The World War Memorial is BIG!

When you think of “happening” cities, I can’t imagine that Indianapolis comes to mind. I know I would never think of this middle American city as being a cool city. But I got news for ya…the Circle City IS a very cool city.


I have been to Indy several times in the last few months and I have to tell you, except for a few businesses closing a little too early for my liking, Indy is easily one of the most accessible cities that I have ever been too! It has everything you need as a visitor all right downtown. Nightlife, restaurants, sports arenas, a mall, a theater, you name it, Indy has it.


With a brand new football stadium and a quality basketball arena, Indy can brag that it has two of the more people-friendly arenas in the country. And with this being the site for an upcoming Super Bowl, a Women’s Final Four and a Men’s Final Four, it also has THAT going for it!

The new home of the Colts

But Indy isn’t just a sports city. It’s been built up primarily for conventions. With the flat landscape, it’s easy to walk around downtown and see the sights. In the heart of the city is monument circle. While traffic flows around it, the Soldiers & Sailors Monument stands magestically.



Only slightly smaller than the Statue of Liberty (by 15 feet), this amazing structure is a great way to exercise (over 330 steps to the top!) and houses the great Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum in the basement.



There is a long strip of national monuments here called the Indiana War Memorial Plaza Historical District. The largest being the World War Memorial. It almost seems out of place here, but this monument was built back in 1965 and is a sight to see!



As for the rest of the city? Well….there are restaurants galore. One of the more famous watering holes is The Slippery Noodle, which has been around since who knows when (actually 1850) and is a great place if ya got the blues. St. Elmo’s is a popular steak joint that gets a lot of press, with its delicious steaks, shrimp cocktails and wine selection (I hear the wine cellar is very impressive and houses a bottle of wine dating back to the early 1900’s). And I personally enjoy the sushi at Sushi On The Rocks and the fish & chips and Strongbow cider at Irish pub, Claddagh.

Claddagh…for the Strongbow!

Like I said, Indy also has the Circle Center mall that includes a movie theater, so brownie points go to ANY city that has a movie house within walking distance! And it has this super-sweet comic store that has hundreds of comic book titles (I bought “Watchmen” there. Can’t wait to read it!).


All in all, I really love coming to Indianapolis. It’s an easy city to like! Of all the places I’ve been, I would say it is definitely in my Top 5 favorite cities to visit AND it might even be the best city in the country as far as being able to enjoy a good night out without having to get in your car!

From high atop the Soldiers & Sailors Monument

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5 Responses to Indianapolis

  1. looks pretty! sad day about those cats!

  2. kat says:

    seems like a great place to go!

  3. Blah la Blah says:

    Who knew there was that much to see in Indianapolis? Sucks the Cards lost to Michigan. 😦

  4. Liz C says:

    Wow – it’s changed a lot since I left a million years ago (OK, in 1978). I do have fond memories of visiting the Soldiers & Sailors Monument as a kid. I’m glad to hear downtown’s looking good.

  5. LTee says:

    We moved to Indiana 5 years ago as part of a company transfer. We were not so excited about living in Indiana, but I can honestly say we really enjoy the city (Indianapolis) and surrounding area Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville. Tons of fun places. Affordable housing and as you said there is always a place to go without a nightmare of the traffic and all the other negatives of much-much larger cities.

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