Walt Disney World: Epcot Center

Look ma! It’s a giant golfball!

So of all the parks at Disney that we were planning on visiting, Epcot was the one I was most looking forward to! We didn’t go the last time we went to WDW, considering Christopher was only 4 and Ava 2, we just didn’t think they would get it. Well…I’m here to tell ya…at 6 & 4 now, they STILL didn’t get it!

They are faking the smiles…

Oh sure, they liked parts of the park…but overall, World Showcase is a bore for the younger kids and there really wasn’t enought to do there to fill our entire day. But here is a quick review of our experience anyways…


First thing we did was go to the “Mission To Mars” ride. It was a blast! You are basically a crew of 4 people (perfect for us) and you blast off for Mars! You can choose between a more stressful trip (probably more like a roller coaster) or the less stressful. We picked the less stressful and the line was much shorter! Both Christopher and Ava thought it was cool! Being the commander of the ship, I agree.

The training wheel

My suit! (just kidding…)

From there we went to ride the Figment of Imagination ride. It was cute, with John Cleese as a “Imagineer” and lots of funny scenes. And then we went to see the 3-D film, “Honey, I Shrunk The Audience” and it occured to me that it might be time for Disney to update this movie. I remember seeing it 13 years ago! Can’t they come up with anything new?


From there, we hit the lake and made the rounds at the World Showcase. If you have never been, World Showcase is basically little parts of individual countries. Places such as France, Germany, Italy and more are all represented and are located on a large lake. So you can walk for a bit, stop and shop, get something to eat and drink, whatever. There aren’t a lot of rides (a couple of places have them, but nothing to really talk about), and my kids got pretty bored pretty fast. So we walked…


And we walked…


And we walked some more…


And then we stopped and ate in Germany. The food was…different and FINALLY, Snow White made an appearance!


From there we stopped in France and watched a crazy balancing act…


And then took some pictures…


Saw a few more sites…like Japan…


and this plant known as the Conocarpus Erectus…

THAT is one erect plant!

The Genie signed some autographs

And then we rode a couple more rides (the “Nemo” ride was surprisingly average and “This Spaceship Earth” in the giant golfball was waaaay over the kids’ heads) and then we bolted to go swimming. Overall, not the greatest experience. I’m pretty sure I was asked “Can we go swimming?” at least 500 times. At least. And so finally I caved. The wait at the premier attraction, “Soaring”, was over 2 hours to wait, so maybe next time! And that was that.

The Nemo ride could have been better

Tomorrow…a 2 hour run through Animal Kingdom! And we get a close encounter with a wild animal! Not for the squeamish…or is it? 🙂


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9 Responses to Walt Disney World: Epcot Center

  1. Looks so fun! I still want to go! 🙂

  2. Did the kids try any of the Kidcot or Kim Possible stuff? That might have helped relieve some of the bordom. 🙂

  3. mandy says:

    You ate in GERMANY??!!? What were you thinking? You should always eat in Mexico! The food is better, it’s dark and cool inside the pyramid so you get a sense of adventure, and you get a boat ride with happy fiesta music. My girls were only 5 & 3, and they loved it!

  4. Liz C says:

    I would go if someone would push me around in the stroller-thingy.

  5. heather says:

    Epcot was my favorite part, and the food in Morroco was the best. We ate a little bit of something everywhere else though, like churros at Mexico, and some sushi in Japan, a crepe in France, etc.

  6. If I were you, I’d be jonesing for a beach and a Pina Colada by now!!! That’s a lot of attraction park for one man, no?!
    Well, ok, the Mars trip looked pretty cool. You’d have to fight me for command though.

  7. Blah la Blah says:

    Looks like you all had fun! The Mission to Mars ride, the one you didn’t ride, is the single most nauseating ride I have EVER been on in my entire life…HANDS DOWN!!! So much so, I have sworn it off for life. Good choice in taking the lighter, more family friendly version. Otherwise, somebody in the family would have regretted.

    It isn’t really like a roller coaster, it is like flying into space. It feels like you are, and because the room is spinning to make you feel like you are taking off, you can get extreme motion sickness. They even tell you to make sure that you do not close your eyes, because the nausea is not related to the screen you are watching, but it is due to the room spinning. And though you cannot see that it is spinning, your inner ear obviously feels it. Barf bags are strategically placed in front of each person. If it wasn’t for the assigned missions to focus on, and strong prayers that you do not turn around and travel back to Earth after the painful trip to Mars, I don’t think I would have made it through that ride. I was sick the rest of the entire day.

    I rode that dang ride 5 years ago. It’s mark has been left on me. Sorry for the long reply to your post. Couldn’t pass this one up.

  8. The first time I went to WDW…maybe at age 10? My brother and I elected to NOT spend the third day we had planned there, and instead spent it playing at the pool/waterslide at our hotel. Kids…I tell ya.

    And Im with Liz…do they make those stroller thingies in adult size?

  9. kat says:

    You mean that giant golf ball has something in it?? :)’

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