Walt Disney World: The Magic Kingdom


Ahhhh…the world of the Mouse. Where the fun never ends and the smiling faces are everywhere! And today was our day to experience the madness…er…magic! So much to do, so little time…so let’s get started…

Got ’em right where I want ’em…

Right out of the gate, Christopher was in a mood. I love my son, but he is trying to become a little man a little too quickly. Gotta put a stop to that…right? Anyway, his mood didn’t go away until a little after 4pm…so we had THAT going for us. And we had an appointment for Ava at the Bippity Boppity Boutique.

I don’t know if you remember THIS blog about Ava’s friend Kate getting HER makeover there, but it was now Ava’s turn, and she really enjoyed it! She got dressed up like Jasmine (not her favorite princess, but she liked the outfit…so that’s the way we went!) and paraded around Disney all day with her hair and makeup all pretty! Glitter everywhere! She was quite the site! And all the other princesses were jealous! Oooor…they thought she looked like a stripper. One or the other…






Christopher & I went to visit the Haunted Mansion while Ava was getting her makeover. At first he was scared, but midway through the ride he proclaimed “This is AWESOME!” But immediately after we got off the ride, we headed straight to “It’s A Small World” to flush out any bad dreams. HA!


Some of the other highlights of the day include the Mickey’s PhilharMagic 3-D movie, The new Monsters, Inc. Comedy Show, the Disney electric-light parade, the fireworks and dining at the Crystal Palace with Pooh and his pals!








We also got to see almost ALL of the princesses! Ava & Jasmine got to be good friends as we stood out of the pouring rain for about 20 minutes. And then our visit with Ariel was full of laughs as Ariel called Christopher “Aboo” and talked about antioxidents in bananas (don’t ask). Anyway, all of the princesses were a joy but one has to wonder…where the hell is Snow White???

Ava & Jasmine pose while…

Christopher plays in the rain!

I’m more of a brunette guy…but whatever…

Belle had a hug for Ava

Ugh. Girls.

Ariel was a trip!

A few lowlights of our day (minus the Christopher being a butt part) was the line at Peter Pan’s Flight (if you go, use your FastPass folks! This line is a ballbuster!) and the raingods playing havok with our early afternoon. But other than that…it was a day worth remembering!

Peter Pan’s Flight

Window shopping

And we walked…


Disney Magic

The smile says it all!

Up tomorrow? Christopher becomes a Jedi at Hollywood Disney!

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7 Responses to Walt Disney World: The Magic Kingdom

  1. RUTH ANN says:

    Love all the pictures, looks like you had so much fun, i know they did LOL!!!

  2. Looks like fun, but jeez …. what do ya have against BLONDES?

    Oh, don’t get me wrong…I think blondes are cool also! LOL

  3. ashley says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. Liz C says:

    Is there anything cuter than a little girl’s belly hanging out of a Jasmine outfit? I think not!

    I totally agree! LOL

  5. Your little girl is so super cute!

  6. mandy says:

    She is so cute! She must have loved it meeting Jasmine & having the same outfit!

    I agree with Christopher, the Haunted Mansion is awesome!

  7. Awesome pictures!
    Disney can be total madness at times, but the memories are so worth it. I’ll be heading there in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing.

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