has epic dramatic/filmic vision. She skilfully marries her music to her live performances and music videos. She takes advantage of the Video medium. For a Film Studies Major, like me, that’s tops on my list. Many indie-rock bands fail at that.

    Come on, man. You must have gotten excited when you saw her doing risqué moves in her ‘Just Dance’ video…or wearing her electronic ‘I-pod’ glasses in her ‘Pokerface’ video. Which mainstream pop singer would come up with that sort of thing? Hell, which rock star would dream up that sort of thing? Her visual imagination is a force to be reckoned with.

    4. Will she still be around in 5 years’ time?

    Definitely. That’s her goal. That’s her die-hard fans’ goal. Hopefully, she’ll be around for the next 20 years.
    She’s made millions of people feel better about themselves. They are eternally grateful/indebted to her.

    She doesn’t speak like any pop artist of 2009. You can’t stump her in interviews.
    She doesn’t execute her ideologies like any pop artist of 2009.
    She’s more than a 5-hit wonder, surely…
    There will be singers who will try to be the ‘next GaGa’ but, ultimately, there will be no other straight-A-Tisch-nerd-turned-indie-pop-artist-turned-mainstream-pop-artist who wants to change the world one sequin at a time.

    When your children grow up and read Popular Music History text books in their library, they’ll see her name among The Greats.
    Disgruntled teenagers of 2060, dissatisfied with the current trends, might even look back to 2009-2029 and say: ‘Gosh, why can’t today’s music be more hedonistic like that?’

    PS: I only have a small favourites die-hard list –> Muse, Santigold, Arctic Monkeys, The Last Shadow Puppets, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Zoot Woman.

    Hey TOny. Nicely thought out response and I won’t argue with you. Everyone has their opinion on this particular artist and far be it for me to bash her, espcially since I find your comment to be so organized and well put. I will be curious to see how this all shakes down. But hopefully by 2060 (50 years?) there will be SOMEONE come along and re-energize the deflated pop genre. It’s kinda tired. But so am I…so what do I know…

    Oh…and another thing…honestly…I haven’t seen any of her videos. Only her performances during award shows. I assumed she was trying to imitate her video for the “Paparazzi” performance…LOL

  198. Liv says:

    Love it. Well done :] (Y) x

  199. Vers says:

    Thank you, random stranger. I’m a music major, and while I realize that some of her music can be catchy, I also have been exposed to a lot of different genres and artists. I came across this article while I was researching Lady Gaga so that I could back up my dislike of her, as opposed to simply saying “I don’t like her or her music.”

    I agree with you, and I think this is very well said. A friend of mine mentioned that she likes how she’s out of the box… music aside, I think expression is great. However, she strikes me as a media whore. If people didn’t pay attention to how she looked, she wouldn’t dress or act that way. Self expression only really works if you’re expressing yourself. Otherwise you’re just catering to the media. Seems like she’s just doing it for the attention, since it doesn’t really have any kind of deep meaning that pertains to her as a person. But then, I never really liked the wayyy out there visual performance art either. Maybe she/it’s an acquired taste.

    Oh, and your video down at the bottom there? Made my night.

    Take care

  200. kPLOWa says:

    Definitely agree with TOny, GaGa won’t become iconic just for her lyrical technique. Girl’s got a vivid imagination and an extraordinary pianist. For that, I respect her and I’ve become a fan. Pop has become…gosh…so BLAND. Nothing excited me until the Lady showed up. I’m working on a degree for Voice and Performance, and I wish I had the guts to go out there head first like she does.

    Though I do respect your opinion, I don’t completely agree with you. Artistry comes first, and she passes my test.

  201. Cassie Richter says:

    Nice post. I agree with pretty much everything you said. I like Lady Gaga but I wouldn’t say that I love her, at all. I’m not a fan of pop music and some of her songs caught my attention because they’re catchy. I was just reading over some of the comments and just wanted to say that the people who come one here and bitch about what you said are the ones in need of a life because they are making a huge deal out of someone’s opinion. Anyway I’m sure some ass will say some shit like that about what I said, but who gives a fuck. Keep writing what you believe/like/hate what have you.
    I also agree with you on the who if she lasts five years thing. Is it possible? In my mind I believe anything if pretty much possible. So I’m going to end this now, because I have to go work.
    Good Luck writing.

  202. Ashley says:

    Some of us like outrageous. Some of us live in a world of costumes and fetish, electronic music, sensational art, dancing, and psychedelic experiences. Burlesque is a humorous theatrical genre involving parody and sometimes grotesque exaggeration. Lady Gaga is very good at what she does, I think that most people try to peg her as something other than what she is.

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    If you need a literal translation: She insinuates that when she gets an idea in her head, she takes it to the extremes. It’s what gets her off. She leaves reality behind, and she gets paid by the consumer to act out her wildest fantasies on stage.

    An above poster mentioned her response being tongue in cheek. I couldn’t agree more. She says shocking things to make the puritans angry. She’s not new on the scene, she’s been doing these types of shows for years. All the world is now a stage for her.

    I don’t really consider myself to be a “puritan”. I just think it’s ridiculous for a new artist to make it into the international spotlight and claim that her music is “like having sex”. I have had sex before and it is NOTHING like Lady Gaga’s music. As a matter of fact…her music isn’t even a good cuddle! It’s generic hybrid of pop electronica. Right up there with what Madonna has been doing for years and what many artists are doing and are better at it. Just because she appeals to certain age group does NOT make her a musical genius. It just means she’s marketing herself in order to sell her music. But it’s bland and boring…in my opinion.

  203. willy says:

    i’m gonna let you all in on a little well known secret it dont make a crap if she sucks at this or if you don’t like her cause she’s arrogant, pretentious, thick-skinned, etc.; she still hot and makes far more money than you or anyone on this site- filthy stinkin rich. So, if you feel like wasting your time on critisizing her music or her thoughts keep in mind that every second you waste your time here, millions of fans are buying songs and cds making her just a little more rich and a little more popular.

    Very true. And since she’s so rich, I think she can stand a little criticism from a music fan such as those who have posted on here…doncha think?

  204. Shayla says:

    I want to shake your hand, seriously, if I could, at this moment, I would. I agree with you completely. Yes her songs are catchy enough to grab an audience’s attention, but if you feel that Lady Gaga measures up and exceeds DMB then you have to be an idiot.

    Not to sound conspiracy theory-esque, but I do feel like there are drones especially with the teen generation that like whatever is popular and whatever the media and radio and television tell them to like. You can argue this by saying there are some of her lesser known songs, the ones not played every 4 minutes on the radio, and those “ballads” are the songs you’ve fallen in love with…but please, name a ballad or two that isn’t trashy, unoriginal, and repetitive to the point of lack of creativity and then perhaps there’s an argument present. She is creative in a bizarre way, yes, and she’ll be remembered for that off-the-wall-in-your-face-blunt-and-disgusting creativity. Remembered like a bad dream maybe, but remembered none the less. So in 5 years she’ll still be here, but I feel as if, in 5 or 10 years she’ll lose that spark of raunchy attitude that she’s holding onto so much at the moment. She’ll realize it’s not always about how different you can be, but the music and the quality of music you put out there. If she is a true musician, she’ll start really focusing on the music aspect and not so much the “how famous can I make myself sound in an interview” aspect.

    Honestly, it’s just not something worth terribly arguing over. Yes everyone will have a different opinon, some will love her, some will hate her, and some are simply indifferent. But I do feel as if your blog sparked conversation and made me at least comment, so it must be doing some good. I can only suggest that since Lady Gaga’s music is present and everywhere you go, we’;; simply have to swallow the tacky, incessant tune and just deal, at least till it fizzles out, and in the background blast Kings of Leon or Cartel or something of substance, and pray that someone is listening.

    I enjoyed this thoroughly, thank you.

    You are most welcome!

  205. Molly says:

    I have to say, I was intrigued by your post on this. And even though I DID find this by Googling Lady Gaga (something brought about by sheer boredome/not wanting to do my work), I read all of the comments. Even the stupid ones. Even the mean ones. And your responses. What I think is here is the perfect encapsulation of the blogosphere, as much as I loathe that word. People have their opinions, and they will fight for them. While I think you could be less abrasive, I certainly understand why you might not feel the need to be respectful toward those who don’t respect you.

    With that said, I like Lady Gaga.
    Not because she’s written anything amazing, or even that her pop is something that is singularly new. Jackson Pollack tossed paint on a canvas by flicking brushes and called it genius until enough people thought it was genius, too. Lady Gaga, I feel, has the same kind of effect. Maybe her “art” (and I use that term loosely) isn’t new. Maybe it isn’t even good. But she’s managed to sell her personality. Because whether or not you like her, you at least posted a blog about her, and that’s how people get famous. Pollack’s work is now hanging in the Museum of Modern Art, and Lady Gaga has four chart-topping hits, more than any artist in history. While I understand your comments regarding her “pretentious” comments, I’ve seen other interviews with her. She knows and loves that she’s pretentious (like another commenter noted). And the fact that she’s managed to brand her personality in that way, to make herself a freak that’s accepted, is at least something I think worthy of respect.

    To summarize, Lady Gaga’s personality and how she’s sold her music is far more interesting to me than her music.

    I watched her interview with Barbara Walters the other night. She came across as normal and possibly even a little shy. Dunno what that was all about. Here’s what I am gathering about this artist…she’s a marketing genius. She has taken an average trance/electronica/pop hybrid style of music, sold it to a generation of lost souls and made it her own. For that, I say she has done a fairly good job. But other than that, I still say she’s not all that original. She’s taken bits & pieces from several artists and used it to sell herself. Can’t say that I blame her. In today’s musical culture, it makes sense. Take what people know and use it for yourself. And everyone can argue about her Top 40 hits. But realistically…in today’s pop market? Anyone with a producer and a studio can make pop hits. We’ll see where she is after 5 albums. Wonder if it will hold up?

  206. H. says:

    this was hilarious.
    loved the quote from that wall post.
    i did find this through a google search, and i probably will never come back to this blog again. i just wanted to say.. bravo.

  207. Daz says:

    People love her because she’s weird- she herself states that she loves being weird, makes all efforts to remain so. I heard a few songs and decided to do some research, and this site came up when I searched for pictures. If you read her biography, she grew up being an exhibitionist, doing anything for attention. She got into drugs and parties, etc., but she accomplished her goal: getting attention. Her songs are catchy, she’s a strange duck, and people love her for it.

    I was reading critiques on her, and one of them went along the lines of “in this age of information, with the internet and all, it is rare to find true mystery. Gaga provides us that as one of the top-selling popstars without… stuff”.

  208. Blue Stranger says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of love Lady Gaga, but I completely understand what you are saying. I keep telling people she is getting too big-headed about herself. Yes, she has a great voice and unique style and all, but I completely agree that she is too arrogant about what she has (or has not) accomplished. She is moving too fast, frankly, and people are going to get tired of her soon. I don’t think a lot of people realise it is the electronica music that is what’s pulling them in, for the *most* part. And you’re right, a LOT of other people write their songs, it’s really not that difficult. However, it IS difficult to write a GREAT song.

    Bottom line: Lady Gaga is cool, but she is not the legend everyone makes her out to be. She might be one of these days, but she isn’t right now.

  209. D. says:

    When I came across this article I did agree with some of your points (I’m not a particular fan of hers, but her tunes are catchy). But after reading some of the other comments I’ve been swaying back and forth…so heres my opinion of Lady Gaga.*WARNING* it’s long, so make sure your really bored before reading this.
    As far as the debate of her being pretentious, I do agree she does come off that way. But the fact is that when your given so much power, its almost (I’m sure) impossible to not feel good when your work is getting a broad and positive feedback. Some people may think its a sign of ignorance, or what have you, but its actually a instinctive attitude, I believe. Rarely do people get so much positive feedback and adoration for their work, so those who have never experienced it don’t fully have an understanding of the sway in attitude that comes with being noticed on a high scale. So those who never have felt the spot light have a different spectrum and can’t understand the foolishness that some artists flaunt. For example: if multiple amounts of people come up to you and say your beautiful, all the time, then you’ll natural feel good. If your gaining multiple amounts of positive verbal compliments you don’t just brush it aside and say “whatever”, you take it to heart and feel a sense of belonging/power…So naturally thats why hot people think their the shit, because a lot of other people gave them that confidence and constant pick-me-ups to block out any negativity they may feel about themselves, appearance wise.

    So in Lady Gagas defense, with the huge and broad exposure shes getting, her confidence grew to a large scale, so much that it probably numbs her to any humble thought. Because she is constantly put with people who love her no matter what, her work doesn’t get the negative feedback thats needed to give an artist a humble attitude. And thats also why a lot of really popular pop artist sometimes only last for so long (this is my opinion, its not a fact), once the’ve gotten the idea that anything they make is gold, they lack the criticism that they feel about themselves, such as…”it’s not good enough”, “I need to make it better”, “it’s good but not great I need to work on it” (if that makes any sense). Pop stars start to get lazy is what I’m saying. Not lazy in that they just don’t do anything (they do work hard), I mean lazy in that they don’t get the inspiration that gives heart felt or meaningful songs. They just always feel great about their work which is why sometimes pop stars songs and tunes start to get repetitive (Brittany Spears for example).

    Well, that’s my opinion on this subject, I hope I didn’t bore you.

    Not boring at all! Nicely stated. Thanks for reading…

  210. l8tergator says:

    I’m 50/50. I like some of her songs, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Love Game, and a couple others, but sometimes I think her lyrics are a bit to sexual.

    “Lets have some fun
    this beat is sick
    i wanna take a ride
    on ur disco stick”

    Beats me. I wonder about what she wears sometimes, too. I recently watched her video for Bad Romance… hmmm. Interesting wardrobe. Idk, I like her but she puzzles me too. That’s my opinion, plus I think you’re doing a good job keeping up with the blog.


  211. Misha says:

    HATERRR!!! get a life

  212. hyakout says:

    yes she is lady no way

  213. Angry Reader says:

    Here’s a question: who the hell are you to define art? Saying that her lyrics aren’t artistic is simply closed minded, and such closed mindedness is probably the cause of your multiple misinterpretations of her quotes. Do you really think that she considers her music “so good…that it is like having sex” (one of your own phrases from an earlier comment)? If so, you are terribly mistaken. Sure, her lyrics may not ever change the world, but I find “Bad Romance” to be quite lovely, and “Just Dance” has a far deeper meaning hidden beneath the synthesizer. It really has helped me through hard times. One request: please do not respond with the repulsive language that animates the response to this blog’s first comment. If you’re trying to sound intelligent and consequently earn a bit of respect, that isn’t the way to do it.

    I am SOOOOO close-minded. So much, in fact, that my response to this comment? Bite me. “Just Dance” has “deeper” meaning? Deeper than what? A rain puddle? If you consider anything deep about that song, YOU are the one who needs to open your mind a little bit. Seriously…

  214. Holly says:

    I’m sorry but you’re ignorant.
    Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion and what bothers me is not that you dislike Lady Gaga.
    But, if you researched her (I should hope you have seeing as you’re writing something negative about her) she comes from entertainment roots. She has been working very hard on her music for a long time, and is a highly intelligent person who has a great time playing around with the ridiculous ideas behind fame and pop culture.
    The quotes you have stated are ridiculous, are just laced with humor, and I do not see how you can’t comprehend that. Lady Gaga is a original and crazy person (I normally hate pop music, but I make an exception for her) and comparing creating music to sex is just a funny and out there way of talking. At no time has she told people to take every word she says as serious or literal.
    As an artist, saying “I’m being brilliant” rarely means you actually believe you are brilliant. When you get that creative charge, it’s just such an upper, saying you are brilliant is more about the emotion you’re feeling than what you actually think you are.
    I know you’re probably sick of all the comments, but I would think that over all these years you would have learned a bit more of the artist you’re speaking of. If her music is not for you, it’s not for you. But you should still educate yourself a little.

    Look…you can love Lady Gaga’s music. More power to ya. I have nothing against anyone who enjoys her music. And since writing this I have seen that she is a quirky artist. But her comments are still ridiculous and, “over all my years”, I have come to know marketing tactics when I read them. She may be talented, but she hasn’t shown it in the songs that have been released on the radio. Her music is for dance clubs and pop radio. And is nothing as amazing as everyone makes it out to be. And I AM very educated on the matter. Trust me…

  215. Holly says:

    P.S ~ Lady Gaga most certainly writes and sings all her own music. That’s how she got known! She used to write for other artists, and one day got it together to set out seriously on her own. Of all the things that could be said for Lady Gaga, positive or negative, whether she writes and sings her own music is not even up for argument

    I never said she DIDN’T write her own music. I DID say what she writes isn’t very good. Or, at least, I implied it at some point…

  216. duran says:

    the blog was well thought out and written and i agree with it, but these comments!
    half of them are:
    i luv gaga!
    the other half are:
    you’re just a hater!
    and then the small 3% of them actually have argument.
    you’ve done well in provoking an internet full of bad taste.
    btw, kings of leon is great!

  217. Laura says:

    I think that this article is AMAZING.
    Bravo, because I have been thinking the same thing ever since Lady Gaga came out with ‘Just Dance’

    A lot of people get angry when I say that Lady Gaga is not a good artist at all. Because an 11 year old could write the lyrics she’s written, but minus the sexual content.
    Also, her first album is absolute shit. Its written about money, fame, and sex. Fabulous. To me, that just shows that she isn’t a real artist if all she can write about is money and fame. Good for her. Honestly, I’d rather have someone write her lyrics and have it actually MEAN something than this shit that she is writing about.

    And its not even music really. I consider music instruments. Not little beats made by a computer. And the downer is that if you really listen to her voice, she isn’t that bad of a singer. But she does the strangest shit in her performances, voice and music that it takes away from her voice. And plus, its not like she has any purpose, or drive or anything positive to sing about. Her music has no significance or importance. That is why she does the outrageous things she does with her wardrobe, because she knows her music won’t be remembered, but her appearance will.

    So, I agree with you completely. And for now I guess when her songs come on the radio, we can just flip the channel. And I pray that this ‘artist’ comes to her senses and starts putting out some decent music, with some significant lyrics.

  218. Melizzer says:

    The thing is you can’t write music you jack ass!
    I’m sure you can’t deal with the shit you dish out so stop writing negatively about artists who have made it in their lives. For all i know you could be a pizza delivery guy who can afford wireless internet and had the oppurtunity to go to school. Laura is it? Yes shut up! You have absolutely no right to call anyone a ‘bad artist’ because your not an artist afterall, no gives a fuck what you think. Lady Gaga is a very good business woman. I love her despite the fact she is crazy I love her all the more because her music is good. If she wanted to she could use her voice and her natural talent for playing the piano by ear! She was never taught. SO Fuck all you haters! Get a life.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh Melizzer. Seriously honey…you need to lay off the coffee and relax a little. Apparently this artist is someone who you hold close to your heart. Its important to have someone to look up to. If YOUR VIP is Lady Gaga, I feel badly for you. But to each his or her own and I hope that she brings you many years of happiness.

    Note To Lady Gaga: You might wanna lock your doors.

    • Laura says:

      Ha ha ha!
      This guy is crazy.

      By the way, I taught myself how to play piano, guitar, and sing. Also, you are pointing your finger and telling us ‘haters’ to get a life when you are sitting here, posting this nonsense. Go you.

  219. Hub says:

    How much life experience does someone who is 23 years old bring to the table?
    Her music is just vapid. Lets see what she looks like after two or three kids and her boobs start to sag.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nicely stated. I like you!

  220. Dani says:

    Do you really think there’s no meaning behind the Bad Romance lyrics?
    It’s the most cryptic song and video that I’ve ever analyzed. You really shouldn’t say that it’s so easy to write what she does. Every part of it (that song and video), have levels and sublevels of symbols and icons, that stretch from eygptian gods, torture, sex slaves, Mtv ‘illuminati’, russian mafia, western occultism, and more.
    I respect your opinion on her, but I couldn’t bear for someone to put down her lyrics because they seem so simple on the surface. Think and see, before you make accusations.

    Seriously? You have lost your mind.

  221. Jason says:

    Who is this chick?

  222. Mr Majik says:

    I haven’t been all about her, but my wife is. The way that she handled herself on MTV or VH1 the other day (can’t remember, but they had a Lady Gaga takes over day) made her seem like common trash. It was like “I’ll say anything if it makes you hard and then you’ll want to buy my stuff”. I also think it’s pretentious of her to sell her current album, add a few new songs, and call it a complete collection of what the original album should’ve been… then charge full price. To call your fan base “Monsters” is also kinda dumb. Most people forget what monsters are it seems. Just in case you’re new to this world, monsters are scary figures that no one wants to see or be assosciated with. It’s word play again, just like the French with Evian water. Spell it backwards and look at how much they charged you for tap water. No relevance to her as an artist, but the basics in advertisement. I can also create the background beats of hers on a very basic music making program, and for anyone to call them deep would be an insult. It’s basic electronica with a hip-hop beat pattern. Sorry about jumping all over the place, my mind jumps alot when I’m stating stuff.

  223. amjad says:

    i like her photo and song as well, but actually i don’t what she want to sing?

  224. Dani says:

    Before you throw it, just read this. It’s only speculation of course. Just a few things in the video and song caught my attention, and I found this.


    I’m not a big fan of her and I agree with you, in that I don’t think she, nor her songs are going to be popular for very long.

    I’m sure the song and video is another ‘pay attention to me!’ act, but yah. Nonetheless.

  225. Goopy says:

    I think Lady GaGa is a great entertainer.
    That’s it though. I agree with what you are saying to an extent.

  226. wheresJessica says:

    I don’t think of Lady Gaga as an artist but a performer (like Brittany Spears) They’re there to out on a good show but not necessarily the lyrical genius of the past.
    I think that “popular music” now-a-days hardly has any substance to it. People don’t listen to lyrics anymore and prefer to just listen to the beats and dance along to the songs. But when you actually take the time to look at the lyrics you see they’re almost all about partying, drinking, and sex. I hope that one day artists can get back to writing poetry with music attached.
    As of late I’ve turned to Mexican music and I find that, at least with the artists I listen to (not reggaton and the Apanish equivalent to hip-hop on the radio), that their music has a good beat and good lyrics. I’d say Belanova and Julieta Venegas are great examples of actually putting some substance in their lyrics…

  227. Gaga's Entourage says:

    Rah rah ah-ah-ah!
    Ro mah ro-mah-mah
    Gaga Oo-la-la!
    Want your bad romance

    I want your ugly
    I want your disease
    I want your everything
    As long as it’s free
    I want your love
    I want your love

    I want your drama
    With the touch of your hand
    I want you leathe-studded kiss in the sand
    And I want your love
    I want your love
    I want your love

    You know that I want you
    And you know that I need you
    I want it bad
    B-B-Bad and bad

    Her album the FAME MONSTER was written of course after her first album THE FAME- this second album was written about the ” Monsters” in her life- her struggles- The album deals with the darker side of fame,which she experienced in 08-09. She is expressing herself through a monster metaphor.

    Bad romance is about the Love monster, aka Paranoia the song talks about exploring the joys of a bad romance while referencing Alfred Hitchcock films in some of the verses.

    You do know who Alfred Hitchcock is right???
    anyways …

    You obviously have never read lyrics before in the first place???? Or did any research on her? people write crazy things about crazy stuff!! what about 3OH!3 they rock! and they write songs about not trusting a ho, and punk bitches. Get a life.

    Did you learn how to interpret Shakespeare?!!!?!???!
    He had meaningless ” english ” and yet he is one of the most brilliant people known to man! Just because you’re not a fan of her doesn’t give you the right to smash her down so much!? let’s see you get up on stage and do what she does every day and be so different and deal with jack ass mother fuckers like you. So what, in America you have the freedom of speech! but when will it come down the line to SLANDER?! – words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another OR DEFAME: attack the good name and reputation of someone, ASPERSION: an abusive attack on a person’s character or good name.

    Say what you will… but your pathetic, yeah you have a right to your opinion, but I think you took your opinion too far.
    If you don’t like her… listen to your “” I’m obsessed with a 16 year old country singer, and I’m a pedophile. ”
    Tay rocks. don’t get me wrong but there is a HUGE difference between a COUNTRY singer and a POP singer… give gaga tays lyrics… i bet she could rock it out. give Tay gaga’s lyrics….. see what she can come up with…. either way.
    quit. Your. Shit.

    Thank you much

    And THIS is Gaga’s fan base? I figure I’ll just let this post speak for itself.

    • A. says:

      This is kind of sad. I can understand the posters’ intention, but based on those lyrics I see nothing spectacular. Where are the metaphors and deeper meaning. I see nothing but repetitive drivel.

  228. A. says:

    I have to admit that this artcle had me set top write Gaga off but after listening to her live without all the added studio production she has an excellent voice. Doesn’t change what you have typed here, it just sounds like noise when I’ve caught clips of her videos as I was browsing the net. I am just not a fan of Taylor Swift. She fits into a nice teen-pop mold and she is popular but I can’t get past her voice.

    I think Lady Gaga has talent. Just not as much talent as everyone else, apparently. As for Taylor Swift, she’s not MY cup of coffee either. However I just think she presents herself in such a classy way, I think it’s nice she’s winning so many awards.

  229. Victoria says:

    Lol you’ve got a good point there, all Lady Gaga’s lyrics is bullshit that sells.

    My opinion? You should go read this article:

    Read the whole thing, cause if you only read part of it you’ll think it’s bs. I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it was stupid… but by the end of the article it totally won my opinion over.

    May explain something about why her lyrics are all about fame?
    Also explains why she dropped out of school [NYU] when she used to write real deep music, and all of a sudden appeared out of nowhere on the charts with her new pop songs that aren’t deep at all.

    But you could go form your own opinion. 🙂

  230. Sexy Moe says:

    Big Dick !! ;p

    Hey thanks! How did you know?

  231. AnONAmOuS says:

    Ok, to the guy who started all of this, sorry that i cant spell that good but, everyone has there own opinion, and i know someone has most probably said this, but you cant judge people because of their genre, and its just what they are good at, and micheal jackson was a pop artist, or have you forgotten? He has changed the pop world forever, and taylor swifts music i think is kinda suckish, i mean, she is awsum and all, but thats my opinion, but just leave lady gaga alone, her music makes an awesome party as most would agree, and there IS NO ONE like her, and i know shes falling a bit right now, but she’ll make it, she is just too mad and crazy to let herself down like that, but i know this sounds dramatic, bottom line is, i think lady gaga is no matter what crazy outfit or out there song, unless hse goes to jail or takes drugs, then im off the gaga train, but seriously i was just looking through pictures on google and found this, and i realised that you guys dont have lives, you may say that i dont cos im commenting but im sick and my foot is sprained so i cant go anywhere else -.-, bye 😀


  232. Andy says:

    Yes. Yes I did get this from a Google search, so, sorry… =s But kudos on still getting high results!

    I felt the need to comment… because although I don’t completely agree with your opinions on Lady Gaga (and Kings of Leon for that matter, but I digress), I think you have made a valid point about new singers/artists that come across to the public the way she does to you, and I think I understand what you are saying about her?

    Personally (what do you think?) I find it really annoying and egocentric. Do you have Florence and the Machine in the US? She’s doing it over here in the Uk. There seems to be a set text new pop artists have been using lately, and it’s getting a bit old, methinks. ¬¬

    Also, Gaga fans are proper die-hard, I have noticed…

    Thoughts? =)

    Honestly, this artist is wearing me out. Her same 4 songs have been playing non-stop for months and apparently she’s all anyone is talking about in popular music. It’s unfortunate that pop radio has become so limited in scope and bland to listen too. Here’s hoping a new artist appears quickly and wsahes the bitter Gaga aftertaste out of my ears.

    • Andy says:

      You sound so exhausted of the Gaga… by limited and bland what do you mean exactly?

      Tell you what, I’d be interested to know your thoughts on Ke$ha (why the dollar sign?? My brain does not compute.) and that TikTok song.

      I am now going to read your blog. I wish to hear more. =)

      Well…if you really want to know what I think of Ke$ha, I’ll tell you: I like Tik Tok. It’s catchy and stupid fun. And I have yet to read any interviews where she says that her songs are a religious experience or I have yet to see her hang herself on stage or wear Kermit The Frog clothing or talk about how her music is an art form or anything llike that. Long live Ke$ha and her ridiculous dollar sign name! She rawks! (or not)

  233. Diana says:

    I cant believe i just wasted almost 3minutes reading your article. You need to get a life. Why is it you dont have a decent job with a known magasine? Maybe because no one shares your opinions. Thats why you still come here 9 months after you first wrote this article to talk back. You got a lot of free time on your hands.
    FYI….Lady Gaga writes her own songs & plays the piano and also does NOT lipsync. Yeah….horrible.
    My opinion of you is you never made it in life so you sit behind your lil PC and are jealous of those who do make it. Also POP is now the biggest music franchise.

    Get a life seriously.

    Oh Diana…but I DO have a life, and a very good one at that. Really, the only reason I respond to these comments is simply to tweak the Gaga fans out there who have continually come here to be obnoxious. But there have been some pretty good arguments for & against her & pop music and it has been fun. And pop is NOT the “biggest music franchise” (whatever that means), it’s country music. Country music continually outsells all GENRES of music and has been doing so for years.

  234. krystal says:

    wow…..so you think because you can come up with better lyrics that makes lady gaga’s music bad? youre a real amature…..man big woop she fell in a concert…..2 at that i bet youve fallen on your ass more than an old man with a wooden leg….youve never performed live i bet but i guess you wouldnt know…..and news flash: she kept singing when she fell you woulda ran off stage crying for your mama

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Oh…this is just too easy…

  235. Conan Troutman says:

    There is another good quote from the uber annoying pop bint that I feel you should be aware of, I cant remember it word for word but it went something like this;

    “Art is lies, artists are there to create these lies. We kill when we tell the truth.”

    What it means I dont know, nor do I care.
    I just like it when people talk shite.

  236. Fabio Pereira says:

    @Conan Troutman
    I don’t see how that is talking “shite” as it had already been said numerous times before by artists.

    Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa is popping into my mind when he said that when you write about a feeling, you’re pretending to feel it again, you’re a lier.

    I also believe the author of this post has waaaaay too much time on his hands. And why make such fuss about these songs? They’re great. I’m not a huge fan of this style of music, but when an artist releases single upon single in the top spots of many national charts and the songs are as catchy as these, that’s no coincidence.
    Making something that sticks to your mind is an art. And Lady Gaga is a good artist cause she totally dominates that aspect.

    I guess you have a gripe against POP in general. You’re not seeing beyond these songs. Her abilities might prove to be phenomenal or not. The fact that she has a heavily electro-pop influenced first album means nothing. It may as well have been a way of spreading her name across the radio.

    Give her some time and then be the judge. Stop being pathetic..

  237. Germarickan says:

    Can I say “thank you?”
    Everyone is constantly going on about Lady Gaga. Yeah, I think her music is catchy and fun to blast in a car full of crazy college students at 3 in the morning. But I don’t think she’s going to be around 5 years. I completely agree with all you have said and I’m forcing my sister to read this whole post. Maybe it’ll help her see the light…. haha

  238. Lauryn says:

    Usually I wouldn’t do something like this but yes, obviously when I was typing in a google search about Lady Gaga your blog came up. I read what you had to say about Lady Gaga’s comments on her music. First I just need to say that I think it is really funny that you are telling people that this is your opinion and that you can voice it. While I agree with you 100% about being able to speak your mind I think you need to stop and realize that the comments that Lady Gaga made about herself were in fact HER opinions. Maybe she sounded self involved and vain but honestly I could only think of a handful of celebrities these days that aren’t that way. Obviously fame gets to a lot of peoples heads.
    I also feel the need to point out that Lady Gaga has definitely worked for what she has. I mean the women went to school at Tisch to learn and grow and improve herself. You’ve got to give her credit for that. How many artists have done that? Shoot a lot of the time musicians get famous because they have a “semi-famous” father or someone thinks that even though their voice sucks and they have NO musical talent what so ever they’d make a nice sex symbol… I’ll admit pop culture is a little fucked up but as long as people are buying this stuff who cares? From the top of my head I can only name one other person who also went to school to improve his music and that was Freddie Mercury. Now HE WAS AWESOME!!! People criticized him all the time but god look at the legacy of Queen! Where they outrageous for their time? Cha! But they were fantastic no doubt!
    Lastly I just wont to say that I don’t agree with you about her lyrics sucking. Her music is so god damn catchy! Maybe they aren’t “deep” or “thoughtful” but hell the only deep and thoughtful pop song I think I know all the words to are MJ’s ‘Man in the Mirror.” Now that’s a god damn good song if I’ve ever heard one. Oh and let me be very frank with you, U2’s lyrics kinda… um for lack of better words… aren’t the greatest either. I mean there old stuff is fa nominal but let me remind you of their newer stuff…

    That’s the stuff they’re blowing up
    But we’re growing up
    Women of the future
    Hold the big revelations

    I got a submarine
    You got gasoline
    I dont’ wanna talk about
    Wars between nations
    Not right now

    Sexy boots
    Get on your boots, yeah
    Not right now
    Bossy boots

    You don’t know how beautiful
    You don’t know how beautiful you are
    (You don’t know!)
    You don’t know how beautiful
    (And you don’t get it, do you?)
    You don’t know how beautiful you are

    Sexy boots
    I don’t wanna talk about wars between nations
    Sexy boots, yeah

    Let me in the sound
    Let me in the sound
    Let me in the sound, sound
    Let me in the sound, sound
    Let me in the sound
    Now can you seriously tell me these lyrics are better than Gaga’s? Well you could… but that’d be your opinion 🙂

    Well I’m just going to end by apologizing to you. None of what I said was meant to cause any anger or frustration. You honestly don’t have to respond but I felt like I needed to voice my opinion on the matter and since I don’t have a blog or feel the need for one I borrowed yours. So thank you.

    Oh wait one last thing! This is directed to those people who are making fun of Lady Gaga for having a “bulge” or “looking like a man.” Seriously grow up. How immature is it to make fun of someone because you think they look manly or whatever. If I had to guess how old you were I’d say 11 year old boy… Nice…


    Thank you for your well-thought out comment. First off…Freddie Mercury is, without a doubt, one of the greatest voices of our time (as a matter of fact, I even blogged about that at one point, but I don’t recall which one….). And I can’t argue with you as far as U2’s lyrics are concerned. “Boots” is definitely NOT one of their more insightful songs…but it IS catchy. So allow me to address the meat of your comment. And here’s the thing…I am NOT a Lady Gaga hater. I only pretend to be. Truth of the matter is…I own a few of her songs and I understand that she has talent. If you were to go back into the comments, you would see that I have mentioned several times that I don’t mind her music (well…except for “Bad Romance”, which just grates on my nerves. Seriously with the intro? Just awful…). This particular blog was written when she was just breaking into the pop scene. “Just Dance” was her single and she did an interview with Blender magazine and, for a new artist who I had never heard of and who only had a single pop hit, I found it to be pretentious. So I wrote about it. Months later, Gaga has shown that this is actually who she is. She is more than just the music, she is really a performance artist hiding behind the electronic bleeps & whistles. So in that regard, she IS a lot like many before her, including Mercury, Madonna, Alice Cooper and a whole slew of other artists who are more theatrically inclined. So in that regard, I get her. I’m not a big fan of her, but I get her and I don’t have a problem with her music. I have been playing the devil’s advocate on here for a long time, simply because anyone who has read my post reads into it whatever they want. Some people get really angry about it. Some, like yourself, think about what I said and respond accordingly. It’s all just fun for me to see what everyone’s opinion is. For a while, I took it personally, but now it’s just something I find interesting. So everytime I’m called an “asshole” or other slanderous noun, I try to let it roll off and comment accordingly. Hopefully, if you do return, you’ll see that I actually really love all kinds of music and can find something good in all genres. I think Gaga will probably be around for a while. She seems to have tapped a vein and eventually, I believe her talent will outshine the sales and she will show everyone what skills she really has. But for now, her music is basic pop music, and not really anything special. But it’s MY opinion that she does have a lot of potential! I am just wondering if her schtick will hold on for another 3 or 4 albums or if she will let her true self show and put out something that has more substance. I guess only time will tell! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  239. Amelia says:

    So, it’s clarified that pop music isn’t meaningless. Good, good. Can I also clarify that she isn’t just another pop star? For one, she doesn’t do everything the mainstreme wants. I mean cmon, she’s a gay icon. She has been for quite some time. She represents them, and herself. And with her crazy outfits and stunts, she’s motivating people to stand out. And she’s sexy. (; I think this whole f’ing article is stupid. But I can’t be bothered to argue further. Peace out cub scout.

    She IS just another pop star. I don’t care who she represents and I can’t be bothered with this comment any further. Buh bye.

  240. Jimmy says:

    well, first off, i was googling random pictures of lady gaga, and i got to this, read it, yadda yadda. but here’s the thing, i’m not going to leave a snarky comment. i just have a question: why do you dislike her so much? i mean, it’s slightly ridiculous. myself, i am a somewhat huge fan, and i am actually going to one of her concerts in detroit. but why the hate?

  241. ChancesAre says:

    Music is music. We all have different opinions. Whether we choose a deconstructive or constructive opinion makes the difference. Also what makes the difference is in how we use our opinion in situations such as these. I believe that Lady Ga Ga’s music is exactly how it should be, and I urge you remind yourself that she probably has no care in the world about what someone who does not like her music due to a repeated listening and positively reinforced “other” genre is compelled to say. Still, it is all relative and within the perception of the individual which makes no one right or wrong.

  242. Anthony says:

    I personally dont no y everyone is cursing you out, its your opinion and ur blog thats number 1 lol. Number 2, i actually am a big fan of her and loved her from day 1 from when she used to perfrom with lady starlight almost 2years ago, nd i myself didnt like wat she was saying. However, she is one of the very few artist who is extremly thankful to her fans, whether gay, str8, blck ,white she loves all of them and has done such great work for her fans as well such as charity events and even speaking at a gay pride parade. Her music however, which is truley the debate going on with all these people, her music is crazy. Its climbing the charts, shes sold over 21 million singles in a little over a year. Thats INSANE, mj didnt do that this year, nor anyone else. Her album sold 4 million which is good with record sales now adays however i dont understand y it isnt more, susan boyle has sold almost 3 in 4weeks and, Look at her. Lady gaga i think is so popular bc of all of her and not just her music, she promotes her free will, free speach. She does what she wants and people love it, whether sexually, fashionably, or politicaly, thats why people are in love with her. Her music is bringing pop music back to what was once so good about it, no artist right now is doin that, for THAT genre. Country has taylor swift, rock has kingsof leon(mayb), drake/lilwayne/jay z are raps leaders. Lady gaga is just making more noise bc of who she is. I have seen her live almost a dozen times, and she has one of the best voices i have ever heard, and she is also trained from the tisch school of arts, and plays the piano while writing her own songs. Yes bad romance has some odd lyrics, but the metaphor behind it is beautiful. Telephone has the dumbest lyrics, but if you listen it actualy tells us her fear of feeling overworked and doesnt wanna be lonely. And finally, in a recent interview with billboard, she says that her music helps her listeners find themselfs, with indivduality, something that not other singers have,everyone else is copying someone else, she has said she did this(her sound, outfits etc) so ppl cldnt copy her. For those reasons she has a chance a being a legend, but for now she is changing music by changing fans.

  243. Anthony says:

    I am curious about one thing, i like taylor swift shes a great writer and has a good voice(on the radio and cd)but hve u heard her live?lol…lady gaga live is awesome check this out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aho3iLoyhjQ..lemme no wat u think

  244. Haley Austin says:

    it’s clear that you don’t respect pop music in the first place. it follows from this that you would find her comments pretentious. at least admit up front that you don’t respect the genre, so that those who do can stop reading.

    You are wrong Haley. I love good pop music. Sorry…

  245. Scott says:

    ok she can play piano half way descent. Ill give her that. But her singing live??? If it were so great than why put the dramatic echo behind her voice? Because echo chamber is used when an artist has a difficult time holding tune and has a lot of unwanted variation in there singing. In other words, it hides crappy singing.

    And Taylor Swift…. I totally agree. The girl sounds like a drunk karaoke singer at some shit hole in the wall bar when shes not masked by the digital editing of a studio. Good writer though.

  246. Bixxel says:

    I have waited 30 years to hear a good song from Madonna, who must cover the emptiness of his songs with enormous circus. I saw her show in Finland this year, I fell asleep after one hour of that overlong fitness jubilee.
    Even lady Gaga has so short career, she has already now more songs with beat, balls, rhythm and melody than madonna, who has recorded same song now about 100 times.
    And Madonna with her peeping voice…. When Lady Gaga sings, I hear real singing. That strong beautiful voice fills heart and soul and hits to the balls. Matter of taste or not, Lady Gaga is a singing artist with voice and charisma, Madonna is only a leading lady of a Circus full of emptiness.
    And good body is only lovely bonus. Yeah, she’s the lady with rhythm stick – hit me !

  247. Andrew says:

    Man, I completely agree with everything you’re saying. Haha, and that video is so embarrassing for her. Imagine if she was tone deaf and couldn’t sing?! OH MY GOD, it sounds like the majority of main stream pop stars!

    People are starting to forget what the genre “Pop” stands for, okay. Elvis Costello IS Pop. Lady Gaga is NOT. She is the bastard child of Dance/Electronica. Like the author said, no one is going to remember Lady Gaga. That’s the problem when you become a mainstream artist. You come in, make a statement, and then get dragged away in the current as old news. Her lyrics are stupid too. My druggy, depressed friend who’s in a band writes deeper than that. The lyricist for Modest Mouse, who never received any education and grew up in a trailer park writes deeper lyrics than that. She might as well have written that shit in middle school as the horny, estranged fuck that she is.

    All of you numb-headed slandering idiots should just crawl back under the rock that you came from and burn brain cells listening to her garbage. No musically learned individual wants to read your intellectually inept bullshit anyways.

  248. Krystina says:

    ok i ❤ lady gaga but that youtube video is fucking hilarious! =]

  249. Hannah says:

    Alright, I’m going to say this once. You’re out of your mind.

    It’s all fine and dandy that you have your own opinions about Lady GaGa, but to take the time to actually write an entire blog about how she annoyed you? I might as well call it pathetic.

    Like you’ve said before about her, you don’t know her personally. Therefore, that should tell you – quite clearly, I might add – that you shouldn’t act as if you know her better than anyone else. Why you took the time to write all of this slander about an actually talented pop artist, all because she annoyed you. In a magazine article. ON PAPER. Seriously. That’s just wrong.

    Get a life, and thank you for wasting every fan’s time with your crude, ridiculous, and obviously unnecessary opinions on an otherwise amazing performer.

    Whatever. You can have your “amazing” performer. Personally, I think she’s an ABOMINATION to pop music. Because of her crappy music, it’s all I hear on my car radio! “Bad Romance”, “Paparazzi”, GAH! It’s crappy pop music! When there is SO much good music out there, why does Clearchannel & radio conglomerates everywhere have to play this crap?!?! Because idiots like yourself are drawn to it like ants to sugar. Get your Gaga fix now lady because she will be gone by 2012. You can bank on it. Happy New Year!

    • Hannah says:

      An abomination? Are you really that childish? As far as I’m concerned, you let your own arrogant, prejudiced ego get in the way of what’s really important.

      There is a reason that she’s such a great performer, and it’s this: She loves what she does, and she does it because she can. I’m a musician, I know how this works, trust me. And quite honestly, I’m not sure why you even started this blog about her, considering that she really doesn’t care about what pretentious people like yourself have to say about her. Seriously, get over it, and get that message through your thick, egotistical skull. Lady GaGa is a talented performer because she believes in what she does, and just because you completely disagree doesn’t mean that’s going to sway her judgement. Just because you seem to think that her music is bad doesn’t mean that it is to the rest of the world.

      Please, try to remember that you’re not the only one in the world. You obviously have no class if you seem to think that you have any effect on how she does things, or what she even says for that matter. Are you Lady GaGa? Of course you’re not. And because of that, you wouldn’t understand why she writes songs the way she does, or why she does crazy things? It’s her being herself, which is more than I can say for a lot of pop artists out today.

      Hope you find some shred of reality, and a Happy New Year to you, too.

      Oh sweetie. You are so thin-skinned. If you had any idea how many one-hit wonder bands I’ve had a thing for over the years, you would laugh. It’s not an abomination. I was being sarcastic. I understand you have a thing for Lady Gaga. If I were younger I might think she’s the next great thing also. But the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter how talented she is, in the glut of pop musicians out there, she has made a splash, I’ll give her that, but she won’t last. I’m sorry…she just won’t. And you can get as angry & bitter about it as you’d like, but there is too much music out there now. With there being so many outlets in which to get music, it is next to impossible to have staying power. If Gaga develops a fan base that is above the average ages of 15-25, she might make it, but I doubt that will happen. She is what she is…pop music. Nothing more. And she has a few songs on the radio that kids have downloaded and radio stations have made money off of. But she will go away. And then there will be somebody behind her doing what she is doing now and the cycle goes on. But don’t sweat it. Maybe she IS the next bg thing and I’m an idiot. If that is the case, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong. But we’ll see. See ya in 2014.

      • Hannah says:

        Wow. Tell me this, how much of her “The Fame” album did you actually listen to? Or “The Fame Monster” for that matter? Considering that you aren’t thinking “outside of the box”. The only music of hers that you even talk about are the ones that are on the radio, like Bad Romance, or Paparazzi. Or even LoveGame and Poker Face. And you call me thin-skinned? Seriously.

        “She made a splash”? She’s a HUGE hit, and it took her only a year to achieve, and not even by fake-sounding auto tune, like most pop artists use now-a-days. Come on. I know people over 60 that enjoy her music, and think that she’s brilliant. Not to mention that if you actually sat down and listened to the other stuff on her albums, it’s different than what is played on the radio. The rest of her album does not make her “pop music”. She has much more variety than what you claim. Just because you haven’t listened to the rest of her music does NOT mean that you have any right to say that she’s just “pop music”.

        There is no anger or bitterness involved. I am merely showing you common sense. Have a good day.

        Actually, when she rereleased “The Fame Monster” I downloaded “Alejandro” & “So Happy I Could Die”. I found “Alejandro” to be a Madonna retread and “So Happy” to be almost a copy of Natasha Bedingfield’s “Pocket Full of Sunshine” (seriously…the riffs are exactly the same!). So I HAVE done some research on Lady Gaga and you are amiss in thinking that I haven’t. The songs you hear on the radio are the best of the bunch and they are not that good. There have been many artists who have come along, had a hit album and then disappeared. I’m not saying that will happen for Gaga (I actually think she has at least 2 more albums in her that will do well), but it happens and the next big thing comes along. I don’t know how old you are, but it interesting to me that you have picked THIS fight to fight when there are so many other great entertainers out there that you could look up to. Musicians who have been around for a long time who have a catalogue of great music. But Lady Gaga? You can call me all the names you want, but it still boils down to this…if your inspiration for greatness is a woman who dresses up in Kermit the frog outfits, writes lyrics about touching herself and plays the piano but chooses to hide it with electronic beeps & whistles, then more power to you. I have better things to do with my time than to continually defend myself. SHE was the one making the ridiculous statements (which is why I wrote the post in the first place) and most normal people can see what she really is…a performer who is marketing herself as unique when really what she is is a pop artist selling crappy songs to the population. Don’t get so bent out of shape about it…it’s just what it is.

  250. maynard says:

    Her songs are catchy and she is not hard on the eyes. However, she is yet another celebrity caught up in her own self-importance.

    Her ego will continue to grow as critics continue embrace her fashion sense and fans buy her music. I don’t believe that she has staying power. People will get tired of her weird clothes and shallow music and they’ll move on to the next puppet.

    10 years from now, we will remember her but she won’t have the star power she does now. Record companies are pop star factories and she is just one amongst many.

    Dude…you’re my new best friend.

  251. Hannah says:

    My inspiration for greatness? Hardly. Yes, I am a Lady GaGa fan, but that doesn’t mean she’s “inspiration for greatness”. I admire her because she does certain things to show who she really is. Just because you can’t understand that doesn’t mean you have any right to dismiss that fact.

    I listen to great people like the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, whatever you think are the greatest hits. I normally don’t care. However, Lady GaGa puts a different spin on how she does things, and that’s really how I got into pop music. Otherwise, I hated it. And I will disagree with you on Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is hardly original, even if she writes her own music. Even with my dislike of Taylor Swift, I don’t down the fact that she writes songs because she likes to express who she is. I appreciate listening to artists, and their interpretations of what a song is like, and Lady GaGa is no different.

    I understand your dislike of her. Really, I do. Even with that being said, however, I see absolutely no appreciation of what she has to offer in terms of what she does as a performer. Hell, I don’t even like Madonna, yet I can appreciate who she is because she expresses herself.

    Even if you seem to think that she creates crappy songs, that isn’t the most important thing. Just because she annoys you doesn’t mean that you have to hate her, and write a blog about her. Even if you think that her songs are stupid and bland, you can at least grow up and appreciate what she does, because she’s being herself. If you think she markets herself, oh well. At least she does things without having to care about what people like yourself have to say about her music.

    Wow. You win the Persistance Award for this post! You obviously have very strong feelings about this artist so we will have to just agree to disagree. It is a free country afterall. Good luck with your music career, Hannah! Maybe someday I’ll be hearing you on pop radio singing about lost love and sexual repression. Who knows?

    • AI says:

      What kind of an idiot are you ??? You’re saying Lady Gaga and Madonna didn’t contribute anything new ???
      WAKE UP !!!! Either way, your stupid comment doesn’t stop their bank accounts being files with money… How much are you making smarty ???

      Enough to be ok. Oh wait…you were just being smart…right?

  252. Anya says:

    Well, author, to begin I’ll say that I agree with you. For an up-and-coming artist, that was a little brash. I kind of like Lady GaGa. She does have talent, albeit her over-editing. Yes, her music is fairly generic and mindless, and yes, her person is more than a little strange and frightening…

    However, I do believe that you should edit your blog in terms of the November Swift comment and perhaps not respond to some of the die-hard fan comments so. And the (I’m roughly paraphrasing here) “Pop is meaningless” comment is also dangerous territory to tread, but I’m sure you’ve already dealt with the bulk of it in the sometimes well-articulated comments that have appeared.

    Mind you, I’M not about to go skewering you and pursue a futile argument. What I’m saying is, you seem to possess a slightly cynical, dry wit that is entertaining to read for us docile beings, but was probably not the best idea for the oft rabid fans of GaGa.

    You ARE in the right to make your opinion, and I agree with you. As stated, I’m not so “GaGa” over Lady GaGa myself.

    But, as a “40-year-old father of 2”, in order to reiterate your previous point that you are simply stating an opinion, I think it would carry over better to those coherent individuals who want a civilized discussion if you avoided language like “jackass”, “suck it”, and “b**ch”. Just recalling what I remember from the comments and responses above.

    I also think that the Taylor Swift reference, despite the fact that I actually like her for being a wholesome, crack-free and decently talented musician, is not well placed. The way you said it, to me at least, it sounded saying an immature “I told you so”.

    I ask you, for the sake of preserving the intellect you established in the original blog, do not respond to this with suck it or something equally uncalled for.

    Summarily, I agree with you in terms of every aspect of your blog except for the pop reference, but your responses to some of the admittedly poorly written, error-ridden, vapid, and immature comments befit my 15 years better than your 40.


    Well, Anya…I certainly appreciate your well-thought out response and I can agree that I certainly would much rather have a civilized discussion on music and the relationships that artists have with their fans. It is my opinion that artists such as Lady Gaga are not good for our society because younger kids see what they do and emulate that. Much like Charles Barkley, who once stated that he didn’t want to be anyone’s hero, celebrities often times don’t understand the kind of responsibilities they have. Granted, a child having parents who care about what they see, hear and do is very important, but when an artist such as Lady Gaga is so visible, it only makes sense that kids would want to be like her. And that is unfortunate. Although I understand that sex sells, I don’t think it needs to be sold to kids. And especially to kids are who listen to Lady Gaga’s music (well…mostly kids anyway). So there is that opinion of her.

    Now your criticism of me and the way I have handled comments left here. Let me be the first to say, that I DO cuss regularly (although not in front of my kids) and I don’t have a problem with it. As I wrote on someone else’s comment, if you were to come into my house and call me an idiot or an asshole because of my opinion on someone, I would tell you to fuck off and to kiss my ass. Now…if you wish to have a discussion on a certain topic and you & I can have a civilized rhetoric, then I have no problem with your criticisms. But some of these “fans” ARE assholes who think they can call me whatever they want because they are on the internet and don’t have to face me. Well fuck that. This is MY site and I can do or write whatever I want here. You come on here and call me names, I’m gonna return the favor. And I have been very fair in that I have allowed such comments that are negative and belligerent. But if they are gonna leave nasty comments, I’m gonna leave nasty responses. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry but its not your place to come on here and tell me how to run my business. So I appreciate your response, but I think now you know how I feel about your criticism of me. But thank you for at least being pleasant about it!

  253. Britt says:

    I have not read the comments but only this “blog”
    from whoever this is. I stumbled upon it looking for the grammy niminee updates and I have something to say that everyone may agree with. First, a question:
    Why do you think so many pop artists become so famous? Some talent? Some performing experience? An intriging backround? Those are factors- but how large of a factor. I will tell you now that the big reason such a majority of pop artisits become so big is because of drama they stir up like this right now. People talk, blog about it and people reply, and soon- They are the big thing that everyone has to talk about and then we take sides. I am helping her fame or ifamy right now just by giving my opinion. Hopefully this can be respected unlike, it seems that many of these comments are so far. So don’t let me know if you disagree. I am simply here to tell what has not been told for a long while.

    So you have or you haven’t read the comments? Whatever…your points are good ones and I get what you’re saying. By writing about Gaga I am aiding in her popularity. It’s a stretch, but I feel you.

  254. JENNYBOA says:

    wow, you are so weirdly jealous of lady gaga. you’ve wasted your life badmouthing someone who’s actually doing positive things in this world.
    p.s. i agree with everyone else that your music choices suck so bad. haha dave matthews band… haha.

    Wasted my life? I realize you are never coming back, but I have to wonder….what POSITIVE things has Lady Gaga done besides dilute pop music even more than it is and wear weird costumes? You Gaga fans are an odd bunch…

    • jennyboa says:

      donate money to charities, make people happy, prove that you dont have to look or act like everyone else, make music that many people enjoy… what more does one need to do? dilute pop music????? are you high? its pop music!!!!!!!!!!!!! the most un-serious, already diluted music ever. but its fun, its pop. thats why people like it.

  255. Chewy says:

    This blog makes a good point: everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just think comparing artists dilutes the discourse a little. So, yes, I’m a gaga fan. Shocking! Right? Well, from what I’ve gotten from her interviews is that she only focuses on her career and hates judging other artists for the way they let out their creative expression. I love this about her. This is, I think, where she gets her class from. And it really sucks that a lot of her fans are bashing your music choices. Every artist is unique in their own way, and the variety we get to choose from… is just amazing. Lady Gaga, specifically, isn’t simply making “Pop music.” She’s creating art. Everything about her is just about… creative expression. That’s why she wears all of those “weird costumes.” Though you may think her lyrics suck, all of her songs have a special meaning behind them. She tries very hard to present that in her music videos, though they aren’t always easy to catch. I don’t know, that’s why I’m such a big fan. Gaga’s tough. Fierce. Fearless. Regardless of anyone’s opinion here, she truly believes she’s giving birth to art. That’s why she always talks about making love to her ideas. Just because someone doesn’t like her work doesn’t mean it’s okay to bash her, make fun of her. It’s not like she cares, but I do. Even if she weren’t selling hit singles, she’d still be performing somewhere in New York. I love her motivation! Her drive!

  256. Chewy says:

    Well, I guess you weren’t really bashing her. So…. just kidding on that point. Lol. Who knows? She might go away like you said :[

    I think maybe… she’s TRYING to be a role model for teenagers out there, but they’re just getting it the wrong way. I mean, it’s true her lyrics are really crazy and sex-filled. The entire point to this blog was that she’s full of herself, right? Blah, I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Still a fan, though!

  257. Mitchell G. Culver says:

    The author of this post is right. I didn’t know who this Lady Gaga was until last night (it’s now 4 days into 2010), and it wasn’t hard to miss her. I worked in a shop where her songs were on 3, 4 times in an 8-hour day, and the only thing that kept me from throwing a 500-degree pizza at my customers’ face each time it began to play was the fact that I had the remote control, and would change the station just long enough to keep the stupid tripe from once again getting inside my head.
    This media whore obviously has it in her head that coming up with a catchy popsong or two that are big with the Disney crowd is a far cry from being another, say, Cher, Madonna, Keely Smith, or other talented female recording artist. You, Ms. Gaga (the “Lady” is an affront to anyone who’s ever earned anything in their life), are a self-glorifying (edit) of a gal, just another pitiful sex symbol for the post-mTV generation Mtv generation [sic], who wouldn’t know a decent bit of music if it didn’t have electronic filtering on both the voice and the instrumental tracks. You’re a cheap mirage, Ms. Gaga, and I wish you all the best when you grow up enough to realize that even Amy Winehouse got laughed off the scene. And so did Britney Spears, for that matter… For the way you’re headed, I propose you rename yourself “LADY DODO” and kindly disappear.

  258. n8 says:

    Umm. Lady Gaga. Yeah. She is talented at self promotion and writing repetitive lyrics that require very little conscious effort to digest. Look at the artists she has written for and you will realize she is the Paula Abdul of the modern era. Britney and the Dolls are hardly making an impact musically. Any comparisons to Madonna are ridiculous. Madonna didn’t start using trite house and electro sounds until the setting sun of her career, which is still way before Gaga came on the scene. Honestly her “hits” wouldn’t be the case had they not been shoved down Clear Channels listeners throats. And who determines the Billboard #1 list? Not the listeners as you may think, but industry insiders who pay radio stations for air time. I have been listening to the “new” sounds of Indie and there are a ton of new an innovative artists that are truly pushing music into new ground, all without the help of AKON and Lady Gaga. Plus the lyrics makes sense and aren’t about alien vag like Lil Waynes “hits.” I think the idea of this article is to push people to care about what they are wasting their hearing on and not just accept the fact that since Poke ‘er face is shoveled into your head everyday it’s your favorite song. I can say this honestly because I make pointless House music for residual income and I know that there is very little talent to make these tracks. (Refer to Ableton, Antares Auto Tune and an Roland 808 and you have almost %50 of the music on the radio. I’m not kidding.)

  259. Jose says:

    You shud all stop seeing this idiocritys who cares how people dress in this case the important thing is the music she has awesome music (POPIS NOT MEANINGLES) and stop coming to this (and others) stupid website why dont you make something usful or productive instead a of being in youre computer writting stupid stuff

  260. sabrina says:

    ya know what i think???

    i think that she’s very interesting. everybody has their own personality. u say u seen some of her interviews, in one of them she admits that she had a drug addiction, sometimes when u have a drug addiction u can halusinate-(not sure if thats spelt correctly) anywayz, i believe that maybe she writes about what she seen or sorta experienced.
    all i know os that she sings weird songs but it is quite catchy!!!
    ga ga oh la la
    ro ma ro ma ma

  261. Kittie says:

    Well…everyone is entitled to their own opinions about everything I guess….but at the very least she proved that she can fall on her ass on stage and keep performing. That’s got to count for something.

  262. Robin says:

    I appreciate your opinion, and do actually kind of agree that she sounded ridiculous in that article, but I just want to say that I don’t think that being a part of the pop genre automatically makes the music meaningless. You seemed to kind of use the words interchangeably as if they were synonyms. (Of course, I guess this could just be because I don’t want to think of the majority of the music I listen to as completely meaningless haha)

    Anyway, nice blog, stumbling across this has kept me entertained for the last 30 minutes or so!

  263. Mike says:

    you have valid points, but you come off as very arrogant and defensive towards your original claims way back when.

    Because I AM arrogant & defensive on my original claims way back when.

  264. becky says:

    okay, i got really bored and read this. i got extremely irritated b/c i don’t understand either how anyone can think lady gaga has talent. yeah her stuff is catchy, but that’s it. yeah she may write her own songs, but it’s not talent when she writes stupid crap like, “i wanna take a ride on your disco stick…” or whatever….what is that??? that’s not talent. i could come up with better lyrics in my sleep. i do listen to her cuz she’s catchy, but in no way is she talented.

    and i saw the comment about dave matthews…wow he’s amazing. now it’s talent when you can write so many songs that are awesome, that he could have 4 concerts in a row, and not repeat one song…while having millions of ppl love him, and be around as long as he has. it’s men like him who have left a mark in the music industry…lady gaga will fade within a couple years. she’s not changing anything in a beautiful way. she’s here, but she’s not changing anything. i have nothing against her…but she doesn’t compare to the masterpieces of many.

  265. aow0526 says:

    Wow, damn that google for keeping the hits (on your blog not Lady Gaga’s) rolling. Can’t stand pop music, mindless melodies recycled for each generation. I actually think Lady Gaga will have staying power if she doesn’t implode. Decent voice and either she or her publicist now how to market her. Now I’ll go put on some Opeth to get any semblance of a pop melody out of my head.

  266. Cobalt says:

    Hm…interesting. Definitely interesting.
    Interesting to see people’s varying opinions…
    Interesting to see how people can get VERY bitchy towards each other over the simplicity of aforementioned varying opinions…(yes, it’s 4am, I came across this on Google, and ended up reading half the bloody comments…)

    And ya know what? I’m going to join the opinionated fun!

    My opinion on Gaga’s music: Don’t know where she’ll end up in 5 years, but I like her. Just bought The Fame Monster and I love every song on it. I mean, nothing special. She’s no genius, but…They’re catchy, they’re fun to dance to, and they’re good to sing in the shower…

    My opinion on Gaga: She’s got spunk and attitude. You kinda need that in the industry today…

    My opinion on you: Cool. You have your opinions. You stick by them. They’re completely opposite to mine, but I really don’t mind. Hell, my best friend’s opinions are always opposite to mine, but we still get along fine- it’s all good! People keep reiterating ‘oh blah blah blah you must have been so bored to write a blog about how much you hate Lady Gaga, etc.’ I disagree with them. If you have an opinion on something- I say share it! I occasionally write DeviantART journal rants about my intense hate of Kings of Leon- doesn’t mean I’m bored.

    Ok, maybe I am. A little…

    My opinion on the people here: A few of them have intelligent arguments. Thank God they exist…As for the rest….well…hm, yes. You can imagine 🙂

    So, there we go. I wholeheartedly support you. Not your opinions, but you. What started out as a regular blog post about a slightly disliked celebrity….got turned into this. You’re doing well.
    And kudos on maintaining witty answers to all the ignorant blockheads who congregate here to post hate mail.

    Good luck!

    PS: I think Taylor deserved ‘Artist of the Year’ as well. I adore her- she’s so sweet! 🙂

    Thanks Cobalt! Actually…when I wrote this post, “Just Dance” was her only hit. I didn’t hate her. Actually…I didn’t know who she was. I just found her comments to be annoying. Now, after hearing about her and hearing her music every freakin’ day on the radio, I’ve become very anti-Gaga mostly because everyone else seems to love her so damn much. I got nothing against her personally. I just don’t find her to be very original. But there is very little that hasn’t been done already…so in that regard, she IS making a name for herself.

    Glad you like my responses. Depending on my attitude at the time, I think I’m holding up under fire pretty well! 🙂

  267. MC says:


    Sir, you obviously wanted to cause a stir and you have.


    Now something for Katie Perry??

    Nah. I think I have done my part to ruin pop music for everyone…

  268. Al says:

    This is so ridiculous. Seriously? This is like more than fifty fucking pages on a word doc. Either you like Lady Gaga’s music or you don’t. Gosh get a fucking life.

    Such language! Does your mother know you use this kind of talk?

  269. elisa says:

    i like lady gaga’s song, i think she just sell her sexiness. her song is amazing, but i don’t like the way she dress, with sexy outfit and dancing around her video clips, that’s so awful.

  270. youkonw.... says:

    She didn’t write bad romance it was red one…..but she have great songs..have you listened to Second Time Around….she will be a legend i know it ,you know but people like you are denying it!!!!! you are very immature

  271. fredy says:

    ilove you

  272. Sara says:

    Oh, Lady Gaga. Maybe if you didn’t wear those ridiculous shoes, you would be able to remain on your feet. Not sure how I ended up here really, but I will be following your blog from here on out 😉

  273. Alexis says:

    whether you like it or not lady gaga is going to be around. She has talent and she can sing. If you did take the time to actually listen to all her songs youll find that she is actually using her real voice without the help any electronic vocal tuning. You can also tell by her live performances. My personal opinion of her is one of intrigue and surprise. you are right that some pop artists become a big hit one day and are forgotten the next but she continues to surprise me with her hit songs. She is everywhere; oprah, ellen, launch my line, ect. and what most impresses me is that she continues to be herself. She dresses the way she dresses because that is how she likes to dress. she likes to wear wigs and crazy outfits so she does. To me she’s different then the other artists because she is not trying mold herself to an image. she is the image. i think we will continue to see her five years from now and even ten years from now. she does what she loves and i dont think she will stop doing it for anything, even if she doesnt have another hit, she is gonna keep on writing, singing, and perfoming. i understand that you didnt like her comments in that interview you mentioned in the beginning but i personally wouldnt be so quick to judge someone. i liked her comments. she was honest and said what came to mind i respect that, especially in a woman. Some of her lyrics may seem odd and ridiculous but there are others that really have meaning, also her use of imagery, details, and metaphores in my opinion are better than most. Shes just getting started and already she has adoring fans all over the world. The fact that she is able to have an idea and make it into a hit song is talent in itself. She has accomplished so much in such a short time that i feel i have no right to criticize. she is a hell of a lot more talented than i am. and its not only songs she creates, but fashion and choreography. recently i learned that she and polaroid will be partnering up as well. she wont be going anywhere anytime soon. but of course i am only stating what i think and how i feel. i love lady gaga. some of her words may not seem impressive but they have the ability to make me smile and lift my spirits up. she is getting her message across whether it be about sex, love, or just having fun. isnt that all what a true artist wants to accomplish; express their ideas and thoughts in a unique way that is theirs. lady gaga will keep surprising us and she’ll keep coming back. she loves her fans which is obvious to tell based on some of her interviews. on her website there are so many pics of her with her fans and their comments. They adore her and wouldnt be so quick to just drop and forget her and she to them. well thats my thought on the subject. if you plan on replying, cut the sarcasm, i find it annoying, no offense intended.

    This is like a long, run-on sentence. i have no idea what was said but I’m sure whatever it was the commenter agrees with me 100% in that Lady Gaga will be done with her 5 minutes of fame in less than 2 years. Thanks for stopping by!

  274. rhynolite says:

    hey Al, with all due respect, i think you should just chill out with your views on lady gaga.

    i’m not trying to stir crap up here, but i honestly do feel you’re not giving lady gaga here enough credit for what she’s done.

    i honestly haven’t taken the time to read all the comments here (its just too long), but i just want to clarify a couple of things, and if they’ve been said before, i’m sorry.

    first thing: lady gaga has been in the music business for quite a while. its only at the beginning of last year that she started singing her own songs. before 2009, she was a songwriter for many artists like britney spears, the pussycat dolls and fergie. i’m not sure which songs were written by her, but judging from her recent works, i guess they must have received a fair amount of public attention.

    second thing: she’s wierd, crazy and downright out of this world. you have to concede that, judging from her dress sense and writing styles. it would be wrong then, in my honest opinion, to expect her to come to an interview and be all modest and tame about what she does best. nobody knows how she is in person, but from a public perspective, that’s how she portrays herself, and i guess that it is reasonable for her to be herself in an interview.

    third thing: you have to admit, her songs are pretty catchy. for the record i’m not a big fan of lady gaga, but every once in a while i hear her songs on the radio and immediately i can hum to the tune (not the lyrics though, too crazy). i guess that’s how it works right? pop music = popular music. the more people who like your stuff, the better pop artist you are. you cannot really compare her to the beatles or u2, she’s just a year into her singing career and the times are different. when the beatles were popular, there was no internet and what people listened to were pretty limited to what the radio played and what records people were willing to pay out of their pockets for. these days, people have more access to a greater variety of music, and for lady gaga to stand out amongst the crowd, i think that’s a pretty solid credential.

    i dunno, just my three cents worth. =)

    chill out man.

  275. Jen says:

    I completely agree with everything you’ve said. She’s so desperate for attention that she has to dress like that?!? Her voice is nothing special, her lyrics are crap, she is so freaking UGLY, and I don’t like “Bad Romance” at all. And from that interview, it sounds like she’s a totally stuck up selfish son of a bitch. And btw I like how you told people to stop flaming you.

  276. daniela says:


  277. balletgrrl says:

    i like her music…. its catchy. i sing it a lot, but the way she dresses freaks me out… and her music vids have nothing to do with the song, most of the time. and wen it does, i dont get it and also, its plain gross.
    o and btw, to all you trash talkers out there… WASH UR MOUTH WITH SOAP FOR HEAVENS SAKE!
    thank you.
    god bless everyone of u….

  278. balletgrrl says:

    wat does the pic on top have 2 do with anything?

  279. balletgrrl says:

    1 more thing 2 say guys…
    she has an awesome voice range…..
    maybe not hte last thing..

  280. tink says:

    In my opinion, this issue is a dead horse that has been beaten for waaaaaay too long, and what I am about to say has probably been already stated several times over in the 300+ comments that I have no intention of reading…but, what the hell…I’m home sick and bored senseless, so here ya go.
    Lady Gaga seems to be an artist of reasonable talent for what she does(simple pop music), but I agree that she is unneccessarily full of herself and comments she has made in interviews are pretty ludicrous, even laughable and not to be taken seriously.
    Does she have what it takes to last 5 plus years in the fickle, short attention span world of pop culture??? Probably not, but you never know…In the early eighties a fresh,young,chubby-faced Madonna pretentiously stated to Dick Clark on national TV that she was going to “rule the world” and look at what happened…almost 30 years later, many are still willing to shell out a small fortune to watch her gyrate on stage looking like a muscle-bound Phyllis Diller in a bikini(oh…the horrors!)!
    All the best of luck to Lady Gaga…let’s just hope for all of our sakes she decides to hang up her vinyl thong and pasties long before her social security kicks in!

  281. Nancy S. says:

    hahaha! you are soo right about her!
    she’s lame..and so are her lyrics. i read the comment you posted from the one fan, and, i loved how you responded. she doesn’t have class, and her lyrics are pointless. too bad her songs are so catchy..lol

  282. B says:

    Your primary objection seems to be that a star you consider frivolous and empty-headed doesn’t have the good grace to accept that she’s a piece of shit despite her songwriting, instrument-playing, fantastic voice (c’mon, have you even listened to any of her acoustic tracks?), popular music, and eye for artistic design choices. You don’t mind that she exists – it’s just that she talks! And has confidence! So she likes her job, so what? If only all women had the self-esteem of the fabulous Lady Gaga…http://www.rachelsimmons.com/2010/01/lillys-blog-why-lady-gaga-is-a-role-model-for-girls/

    P.S. Did you notice that your only examples of “serious” musicians were men, except Madonna, who only gets credit for how how she affects femininity? Uhm…sounds like you maybe need to broaden what you consider “real” music, and maybe go look up exactly how much of a mogul Madonna is.

    Ummmm….no. My primary objection to this particular article was that she sounded like she was high on an illegal substance and full of herself. For the record, I have not listened to any of her acoustic tracks. Personally I don’t think her writing skills are all that, but I understand why her songs are popular among the mindless and her “artistic design choices” make her look like an alien. My personal opinion is this…if she’s so fucking talented, why do she have to hide behind all the stupid outfits and the electronic gadgetry in her music? Everyone comes on here citing what a great voice she has, but I don’t hear it. She is a decent pop singer. Nothing to get excited about. Very much like Madonna (who she OBVIOUSLY adores) she is making good with what she has. So she likes her job? Good for her. She’s making millions of dollars singing pop songs about bluffing her muffin and all that other shit. Honestly, I’m tired of hearing it.

    • StevenCee says:

      You “objected” to this interview, due to her sounding “high & full of herself”? Can you name a half dozen great singer/songwriters that never did interviews high, or even full of themselves? I’ll take a creative person with an ego, over someone who does things that are really uncool, like lie, beat their wife, etc….

      As to why “if she’s so talented” does she come with all this gimmickry, simple, the music business does not always grace real artistry with success. It’s a wack industry, there’s millions out there trying to do the same thing, and doing something, however exaggerated, to get noticed, to be set apart from everyone else, takes some talent in itself.

      Why did Jimi wear wild clothes, play with his teeth, & behind his head? Did it really help him play better, hell no, cause it was SHOWMANSHIP! Just because someone knows how to get noticed, doesn’t mean they have no talent. Many don’t, but some do, and those are often ones we know of. Did EW&F have to wear wild clothes, & even use a spaceship in their stage show, or Pink Floyd, or hey, Michael Jackson?

      I just think, as in other aspects of our lives, we should refrain from being so quick to judge others by “their covers”.
      I’m not going to run out and buy (or listen to) her music anytime soon, but I do feel she’s got talent, and a soul, and if & when she releases more “adult” music, I’ll be there….

  283. Lady Ga Ga blows, & I’m tired of hearing her SHIT everytime I turn on the damn radio.
    I can’t wait until she’s all washed up in a few years.

  284. smuglysatisfied says:

    I didn’t bother reading the rest of the moronic commentaries associated with this post. The original article summed up all that needed to be said quite nicely. The “fall-vid” pretty much put the icing on the cake. Touche, good sir.

  285. Daymienne says:

    You say Lady Gaga is just “another pop artist” but you’re just another hater.

    I think what the writer of this article is trying to say is that they are afraid of originality. We might all as well just admit that there is really no one out there like Gaga. She just knows who she is. Which is amazinly refreshing when compared to a lot of other artists who are still trying to find their style.

    I give props to lady Gaga for being herself in this rediculously critical world and for still doing her thing when jerks like whoever wrote this article think that what they have to say is of any signifigance at all. Get the fuck over yourself.

    I don’t “hate” her…I just don’t find her to be “fresh & original” like you do. Does this make me a jerk? I guess. But the way it seems is that I just presented an argument and you disagree so now I am an ass while you are a perfect, little critic who can type on your computer in my comments section.

  286. Catt says:

    Lady Gaga- She’s really different. No, I don’t think she will stick around the charts for much longer, but I really enjoy most of her music, and I don’t even like pop. She’s just so weird. It really seems to someone like me(A complete girl geek weird kid who listened to weird music like Mindless Self Indulgence)that this opened up pop music to something DIFFERENT than the stereotypical “I need to be cool” attitude. And if she doesn’t last, I really think (hope) that impression she made will.

  287. tberk says:

    Totally random. I don’t know if anyone pointed it out. But it bugs me: orangutans aren’t monkeys, silly. 🙂

  288. Jessica says:

    Okay so personally I don’t care if people like Lady Gaga or not, her music’s not really my type anyway. However, you stated that Taylor Swift is a better music artist, and that got to me. I prefer country over electronica any day, but have you heard lady gaga sing live? It’s no different than the way she sounds in the music videos. Now have you heard Taylor Swift sing live? I have twice, and it pains my ears. The girl has no talent. My opinion is that she should stick to writing. And Carrie Underwood is the one with the real pipes. I’m just sad that Taylor albeit catchy tunes and digitally glossed over vocals stole Carrie’s thunder. 🙂

  289. aldi says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!! I feel like I’m the only one that thinks this about Gaga. Its not sacrilegious to not like her……

  290. JAM says:

    Lady Gaga is a persona, and she’s crafted this persona quite well. She did attend NYU, and she struggled through the NY club scene. Like a lot of struggling musicians in that city she created a persona to make money. Answers she gives in interviews reflect the persona. Take them for what they are.

    I wouldn’t include Bob Dylan, or Springsteen in this because they represent a totally different musical aesthetic. Likewise, Bono comes out of the 70’s Punk scene.

    When I see Gaga’s videos, and hear her music, I’m reminded of Debbie Harry, not Madonna. Like Gaga, Harry wore odd outfits, and was ridiculed at the time for her pretentious lyrics. Blondie is releasing a new album, three decades after Blondie (Harry’s band) first broke into the Disco scene. Harry’s smart, and new how to play the media. “Call Me” isn’t exactly profound. But the music is fun, catchy, and crossed genres.

    I don’t know what to think of Lady Gaga. Pretentious? Maybe. On the other hand, she’s smart enough to play the media.

    Personally, when it comes to talented female pop-singers, I prefer Regina Spektor, a Purchase Conservatory of Music graduate who writes great lyrics, catchy tunes, and has an “aww-shucks” attitude.

  291. JAM says:

    I meant to write, “knew how to play the media”.

    As a professional copywriter, and someone with his BA in English Lit. and MA in Public Relations, I find it hysterical that responses about poor spelling include poor spelling.

    Gaga writes for teens and club kids who aren’t listening to the lyrics. That’s worth keeping in mind. She’s not trying to reach the same audience as the other artists you mentioned.

    Dylan, Bono, Springsteen, and Tom Waits, are storytellers. Their audiences tend to be college educated, and people like me who sit down and read the lyric sheet rather than dancing. They’re not trying to be sex symbols.

  292. Murdoc says:


    To writer….
    You are brilliant everything u said is 100% true. All any pop song is catchy tunes to pass the the time till the next add. I agree with u all the way… and on a second note I say the same about taking back is said if she is still a big thing 5-10 years down the road(about longevity)

  293. Ciara says:

    I went on to google to show my mom what I freak I think Lady Gaga is. I think her music is really gay. And She just all around pisses me off. The way she dresses bothers me quite a lot…. She’s just weird. I agtee with everything you said here. Poeple are stupid. I don’t know why anyone would want to listen to her songs. They all make me have nightmares. She’s annoying and she makes o sence in any of her songs. Music is suppost to mean something. If it can tell you a message and get through to you. That’s what I call music. No Lady Gaga who doesn’t know what she is doing. Ugh, I hate her so much.

  294. Rose says:

    Listen, an artist is entittled to say and feel whatever they want about their work. you don’t have to agree. many people have said the same things you’ve said about gaga about dylan, bono, etc… there is no single piece of art or music that is accepted, appriciated or understood by everyone. so your statements hold very little significance in the larger scheme of things.

  295. Joseph says:

    Why thank you for pointing out some very good facts!
    I don’t see why people come here and argue with someone who is obviously very smart. While they sit there with their Middle School degree not knowing how to spell or type for that matter.

    Anyway, Lady Gaga always sounded like a Brittany Spears clone with techno bleep bloops in the background. I’m almost certain shes auto tuned to the max. I watched that video of her falling down multiple times (which I enjoyed very much) and she has a horrid voice.

    Props to you sir.

    Thanks dude!

  296. Priscilla says:

    it is disturbing how jealous and consumed with Lady Gaga you are. Really, I don’t think Lady Gaga cares one bit about these ridiculous and tacky comments being made. She is obviously doing what she loves and getting well paid for it too $$$$$$ And she is a damn good entertainer otherwise you wouldn’t be writing a blog about her. Calm down with the hatred already….

  297. renee says:

    lady gaga is every where sweetheart, everyone loves her style her music her dancing her concerts are sold out. lady gaga is taking over and theres nothing u can do about it but type this stupid bs just bc ur bored with ur own life. how sad. u should be happy she is sucessful her music is art! excuse me while i go blast my LADY GAGA cd!!!


  298. Charlie says:

    I dont have anything against Lady Gaga, I find her sexy and hot, even when her gender is under discussion, but I got to say her music is the same shit than David Gueta, some of her songs are catchy, yes, I hear some of her songs sometimes, but those are songs which have only one purpose, to kill time

  299. J-Lo says:

    Okay, she is nuts! I can see where you are coming from but the industry that she is entering in now is not the same one that Bob Dylan entered years back. In order to survive in that industry, she has to shock. She tries to do that even if not so gracefully. So her lyrics aren’t deep and meaningful, they don’t make you ponder the meaning of life, they don’t make you stand up and rally against the oppressors. That does not change the fact that she is mad talented. She is classically trained in piano and has an amazing voice. So those skills and her ability to shock are taking her to the bank. She performed on the Grammys tonight with Sir Elton John. I hope you didn’t place any bets on her not being around in 5 years because I think you’re going to lose!

  300. alliehammer says:

    I don’t see you making any music so what the hell do you know! And besides, Lady GaGa isn’t trying to appeal to stuck up, over-sophisticated crackers like you! She’s making her music for teens and younger adults! If her music is that horrible then explain all she has accomplished in such a small amount of time, and maybe you should listen to the lyrics more carefully! Some of her songs actually do have a real, wholesome story!

    Cracker? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That made my whole day! LOL

  301. greg says:

    she’s basically a teenage girl at heart, she’s doing everything she want’s, and she’s having a crap load of fun doing it…
    you think she’s gonna be modest and professional?

  302. larehpirep says:


    She’s a modern mix of Marilyn Manson, Bjork and Madonna in the best/worst way- entirely created, crafted and pimped by the corporate media. I think she’s an interesting phenomenon and respect her savvy, but don’t care for her music or her act.

    She’s pretty good at the self-promotion-love me-hate me game. It’s basically art school 101 though. If you know about pop/transgressive art, then you know that we’ve seen it all before. She;s doing NOTHING new. Bjork does it better, is a supremely better musician and her art and eccentricity is genuine, Bowie stole the whole idea of being an ‘edgy’ act with more discretion and respect for the people he was stealing from (and is a better musician), Madonna has better songwriters and pioneered the Pop Artist in Control of Being Her Own Brand act, and Leigh Bowery stuck his neck out artistically further than Ga-Ga ever will.

    Whether by intentional omission, corporate image control, overwhelming hubris, or complete lack of awareness, this artist is chanelling Bowery, Kansai Yamamoto, Klaus Nomi and is re-playing Madonna’s game to appealing to a gay demographic from 20 years ago.

    It’s just sad that people are so culturally ignorant about it.

    Her self-proclaimed brilliance sits in the shadow of giants, like a little girl demanding adults to acknowledge the genius of her rendition of Twinkle Twinkle little star on a toy piano.

    I don’t hate her. She’s just doing a job and doing it well. But I do hate the twinkies who have no idea what’s really going on. These are the same people who say they have no time for reading because they’re too busy being fabulous.

    But then again, this is a nation that spawned James Frey, Dan Brown, Flava of Love, I Love Money, Jersey Shore, American Idol and other horrors, so I guess we get the artists we deserve.

  303. OmgLia says:

    Lady Gaga writes and sings ALL of her own music, and she is an extremely talented performer who is not only revolutionizing the way that music today is marketed and presented, but is single handedly bringing back haute couture. She is the next Madonna. If you can’t realize that, you are seriously in denial. Even the New York Times ran a cover story on how amazing she is yesterday. She’s more than just your average pop singer – she is something new, fabulous and here to stay.

  304. Christopher Poggiali says:

    Taylor Swift??? Are you fucking kidding me??? She butchered a classic Stevie Nicks song last night! Yes, it is opinions and like assholes, everyone has them. But to dismiss anyone or anyone’s feelings about their art is ignorant. Maybe to her it’s mind blowing, being creative. I’m a disc jockey and no I don’t write music but I’ll tell ya right now, it is quite a euphoric creating a set that has the dance floor poppin. So it probably surpasses that by leaps and bounds for an artist who actually creates the music we listen to, or an artist who paints a canvass. Who the fuck are you to judge whether or not she’s for real. If she inspires someone, makes someone feel something, or just packs a dance floor…then why hate? I don’t care if she’s different. I’d take that over your cookie cutter, hate mongering, self indulgent blog any day! Lighten up douchebag, the most you’ll be inspiring in anyone is to whether or not they’ll want to supersize their fries. I’ll take a number 3….and make it snappy!

    Dude…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you probably had to look up Stevie Nicks on Wikipedia. As for the rest of your rant, I think I’ve stated my opinion on Lady Gaga pretty clearly. There isn’t any hate towards her, I just think those comments were a little over the top. Now I see that she is playing a character and she is basically marketing herself that way. And I’m fine with it. What I find really fucking obnoxious are the idiots who post comments without any regard to what the true message is. So go fuck yourself and as for your fries? You can supersize kiss my ass.

  305. StevenCee says:

    I’m a longtime pro musician, respect ANY kind of music, if it’s sincere, if it touches me, etc. Now, I wasn’t even familiar with her music, till a couple days ago, as I passed her off as just another actor with a gimmick. Well, after 1) seeing her interview w/Barbara Walters, 2) seeing her matching vocals & keys w/Elton John, 3) even reading the quotes you mentioned, from another interview, & mostly, and I would strongly advise you to check it out, this video, of her a few years ago, pre-Gaga:

    Now, if after watching that, you still feel she has no standing as a singer-songwriter, then you are pretty clueless.. However, I don’t think you’ll remain as much a critic, don’t know how anyone could.

    And yes, a lot of what she’s put out, and her entire schtick, is gimmicky & not of great substance; but, she obviously had a plan, and as she’s now firmly in the door, we’ll see where her recorded output leads to…. I think we both may grow to like her.

  306. Carissa says:

    yeah lady gaga sucks in my opinion as well. tell it how it is!

  307. Tiffany says:

    Bahahaha. That video = HILARIOUS.
    Totally posting it to my blog.
    I’m crying I’m laughing so hard.

    Random useless story… I was living in Lethbridge, AB, Canada last year, and went to her show (when she wasn’t famous enough to play in big halls, when she was still doing bar shows). She came out late… Tried to crowd surf and got hit in the face with a camera, so to get back at the crowd, she refused to do an “encore” and stormed off the stage screaming “fuck you lethbridge”. Uhm excuse me, but, no one said that crowd surfing was like jumping into a pile of Lilly pads and kitty cats. Retard. Anyway, a couple weeks later she was doing the same kind of show in Kelowna, BC. She went into a local restaurant with her entourage, including her ‘boyfriend’. My friend was ‘lucky’ enough to be her server. (Keep in mind I was still a fan of her, because her Just Dance vid was super catchy and the vid was decently different than anything else out at the time). She refused to take off her sunglasses. She refused to LOOK at her server, and would pick up her phone to make calls any time she approached the table. She made her bf order for her. Just RUDE. Who the fuck do you think you are Gaga? I know who you’re not. Madonna. When you keep the hits comming for 30 years, maybe you’ll gain my respect.

    Haha. Anyway? Thanks for posting this! It’s great!

  308. Charlie says:

    the problem with youre little comment at the end there is that you are missing some info…

    She was not ELIGIBLE to win that award after winning Best new artist for 2009..

    she has set RECORDS for her music.. 4 singles the hit number one on a Debut Album.

    it doesnt matter if she didnt win the award.. Taylor Swift is a good artist, yes. but she is by no means better than GaGa. as GaGa is no better than her..

    by saying things like that,

    • Sophie says:

      I’m just sorry that this generation is surrounded by so much music like this. There are great artists out there that work twice as hard on they’re music and don’t even WANT to appear in music videos!!! You learn absolutly nothing from hearin music like this! I wouldn’t even know how to dance to this! And I would yawn if I sang it! I feel nothing when I hear it…
      I don’t see the revolution in the pop industry like you say in anything but the carnival clothes, the over dressing, and the too much make-up, besides that…same old same old.
      And even I and many of you out here can make up better lyrics than that.
      But well what can I say…My dad actually EDUCATED ME about good music, and good arists,
      I think you ough to first search what a great artist is…then compare them to Lady Gaga.

      Anyways, thanks for posting this!! And please never delete this post!

  309. passerby says:

    Hi there!
    I haven’t read every comment, but I found much of them to be repetitive, so I apologize if the question I’m about to ask has already been answered.

    I noticed the word change came up a lot. I believe everyone knows that change is inevitable considering every day brings some level of change. I do know that some change is more significant than others and some people within certain positions can influence the masses. I’m not big on music (not sure why), so I’m not certain how any music has actually changed anything. I am asking for a specific connotation to music and change.

    I did notice one good post, you said was well thought out, about music not ending wars and so on and such forth, but still the words like impacting are used. I always thought music was something of an accessory to life. A reflection of the time. Much as is tevlevision, movies, inventions, and the like.

    Lady Gaga, I suppose, could be a reflection in her own right. I believe what she said in that article is the change occuring, perhaps more then her music. The fact that the quote even was published at all. It says the world is ready for weird? Next thing you know we finally get our flying cars??

    I’m not sure her music is anything new, but it’s flashy, and it reminds of an article Steven King wrote about ear worms. I still don’t know how entertainment alone is influential. I agree with a commenter who said it was not the music but the foundations, chairty, and generiousity a person of influence gives. I think if an artist can make you think, then that can lead some to be inspired to go out and change the world. That would then mark both inspiration and change. I don’t think Gaga is very inspirational.

    I don’t see her really doing much at all. She is well liked, but that article said to me that it’s all about her. What change is she bringing about then…I noticed some comments saying she was breaking ground…I want to know what ground is that exactly?

  310. passerby says:

    Also, I never saw Sir Frenchie back so I thought why should one comment be overlooked.

    This is a translation.

    This chick, I’m certain is only entertaining, and popular in France because of her eccentric look. But I still don’t understand it to be “art.” …I don’t really get the last part…Now, I feel obliged to cure it.

    That’s what Frenchie said.

  311. Gordon Dafoe says:

    Lady Gaga does have a great pair of legs to go along with here adequate voice, but her “music” will NEVER be on a musicians top 10 list. Let the teeny boppers have fun with their new found idol. Maybe she will get into something serious down the road.


    I’d love to beat the shit out of the guy who wrote the counter-argument to your article. Not because I think violence is a resolve, but because he’s clearly a fucking idiot.

    “This guy just needs a life. I also saw where he mentioned Dave Matthews and Kings of Leon?!? they suck, majorly! sorry, but no one with a brain likes them.”

    Nice national survey. Prick. And as if numbers count for shit? Half of America thinks the rapture is coming. Get a fucking clue. Dumb eye candy given a big advance and all the means necessary to further her field, with the record company knowing full well it’s exactly what retards will listen to. Take away one of the remaining most free-speach movements and stop people writing songs about human demoralisation and depravity. Fuck John Lennon? You spastics would rather watch like-minded shaking their ass and talking about lady humps. *shits on you all*

  313. Dude says:

    Haha this is interesting. Well man I got to give the credit to you I never expected this from that picture. ITs true she aint that amazing but I got to also say this in pretty short time she has gained more popularity than some other pop artists. So its not like shes a bad pop artist. Also most of the artists dont make music anywhere near her music (well expect Madonna) basicly I dont think its good to compare them. WEll anyways what do I know. Also I think you aint that big pop music fan and I am pretty sure that affects your oppinion. Though I dont know so no hate please.

  314. HawkDaddy says:

    I just wanted to throw my two cents into the mix. At first, I hated lady gaga, I even was angry at the world that we would admire such a stupid person. But, after further investigation I started to appreciate her for many reasons. I appreciate the fact that she cares for and loves her fans, so many artists take that for granted these days. I appreciate the fact that she struggled to get where she is, so many artist forget that. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t care what people think of her and is going to do her own thing regardless. I appreciate that she doesn’t lip sync in her concerts and that she can bust out her songs sitting at a piano whenever she wants… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9sLTG52N8o
    which sad to say, most artist that you do hear are lip syncing (ashley simpson/SNL fiasco).
    Now with that said, will all those things about her that I admire last? probably not, this is only the beginning and everyone has a breaking point. I forsee a long hard road for her. If 4 years from now she is still all of these things, then I will eat my own foot. But as far as her producing a CD as good as Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, I just don’t see it happening. There is no denying that she has talent but what she is doing is nothing new. She is just the same thing in new packaging and I doubt that she can stay mysterious forever. She’s the new benie baby that everyone wants a piece of. So if your considering getting a tattoo of her on your arm like some folks have I would reconsider because you will probably regret it later on. So all you GAGA fans out there chill out there is no need to defend lady gaga tooth and nail because you feel like they don’t understand her.

  315. Kathryn says:

    Hilarious! Thanks for the giggles! 😀

  316. Travis says:

    I never really read these things all the way through, but I enjoyed this one. I am a musician and am into all sorts of music. However, the music has to have some talent behind it. I read a comment about someone defending Lady Ga Ga for her brilliance, yet at the same time putting down DMB. I’m not a big DMB fan(I enjoy a couple of their songs)but they are extremely talented musicians. I have these debates all the time with my wife. She’s into Brittny, Lady Ga Ga, etc…pretty much famouse people on magazine covers with not a whole lot of talent. To me, that’s what pop music is. In the case of Michael Jackson, the early Jackson 5 stuff was as poppy as it gets, not real talent. Fortunately for Michael, he was able to thrive in the later years with real talent yet his music was still considered POP.(ex. The ABC 123 song vs. Smooth Criminal) Same goes for the Beatles (ex. Iwanna hold your hand vs. While my guitar gentley weeps) All in all: pop music=not a whole lot of talent. You’ve got to prove yourself to the (talented)music community. I guess what all this rambling is trying to say is that the people who listen to Britney, Lady Ga Ga, etc…are simple people with very simple tastes in music. They listen to what MTV tells them to. It’s stupid shit like that that is gonna make The Jersey Shore the next hot spot for vacationing.

    Keep up the good posts!!!!

  317. Lisa says:

    I for one agree. She is a a good entertainer as far as pop music goes, and that’s about it. Personally, I think she fascinates people by not wearing pants or latest hairdo. While I appreciate some clever ideas of hers I have seen, shock value can only get you so far, after a while there needs to be substance. I do highly applaud her though for using the spotlight to speak about equal rights. People are fascinating…

  318. Melissa says:

    An artist? As in someone who creates pieces of ‘art’ that evoke emotions in people, someone who inspires other people to greatness, or hell someone who even inspires a loser to mediocrity? Is horny an emotion, or a physical response to sexual stimulus? Last time I checked her a lot of her songs were sexual in nature. She wants to have sex, a lot, with a lot of different people. I mean hooray for her, I’m proud of her for being sexually aware of herself, but does my ten year old need to know about it? Heck I’m in my twenties and I don’t want to know about it. I like the disco stick too honey, but I tend to keep that to myself.

    Her music is catchy and infectious, like the H1N1 virus. I do not deny the impact she is having either, that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Teenage girls love this woman, she is unafraid to express herself, which is admirable. She is also unafraid to express her rather loose morals, which isn’t. I’m not saying she should be a saint, I understand no one is, I’m just saying that if you are targeting a certain demographic maybe you should be a little more responsible. She should stress sex less and maybe be a little more vocal about her passionate feelings about the LBGT community.

    She is both likable and deplorable at the same time. Her music, personally, leaves much to be desired (like a point). Her music is too pornographic for me to appreciate her as an artist. Her image is too risque for me to consider her a role model. It makes me sad to see someone with such a unique take on things be so one dimensional.

  319. Tinks says:

    I like the fact that she’s different, that she dares to be like that. Its a nice change to see someone who’s not the same as all the other people out there. ( not saying everyone else is boring) She’s also written songs for Britney and Pussycat dolls who are both huge so she must be doing something right.

    I can understand why people like her and why they dont. she has good and bad qualities but either way she’s made it for herself.

    Love her or Hate her she’s like marmite and will never get everyone on her side, but isnt every pop artist like that???

  320. Anonymous says:

    you people are rediculous. you hate on everything. shit hate on every band and singer then. people come up with music and lyrics because they are expressing themselves and in todays society if ppl like that expression you make millions. lady gaga’s invest time and money into her followers and should be given respect regardless if your allowed an opionion or not. its not about the lyrics or just the music. its about how just listening to the song without hearing the words as they are and letting it bring you into what the artist was feeling at the moment they were making it. thats the true point of music.

  321. Not Saying says:

    If what she does is so easy why don’t you try to do it yourself instead of hating on her. Maybe then I’ll listen to what you have to say. Leave her alone she’s just having fun with her life. I would too if i was her.

    Uh…wearing goofy costumes in public and saying ridiculous things is not something I have any interest in. Nothing wrong with my life over here. I think I’ll stick with it.

  322. Alicia says:

    “When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you’re writing about at the time.”

    What she meant was that when an artist or musician is working on something she should give all of herself to it and not be worried about being safe or protecting herself. Nothing is too personal when it comes to art or music because it is an artists ‘job’ to represent the core of human emotion and the human condition. She has written songs for many artists and she earned her money that way. now she is making music for herself and it represents who she is to the fullest. Poker Face is obviously about her manipulating a partner into being in love with her without having to reveal her true nature in order to keep herself from getting attached and eventually, hurt. She wants to seduce him, have him chase her the way she has probably chased other guys and was hurt because of it. In fact, Paparazzi is about her chasing a guy and trying so hard to be loved by him.
    She even notes that “We’re plastic but we’ll still have fun” which means she must know that there is a fakeness, a inevitable manufactured quality about stars and pop artists because they can’t control every aspect of their public persona and their music but she is gonna have fun anyway. and he outfits are part of that. she is taking the outrageous plasticity of hollywood to the extreme in such a way that it isn’t plastic anymore but something new and unique. She could mock Hollywood but she accepts that shes a part of it and embraces it.

    Seriously, you sound like Holden at the beginning of Catcher, calling everyone a phony but the only phony here is you.

    Are you serious? You throw all this over-psychoanalyzed drivel at me and then you call me a phony? Maybe you need to get a life a little more than I do. Anyone who sits and actually ponders the complexity of Lady Gaga’s music is a raving idiot. Seriously…get yourself a day job kiddo.

  323. Corey says:

    Just wanted to let you know that her Kermit outfit was to protest wearing animal fur. She said it symbolized how wearing fur and animal products is like wearing a bunch of dead animals.

    Aaaand the balloon outfit represented our misuse of helium and the lightning head hat represented our misuse of electricity…and on and on…


  324. cgeen says:

    the author of this article is an example of people with no talent writing about people with talent. Lady Gaga is fucking brilliant and is entitled to everything she has to say.

    How do you know I don’t have any talent? Maybe I DO have talent. But if I do, I sure as hell am not gonna be caught wearing stupid costumes and talking like a raving lunatic about it.

  325. Haley says:

    I like that she brings some theatrics back to music. Any talent she may possibly have (obviously thats up for debate) aside, I’m just sick of seeing the boring Britney’s, and christina’s and Miley’s…give me something that I can look at and be entertained by. I like that she is Ziggy Stardust-esque and if her music isn’t around 5 years from now I think her impact on fashion will be (which is honestly more important to me any way). As for her music its happy and I can dance to it…on a superficial level thats good enough for me. I hate pop music because its brainless dribble but at least her stage show is incredible! And the video with her falls, how original and funny because 6 inch heels are easy to walk in let alone dance in. Any who I just stumbled upon this and felt like putting in my 2 cents not that any one cares about my opinion because its mine and mine alone! PEACE!

    You know what Haley…I really liked your comment. I think that what Lady Gaga IS bringing to the pop scene is the theatrical side. I’m not impressed with her music, but I can see why others are. Thank you for your interesting perspective and I appreciate your 2 cents!

  326. spocks brain says:

    ahh.. hmm. i guess, the question is why would you obsess on this flash in the pan artist. or maybe she will have lasting power. but, why are YOU devoting time and energy away from your “life” to be wining about a meaningless subject – a boring artist that you do not like

    Damn…you people are annoying. And it’s spelled “whining”. Now please go away…

  327. nolie says:

    I think this is brilliant! Her “music” is catchy, but its horrendous. Almost all pop music, even the songs I just LOVED when I was a kid, are actually crap. Lady Gaga had no business talking about herself as if she were some demigod in the industry. She may write her lyrics, but as you already stated, they’re not exactly classics. I actually find her lyrics offensive and a poor example for her target audience.

  328. AAbroad says:

    She’s figured out a way to play the world, and convince a lot of people that she’s clever. In reality, she’s just a simple-minded pop star with some media savvy. Not so long ago, B. Spears was occupying her every waking moment.

    How many others found this blog by Googling “pretentious,” as I did? She is the epitome of pretension, likely by design.

    Give her some credit, though. She’s got us writing about her, rather than the reverse.

  329. Thank you. I came across your piece via the posted picture, and was refreshingly entertained by your prescient analysis of this latest cultural ga ga moment. Well done.

  330. Daniela says:

    10x for the article. I laughed too much, specially at the last photo.. it killed me 🙂

  331. Maeve says:

    Come on now love, Chill them baps, whats wrong with a bit of good old fashoned Eccentricity? Shes fun, exciting, engaging, she cares about her work, fans and her art, shes worked for years getting where she is now, hardly what I would call a ‘flash in the pan’ artist! Shes someone with passion and flair, I love her, her style and music, Fair enough, her songs arent deep as a bottomless pit, but they make me sing and dance and be happy, its awesome!
    Oh yeah – ADDITIONAL NOTE – Didnt she just win like three Brits?? Yeoooo!

    Anyway, interesting article, however Im going to see her on monday, Im going to Paint, Glitter, Bow and backcomb myself to the nines, Im going to get drunk, dance like an eejit and probably cry with Joy and frighten my friends when I see her. Now if that isint a good thing Ill eat my ‘fame monster’ cd with curry sauce 😛


    P.s. No offence, but Bono is a pratt, Im irish and everybody hates him here, sorry!

  332. TrulyALadyBanker says:

    I have to respond. 🙂
    You’ve so got it right with Lady Gaga. I love her music. But she’s not got the finesse figured out yet. Finesse. It’s something that comes with seasoning and time and not a lot of ego along the way.
    And I can’t help but wonder what she’s trying to hide, or pull over on the world with all her crazy antics. Is it because she’s not attractive? She hides her face in pearls? Is that to cloak a growing five o’clock shadow? And WTF is it this all about that she rolls around in her bed with her music? Creeps me out to be honest.

    Great music makes you wanna roll around in bed with your lover, not yourself or your music. LMAO.

    Dave Matthews, Kings Of Leon. I do have a brain and an IQ over 140. So, I have the right to comment, therefore I can’t help it. I have to address this. Anyone who doesn’t love DM can take hike in my opinion. To me that’s like dissing Eric Carmen, or Clapton, or Elvis, or Don Henley and the Eagles… You get my drift. 😉 (eclectic tastes.. yes. We are allowed.) But don’t put people down for liking good (or bad) music. (The person who was pissy about that cracked me up with their own lack of imagination and deeper thought processing)

    Finally– I don’t give a flyin rat’s behind if she was awesome at the Grammy’s or whatever freakin awards she’s winning. It’s a testament to a fad that has Stevie Nicks playing back up to Taylor Swift. Shame on Swift’s people for allowing that to happen.(And I do love her music too… but it’s totally all bubble gum pop. It too will lose it’s charm. Didn’t we see this with several WOW stars in the past? LeeAnne Rimes, Billy Gilman, Britney Spears, etc. They have a Genre for a while, and then they grow OUT of the mold they’ve been put in and no one cares to listen anymore.)

    Roar. 😉

    So, in summary, I do like her music. I think it’s great. But she’s in the same class as Hannah Montana. (Oh what’s her name again?? Cyrus? It’s a familial thing there too… shoot straight to the moon and then fizzle out.)

    Nice job on this post.


  333. Linda says:

    i understand what you mean. i do think Lady Gaga is talented and can write much better music. i heard her sing a capella once and i dont’ understand why she puts all this hype on herself. she has the talent. but, here’s one who is worse. i saw a small line in a news ticker about someone named ‘ke$ha’, so i read it. never heard of her, so i googled and listened to her ‘music’. holy crap! what a bunch of crap! i’ve never heard anything so awful and she looks like she went to an abandoned laundry mat for her clothes. now, that is someone whose so-called ‘fame’ i cannot understand! lol

  334. Nadine Petschauer says:

    To be completely honest, I really like Lady Ga Gas music,(I also like Bob Dylan, Kings of Leon…) and I think her weirdness is entertaining…however, I also really like you. Ha, ha. I was smiling throughout your post. I’ve seen her in interviews and, from what I’ve seen, she needs to be entertaining with her music and fashion because she’s a little dull and full of herself. With her friends and family she might be the most wonderful person but the image she puts out there can make you cringe. She’s a young successful girl in a hard market and, like I said, I like her but I can understand your comments. Don’t you just luuuurrvvvvv how weird and protective people can get about someone that they don’t even know? Thanks for making me smile! Ciao. 🙂

  335. jen says:

    I think it might help if you stated your age because therein may lie the problem. You should understand that the kids that you are talking to haven’t heard of Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan… I’m 25 myself. I like Lady Gaga. I’m not saying she is one in a billion by any means…but I like her because she is so odd. She isn’t affraid to be who she wants to be and that is a rarity in our society today. She is just crazy. I couldn’t imagine just wearing that wacky stuff and being looked at as a style icon which you can read about in any young woman’s magazine. Let alone say some of the bazaar stuff that she says. You mocked her lyrics but I haven’t ever heard anyone with enough guts to say anything like that before. Maybe they were gutsy in the ’50s to talk about drugs…but this is a new era. I’m just trying to help you understand why people like her i guess…just my thoughts. Thanks.

    I’m 41. And trust me…I understand her appeal to the younger generation. But it’s unfortunate that she is the icon that young girls look up too because, quite frankly, she IS crazy.

  336. Alissa says:

    I’m not going to try and read every comment that people have gone on about from the day you posted this article until now. But one thing that I just cannot stand about the pop culture and the world in general is how (disregarding comfortable-in-own-skin theory) it seems the majority of pop stars are only really famous because they’re “hot”.

    Now, being a bisexual young adult (21), I don’t see anything really appealing from any of the recent women pop artists, just crazy and mostly stupid costume ideas for attention and showing a bunch of skin. Aka, Lady Gaga. What’s even worse is when their music isn’t even really that GREAT. Aka Lady Gaga, in my opinion.

    Her lyrics just make me want to tear my eyes out at how such elementary rhymes and simple messages can become so popular in this day in age. As long as you have synthesizers and a mic, you can make music. And it’s not that I’m close-minded to music in even the slightest bit either. I listen to pretty much every type of genre there is. But nothing is good about a catchy song about nothing, unless you’re high or drunk.

    But hey, wait, I guess maybe I am missing something. Today, everyone’s either high or drunk ALL the time! (exhibit A: 3/4 of the comments on your blog.)

    Nevermind; I’ll go back to living in the real world and appreciating artists who showcase some sort of talent aside from dismissing her fake penis and gluing pieces of spray-painted styrofoam to her face.

    Btw; DMB was one of my most favorite artists when I was in middle/high school. 🙂

  337. V says:

    Oh me. I came from google images. Thanks for the op ed, and thank your viewership for the comment hilarity. I can’t think when I last laughed so hard at my computer screen.

    Thanks! I think…?

  338. Markie says:

    First of all, I liked this thread. At last someone criticised one of my favourite musicians constructively, unlike those trolls in Lady Gaga hate threads I came across in various forums.

    I like Lady Gaga, but for me, there’s no point in defending her, because there will always be people who will criticise her. I respect that, as long as it’s constructive. It also applies to every other person who ever existed. It’s human nature. There’s never anyone in the world that everyone else liked.

    I consider myself to be unbiased with a large taste in music – I have listened and appreciated songs from many artists, from Lady Gaga to Beethoven to Guns N Roses, to Iron Maiden, even rap music like early Kanye West songs. And I think that 2009 has been a rubbish year in music – if you think Lady Gaga is bad then wait until you hear about the likes of Justin Bieber. At the start of the year, I thought, yep, Lady Gaga is another Miley Cyrus trying to cause a scene, behind these deceptively primitive lyrics she penned, sometimes with a bit of help. Until I heard of Poker Face, and heard her singing live with a piano, I suddenly thought that she may deserve to be where she is today. Of course, she is nothing more than a glorified pop star with a somehow uniquely weird fashion sense.

    I still don’t see why people think that she is a Madonna. That deceptive praise just makes it more negative than positive – all of because it creates me an image of a Madonna rip-off – and some people got that idea. I know where they are heading to – Madonna used to make songs like Like a Virgin in 1984. The thing is though, she is not 50 trying to be 20 – yet. And I think “adopting” a black baby causes more publicity than a fake penis. Also, even though Gaga’s music isn’t original enough to make a new genre altogether, it’s original enough to make her a different artist, and although hit singles may be just decent and justify the claims, I still think that her “fashion philosophy” and other songs separates her from Madonna.

    However, I think that Lady Gaga just goes too far sometimes. This interview shows her arrogance, which fuelled my negative perception of her at the start of 2009. Some of her music, let’s face it, just don’t deserve to be released because I think there was too much repetition and the lyrics where too cliched. And, also, if she was just a singer, without the eccentricity she has to compliment the music, no one will bother to buy her pop music – I think she would have had more success with the piano (possibly doing classical music?) instead.

    To conclude the apparent essay I made without even realising it, I think that she is just a successful pop icon, with more people liking AND hating her than less famous people. That’s what I call the fame.

    At least I think she is millions of times better than Miley Cyrus. That’s my two cents.

    And your 2 cents are very welcome here. Nicely stated Markie!

  339. Dominick says:

    I don’t get why people like you always make bad critics about artists they don’t like… You hate Lady Gaga’s music? Well, it’s your problem. So why don’t you publish articles for artists or groups you LIKE? It would be MUCH intelligent. ‘Cause we all know that Lady Gaga don’t give a shit about people who hate her work. Even if you hate it or not, she will continue her career. If you think your articles have impact on people, I personnaly think you should come back to real life. Pop is nowadays’ music,and it’s a good change. Rock has made it through many decades, now it’s pop’s turn. Publishing articles like these and the fact that she is maybe an hermaphrodite will not decrease the number of Gaga’s fan… Lady Gaga’s lyrics aren’t a waste of time, instead of your insignificant crappy articles. Maybe if you liked her music and if you took all the time you have to carely listen to the message she put in it, you wouldn’t have the same opinion.

    P-S: And if LadyGaga is really a hermaphrodite and if she really does like to look ridiculous with her unusual suits, why the HELL does it make changes in your life? Eh!Instead of you, she’s original!

    ”Friendly”, Dom 🙂

    Actually…I DO publish articles for other artists that I do or do not like. Go check it out at: http://alntvmusic.wordpress.com/

    Here’s the thing…I don’t see why I’m the bad guy just because I don’t particularly like Lady Gaga. Some of you say she’s unique. I say her music is boring. I don’t really care that much about her fashion sense. It just amuses me of the number of people who DO think she’s authentic and unique. And that’s cool! You are allowed to believe whatever you want to believe, much like I am! So if this is MY site and I don’t like Lady Gaga, what’s so wrong with that? Nothing…right? It’s MY opinion. I’m not hurting anybody and I don’t feel like Lady Gaga gives two craps about me OR my personal opinion. And ya know what…I’m cool with that. But seriously…don’t be coming on my site and telling me that pop music is “nowadays”. Pop music “nowadays” is COUNTRY music. That is why there are so many country radio stations around and why there are only a few pop stations playing the same old boring crap that they’ve been playing for the past 6 months. Pop music is stagnate and boring. Pop radio is stagnate and boring. I’ve grown tired of hearing Lady Gaga & Rihanna & Jay Z & Timbaland over & over again. As a matter of fact, RADIO is boring. Buuuut I grew up listening to it and I’ve had a hard time breaking away from it. Anyway…I think I’ll just keep on writing my crappy articles and you can go about your way, jamming to Lady Gaga over & over & over again, singing her crappy songs in your car as you drive to whatever dead end job you have. And you know what…that’s awesome. Because music DOES make the world go ’round…and we’re all allowed our own taste, whether we agree on it or not.

  340. Christina21 says:

    I am sorry, I have never commented on one of these sites before but I came across this whilst searching for an image for a university project and it offended me to the extent that I just had to. Now I am not a raving Lady gaga fan, I quite enjoy dancing to some of her music now and then but that is not why I found it offensive. I just do not understand why you would write such hateful things about a person you do not even know. She is out there and she is doing her thing so just let her get on with it and stop obsessing about it, if you don’t like it then don’t take it in. I think you will find the “pretentious” comments and erratic behaviour are mostly just very well constructed PR, which makes her a genius. I mean just look at how many of you are talking about her. And love it or hate it it is keeping you entertained is it not? I have read interviews with her where she has dropped the facade and she is just a normal girl who has had to deal with bullies, body issues, a sick father and heartbreak and everything else that any normal young woman has to face. She does not deserve to be hated as she is not hurting anyone. I think it is brilliant that she is not afraid to get into her public persona, put herself out there and have fun, and I am sure she couldn’t care less if you hate her. She is also a very talented musician, it is not about the exact content of her songs necessarily but the new angle and mix she has bought to the genre and the understanding she has for the music and what will sell, even if it seems simple. Before she was famous she wrote for a lot of big names. Finally, her fashion sense is great. It is wild but if you can get away with it then do, thats why amazing names like the late and great Alexander McQueen and Marc Jacobs are the creators behind many of her crazy outfits and although they may not be many peoples choice for everyday wear they are fantastic statements and the sort of thing you would see on the catwalk. You can see just from comparing her outfits with what people are wearing on the high street that her bold dress sense has helped inspire many current styles based on a toned down version of hers.
    I don’t mind people sharing their opinions, even if they are strong, but it just seemed whilst reading your page that this has developed into a huge hate campaign and it is uncomfortable. She’s just a young girl having fun and doing what she is paid to do, make music that people buy and enjoy and entertain the audience. Stop attacking her, she’s never hurt you.

    Hate campaign? I don’t “hate” anybody, let alone Lady Gaga! I just don’t appreciate her music as much as some of her more rabid fans, who seem to think it’s okay to leave comments attacking me. Look, Christina, this all started with some silly comments that Gaga made in a magazine over a year ago. From there, I just got tired of people coming onto my site and leaving disparaging remarks so….I started poking fun. I’m sorry if I offended you and I appreciate your heartfelt message. That being said, I think maybe you need to grow a little thicker skin and maybe avoid blog sites altogether if what I’M writing is something you find offensive. I am one of the nicer ones…trust me!

  341. LGGblows says:

    Hahaha. The reason for the outfits, in my opinion, is pure distraction from shitty, shitty music – the reason I do not listen to radio. Seriously.

  342. gaga fan says:

    I can’t believe you don’t have anything better to do then to make a blog about this. You must be a very ugly and jealous miserable person. I bet if you have been or get married, your husband will cheat on you because you are so frigid and ignorant. She is awesome and very kind, I know because I met her. You could learn a few things from her.

    And I bet if you ever met me you would see that I am an awesome and kind person as well. Oh…and a married male. Married to a woman. Who doesn’t think I’m ugly at all.

  343. mariana says:

    OMG…I can’t believe you’re all so worried about what this person ssaid and the other reviewed. I like Lady GaGa, I’m not a obsessed fan but I enjoy her songs,…I also love Kings Of Leon (way more than it’s normal for a girl) and I can’t understand why people have to fight and insult the other artists to feel good about themselves

  344. Kelly says:

    wow, finally someone with the balls to say it. THANK YOU! it’s like Lady Gaga doesn’t dress this way because she likes it, but to shock. when pokerface came out, the outfits were crazy, but not too much. You will see a positive correlation with the number of clips and the percentage of crazy. I don’t know how long she will last, but if she want to last as long as Madonna she will need to reinvent herself every new album. people will eventually get tired of her crazy outfits and bleepy songs.

  345. Ollie says:

    fair enough you don’t like her
    i don’t like you, but i’m not gonna make a blog about it
    may i just leave a few points here for you to consider…?
    a) she’s famous enough for you to spend a lot of your time writing a blog about her

    b) she has more right to talk about whatever she wants than you do, she’s made it in the world, she has billions of fans, more money that you could dream of, more recognition than most people in the world, and you say that she doesn’t have the right?

    c) she writes lyrics the way she wants to – she’s said herself that she wants to make fun music, so she does. when a man sings about the same things, no one complains, just because she’s a female singer who can get away with saying whatever the fuck she likes!

    d) she isn’t just a “pop star who has had a couple of singles on the pop charts”, “The Fame” has sold more than 10million copies worldwide, she’s performed with sir elton john live at the brits, HE sang HER song, and changed the lyrics to “how wonderful life is now Gaga’s in the world” – tell me how many other people he’s done that for?


    don’t make a blog until you know what you’re talking about.

    And here’s a few point for YOU to consider, my good friend Ollie…

    A) I didn’t spend a lot of time writing about her. I’m pretty sure the blog took me about 10 minutes to write. Trust me, Lady Gaga doen’t deserve anymore of my time than that.

    B) She can do whatever she wants. Seriously…she’s said so much already that there apparently is no censoring her. But what she says isn’t all that impressive. But for you to say she has MORE right than I do to say whatever she wants? Here’s a thought for ya Ollie-all-come-free… I can write all about her as much as I want, rip on her as much as I want and tell you to kiss my ass as much as I want. So how’s THEM apples?

    C) Your point makes no sense here but I’ll go on record as saying her lyrics are stupid. How’s that get ya?

    D) I could care less. And for the record, when Elton John used to dress up in Donald Duck uniforms I thought he was an idiot also. But at least HIS music was cool. Gaga’s is pop crap.

    E) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!! You are so pathetic. Please, Ollie, for all that is sacred in this world, get a life. You’re scaring me kiddo. You are taking this WAAAAAAAY to seriously…jackass. And trust me…on THAT point, I DO know what I’m talking about.

    • LOLgirl says:

      dude that wrote the crap article and comments……

      1) it may have taken u 10 little minutes to write that article, but ur obsession and persistance in answering most of the comments is the funniest. u have now spent a few HOURS on it, PLUS all ur little additions ever few; months. haha.

      2) admittedly u can say what ever u want.
      just more ppl give a damn about her words that yours.
      truth hurts buddy. truth hurts.

      3) u comment made little sense as well. whoop whoop

      4) elton obviously disagrees about her music being crap.
      also, what does it matter if her music is crap? she is pretty much printing her name in history so you got to admit she is doin well for herself. she has got to be only pop artist i listen to.

      5) LOL ‘KIDDO’ you are taking this blog too seriously, as i stated earlier… ur still replying to comments. this must be your life now hahaha.
      Ollie doesnt sit at home all day crying and writing abusive comments. he does have a life. take ur OWN ADVICE- and get a life. if u didnt care, u wouldnt worry about callign ppl jackass…..wanker haha
      and on that point, u DONT know as u have never met ollie.
      and u have never met me so u dont know either.

      HOWEVER, we ALL know ALL about u due to ur writing style on ur little online diary… oh sorry… blog.
      so we do know u. and u make me laugh.

      And because she’s the ONLY pop music star YOU listen to, that makes her the bestest artist EVER in the history of pop music? Oh brother…
      BTW… U r the gr8test wreyeter on heer yet. Y dont u go 2 skool and leern to spell then I kan t8ke ur comments seriously. Til then…hahaha. u so funny speller lady.

  346. Psych says:

    Um, professionally speaking I think you need psychiatric help. You realize that the amount of time and effort you are using in maintaining this “hater blog” of Lady Gaga borders on obsession with her, right? Maybe you need to use that time to make a real life for yourself.

    You are 100% correct. I have no life. I will inform my wife, my kids and my multiple employers that YOU said so and see where it gets me.

  347. Mesa says:

    ive read this many times before in the past and never said anything because you are very much entitled to an opinion on a star. but now i decided to write, because you posted a video of her falling. I kinda feel like your being a hypocrite. you say that ppl are bashing you but you’ve been bashing Gaga for months. and then you post a vid where she falls on two seperate occasions. news flash, shes human. and humans make mistake. and shes fashion conscience. im sure if you were wering 6 inch stilettos on a glossy stage you might fall too. many stars fall on stage. and she kept going.

    regardless of where shes gonna be in five years, we will all see. she takes her works seriously and even if its bubble gum pop, its doing exceedingly well. (i would like to point out that im neither a fan nor a hater of her. shes doing her thing and what she likes and its working. so more power to her)

  348. Ryan says:

    Give her a break; She’s twenty-three, her music sounds good, and she wrote it. The Beatles weren’t writing music that changed the world at that age, they were writing stuff that sounds good. And yes, I am quite aware that Lady Ga-Ga is not the Beatles.
    Also, an orangutan is a “great ape,” not a monkey.

  349. youngdaddytc says:

    the only reason artists like this are considered ‘good’ is because in general they all suck, but the music industry has to select the one that sucks the least out of the bunch so they choose people like this. if they can make money by making people look like clowns, and if the public will buy it, then this is the product.

    but it is very foolish to go as far as to call these people talented. they are marketable, simple and plain. that doesn’t make them good artists, it makes them equitable commodities.

  350. Daniel says:

    Crazy? Definitely.
    Pretentious? Yep.
    Interesting? Yes.
    Talented? Definitely.
    Disturbing? At times.

    Greatest artist ever? Wouldn’t say so. She’s got potential though…
    Couldn’t care less about pop, but I’d be interested to see what she makes of her talent. Right now it looks like she’s just trying to shock people into attention. She’s got the talent to do more than that though. If she keeps doing the same thing she’s doing now, she’s on the way out pretty soon.

  351. Kirai says:

    At least she writes her own music……… only a small handful can even claim that in the pop world………

    As for as an op-ed article? Yes, you’re entitled to opinion, but your arguments are weak…. They aren’t backed by solid fact, it’s just you insulting her.

    Utter trash and a waste of my last 5 minutes I’d say…. Did I have to read it? No. Do I have to like it or agree with it? No. It’s just mere opinion.

    I happen to Like her music fine, like most pop music, I like her artistic fashion more (again just opinion). As a professional artist, I can see merit in her attempt to push and influence what fashion is and what it means…… Madonna did it, why can’t she? I noticed most mainstream fashions this spring are all Gaga inspired designs. She may seem pretentious, but what fine artist isn’t? Ever met a painter or a professional photographer that wasn’t as conceited sounding? You have to be like that in order to climb on top of your competitors if you want to make money.

    However, I’m sure nothing i said here was new to you, carry on and have a good day!

    You’re wrong, Kirai. A lot more than a handful of artists write their own songs. My arguments were never there. I never presented an “argument”. I only stated what I felt was my opinion and that was that she WAS a new artist at the time of this interview and she came off as being pretentious. And, even after a few more hits, she IS pretentious. That is her schtick. Her fashion sense sucks. And making money seems to suit her just fine. She sold out in order to be “popular”. So let her enjoy her moment. It will be over soon. And now YOU have a good day.

  352. NotSoMuch says:

    There is no way I was gonna scroll through all the comments to see if this point has already been made. If it is redundant, I apologize. I am not a fan of Lady Gaga at all, mostly because pop/dance music is basically all shitty to say the least. However, I do want to point out that just is a very accomplished musician. When someone says she writes her own music, they aren’t talking about the horrible lyrics, they are talking about actually composing the music. Gaga was a behind the scenes SONG(not lyric) writer for a long time before she ever began performing herself. It’s unfortunate she chooses to write the particular kind of music she does, but she does write it nonetheless. You can’t take that away from her. If you are not a musician, or have never tried to compose music yourself, it’s hard to understand how very difficult it is. Especially creating music that other people wanna listen to. All I’m trying to say is give credit where credit is due.

    Good point. I have never written a song and probably never will. However there are millions who have and I would say probably 9,999,997+ of them can write better than Gaga’s music. But whatever…to each his or her own. You have a good point…apparently I am in the minority when it comes to her music. Everyone else seems to really like it. I didn’t hate it until annoying people started commenting and then “Bad Romance” came out and now I just hate her with a passion…

  353. Alicia says:

    Dude, you are a fucking waste of time for writing all this. Seriously. First of all, if you don’t like her, that’s wonderful, but you don’t have to blog about it and bash her. I think she has some serious cojones (balls) for everything she has done. And for not liking her, you have spent quite a lot of time reading on her, writing this and looking at pictures of her. I think her music is revolutionized music once again. Music is constantly changing, and it’s one of those times again. Her music will be around for a long time, and she will be a legend. She’s got talent and if you did not know, she can actually sing unlike many other artist whose voice needs to be mechanically engineered to actually sound halfway decent. So if you want to sit there and criticize someone, how about all those pretty faces that CANNOT sing. Personally, I’m not a crazy Lady GaGa fan, but honestly, if you don’t like her, don’t sit there and bash her, really, what’s the point in that?! Do you really NOT have a life?!

    And you don’t think she has any fashion sense? What do you think people said about Madonna? Or any other artist that started a new fashion trend? Look, I see that you are trapped in the past, but things change, so why don’t you try to evolve a little, cave man? Does your wife know about your compulsive blogging habits? BecauseI’m sure if she knew that you wasted your life away on this, she’d fucking leave your lame ass. If you wake up one morning and find that she’s gone, you’ll know why. Fucking dumbass. Get a life.

    Is this Alicia, my ex-girlfriend from high school who I stood up at senior prom? Now I totally get why I dumped your sorry ass. Hey…in all seriousness in response to your comment…bite me and here’s what I think of your thoughts above…

    Lady Gaga SUCKS. Her music SUCKS. She is NOT revolutionizing music. She’s a hack who is making a buck with synthesized crap. The only reason she is popular is because 15 year old girls think she’s kewl because she wears balloons and kermit costumes and shoots fireworks out of her boobs. But the fact of the matter is…pop music blows right now and she’s the only thing interesting going on. Once the whole Rihanna/Chris Brown thing blew over, pop music had nothing else to talk about, so why not talk about Gagag who shows up at every fucking Hollywood awards show dressed in her underwear and looking like an idiot?!? She is a TERRIBLE role model for kids and she is a lousy musician. If she HAD any cajones (or balls or testicles or whatever you want to call them), she would do what everyone says she is good at and play the fucking piano like a real musician (Tori Amos, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, etc). But instead, she takes the money train with the over-produced crap and I’m forced to listen to it everytime I turn on my fucking radio. I’m thinking she has GOT to be sleeping with someone at Clearchannel because I swear they play only the same 3 tracks by her over and over and over again. Enough with it already! As for my odd fascination with her…well…it’s kind of hard to get away from this idiot because she’s EVERYWHERE. And I think it’s a sad state of music when she’s the only thing they have to promote. Very sad…

    just like yourself.

    • Alicia says:

      You are more of a loser now than I thought you were BEFORE I read this blog. I am not that person you stood up at prom, which, btw, shows that your’s a total waste of man, wait let me correct myself.. total waste of BOY. And it’s not just 15 year olds, you old disgusting hag, it’s a lot of people that praise her. And honestly on the radio you always hear the same number one song by the same artist. Atleast lady Gaga has 3 out, and not just one like your favorite artist probably does.. Wait, your favorite artist is probably on the oldies channel, sorry about that. You are such of waste of time, space, and human flesh. And she DOES play piano. And very well at that. I am a musician myself. I have been involved in music since I was 8. I know what REAL musicians have to go through to make it somewhere, and she made it. She’s gone through a LOT to get where she is, and you will never know what it takes to make it big. You probably don’t even know how to play a music instrument, and I’m not talking about a fucking recorder.

      Of course she is everywhere, she’s FAMOUS. And she’s actually WORTH something, unlike you, you worthless asshole.

      Oh Alicia…you know how much you love me. Don’t pretend with all the anger & disparaging remarks! It’s hurtful and quite unbecoming of you. As a matter of fact, my favorite artists ARE on the oldies channel because most of the radio today is saturated with such shit like Lady Gaga that I have no choice but to turn to an oldies station to listen to REAL music. I think it’s great that you’ve been involved in music since you were 8. And now that you are 9, you can go back to your music class and shut the fuck up. Oh yeah…BTW…I stood you up at prom because after you put out on the first date, I didn’t find you interesting anymore. Sorry.

      • Alicia says:

        HAH!!!! Even if I WAS that Alicia, I would NEVER in my LIFE put out to you. And if I’m 9, you must be 2 asshole. And unlike you, I don’t talk shit about someone if I like them. SO there. No one likes you bro, get over yourself. You wish you knew what real music is. You have NO idea. Go back to your rock. And i don’t like you or hate you. Actually, I’m indifferent about you because I would NEVER give someone that is stupid, idiotic, useless, worthless, tactless, piece of shit person, LIKE YOU, even the slightest bit of my feelings or emotions. Jackass.

        It’s really sad that you have to pretend on here that you’re married and that you have kids. You don’t have to call your blow-up doll your wife. Or your stuffed animals your children. Loser.

        Who am I talking shit about exactly? Trust me when I tell you, I AM over myself…and idiot Gagag fans like yourself who seem to think they are SO cool and can get away with leaving fucked up comments on someone else’s site. Here’s the deal “Alicia”…sweetie…you have no idea what good music is. There’s no reason to get so mad and potty-mouthed about it. If your idea that whatever you say here is going to affect me, my life or any emotion that you are hoping to trigger…you’re wrong. You are nothing but a sniveling little person who has aspirations to be as famous as this artist you are so infatuated with. I could care less. I’m quite happy with MY life and my wife & kids. But you have been an interesting diversion in my day. So I appreciate your efforts to cover up your true love for me, but we can all see that it is simply too much for your tender heart to withstand. Your anger humors me…and we can continue to do this or you can simply slink away under whatever rock you came from.

      • Alicia says:

        Go Fuck yourself. =]

        Love you too! Thanks for stopping by!

  354. sillies says:

    What is a critic? A legless man who teaches running.

    Nice one. And you’ve hurt my feelings…*boo hoo*

  355. Renée says:

    I think Lady Gaga does not come across as an authentic person. I saw interviews of her where she did not open up or showed charisma. Her songs do not seem personal, deep and coming from the heart.

    It seems that all she is showing us is a persona created by herself. Her “arrogant” comments and attitude, her over-the-top ridiculous outfits, her catchy electronic pop songs with seemingly meaningless lyrics.. It’s all a well thought out commercial product, created by herself. I think it’s innovative; showing us where pop culture is heading – popstars not being people, but products that might as well be replaced by robots. I respect Gaga for being such a clever business woman.

    If there were a “like” button, I would totally push it. Good points, Renee!

  356. Lady GaGa 4eva says:

    Fuck you!!!!!!!!! She has acomplished more in one day than you have in your entire life. 😦

    And she looks like a complete idiot doing it. Good for her! I applaud your candor and your fashion sense…asshole.

  357. Ams says:

    I loved your posting.
    I didn’t bother reading any of the comments as I get the impression they will be ‘debating’ your opinions and really don’t matter to me much.
    I agree with a lot of what you are saying but my opinion is irrelevant as I just wanted you to know that you brought a smile to my face with your writing.
    Thanks 🙂

  358. Lori says:

    You’re a whiney bitch.

    That’s not what your mom was sayin’ last night…

  359. tiffany says:

    so, i’m not a huge fan of gaga. however, I wouldn’t insult her, she has her own style. You have to be different to make it in the music business. I think she is insane, but it clearly works for her. I know the words to her songs, even though she isn’t my first choice. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me, If there is something better on the radio I’ll change it, but if it’s between lady gaga and kanye west, i’d pick gaga. Yes you have the right to your own opinion, you don’t need to be an ass to people who have different opinions.

    I do if they are an ass to me! I think I have been more than fair to those who come on here, much like yourself, and expressed their opinion without insulting me.

  360. Aly says:

    For the record, you completely misconstrued her comments. From what I read, she wasn’t so much praising her music as describing how her creative process works. She mentioned going home to listen to her own song not because she’s amazing, but because she wants to figure out how to make it better and what feels right. She discusses having mindblowing, condomless sex with a song not because she’s stupid and thinks her work is necessarily mindblowing, but because you should have that level of commitment and connection to it. You completely misread her comment based on some silly bias of your own just because she is completely weird.

    And yes, she is weird, and she draws attention to herself. But hell, at least she’s doing so productively. Other popstars go get married to Kevin Federline or become Lindsey Lohan. She may be weird, but you have to admit, it requires one unique mind to be Lady Gaga.

    Also, regarding the piano. No, the piano isn’t in her radio-edited songs, because she is creating club music. But if you paid enough attention, you’d know she went to the Tisch School at NYU and is actually super talented. And she has performed all her pop songs on the piano, and she is stunning. Stop hating so much, she is in fact revolutionary. Google Lady Gaga Saturday Night Live, and after the first few minutes, she walks over to a piano, and plays and sings, by herself.

    And if YOU had been paying attention, you would see that the original article was written when the only single she had was “Just Dance”. And it seemed to me that her comments were VERY weird considering she seemed to be a one-hit wonder. Now I see that she IS very weird and people seem to love her for it. So be it. But I still think she’s a sell out who seems to have talent, but chooses to hide it in electronic crap. She isn’t revolutionary at all, but that is simply MY opinion. You are very much allowed yours and I can appreciate that you like her work. I appreciate your comments though and I’m happy you stopped by to express yourself! 🙂

  361. Flavia says:

    Thanks to google, I’m here.
    First: No, I’m not gonna tell you to f*ck a monkey, ok?

    But I want to say that I loved your review (I think this is the right word), and the updates are – simply – magic!

    “But if you are Lady GaGa … you can not talk about … well … mostly about how great your music is. YOU are a pop star who has had a couple of singles on the pop charts. YOU have sold maybe a bunch of iTunes downloads, but your album is filled with pop / electronic music that people will forget when the next “you” comes around the corner. ”

    You’re more than sure this point.The problem is that people love the YOU of the moment, and act as if they were eternal…When the next YOU appear, they will simply delete the Gaga’s music from their computers and go chasing the new attraction.Stupid, but a fact.

    People are empty and sad, but you know what?I always end up laughing and I feel a little happier when I see Gaga’s clothes.Cause…MY GOD!It’s a f%$king LOBSTER!

    This is the opinion of a teenager’s girl from a third world country(this may explain mistakes in my writing)…Wish that there are no more insults to your person for expressing YOUR opinion on YOUR blog, please write more.

    Good luck.

  362. SomeRandomGuy says:

    Gaga is far from my normal style of music. My “normal” favs include bands like Polkadot Cadaver, Man Man, Circus Of Dead Squirrels, Ideamen, Dog Fashion Disco, and 16Volt. You can’t deny that Gaga’s music is catchy as all hell. Plus, it sounds pretty sweet in some stereo headphones. Just my 2 cents.

    I can’t deny…I’ve never heard of ANY of those bands. So now I’m off to listen and to see what THEY sound like. My review will be coming soon…or not.

  363. Victoria says:

    Just a random fact … she used to write sons for The Pussycat Dolls

    anyways i think that she is actually good at piano when she plays live and ok at singing when she plays live…….but the writing not so good which is slightly ironic because she was a writer before a singer ….
    anyway i agree that people should stop hate mailing you seeing as it is your blog thing and if they really liked lady gaga i dont see why they are reading this….. =]

  364. Victoria says:

    oh and yeh she is pretty much just a seriously random song-writer who performs only in her underwear and with really strange looking things stuck to her head ……. like a lobster

  365. Redbeard says:

    I agree that Lady Gaga is overrated and will not be around for long but really the thing that stood out most was the fact that when you were told to go rape an orangutan you responded with “but I’ve just about had it with idiots who come on here and decide to write that I suck balls and I should go rape a harmless monkey.”
    Orangutans are large apes that live in southeast Asia (on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra). These apes mostly live in trees (they are arboreal) and swing from branch to branch using their arms.

    The word orangutan means “man of the forest” in the Malay language. As its habitats are being usurped by man, the orangutan’s population is decreasing and it is in grave danger of extinction.
    So not a monkey. Sorry.

    Damn. Ya got me there…LOL

  366. LOLgirl says:


    hehe ok i read ur articale and additional notes and im very surprised that u havent just deleted it but thats fine.

    cant wait to read ur blog in 5 years time when she is still a hit tho lol also, those lyrics arent hard to come up with, ur 100% correct. but she did write and perform them
    when u sit ur ass down write and perform then u can be famous too!
    good luck haha

    Um…I don’t want to sit my ass down & perform. I kinda like just sitting here at my computer and reading all the bullshit email I get every time someone leaves a comment about this stupid blog. Gotta love Gagag. She’s gotten me a ton of hits…

  367. LAQUiSHA.BAYBEE says:

    BIG DEAL !
    GET A LIFE !

    For the record…I have no idea what you are talking about. Is this written in Swahili? WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME?!?!

  368. LaughingBuddha says:

    Wow. I mean: WOW!
    This blog has gotten so many hits. You should really thank Google (maybe “send them some flowers”) for making you quasi-famous on the internet. I have to say, I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a long time. You have a good sense of humor and a great way of replying to some of the posts; I had to hold my sides I was laughing so hard.

    I (like 90% of the other posters on this blog) was just googling Lady Gaga’s name to see if she had a wikipedia entry (boy, does she ever). For the record, I don’t know much about her. She has six number 1’s, I know that! (Thank you Wikipedia). What I DO want to say to you is this:

    Thank you for giving a fresh and rather controversial opinion on her. Everyone seems to laud her with praise (most of which is superfluous and over the top) so it was nice to read a review where she is shown as human and not part-God. And keep up the humor (despite the pick-axe waving, fishnet wearing fanbase that is salivating at the prospect of you being proved wrong). I have a feeling that every time I hear one of her songs come on the radio, I will laugh as I think of this blog. That’s an important thing; as laughter is contagious. So for as many people who have gotten pissed, even more will laugh, without even knowing who to thank.

    On behalf of all the laughing people: THANK YOU!


    Funny…when I wrote this little did I know what would happen with it. I appreciate that you can find the humor in it, especially since it was written so long ago. I did take it down for a little bit when initially I was put off by all the rude comments. But then I decided that everyone has their right to an opinion, even those I disagree with. But if people are gonna be rude, then I can be rude (and humorous) right back. Glad you got a kick out of it. And I appreciate the nice comments! 🙂

  369. E.B. says:


    I agree with you dude (specially on the thing saying that I’m reading this article because of a Google search) and I have to admit … I do find myself la-la ing to her singles but that’s only because my gay friend force them into me. There’s always going to be mindless haters PFF btw did you notice the dude sitting behind lady gaga looking at her hat thinggy? his expression IS funny.

    Sgt. Pepper DOES crack me up. His expression is like…”Um…can you move that damn thing so I can see???” LOL

  370. Tegan says:

    You’re simply idiotic. You don’t like her. We get it. But perhaps you could make use of your time and complain about Gaga to a fellow gaga hater. Write things like this on here, and you know you’re going to get attacked. Stop trolling.
    Also a word of advice. Open your mind up to all music, and if you don’t like it. Then you don’t like it! Stop wasting your energy on hating her.

    Oh….I dunno…seems like there are a LOT of Gaga haters who have found this little post and chimed in. And trust me…my mind IS open to all kinds of great music! Gaga has been excluded from that particular list. You can find her music listed in the “This is crappy music for 12-year old girls” section…

  371. Paul says:

    Tegan doesn’t know what a troller is… she’s far closer to being one than you.

    I agree with a good chunk of what you say even if not how you say it. She’s pretentious. I will fight anyone for her right to keep doing what she is doing, but I think she’s narcissistic and largely unimportant. It’s her fans who accept her outrageous, self-aggrandizing, “look at me!” behaviour who help perpetuate it.


  372. Kaylin says:

    I understand where you are coming from. Really, I do. But she justed started out. Leave her alone and time will tell her longevity. Her statements aren’t even really cocky. But even if they were, she deserves the credit. I personally like her music and the F%*^ing lobster on her head. That takes some serious guts. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, she does have something to say and alot of people want to hear it.
    And so what if it’s pop? Just because you don’t like pop doesn’t mean that she’s any less relevant compared to Bono or whoever. I hate Bono to be honest, I dislike his voice–it makes me want to puke. Don’t know why, it just does. Everybody’s got an opinion attached to certain likes and dislikes.
    She makes alot of people feel like it’s okay that they’re different. Not necessarily that they will ever make it in music. But that they can find somewhere to fit in.
    The simplicity of her songs is what makes it so rare to me. She can smash her thoughts down so small and I can still hear the intensity in it. That is talent. Most don’t know how to do that. We’ve begun to think that more is better. No, I don’t want to hear someone rant on… Justin Timberlake…. just get to the f$&%ing point. It’s poetry to me and yeah she is changing things up. I’ve felt this rut within pop music that caused me to kick it to the curb. It was all so… mundane. She’s shakin’ sh!t up and I’m Lovin’ It.

    As a footnote: She is also making those who bash on gays and bisexuals look like complete douchebags because they go to her concerts and scream “GAGA! GAGA!” and then they go home and hate people just for having a different sexual orientation? Gaga frowns upon you, gay bashers, all of you. And so do I. :C

    I write this article about some comments this crazy chick makes in a magazine and now I’m bashing gay culture? WTF is going on here? Look…it’s simple…I think she’s got maybe a few good years in this act. Then you’ll see what see what she’s got (taken from a line in HER song). That’s ALL I’m saying! Not gay bashing…or pop bashing…or lobster bashing or ANY bashing for that matter. It’s an OPINION. For crying out loud…

  373. Kim says:

    I must admit, out of some form of sick curiosity, I came back here to see if you were still getting activity. What’s amazed me with this blog is the attention you’ve gotten. I’ll admit to having caught the Gaga bug, though I saw her well before she got “huge,” when my husband and I were in a bar in NY, but really, people. Can’t ya just leave the man alone? Or read a different entry?

    If you don’t like what he said, replying and continuing to visit the site only keeps it on the first page of Google that much longer. Simple, basic logic. What was it our mothers told us in grade school…. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t bother saying anything at all.” Not saying you have to agree with him, I certainly haven’t agreed with everything he’s written, but the beauty of the blog is that it’s subjective. He gets to have his opinions, and accusations of being a gay basher, verbal abuse, and cussing out a total stranger aren’t likely to have any effect, other than providing entertainment for lurkers like me, who find his responses almost as entertaining as the original posts.

    The bottom line? If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it. There’s this wonderful button in the top left hand corner of your window that will take you back to Google. Click on another link. It’s really just that simple.

    Thanks! I think. And just curious…what do you think of the new video that has nothing to do with the song but features lots of T&A and chicks in prison? Good stuff, huh? Great influence for our young girls and very entertaining. I personally LOVE naked chicks shoving their crotches through prison bars and dancing half naked in prison hallways and black widows who poisoning people. Ya know…it’s really AWESOME if it’s the FIRST time it’s been done and it has an “R” rating with it (it’s obviously a RIPOFF of Tarantino). But when ANYONE can watch it on MTV or music sites…I think it’s really bullshit. And what is Beyonce doing with Gaga? I mean…can’t she sell enough records on her own without having to get involved with this crappy parody? *sigh*

    All for the sake of art, I suppose she’d say. Apparently no one else gets it…

    • Kim says:

      Apparently Tarantino volunteered the Pussy Wagon after hearing the concept for the video… 🙂 I actually kind of liked the video, and wouldn’t have thought of Tarantino at all without the PW. Yes, there was a whole lot of.. well, sex without a reason, but that’s pop culture for you, ever pushing the boundaries as far as they can without getting fined.

      As for the concept of the video… I rather enjoyed the fact that it’s integrated more performance art and interpretation. Yes it’s a little long and more than a little odd, but when you realize that this is for all intents and purposes a sequel to Paparazzi, it makes a bit more sense.

      Personally, I would call it art, because a lot of the “half naked women” were more shown as an homage to the female form – done so respectively, rather than painting them as sexual figures. At least, that’s how I saw them. Just one listener’s humble opinions, I just wanted to prove that not all her fans are inarticulate and erm… excessive. 🙂

      Yeah…I didn’t HATE the video, per se…I just think it’s a little excessive. I don’t know if I agree with you on the “homage to the female form” thing, but whatever you get from it is fine. I am assuming you are over 18 years of age and comfortable with your sexuality. I haven’t seen the “Paparazzi” video, only the performance at one of the award shows. I understand that she is trying to be artistic. That’s fine. But why not do something original? Instead she took a Tarantino idea (which he was obviously flattered. But still…it’s HIS idea. Go see “Death Proof” which is about 3 women who fight back when a loony chases them down) and ran with it. Why not just have him direct it? THEN it would have been cool. Instead, I see it as her once again taking someone else’s art form and then selling it as her own. I still consider her to be a fake. But to each his or her own. I get why she’s famous. I just like arguing for the sake of it…

  374. Buzzaard says:

    I remember people saying the same thing about Madonna when she first started, I didn’t like Madonna’s outfits at the time as they were just too out there, now they are post mainstream. Now that I have been around for awhile I can appreciate and applaude Lady GaGa’s energy on creating her career, weird outfits and all and it seems like the outfits and especially eye/head coverings are becoming her trademark.
    I do not care for her music but it seems to me she is putting more energy into her career than a lot of other artists currently and I wish her well.
    Too bad the author of this is unable to see this but at least he has stated his opinion, stands by it and does not ride the fence like so many other people these days.

    Funny thing is…I actually believe Lady Gaga has more talent than Madonna did back in the 80’s. I just don’t get all the ridiculous outfits and the over-synthesized crap that she does. I truly believe, and I might be totally wrong here, that if she ever released an acoustic set (which she will probably do eventually), it will probably be excellent. But for now, I think the stuff she’s doing is below average pop/electronica. Dunno if that puts me on the fence, but it’s what I think.

  375. Nick says:

    Hehehe.. that guy (who wrote this article) is a monster 😉

    I must admit, at first I had some reservations concerning gaga. I thought to myself: yaaay… just what we need, another one-hit-wonder (Just Dance red.)
    Now, one year later, I deeply respect here. I mean, come on.. she’s only 23 and look what she has achieve in ONLY one year time!
    And I do believe she works her ass off for all she’s responsible of.
    Yes, it IS shameless pop music.. but hell, she sure knows how.
    it’s gagalicious! 😉

  376. Sara says:

    Dont you think that lady gaga is just trying to be diferent so then she could stand out in a crowd.I think she is supper cool.What do you think?

    Well…it’s kind of hard NOT to stand out when you show up wearing a giant lobster on your head. I think it’s stupid. But what do I know? Maybe that’s what the kids are wearing these days…

  377. Lady Caca says:

    I wanna be the next Lady Gaga! I’m untalented enough and I have watched enough mtv to be the next Lady Gaga! Call me Lady Caca! Here is what will be my 1st single, I created this masterpiece orgasmically while rolling in my big brass bed and typing on my computer, so here it goes:

    Ca ca cacacaH
    Ca ca cacacaH
    I put the CAH
    In AmeriCAH
    Ah ahahahah!
    Cuz I’m Lady Cacacacaca
    I put the Ah
    in Count DraculAH
    Ahah ahahah
    cuz Im Lady Cacacah

    as the frech say
    oh la la la la Lah

    i put the L in lol
    i put the A in A-ok
    i put the D in Dell
    i put the Y in Yay

    as the french say
    oh la la lala Lah


    (end of song)

    Lol.I’m a dork. Don’t mean to offend. 🙂
    I enjoyed your article. Your objective in my opinion and that
    is a good quality for writers to have in general. Peace out dudes and dudettes!

    THIS is AWESOME!!!! I love you! If I ever get divorced, you should look me up.

  378. Annelies says:

    Haha, good for you, this is brilliant 🙂
    I’ve given up on the radio, seriously. I try to find my own music and decide without top song charts & squealing teens what I LIKE. Sure, if I stumble on brilliant things such as Bob Dylan, and maybe even the Beatles, GREAT, but I wasn’t influenced by others to listen to a girl who sings to a weak beeping noise and thinks wearing lobsters on her head somehow makes her more attractive to listen to….
    So kudos on this great and refreshing view of what Lady Gaga is not. I’m sure she’s lovely, but please, she’s not going to last as a pop-singer & needs to get over herself. 🙂

  379. Rachel says:

    Haha… It makes me laugh how people start overreacting about a person nobody actually knows. I mean in person. I really don’t get why you would defend a person you don’t even know.

    Like, if she was this guy’s friend and he was dissing her and such, you might be kind of “dude…” but you wouldn’t be spazzing out about it. But of course, since she’s famous, hundreds, thousands, however many people feel compelled to freak out whenever somebody throws out their negative opinion.

    Not that I completely agree with either side. I get what you’re saying. Her lyrics are pretty meaningless sometimes, but I dunno, I’m not a fan of pop so I’ve only heard what my friends have on their iPods. On the other hand, composing and arranging the actual music, from my experience, is much harder than figuring out the lyrics. That does actually take some creativity and intelligence so it doesn’t sound like everything else out there.

    So if she can do that, she might be smarter than we all think. It’s possible (and probable, it’s what I would do too) that she’s just appealing to the audience and having fun with it. She knows what guys like (obviously) and so she’s getting their attention. She knows that all this pop stuff is super popular and the lyrics don’t have to mean anything if the beat is good. She knows everybody likes something they can definitely dance to. Then she puts a creative spin on it by dressing up in absurd costumes for that last bit of attention, and she’s set! If it’s all true, I would consider her a marketing genius. Or, she might just be slightly insane. Whatever.

    Also, if I’m not terribly mistaken, this is a blog. Blogs are for expressing opinions, right? So, here’s his opinion. You don’t have to agree. Sure, he may have expressed it in a slightly rude, arrogant manner, but does it really matter? It’s his opinion. You can go right a blog on how awesome Lady Gaga is, and get a whole bunch of sarcastic replies from haters.

    Just chill, people. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. This page is freaking huge.

    Side Note: How is wearing a lobster on your head comfortable for more than five minutes??? And don’t those unbelievably tiny costumes ride up??? Just saying, it’s a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen… x3

    Slightly rude & arrogant? Oh come on…that’s not right. *sigh*

  380. Angel says:

    I would just like to say I AGREE WITH YOUR ARTICLE!!! I hate Lady Gaga as her music is repetitive and boring! I remember when Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera showed a bit of a skins in their videos they got slated and were called bad role models etc. However Lady Gaga seems to strip off in every single video of hers! Her fans think that’s original and unique and not Slutty!! Her fashion is just trash, her lyrics and her mind is just sick! Shes definitely manufactured! Keep up the great work and don’t let these Blind Lady Gaga lovers put you down!!! 🙂

  381. ddub says:

    Omg hate on a woman who is pushing the boundries this country has so instilled. Who gives a damn if she dresses weird and sings wild songs. She sure the hell more successful than u are. She making herself stand out from everyone elsein the pop industry. That’s why she’s loved by so many people. It takez complete oxymoron such as u to put a takented woman such as her down. Everyone is entitled to be different, it wud be a boring ass life if everyone was “normal”. So get a life, stop being jealous, and leave the woman alone. She’s going to be