Walt Disney World: New Orleans Riverside & Downtown Disney


Vacation time! And the kids didn’t know. Yes…that’s right…we didn’t tell the kids. There were 2 reasons for this…1) We wanted it to be a surprise. And 2) We didn’t want to have to answer “When are we going to Disney” every 10 minutes for the preceeding 2 months.

Anyway, the kids were totally surprised! We had told them they were taking me to the airport to go to work and once we got there, Steph handed them some goodie bags with sunglasses and stuff and away we went!

For once the plane ride was an easy experience. No delays, no hassle. The way it should be. Nicely done Delta! Once we arrived in Orlando, we took the Disney bus over to our hotel…New Orleans Riverside!


Last time, we stayed at one of the “kiddie” hotels here in Disney. This time, Steph upgraded (I say Steph because she planned almost all of this. I was just too busy and it gave her something fun to do!) and we went with a little nicer hotel. And what was nicer? Well…the pool was heated, the room was slightly bigger (with a fridge) and our room was as far from anything as you can possibly get. And that includes the lobby, food, the pool and the luggage dropoff point. But more on that later! For now…this was a much nicer hotel and we really liked it!

But it was a HEALTHY chocolate ice cream sundae…

Dining at Riverside

Once we got settled, we hit the pool for the rest of the afternoon and then decided to head over to Downtown Disney for some dinner. Needless to say, so did everyone else. If you enjoy crowds and getting knocked around, then THIS is the place for you! With all kinds of stores and places to eat (with an hour wait minimum), this place gives new meaning to the word “chaos”.

Boatride to Downtown Disney

A few friends were in Downtown

After an hour of swimming upstream, our names were called at the latest dining experience, “T-Rex”. The place reminds me of “Rainforest Cafe”, except with louder creatures…namely dinosaurs. And lots of them! Once we got seated, it was non-stop entertainment with roaring stegolasaurs and triceratops and lightning sound effects and such. Very cool! And the food wasn’t bad either! Just be aware…it IS expensive! And it wasn’t covered on our Disney dining plan. So there was something I didn’t expect…

Dino bones

T-Rex is COOL!

Fist bump & BOOM!

After a large meal and a boat trip back to our hotel, we eventually got to bed around 10:30. The kids were still hoppin’, but me & mom were about to drop! So tomorrow…Walt Disney World!


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4 Responses to Walt Disney World: New Orleans Riverside & Downtown Disney

  1. Amber says:

    Very jealous, I want to go.

  2. kcalland says:

    The fact that you surprised them like that is AWESOME! Major, major Mom and Dad points for that!!!

  3. mandy says:

    That is a really cool suprise for the kids! So did they start screaming (in joy) at the airport, or what? My kids would have heart attacks (of joy) if I did something like that!

  4. Jen says:

    Amazing surprise!!!

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